Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Pagpupugay kay Shobie Dabalos sa iyong pagpasa sa Kolehiyo ng Medisina ng UP.
Gawing tuntungan ang pampayanan at makamamamayang oryentasyon ng kurso upang mas maging makabuluhan at mapagpalaya ang pag-aaral ng kalusugan, pagkakasakit, medisina at panggagamot.
Aasahan din namin ang patuloy na suplay ng mga meme mo sa cyberworld.




Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The teacher in me... (Updated)

BS Aquino should retake his Philippine History subject and adopt a critical historiography this time around.  I also find it necessary that he takes at least 9 units of DSS cognates to provide him a critical and nationalist perspective about the political economy of Philippine-US onerous relations.  A rereading of Renato Constantino and series of EDs must accompany this reeducation process.

Suggested final exam essay question: Using historical materialism as frame of analysis, analyze the interference of US in the Philippine political economic affairs from the administrations of Aquino to Aquino, and discuss how the progressive political formation in the country responded to this aggressive interventionism.


Interesting TV documentary topics

- Japan surplus auction #dasma #laguna
- Cattle auction #padregarciabatangas
- Fish and other marine products auction #navotas #tanza #rosario


hashtag ala st. john pons


Monday, April 28, 2014

Please read

Carpocalypse Now



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hashtag like there's no tomorrow

#sanamaytibakteensdinsaPBB #magmulatsaloob


Salamat sa mga bumibisita pa rin sa blog na ito.
Binabasbasan ko kayong lahat dahil sa inyong patuloy na pagtangkilik.

- Pope JohnPons

DevStud and DevSoc regular activities

DevStud Program Orientation
DevSoc Orientation (Pagsalubong)
DevStud Week
DevStud ACLEs
DSS Week
DevStud Practicum
DevStud Practicum Conference (Praxis)
DevSoc Team Building (Ugnayan)
DevStud Career Orientation (Bahaginan)

Ala-ala all in

Abrenica - X'mas gift
Alcaide - 1st political cosplay voice over (PAE)
Alejo - DS 122 codirector with matching IPad
Arboneda - Laruang sipit noong bata
Balingit - Manila Science uniform
Buenaventura - Malupit na practicon artifact
Bunao - Shobunao
Dabalos - askfm
Del Rosario - Econ 109 and DS 199.2 #liz
Doctor - eco-book author #greenwashingoffshoot
Diestro - noong CAS recog wala ako, noong Univ grad wala ka #dramako
Garvida - hari ng Bangui
Lucas - Iiyak na 'yan @ DSS
Macalalag - faithful
Masesar - faithful
Renticruz - unfaithful
Sese - faithful
Senson - faithful
Villarin - partying with Earl
Yap - trio (Christian, Cid, Mr Yu)
Pilarta - kinatakutan ko na maging best thesis #ikawna
Obleno - Reyna ng intermission
Velasco - Senior represent (DS 121)
Raymundo - Censored DS 112 presentation
Sigue - Madam ng mga madam
Orlanda - barbeque grill photo
Treb - Swimming vs PI 100


Dear hashtags,

#tatampal #hipongurong

Saturday, April 26, 2014


How can I attach photos in my blogposts?
Please text or PM me.

Hashtags 2.0

#collectoys #pamatosaDSboardgames
#notounnecessaryheadaches #declutter

Friday, April 25, 2014


Pagpupugay sa mga nakaraan at kasalukuyang librarian-in-charge sa CAS:
Ma'am Elena Revatoris (popular sa tawag na Conan the Librarian)
Ma'am Rose De Leon
Ma'am Guillermina Panizales


Random points

- Borrowed books from the CAS library to make this summer break more productive and educative #foreverindebtedtomyCASlibraryfriends
- Committed to deliver a lecture about "social marketing in cooperatives" to a Luzon-based multipurpose cooperative #withprofruthshane
- Excited to meet the Caviteam practicumers #willprepareaspecialmeal #amaranth
- Determined to replant my frontyard with pechay, mustasa, kulantro, and cactus #jokeyungcactus
- Decided to integrate Faura Studies in some of my subjects next semester (informal sector, public agencies along Faura, pedestrian safety, commercial establishments, economic dualism, life stories, condo boom) #gottheideafromsirsimbulan
- Agitated by the ignorance of an alumni representative during the PICC graduation and induction ceremony #mukhangkagabilangipinanganak

#negativepeoplegotohell #makahiritlang

Ala-ala unlimited

Abrenica - Colors of the Wind
Alcaide - sustainable energy opening remarks
Alejo - CD case
Arboneda - 1.0 in DS 100
Balingit - prinsesa ng Batas
Buenaventura - Tagas
Bunao - 3 boxes
Dabalos - lady amaranth, Sergio Ramos
Del Rosario - earphone
Doctor - Ma, stop it #practicum
Diestro - annotated bibliography of ecobooks
Garvida - mahusay magsulat
Lucas - LLD
Macalalag - AS
Masesar - spaghetti meat overload
Renticruz - Ms Public Health, Ms DPSM, Ms PolSci
Sese - PS 178
Senson - Becca
Villarin - toddler pix collage
Yap - too many Ponsi subjects in a single semester
Pilarta - alimango
Obleno - FGD master sa practicum
Velasco - mamimiss ka namin nina Ate J at Ate M
Raymundo - Reaping Gold in the Age of Gray
Sigue - development aid magazine
Orlanda - DS 122 role and her mom's reaction
Treb - backpack, pork chop, Danum tampuhan, Agulto fan

Habang ang marami ay nangangarap kahapon sa PICC,
mayroon ding ilan na nananaginip.



- New alumni, new freshies, new sophies, new juniors and new seniors #aspirefordesirablechange
- Frequent changing of cell numbers by students end up with this very confusing sample listing in my directory: John2, John Bago, John Globe, John Smart, John Bago, John New, John Newest, John Newest Talaga #maydeaththreatkapokuya?
- Make this summer class your chance to set your priorities right. Improve your life chances by studying well (micro) and contributing to structural change (macro). #biguinangkasawian


- Sa dami ng nagsipagtapos, dapat maagap sa paghahanap ng trabaho.
- Epektibo lamang ang pag-aaral ng masterado kung may katambal na karanasan.
- Tiyaking may handa kang maikling paliwanang (4-5 pangungusap bawat isa) kung ano ang iyong kurso, practicum at thesis para maging handa sa iyong isasagot sa panayam.
- Para sa mga naghahangad maging mananaliksik, dapat mayroon kang handang portfolio ng iyong mga nakaraang akda at pananaliksik.
- Ayon sa isang propesor sa Agham Pampolitika, kapwa mahalaga ang skill (kasanayan) at will (motibasyon) sa pagtatrabaho.  Ngunit, ayon sa kanya, mas mahirap hubugin ang ikalawa.
- Laganap ang Mcjobs.  Iwasan ito sa lahat ng pagkakataon.
- Masaya ka sa trabaho mo kung hindi mo kinaladkad ang sarili mo pumasok araw-araw.
- Ang perang pinaghirapan ay dapat responsableng pinapamahalaan.
- Job enrichment vs job enlargement = Bulnerable ka kapag hindi mo alam ang kaibahan.

#albert, may TREBaho ka na ba?



Thursday, April 24, 2014

hashtags 2.0


Ala-ala part 27

Abrenica - selfie
Alcaide - PAB
Alejo - bibingkinitan gift
Arboneda - phone directory #assert
Balingit - eco-domino
Buenaventura - Rosa
Bunao - pau
Dabalos - Belleza
Del Rosario - Liz
Doctor - Anthro 187
Diestro - Velasco
Garvida - Add 2 chapters
Lucas - Eman
Macalalag - I want to be a millionaire
Masesar - Macasesar
Renticruz - mapagmahal
Sese - Twilight
Senson - belated
Villarin - Alt...
Yap - armchair exhibit
Pilarta - double degree
Obleno - tree of life #diction!
Velasco - Diestro
Raymundo - slen...
Sigue - UP 2060
Orlando - kubo pix

Treb - thoughtful #hugot

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hashtags unlimited



Google - 10 courses with a twist

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Post-DS tasking

Single-level sentence outline featuring helpful tips in surviving the following DS-related tasks:
DS lingo 101 (Arkin) - glossary format
Academic org governance 101 (Beca)
Opening and closing remarks 101 (Pau)
Thesis writing 101 (My)
Political debating 101 (Shobie)
Feature writing 101 (Isaac)
Practicum 101 (Poy)
Practicon organizing 101 (Marge)
AVP 101 (Luigi)
DS survival techniques (Kariza)



Abrenica - sustainable toys, Mercury, selfie collage, Dr Abrenica
Alcaide - ally, Ali, disaster monologue, golden voice
Alejo - puno, hello, DS 123 report
Arboneda - 2nd in rank, law of karma vs. laptop thief, best in deportment
Balingit - blackboard, ABC, Aja!
Buenaventura - Ka Dolor, text codes, Prof Buenaventura
Bunao - 0.25 incentive, dagli master, waka-waka
Dabalos - meme queen, ShobieDoc, idol
Del Rosario - home visit vs house visit, Nurse del Rosario
Doctor - greenwashing, newscaster, idol
Diestro - violin face off, public hearing, best in deportment
Garvida - dagli master, IP thesis, Lakbay Ilocos
Lucas - one of my favorite students, resistance (lammoito), V. Raj
Macalalag - Prof Benjie, shadow dance, Tiger Woods
Masesar - pesto, "I'm not a toy, I'm a woman!", CMF
Renticruz - PolSci, CAS recog agitator, Atty RRR, mass leader!
Sese - PNB, greenwashing impersonator, CP
Senson - TeamOcciMin, ninja
Villarin - UM, dualistic health system, Dr Villarin
Yap - Don in DS 122 play, DS 126 sit in at SSWC, Japan exchange program
Pilarta - sustainable toys, alimango, PolSci major
Obleno - Ocita, population structures, great things await you #tiwalakami
Velasco - DS 112 moment, masipag na SA, lupet na creative shot
Raymundo - AVP major, Lakbay Baler with PAR, teamCav
Sigue - fangirl, Margaux, script writer, Dr Sigue
Orlanda - overfishing, Ka Mameng, OHS in Hanjin

Monday, April 21, 2014

Random points

- Pagpupugay sa mga nabalitaan kong sumali sa mga kooperatiba sa kani-kanilang pamayanan. #selfhelp #mutualhelp
- Online o offline man, regular na mag-aaral o alumni man, laging isaisip ang iyong mga responsibilidad at pananagutan bilang taga-UP, taga-DSS at taga-Araling Pangkaunlaran. #socialmaturity
- Hangad ko ang matagumpay na paghahanap ng trabaho para sa mga nagtapos mula sa DSS. #sustainableemployment
- May napakabigat at napakatayog na ekspektasyon mula sa mga nagkamit ng UP diploma #PANGATAWANAN #NSMO
- Resist conspicuous consumption #wagutoutosamgamainstreamadvertisersatpeerpressure
- Panatilihin ang demokratikong pamunuan sa Kuta Puting Bato! #batobatosalangitangtamaanBV

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ala-ala (Unang bahagi)

Sinong makakalimot...
Sa maalamat na pagtalon ni David Bunao sa ensayo ng klase para sa isang political cosplay?
Sa malupet na British accent ni Isaac Doctor sa newscasting sa DS 126 bilang huling rekisito?
Sa makapigil-hiningang speed stacking ni Becca Renticruz sa NSTP cultural presentation?
Sa nakakamanghang proyekto nina Lawrence, Poy at Emjay sa PI 100?
Sa bidyo-dokyumentaryong Danum bilang pinakamahusay na Praxis AVP ng 2013?
Sa natatanging bigas lettering ng Team OcciMin AVP?
Sa matalas na kasagutan ni Lawrence ukol sa kaugnayan ng bread loaf  at Venus fly trap sa DS 127 eco-domino?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter reflection of Prof Simbulan

"Teach our young generation the values of selflessness and good governance not just with our words, but more with our deeds and actions especially when we are given the privilege of authority and power." - Prof Roland Simbulan


Alternative theology

- feminist theology
- liberation theology
- black theology
- reflection + action

Friday, April 18, 2014

Subjects that I handled in other universities before I specialized in Development Studies and Political Economy

Philippine Government and Constitution
Socio-political Thought
Philippine History
Cultural Anthropology
Rizal Studies
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Psychology
Philippine Bureaucracy
Cross-cultural Relations
Philippine Political Parties
Philosophy of Man
Culture and Society

#downthememorylane #teachingsince2000 #imissteachingGEs

My GEs

Math 1 - Prof Bangalan
NatSci I - Prof Albano, Prof Naynes
NatSci II - Prof Sustento, Prof Manueli
STS - Prof Bien
FPF - Prof Panganiban
Fencing - Prof Nuestro
Arnis-karate - Prof Nuestro
Comm I - Prof Agbayani
Comm II - Prof Salazar
Comm III - Prof Labajo
Hum I - Prof Millan
Hum II - Prof Bien
NSTP - Prof Ponsaran #kathang-isip :)

Listen and listen well

Person 1 - shared her insights about business ventures, family life and support groups
Person 2 - shared his points of view about company cooperatives, health maintenance organizations and physical wellbeing
Person 3 - shared her observations about rampant nepotism in the educational system, well-rounded education and acceptable teacher-student ratio

#wagpuroikawshet #listen&learn #teachersshouldbegoodlistenerstoo



Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Google and read:

Capitalism simply isn't working and here are the reasons why


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Medicinal plants

Google: 10 medicinal plants on DOH list

Monday, April 14, 2014


History I - Prof Esguerra
History II - Prof Esguerra
Philo I - Prof Sioco
SocSci I - Prof Segovia
SocSci II - Prof Segovia

#oldGE #mondaymemories #DSS

Random points

- Will attend an auction this week  #maytheoddsbeeverinmyfavor
- Will replace rows of chinese amaranth with mustard and pechay in my frontyard #farmerjohn
- Will negate negative energies from negative persons #maymutantpowerbanaganito?
- Will consider incorporating film analysis in my courses next semester #startedcollectingindiefilms
- Will drink more water this summer #DOHsuggests12-13glassesduringhotseason

Sunday, April 13, 2014

HELLth campus

Dahil sa parang bulang naglaho ang GabCaf, nagtitiyaga ang ilang kakilala ko mga sumusunod mairaos lang ang gutom sa loob ng kampus:
- baong pagkain na naghahalumanis (near spoilage) dahil sa tagal ng biyahe, kulob at init ng panahon
- tetrapak na Ulalam at Hunt's chili con carne
- pagkain sa labas na lantad sa alikabok, usok at iba pang masasamang elemento
- mahal na lutong-ulam ng mga nagsasamantalang komersyante (80 pesos para sa 3 NAPAKALILIIT na piraso ng pusit)
- high sodium, high sugar, high cholesterol fast food products 
- pagliban sa pagkain

Walking the talk

Consistent with the philosophy of food integrity and in support of the local industries, I bought the following food products:
- ginaok (sugarcane extract syrup)
- squash vinegar
- tapuy (rice wine)
- corn coffee
- hibiscus nectar concentrate
- buto ng langka (alternative to castanas)


- Pagpupugay sa Lakbay Baler ng tambalang Pau at Emjay! #entrepzeal
- Pagpupugay kay My at sa kanyang akdang "Makina at Pakikibaka"! #babagsakangindustriyangredballpen
- Pagpupugay kay Josh para sa kanyang nalalapit na pag-aaral sa Japan! #NNARAJapanchapter
- Pagpupugay kay Albert para sa kanyang pagkumpleto sa kursong PI 100! #salamatsalamat
- Pagpupugay kina Nadine, Cid, Steven at Jhaypee para sa kanilang tagumpay sa konseho! #GuiyabforSR
- Pagpupugay kay Becca para sa kanyang pamumuno sa DevSoc sa nakaraang taon! #wikiHow
- Pagpupugay sa mga tumangkilik ng mga Ponsaran cognate at elective! #magday&friends

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Do you only eat "food with integrity"?
Or to rephrase, do you subscribe to food integrity as a philosophy when choosing what food to consume?
Google "food integrity" and learn more about this empowering and transformative food logic.



Using Google Images, search for the photos about "food fashion".
Ponder about this activity as a form of expression.

Friday, April 11, 2014


- Follow semi-quaker oats diet: On
- Do advance reading for AY 2014-2015: On
- Give tasks, check outputs and record grades: Off
- Monitor praxis: On
- Follow Michael Pollan's 7-word advice to "eat food, not too much, mostly plants": On

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Nueva Vizcaya
San Jose Del Monte

Development Studies best thesis criteria

Relevance and contribution to alternative development agenda and promotion of social justice - 40%
Appropriateness and consistency of research theory and methodology - 30%
Research ethics - 15%
Form and organization - 15%

Faculty jurors:
Prof Sharon Caringal
Prof Ruth Shane Legaspi
Dr Rommel Linatoc
Atty Karol Sarah Baguilat

Tabulator: Prof Ruth Shane Legaspi

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Considering their relevance, I am contemplating on incorporating the following subthemes in my classes next semester:
- China studies
- Media studies
- Cooperative studies
- Rice studies
- Food studies
- Policy studies

Of course, it will proceed from the critical and political economic standpoint.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Random points

- Preparing for a lecture about "insurance and society" scheduled on the 4th week of April in Makati #broadeningmysphereofinfluence #yabang #fishing
- Configuring additional new and alternative teaching strategies for the August class opening #therearenoboringsubjects #onlyboringteachers&students
- Wondering how to cook Batangas-style sinaing na tulingan #langitsalupasasarap
- Waging war against irrationality of rationality #shutup #harshtag!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Development Studies best thesis nominees

Danger Zone to Death Zone:
A Case Study on the Relocated Families in Bayan ni Juan Before and After the Estero de Paco Project
by JP Alcaide
Adviser: Prof Mesina

Confronting Dysfunctional Local Elite Politics:
The Political Economy of Cavite Reapportionment and the Case of the Lone Congressional District of Bacoor City
by A Arboneda
Adviser: Prof Ponsaran

Makina at Pakikibaka:
Sosyo-ekonomikong Kalagayan at Pampulitikang Kamalayan ng mga Kababaihang Mananahi sa San Miguel, Bulacan
ni M Buenaventura
Tagapayo: Prop Ponsaran

Pagtighaw sa Kahirapan, Pampalubag-loob sa Mamamayan:
An Assessment of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program Using Negative Cases
by MA Sigue
Adviser: Prof Arcilla

Kung ang Laman ng Ilog ay Basura:
Pangkalahatang Epekto ng Operasyon ng Navotas Sanitary Landfill sa Perspektibo ng mga Namamalakaya sa Brgy Salambao at Brgy Binuangan, Obando, Bulakan
ni L Pilarta
Tagapayo: Prop Mesina

Isang Kritikal na Pagsusuri sa Pagsunod ng HHIC Phil. Inc. sa mga Alituntunin sa Kaligtasan at Kalusugan sa Industriya ng Shipbuilding at Ship Repair
ni MK Orlanda
Tagapayo: Prop Simbulan

Breaking the Stereotypes:
A Critical Study on How Philippine Media Portrays Urban Poor
by FD Bunao
Adviser: Prof Arcilla

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Practicum orientation schedule

April 7 (Mon) - 9 am (DevStud orientation); 1 pm (NNARA orientation)
April 8 (Tues) - whole day (Araling Pilipino)
April 10 (Thurs) - whole day (Sectoral Situationer)
April 11 (Fri) - 9 am (Parents' Orientation); 1 pm (Meeting with the guides and facilitators)
Venue: RH 313

Practicum advisers
Prof RS Legaspi
Prof R Linatoc
Prof AJ Mesina

Saturday, April 05, 2014

DevSoc 2014-2015

Chair - Mr Festin
VC for Internals - Ms Guiyab
AVC for Internals - Ms Luna
VC for Externals - Ms Karamihan
AVC for Externals - Mr Deanon
VC for Legal Affairs - Ms Magsino
AVC for Legal Affairs - Ms Ventura
VC for Finance - Ms Hermogenes
AVC for Finance - Ms Buan
VC for Publicity and Documentation - Ms Aljibe
AVC for Publicity and Ducumentation - Ms Olives
2nd year batch rep - Ms Feliciano
3rd year batch rep - Ms Lopez
4th year batch rep - Ms Basco
Adviser - Prof Ponsaran

Online readings for all my future students : )

Google the following
- Advocafe
- Econexus
- Food integrity

- Paaralan ng Bayan

Friday, April 04, 2014

Counterfeit peso bills

Laganap ang pamemeke ng mga bagong Philippine peso bill. Mag-ingat po.
Reklamo ng isang namamasada kamakailan, hindi niya alam na peke ang isang libong ibinayad sa kanya at ang mas masaklap ay nasuklian pa niya ang kawatan.

Kaugnay na artikulo:

DS 199.2

Pagpupugay sa mga nominado para sa pinakamahusay na tesis sa Araling Pangkaunlaran:
Bb Orlanda
Bb Alcaide
G Pilarta
G Bunao
Bb Sigue
Bb Buenaventura
G Arboneda

Random points

- After a week of e-hibernation, I am back!
- I delivered a lecture about "eco-occupational health and society"
to a group of gasoline workers and staff  in cooperation with a local cooperative. I hope that I contributed something to the promotion of their work health and general well-being.
- I have to conduct mini-field works and interviews in preparation for two commissioned articles due this May about the impact of inflation to Filipino purchasing behavior, and plastic bans in Philippine cities.
- I admire and commend the effort of Prof Mangubat in promoting eco-consciousness and food self-sufficiency through urban gardening in the campus.
- Seven out of eight cinemas in a local mall last week featured the film Captain America - a cultural disaster by any measure.