Tuesday, July 26, 2005

odd one out (which does not belong to the cluster)

odd one out.
be able to justify.
your justification should make sense.
1.torch, wolverine, spiderman
2.quirino, macapagal (diosdado), marcos, estrada
3.salonga, sotto, macapagal-arroyo, legarda, pimentel
4.sociology, anthropology, political science, psychology
5.cavite, rizal, romblon, quezon
6.pilar, de guzman, ocampo, miranda
7.monsod, de dios, david, fabella
8.san agustin, de ocampo, osorio, lapidario, inocencio, garucho
9.social darwinism, ethnocentrism, neo-nazism, pluralism
10.1425, rizal course, PI 100, oblation
11.albert, ramos, ople, arroyo
12.sangdungi, bulgogi, kokeshi, doshirak
13.kundun, the last buddha, 7 years in tibet, red corner
14.K in D, S in C, D in I, A in A, L in B
15.balaksila, hipong urong, buteteng laot, bayhan
16.matubag, dap-ay, bayanihan, council of elders
17.sati, FGM, neckring, sex ring
19.a, t, z, i
20.nuestro, our, ikaw, amin

Friday, July 15, 2005


by JNPonsaran

As I see it, (P)GMA's staying power (despite the public outcry for her resignation) is reinforced/buttressed by the following reasons/factors:
1. opposition's lack of identified leader to unite their ranks as all of them have conflicting political agenda
2. FVR factor
3. the unwavering support of Lakas-CMD and Kampi parties
4. non-active participation of some of the sectors from the middle force who may dislike GMA's administration but are pre-occupied with something else
5. the statement of U.S. of its support to the constitution and the rule of law (which can be interpreted as an implied support to GMA's continuance to occupy the presidency)
6. strong political base of GMA among LGU officials (city and municipal mayors and provincial governors to be specific)
7. her support group among her appointees (especially cabinet members)
8. lack of consistency and intensity among some of her critics
9. lack of viable alternative from the opposition
10. CBCP's pastoral letter
11. apathy
12. her excellent maneuvering of the government machinery to serve her end (image projection, donations from the fund of OP)

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Merits and Demerits of X

List of Topics
  1. Federalism as an option for the Philippines
  2. Total Log Ban
  3. Mining Act of 1995
  4. Indigenous People's Rights Act of 1997
  5. Separation of PGH from UP Manila
  6. Parliamentary form of government as an option for the Philippines
  7. Local Government Code 0f 1991
  8. Special relationship of the Philippines with the US
  9. Globalization
  10. Separation of Mindanao as an Islamic state from the Philippine Republic
  11. E-governance
  12. Privatization of the National Food Authority
  13. Party List System
  14. Bicameralism of the Philippine legislature
  15. Street protests