Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cell phone cancer warnings

Haiku on socio-political issues

Development Praxis
by Kenneth Nicholson More

Like pointless pencils
If theory's unexercised
Learning is useless

* * *

Economic Development
by Anna Paola Domingo

Make the pie bigger
Give everyone a fair share
And change will happen

* * *

Massacre I

by Aichu Therese Congbalay

Count: fifty seven
Is it a conspiracy
To push martial rule?

* * *

Massacre II
by Monic Del Rosario

Blood stirred with the dirt
Buried under their own soil
Battered dignity

* * *

Failed State Index I
by Krizzia Kate Cortes

Failing states exposed
Using twelve indicators
Of western giants

* * *

Failed State Index II
by Irene Patrice Cortey

A weak government
Failed to fight for its country
Unable to stand

* * *

Somalia I
by Belinda Grace Gervasio

Being on the top
Is not always a good thing
Number one failed state

* * *

Somalia II
by Michael Adrian Padilla

Anarchy sneaks in
Lives and dreams crumble to dust
As the flames devour

* * *

Somalia III
by Monic Del Rosario

Parched lips are mourning
Weak government, ill stomachs
Thirsty for succor

* * *

Somalia IV
by Mary Grace Fabros

The sound of gunfires
Made them numb to feel hunger
Made deaf to hear peace

* * *

North-South Relations I
by Katharine Reina Detros

What's ours you claim yours
What you have we never own
Do we stand a chance?

* * *

Relasyong Hilaga't Timog II
ni Monic Del Rosario

Dapat wakasan
Tanikalang ugnayan
Una't ikatlo

* * *

North-South Relations III
by Chariss Garcia

Rich enriched by poor
In this exploitative bond
Of trade dependence

* * *

North-South Relations IV
by Vermie Acharon

Behind the promise
Vicious parasitism
Just a one-way road

* * *

Third World Feminism I
by Erica Chester Bucog

Sarili'y alay
Dugo't pawis at luha
Ika'y lalaya

* * *

Third World Feminism II

by Ramona Karla Santuele

Nagdalang tao
Nagpasuso't nilaspag
Ng industriya

* * *

Revolutionary Medicine I
by Franklin Joe Abris

'Di lang katawan
Kundi sakit ng bayan
Dapat lunasan

* * *

Revolutionary Medicine II
by Erica Chester Bucog

Stand by your comrades
Heal the pains of the masses
Learn from their illness

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

random points

  • 2 general categories of disaster = natural and anthropogenic (man-made)
  • dalub-agham = Tagalog translation of scientist
  • 22 = total active volcanoes in the Philippines
  • Katribu partylist = advocate of the rights to ancestral domain and self-determination of the indigenous people
  • Global editorial on climate change =


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Agenda Dec. 15

  • NSTP - poem submission about Filipino freedom fighters; bookmark II; discussion on how women are depicted in local tv commercial ads
  • DS 100 - graded recitation on perspectives and debates in Development Studies material
  • Econ 116 - best practices in India's tourism administration; modified exchange gift
  • DS 123 - NO SESSION but you're required to draft a write up about the UPM U-wide ACLE. E-mail it to on or before Thursday noon

random points

  • fertility treatment = assisted reproduction technology = assisted procreation
  • procreation tourism = reproductive tourism
  • "intellectual pigeonhole" = overcompartmentalization of academic disciplines
  • hyperreality = "the authentic fake" (Umberto Eco) = "virtual irreality" (Pater Sparrow)
  • Global health course =

A forwarded text joke

Presidential son M. Arroyo says his mom will go back to teaching after 2010.
She will handle the following subjects:
-Advanced Graft and Corruption
-Successful Election Fraud
-Economics of Impeachment
-Effective Ways of Lying

Plus electives:
-Dining Abroad 101
-Lavish State Visits 101

Monday, December 07, 2009


Google and read:
4 ways of looking at a tree

Agenda on Dec. 12

  • NSTP - submission of the original Macliing Dulag bookmarks;
    continuation of the content analysis of protest songs
  • DS 100 - graded recitation on Human development: A brand name by M. Mangahas and Perspectives and Debates in Development Studies by Prof. B. Tolosa
  • Econ 116 - reporting on best practices in tourism dev't (India vs. Thailand)
  • DS 123 - long exam on Barang, Nutritionism and Eat food (Michael Tan)
  • DS 112 - Graded recitation about Philippine political situationer (Read PDI)

Tunay na Farmville

  • Malaki ang pakinabang namin sa mga tanim kong gulay sa bakuran. Sa katunayan, bawang at sibuyas na lang ang kailangan naming bilhin sa palengke.
  • Mamamahagi ako ng buto ng saluyot. Sino ang may gusto?
  • Salamat kay Gng. Panizales (CAS librarian) pasa sa ibinigay n'ya sa aking mga buto ng spinach.
  • Sa mga interesadong magsimula ng vegetable garden, maaaring bumili ang mga murang buto sa Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI). Matatagpuan ito malapit sa Quirino LRT station. P2 hanggang P5 ang halaga kada pakete.
Bumuo ng haiku sa Ingles o Filipino. Isumite sa Biyernes. Isulat sa 1/8 pirasong papel
  • NSTP (Macliing Dulag)
  • DS 100 (Somalia)
  • Econ 116 (Bankruptcy tourism)
  • DS 123 (Health in prisons)
  • DS 112* (Failed states index)

    *Isumite sa Miyerkules

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sipi mula sa panayam ni Yfur Fernandez kay Arnold Padilla ukol sa Alternatibong Pamamahayag

  1. Tanong: Paano mapoprotektahan ng mga progresibong manunulat ang kanilang sarili mula sa iba't ibang porma ng pandarahas ng estado?

    Sagot: Collective action of journalists/ writers. Ang mga batas na umiiral sa kasalukuyan ay hindi nakapagbibigay ng garantya sa seguridad ng mga progresibong manunulat at mamamahayag. Balewala ang lahat ng ito kung walang direktang political action.

  2. Tanong: Paano dapat ituring ang mga official government data bilang subject of analysis para maging ganap ang pagiging alternatibong mamamahayag?

    Sagot: May kapasidad ang mga alternatibong mamamahayag na: (a) himayin ang datos upang maging tunay na depiksyon ng pangyayari. (b) Ikonteksto ang mga datos mula sa pamahalaan ayon sa isinusulat. Government data are used not just for policy making but for propaganda. These are used to justify the whole regime.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

random points

  • particularism in the Philippine government = nepotism, regionalism (source: Randy David)
  • judicial reform = substantive and procedural improvements to speed up administration of justice (Atty. Ismael Khan)
  • Somalia = ranks first in the failed state index, Zimbabwe and Sudan follow
  • failed state = evaluated based on internal displacement, human flight, uneven development, economic decline, delegimitization of the state, human rights violations, factionalized elites, deteriorating public services, among others
  • 4 ways of looking at a tree = decoration, scientific marvel, place to sit and nutrition (Source: Robin Sayers)

Prof. Simbulan on toxic legacy

"Toxic legacy refers to the environmental destruction and ruin of a host country caused by the deadly hazardous and toxic waste as a consequence of foreign military presence and activities. Foreign military presence secures the colonial or neocolonial outpost of a hegemonic foreign power to protect its economic and political interests and domination." - RGS 11-27-09