Friday, November 28, 2008

Agenda (Dec. 2-5)

  • DS 100 (T) - Good Governance forum
  • DS 112 (T) - LPS on EMV's Political Economy of the US and Japan in the ASEAN Region
  • DS 125 (T) - Dean Imperial's colloquium featuring Dr. Josefina G. Tayag at the CAS LT (1 pm-?)
  • DS 121 (T) - TBA (depends on the colloquium's actual duration)
  • DS 126 (W) - discussion and exam on UN's Skills Development for Conflict Transformation
  • NSTP 2 (W) - brief sharing (3 minutes only) about any documented case
    of human rights violation in the Philippines (3 members per group)
  • DS 100 (F) - discussion and exam on Kambhampati's Development and the World chapter
  • DS 112 (F) - lecture-discussion on the Philippine national political situationer
  • DS 125 (F) - discussion and exam on UN HDR's Cultural liberty in today's diverse world
  • DS 121 (F) - TBA

Stolen Generation

Australia's "Stolen Generation",9171,998067,00.html,9171,998067-2,00.html

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dysfunctional presidency

And to add, because she takes advantage of both.

3 typologies of discrimination (pagtatangi)

  1. discrimination favoring a specific group
  2. discrimination against a specific group
  3. combination of both (favoring a specific group at the expense of others)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

random links

random links

DS 100 (December 2)

What: Caravan on Good Governance
(Governors Panlilio and Padaca; and Mayors Robredo and Lorenzo)
When: December 2 (Tuesday), 8 AM
Where: Sentro Ophthalmologico Jose Rizal Auditorium - PGH

Note: We will attend this forum in lieu of a regular session.
Kindly inform the rest.

Attention: All my students without a concurrent class on the schedule provided below

What: Centennial Lecture
(Is UP a Cause or Consequence of the Country's Weak Industry? by Prof. Jose Magpantay)

When: November 28 (Friday), 2:00-400 pm

Where: UP Manila College of Nursing (CN) Auditorium

DS 125, we will still be holding our class from 1-1:50 pm on that day at GAB-301-A.

DS 121, please be there at the CN auditorium at 2 pm. Axel Pinpin ACLE will be rescheduled on December 2 (Tues).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fertilizer fund 'fertilized' GMA's 2004 presidential bid

"Sabi ng mga magsasaka, ginamit ang P728-million na pang-abono sa kandidatura
ni Ginang Arroyo at hindi sa kanilang palay at mais."

- Anakpawis Rep. Rafael Mariano


Actual biblical passage used by pro-TNC mining advocates
to justify their operations

"For the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land - a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs..., a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills you can dig copper..., and you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land he has given you."

-Deuteronomy 8: 7-10


Actual biblical passage used by anti-TNC mining advocates
to assert their advocacy

"Do not defile the land where you live and where I dwell.”

-Numbers 35:34

random points and links

  • NoKor's nuclear disarmament =
  • Lila Pilipina = organization of women survivors of military sexual slavery during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines
  • socialism = "government ownership of the means of economic production and state-directed sharing of wealth." (Boo Chanco)
  • capitalism = "draws its sustenance from mass exploitation around the world" (V. Crisostomo)
  • credit card = increases one's propensity to shop

DYNASTIC POLITICS: The ties that bind








random points and links

Friday, November 21, 2008

Third World

  • "The concept connotes poverty, structural imbalance, socio-economic injustice, and lack or insufficient access to basic needs but looking deeper, the term can also refer to the effect of the rise of the very few in power- politically, culturally, and economically, rendering the rest of the population unable to take their just share of that power." (L. Angeles)
  • "Underdeveloped and overdependent nations" (A. Bruselas)
  • "A label which distinguishes the poor and marginalized countries from that of advanced and industrialized nations" (M. Caranto)
  • "Pertains to developing countries that are heavily dependent on foreign capital and information technology for their economic growth" (L. Dela Cruz)
  • "An economic category comprised of underdeveloped nations from Asia, Latin America, and Africa" (A. Duquiatan)
  • "Collectively described to be less developed, heavily exploited, underrepresented and is observed to experience poor access to economic, political, cultural and social opportunities" (Y. Fernandez)
  • "Consists of poor and developing countries that are often dependent to other countries for their development" (F. Francisco)
  • "A term used to describe an underdeveloped nation which can't go along with the fast-paced globalization" (C. Gamao)
  • "Struggling to achieve development in the social, cultural, political, and economic aspects" (K. Honrade)
  • "Countries whose rich resources are being exploited by transnational corporations"
    (K. Mayoca)
  • "The most exploited world where labor force is abundant but salary/benefit is low"
    (C. Lopez)
  • "Refers to former colonies that lack substantial capital to further its growth and development hence its continued dependence to developed countries" (J. Meneses)
  • "Pertains to countries with less available opportunities for development than those in the first world" (P. Rosales)
  • "Regarded as the Global South struggling to industrialize by following the steps of the Global North" (K. Villanueva)


Agenda (Nov. 25-29)

  • DS 100 (T) = graded recitation on Kamphampati material (continuation)
  • DS 112 (T) = graded recitation on Kegley and Raymond material (continuation)
  • DS 125 (T) = graded recitation on Kegley and Raymond material (c0ntinuation)
  • DS 121 (T) = Read Prof. David's "Two speeches that made Barack Obama"
  • DS 126 (W) = Read UN's Skills Development for Conflict Transformation
  • NSTP 2 (W) = Read the Article III of the 1987 Philippine Constitution
  • DS 100 (F) = Read Kambhampati's Development and the World*
  • DS 112 (F) = Read Internet articles about global citizen. Bring 2 sheets of yellow pad.
  • DS 125 (F) = Read UN HDR's Cultural liberty in today's diverse world*
  • DS 121 (F) = ACLE (by pair): Bring any poem written by Axel Pinpin. Be ready to read it in front of the class.

    *to be provided by the professor

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not a coincidence.

Panawagan at paanyaya mula sa Katribu-National

Greetings of peace from the indigenous peoples and advocates!

We are KATRIBU, Kabataan para sa Tribung Pilipino, an organization of youth and student-advocates for indigenous peoples from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila. KATRIBU is dedicated to uphold indigenous people’s rights, and to support their struggle for land and self-determination.

The worse of society’s ills fall on the indigenous people’s sector, where education, medical attention, and social services are meager or even non-existent. The deteriorating condition of the national minority urges us to take action, knowing that the problems that beset them and ourselves bind us in solidarity.

This Christmas season, we provide a venue to reach out to the least of our brethren to share our blessings with the poor and the marginalized. We, together with other indigenous people advocate groups conduct an annual “Paskuhan sa Tribu” where we bring students, volunteers, and advocates to an indigenous community who are in need of assistance.

This year, Paskuhan sa Tribu will journey to Municipality of Abulog in Cagayan; benefiting Aggay indigenous community who are actively resisting the entry of a mining firm posed to enter their territories. Fueled by their determination to preserve the environment and their way of life, the indigenous community reaches out to advocates of the environment and human rights to journey with them in their struggle.

KATRIBU, being a non-stock and non-profit organization of students, could not pursue this project without your help. Thus, we humbly ask your assistance to bring our plans to fruition by donating cash or goods for our medical/relief drive and gift giving. We also invite you to join us to witness and take part of the struggles of our indigenous brethren.

“Paskuhan sa Tribu” will be conducted on December 19-22, 2008 in Abulog, Cagayan. For more information, please contact Lea at 413-8743 or 0915-867-9717.

We hope that you may be able to help us in this endeavor. Your help is a token of your solidarity with the indigenous peoples and their advocates.

Respectfully yours,

Alfie D. Haban,
KATRIBU National Secretariat

Migz as Senate majority floor leader: questionable and suspicious

  1. There's a pending poll protest against him filed by oppositionist Koko Pimentel.
  2. He's just a neophyte senator.
  3. The position is better left to Kiko Pangilinan (but is now with the minority) and not to a Palace errand boy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

random points

  • taxation, commercial law = Enrile's specialization
  • Senate, Vice-presidency = usual launching pad to the presidency in the country
  • Blue Ribbon Committee = Committe on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations
  • self-referential = self-centered
  • Towards a New World: Political Economy for Change*

    *spearheaded by Dr. Edberto Villegas, Mr. Paul Quintos, and Mr. Sonny Africa


Dear students of DS 125 (1-2:30) and DS 121 (2:30-4):

In lieu of a regular class, we will attend a Forum on National Situationer (NatSit) at the CAS Little Theater from 1-4 pm on November 21 (Friday). The NatSit will cover Philippine economic, political and human rights situationers.

Kindly inform the rest. Salamat.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

GMA's approval and trust rating


Ibayong pag-iingat sa iba't ibang istilo ng pagnanakaw na patuloy pang lalaganap habang papalapit ang Pasko.
Huwag masyadong magtiwala - kakilala man o hindi.


Confidence, etc. = Winnability in 2010

  • Legarda was a senatorial topnotcher twice (1998 and 2007).
  • Roxas got the highest vote as a senator in the country’s electoral history (20 million).
  • Lacson placed 3rd in the most recent presidential race. Pres. Arroyo declared she won’t run anymore and FPJ is already dead so this might be the opportune time for the ex-police chief.
  • Villar is super-rich and he used to be the Senate President.
  • Erap is confident enough to corner at least 30% of the votes regardless of who also run from the opposition. He said that he will only run if the opposition cannot unite behind a single candidate – which is next to impossible.
  • Evangelist Eddie Villanueva seems confident that the strategy of mobilizing each of his religious followers to convince 7 others (non-followers) to vote for him will work this time around.
  • Escudero can capitalize on the youth vote as well as the support of Danding Cojuangco, the Nationalist People’s Coalition stalwart.
  • Binay is confident that his background in local governance will be his edge among other contenders from the opposition.
  • Noli de Castro, the leading contender in most surveys, though an administration ally is very circumspect in refraining from associating himself too much with President Arroyo. He knows too well that it would be a vote reducing variable.
  • Bayani Fernando is the most vocal and aggressive about his electoral bid. He interspersed Mega Manila with MMDA tarpaulins bearing his picture, and even joined a popular television singing contest (GMA-7’s Celebrity Duet) and won.
  • Gordon is confident that his Subic legacy will be his ticket to the presidency.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

random points

4 ways to preserve or restore peace between conflicting states*

  1. diplomatic engagement (persuasion)
  2. threat of military action (persuasion/coercion)
  3. actual use of limited military force (coercion)
  4. combination of diplomacy along with any of the two others (persuasion and coercion)

    *based on Henderson 1998
    Note: military (hard power); diplomacy (soft power)

Agenda (Nov 18-19)

  • DS 100 (T) = lecture-discussion-quiz on the development by Kambhambati
  • DS 112 (T) = lecture-discussion-quiz on Globalization of World Politics
  • DS 125 (T) = lecture-discussion-quiz on Exploring 21st Century World Politics
  • DS 121(T) = lecture-discussion-quiz on
    The emptiness of a self-referential presidency
  • DS 126 (W) = lecture-discussion-quiz on Sex, Church and Free Press readings
  • NSTP (W) = lecture-discussion-quiz on local autonomy and decentralization readings

Maligayang muling pagkikita

  • Ms. Escanillas
  • Ms. Esteban
  • Ms. Buenaventura
  • Mr. Ayson
  • Ms. Cruz
  • Ms. Casimiro
  • Ms. dela Cruz
  • Ms. Corpuz
  • Ms. Roque
  • Mr. De Castro

Tama si Prof. Randy David

Gloria is able to wreck havoc to the nation and its people because of two things:
1. because she can
2. because we allow her

Friday, November 14, 2008

Learning strategies for this semester

  • lecture-discussions
  • graded recitations
  • LPS rounds
  • reading assignments
  • ACLEs
  • face-off
  • group quizzes
  • film viewing
  • case studies
  • observational studies
  • invitation of resource speakers
  • interview projects

DS 100 tasking

  • Tenorio, Hermosa, Bucog, Santos, Galang, Cruz = Taguig
  • Abris, Cortes, Gomez, Mendoza, Burgos, Cesar = Paranaque
  • Tayag, Torres, Soliza, Villaceran, Tang, Bautista = San Juan
  • Bejasa, Rendon, Macasinag, Caspe = Makati
  • Balicsa, Alfonso, Caraan, Conferido, Santuele, Cabiao = Pasay
  • Cortey, Ang, Jalina, Mabansag, Roa = Caloocan

    No free-riders please!

Ponsaran's load this semester

  • DS 100 (Introduction to Development Theories) - TF
  • DS 112 (Third World Studies) - TF
  • DS 125 (Political Economy of International Relations) - TF
  • DS 121 (Study of Philippine Underdevelopment) - TF
  • DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior) - W
  • NSTP 2 (Public Policy) - W

DS 100 (Nov. 21)

  • Observe the 5 minute limit for each group. Ms. Ang will serve as the timer.
  • Identify 6-8 notable signs/indicators of development in the locality assigned to your group. Be able to justify your group's assertions. Assigned topics are Taguig, San Juan, Makati, Pasay, Caloocan and Paranaque.
  • Assign 2 speakers to represent each group. Q&A will follow each presentation.
  • Use a Manila paper as visual aid.
  • Present it on Nov. 21 (Friday).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act

Development Studies Program faculty roster

  • Prof. R. Simbulan* (Economics and Development Administration)
  • Prof. C. Arcilla** (Development Economics and Sociology)
  • Prof. J. Ponsaran*** (Development Studies and Public Management)
  • Prof. M. Tuvera (Economic History and French)
  • Dr. E. Villegas**** (Political Economy, Philosophy and Public Administration)
  • Dr. L. Clavel (Management, Anthropology and Philippines Studies)
  • Prof. S. Sevilla (Economics)
  • Atty. K. Baguilat (Development Studies and Labor Law)
  • Atty. M. Wacnang (Development Studies, Litigation and Election Law)

    *Program head
    **Outgoing DevStud APC representative
    ***Incoming DevStud APC representative, DEVSOC and NSTP adviser
    ****Academic coordinator

Possible ACLE* themes for this semester

  • Urban Studies
  • Rural Studies
  • Peasant Studies
  • Migration Studies
  • Mindanao Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Manila Studies
  • Cordillera Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Policy Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • International Studies
  • Political Studies
  • Election Studies
  • Area Studies
  • Third World Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Technological Studies
  • Corruption Studies
  • Gender Studies
  • Women's Studies
  • Development Studies

*alternative class learning experience
NOTE: Please recommend other relevant topics.


Paumanhin. "Ataul" ang tawag ko sa GAB 301-A. Masyadong kasing masikip ito para sa isang klaseng may 32 o higit pang mag-aaral. Ito ang naging karanasan namin sa DS 123 noong nakaraang semestre (33 katao kasama ang guro). Alam ko marami pang "ataul" tulad nito.

random points


  • Disregard my proposed exhibit project.
  • Submit the news monitoring project on Nov. 26.
  • Reading assignment: Chapter on Local Government and Decentralization from
    Politics and Governance by ADMU (available at the reserve section of the CAS library).
  • Analyze the anti-poverty ordinance you got from your LGU.
    Be ready to input it during our November 19 session.


  • DS 100 - Intro & Argument; Defining Dev't (Kambhampati)
  • DS 112 - Exploring 21st Century World Politics (Kegley & Raymond)
  • DS 125 - The Globalization of World Politics (Kegley and Raymond)
  • DS 126 - Sex, Church & Free Press: Country Background (Imperial)
  • DS 121 - Indigenous People (David)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suggested cognates

  • Econ 116 - Asian Economies (Tuvera)
  • Econ 102 - Microeconomics (Tuvera)
  • Econ 141 - International Trade (Arcilla)
  • Econ 121 - Banking and Finance (Sevilla)
  • DS 128 - Human Resource Development (Baguilat)
  • DS 128 -Human Resource Development (Wacnang)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Ponsaran will be holding regular classes this week.

U.P. Faculty Regent

Ihalal si
Prof. Judy Taguiwalo, Ph.D.
bilang kinatawan ng mga dalubguro sa Lupon ng mga Rehente.

Democratic Centralism (DemCen)

Ang democratic centralism ay isang paraan ng pamumuno at pagdedesisyon kung saan idinudulog o ikinukonsulta ng pamunuan sa nasasakupan, kapulungan o partido ang isang patakaran. Ang napagkaisahang patakarang ito ay papagtibayin at kailangang ipatupad ng ganap.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Finally, my contribution to the Inday joke series...

"There should be equity between and WITHIN households!"

-sagot ng makabago at aktibistang si Inday sa kanyang amo noong hindi siya pinasabay kumain ng umagahan

A forwarded text joke

Kung nakukulitan ka na sa mga tindero/a na nagtatanong ng:

"Ano pong hanap nila?"

Isagot mo:

"Kapayapaan at pagkakaisa sa daigdig."

Tingnan natin kung mangulit pa.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

random points


DS 112 (Nov. 11 agenda)

  • diagnostic essay test on current global affairs*
  • discussion and graded recitation on the globalization of world politics**

    *read broadsheets
    **provided reading material c/o Ms. Eguico


  • Internet = led to the worldwide hypermobility of ideas & information (Kegley & Raymond)
  • globalization = integration of everything with everything else (Thomas Friedman)
  • offshore outsourcing = subcontracting a business function to a foreign company (Drezner)
  • Atlanta, Georgia = corporate headquarters of Coca-cola
  • Deglobalization = antidote to corporate-led globalization (Walden Bello)
  • online burol = e-burol = online viewing =

Monday, November 03, 2008


  • NSTP 2 will be held every Wednesday (1-4 pm) this semester. Room: TBA
  • Prepare for a diagnostic test in DS 112 (Third World Studies).
    coverage: contemporary global affairs, exam type: essay
  • ALL DEVSTUD majors: Submit a list of the subjects you've taken last semester.
    Include the faculty-in-charge, your grade in each subject and the GWA.
    Place it at my pigeon hole inside DSS on or before Nov. 11 (Tues).
    Write it in 1/8 sheet of paper.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

random thoughts

  • Sa halagang P60, nakakabili ngayon sa bangketa ng 108 in 1 na DVD. 108 pelikula.
    Mas mura kung sa Quiapo bibilhin. Ano naman kaya ang kalidad?
  • P7 kada kilo ang bentahan ng tunaw na kandila sa sementeryong binisita ko.
    Kaya pala maraming kabataan ang matiyagang naglilibot sa bawat nitso.
  • P23 ang pamasahe ko sa jeep papunta sa kalapit bayan.
    Noong 1987, ang P6 ay balikan na.


  • Ponsaran: I share your interest with the politics of the underrepresented. I hope it's not too much to ask your opinion about the prospects of US under Barack Obama.
  • Dr. Dorian Warren*: It's too early to speculate, but assuming Sen. Obama wins the election, I think it will create several political opportunities for advancing equality, opportunity and justice in the United States but also in terms of US foreign policy. But a president Obama wouldn't be able to do it by himself; he will need the help of the millions of average citizens to keep active to put pressure on Congress to change American politics.

    *Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and
    the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

What is your message to the Filipino youth during this trying times?

  • "Make yourself aware of what is happening to our country. Organize yourselves to defend your rights as young people and volunteer your services to to help others. Ensure young people participate in the 2010 elections to choose the most worthy leader who will inspire the country to greatness."
    - Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan, UP medicine professor and former DOH Secretary

  • "Keep the faith. Tomorrow is a new day."
    - Atty. Ismael Khan, former SC spokesperson

  • "Dream big! Hope! Oneness!"
    -Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, sociologist and development scientist

  • "Work within the framework of genuine sustainable development that embodies responsible governance, sound and viable economy, social cohesion and environmental integrity. Each of this pillars must benefit essentially the marginalized, including women, children, indigenous peoples, and the impoverished. Be vigilant and active in safeguarding the environment, respect for human rights, good governance and socio-economic justice."
    -Prof. Natividad Lacdan, UP ecology professor

  • "Find an ecological paradigm that transcends good and evil, discover their own mutya (spark of divinity and genius within), develop it to the level of excellence and nobility, and offer their highest for the evolution of human consciousness and accompany this with working for concrete measures and projects for cultural and social development and for society's transformation that begins with self, sense of community and nation, and sense of kapwa and mutya in everything while reconnecting with own roots and ancient wisdom in expressing ourselves creatively, always learning new things of being, doing and understanding."
    -Prof. Grace Odal-Devora, UP Philippine arts professor

  • "Be aware of national issues and find vehicles to become involved."
    -Francis Lim, Executive Director of Makati Business Club

  • "As an old saying goes, don't let your academics get in the way of your education."
    -Prof. Danilo Arao, UP journalism professor

  • "Makilahok, kumilos para sa tunay na pagbabago sa pamahalaan - nasyunal at lokal -
    at sa ating mga sarili."
    -former Senator Wigberto TaƱada, lead convenor of Fair Trade Alliance