Monday, March 31, 2008

Babala mula kay Dr. Eric Tayag ng Nat'l Epidemiology Center-DOH

Paalala ng DOH ay mag-ingat sa anim na S ngayong tag-araw:
  • sunburn
  • stroke
  • sipon
  • suka (food poisoning) at pagdudumi
  • sakit sa balat
  • sugat na bunga ng sakmal ng aso.

Arroyo is uphoding the legacies of Marcos (Psychic Twins)

Gloria further politicized what should have been
independent bodies in the government.
  • Civil Service
    (as revealed by GMA-appointed
    CSC Karina Constantino-David herself)
  • Military
    (politicizing the state security forces poses serious danger
    to public safety because they are armed elements)
  • Judiciary
    (by appointing individuals who
    have done her "special" favor in the past)
  • Legislature
    (through congressional pork & other perks, to quote PCIJ)

Paraphrasing Marx

We devoted ourselves diligently in studying
Philippine economy, polity and society.

The greater challenge however
is to be agents of change ourselves.

Minority president

Minority president is a chief executive not elected
by the majority (50% + 1) of the electorates.
Case in point: In 1992, FVR only got 23.6% of the
total numbers of votes cast. Meaning, 76.4%
of the Filipino electorates rejected him.
Erap & GMA are also minority presidents.
Political analysts blame it to the country's multi-party system.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Possible 2010 tandems

  • Noli-Vilma?
  • Loren-Chiz?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?

Pop culture as a political tool

  • Pessimist view
    -entertainment designed by the ruling elite
    to legitimize the ruling ideas of society
  • Optimist view
    -creative outlet used by the working class
    to oppose the dominant bourgeois culture

Source: Dr. Ricardo Abad, sociologist

random quotes

  • "The situation calls for a concrete action,
    not saliva festival."
    -Prof. Laufred Hernandez
  • "Driving without money is a major traffic violation."
    -extortionist cop (Ang lagay e...)
  • "On netiquette, avoid using all caps
    (looks as if you're SHOUTING)"
    -Internet scholar
  • "Institutions begin to malfunction when they get corrupted,
    when they allow themselves to become
    extensions of personal power."-Prof. Randy David

Crisis of overproduction and underconsumption

super-profit motive of the Global North

shift to capital-intensive production to boost profit

mass lay-off of workers

workers' income declines

workers' purchasing power decreases

underconsumption of goods produced by factories

dumping of excess products to the Global South
to ensure sustained generation of profit

economic dislocation of producers in the Global South


What do you think is the most pressing
contemporary global problem?

  • "lack of jobs and the problem is getting bigger"
    -Mike Wooton, Manila Times columnist

  • "disbelief in God"
    -Emre Serbetci, masteral student at DLSU-Manila

  • "unsustainable use of natural resources
    coupled with overpopulation"
    -Chat Jemena, University Research Associate, UP Manila

  • "clash of religion (Christians vs. Muslims)"
    -Carol Pulumbarit, Speech professor at UP Manila

  • "mass poverty and inequality"
    -Leska Buenafe, graduating DevStud student

  • "wide disparity of equitable access to goods & services"
    -Dr. Anthony Calibo, Medical Tourism Program Manager

  • "forgeting the problem of others and thinking only of yours"
    -Nelia Gonzalez, UP Regent

  • "superiority complex of US"
    -Jan Robert Go, USC chair

  • "poverty"
    -Ishmael Khan, former SC spokesperson

random points

  • trite = palasak
  • spinning wheel = India's symbol for economic self-sufficiency
  • commitment of oneself = pagtataya ng sarili
  • simbahan = sambayanan ng sumasampalataya
  • Republic of Korea = South Korea (SoKor)
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea = North Korea (NoKor)
  • DMZ = demilitarized zones
  • thought process = includes expectation, attitude,
    feeling, perception and interpretation (Source: Susan Cave)
  • learned helplessness = belief that the situation
    is beyond ones control and that one has no
    means to influence what will happen to him/her
  • dysfunctional institution =
    dysfunctional governance + patronage politics
    (Source: Randy David)
  • SO = significant others
  • GO = generalized others
  • sociological imagination =
    biography + history, and their interplay (C.Wright Mills)
  • social statics = pertains to social order (Auguste Comte)
  • social dynamics = pertains to social change (Auguste Comte)
  • twin tasks after WW II =
    nation-building & economic growth (Wilfredo Carada)

Friday, March 28, 2008

May pinag-iba kaya?

  • Galit si Prof. X dahil hindi inaaral ng mga
    estudyante ang kanyang mga takdang babasahin.
  • Galit si Y sa kanilang propesor kasi hindi niya
    pinag-uukulan ng panahon upang basahin ang
    pinaghirapang papel ng kanyang grupo.

Youth as bearers of counterculture and dissent

One of the objectives of the mainstream
consumerist culture is to saturate and emasculate
the youth with products/constructs such as
PSPs, iPods, theme parks, malls and
Hollywood films in order to prevent them
from becoming bearers of counterculture & dissent.

It is from the youth of today that future
human rights, agrarian, women, labor,
church, environmental, cultural, LGBT,
health, and development activists shall emerge.

Options (elections)

UP student: I have 3 options, Sir.

John: Anu-ano?

UP student: To run under Party X, Party Y, or to just go independent.

John: Actually, you have a 4th option.

UP student: Ano 'yun, Sir?

John: Not to run.*

*I didn't discourage the concern.
I just provided her all the possible options.
Finally, she opted not to run.


  • There are NO boring subjects, ONLY boring teachers.
  • Exams don't have to be paper and pen tests all the time.
  • Teaching should be a dynamic learning experience.
  • Most of the time we learn more from people
    who aren't even teachers by profession.

Recently coined terms (Source:

  • videophilia
    n. A sedentary lifestyle focused on screen-based activities,
    particularly television, the Internet, and video games.
  • eICU
    . A medical support center that enables doctors
    to monitor, diagnose, and suggest treatment for
    ICU patients from a remote location.
  • Gotcha Day *
    n. The anniversary of the day on which a child was adopted
  • lifestreaming
    n. An online record of a person's daily activities,
    either via direct video feed or via aggregating
    the person's online content such as blog posts,
    social network updates, and online photos.


Highest scorers in terms of accumulated points
  • DS 126 (Ms. Villegas, OrCom)
  • DS 112 (Ms. Rodriguez, DevStud)
  • DS 128 (Mr. Bongolan, PolSci)
  • DS 100 (Ms. Eguico)
  • NSTP (Ms. Crisostomo and Mr. Alfonso, Devstud)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

DS 100

What: long exam* ("grade booster")
Coverage: Development theories (UPOU, Todaro & PJPA readings)
Bring 1 bluebook.
Exam type: identification, true or false, essay
When: April 1 (Tuesday), 12 noon-2 pm
Where: same room assignment

On the same day, submit your 1-page output
on X and Development (final project)

*top 3 highest scorers will automatically
get flat one in their final grade

Senatorial Topnotchers (Post-Marcos)

  • Jovito Salonga (1987)
  • Tito Sotto (1992)
  • Gloria Arroyo (1995)
  • Loren Legarda (1998)
  • Noli De Castro (2001)
  • Mar Roxas (2004)
  • Loren Legarda (2007)

random points

  • hagiography = study of saints
    or any person believed to be holy
  • turncoat = "balimbing" = "political butterfly"
  • Gloria = illegal occupant across the Pasig River
  • token Muslim candidate by the Palace for the senate race =
    Parouk Hussin (2004), Jamalul Kiram (2007)

Tips for a candidate (Source: Manila Times)

Tips for a candidate

  • Learn how to say “good evening” in 12 major dialects.
  • When shaking hands, look at the other fellow’s face.
  • Don’t clean your hands in public after working the crowd.
  • Learn at least three popular songs.
  • Carry a camera, have as many shots
    with admirers taken and send them copies.
  • Hire a movie star to endorse you.
  • Never turn down a request for a funeral contribution.
  • Remember faces.
  • Don’t shake hands with your driver or bodyguard.

random points

  • Criteria for the creation of GOCC
    -common good
    -economic viability
  • Inherent powers of the state
    -power of eminent domain
    -police power
    -power to tax
  • According to Florentino Hornedo:
    -Spain culturally segmented us by religion
    -US resegmented us by education


  • "The ruling ideas of each age
    have ever been the ideas of its ruling class."
    -Karl Marx
  • "Submission to a state wholly or largely unjust
    is an immoral barter for liberty."
    -Mahatma Gandhi
  • "An option isn't really an option until you know about it."
    -Bradley McRae
  • "Popular culture is power."
    -Bienvenido Lumbera

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gloria is a lucky b***h

  • FPJ and Roco (her political rivals) died.
  • Cardinal Sin (protest icon of the Catholic majority), too.
  • Rene Saguisag (Erap's lawyer)
    was hospitalized due to a vehicular accident.
  • Pacquiao (her political mascot) won.
  • Cory (protest icon of the middle class) is ailing.
Erap should worry.

Speed, but how about quality?

  • fast food
  • microwables
  • online research
  • Ph.D. from a diploma mill
  • commercial advertisements
  • lotto (one time, big time)
  • mechanized farming
  • "Recto University"
  • GMOs
  • "quicky"
  • mail-order bride
  • Tone-A-Matic (electronic muscle stimulator)
  • Aji-ginisa
  • Dermitage wrinkle reducer
    (Look years younger in minutes)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mula sa malamig na silid tungo sa isa ring malamig na silid upang diumano makapagtrabaho sa isang malamig na silid habambuhay.

"Iha, paki-file nga ito sa folder."
"'Toy, pakitawagan nga ang numerong ito."
"Noy, mag-newsclippings ka araw-araw ha."
"Pakibalik naman ito sa desk ni boss."
"Iho, ikaw muna ang mag-photocopy nito pakiusap."
"Paki-encode mo ito. Paki-print na rin. Triplicate ha."
"Pakiproofread nga."
"'Ne, ikaw ang mag-assist sa guest ha."
"Bababa ka sa canteen? Pakibili na rin ako ng rice."

*batay sa aktwal na karanasan ni "Pamela" at "Luke" na hindi na sana maulit

Gov. Eddie T. Panlilio

Highlights of Gov. Ed Panlilio's speech entitled
Call to Hope & Self-Sacrifice: Shifting Gears in Pampanga
(26 March, Manila Peninsula, Makati City)

  • His take-home pay a month is only
    P 20,000 so he wonders why some
    people would spend so much in
    election campaign and even resort to
    violence just to win the governorship.
  • "SOP" is now equated with bribery.
    He strongly abhors such cultural mindset.
  • Graft and corruption is a sin against the innocents.
  • The government's procurement system is
    based on distrust because of the voluminous
    and arduous paper works it entails.
  • We need to apply gospel values to political actions.
  • Only one (Oscar Rodriguez of San Fernando)
    of Pampanga's 20+ mayors supports him.
    He suspects a "team moneyger" is behind them.

random points

  • grameen = rural or village
  • soviet = council
  • Developing Asia = refers to developing
    member countries* of ADB
  • net importer = trade deficit = import > export
  • likas-kayang pag-unlad = sustainable development
  • hyperreality = consciousness which can't distinguish
    real/natural from fantasy and emptiness anymore
    (Disneyland, theme parks, casino, pornography, etc.)
    For a backgrounder, check

*The term "country," as used in ADB's
context, refers to a member of ADB.
It does not imply any view on ADB's
part as to sovereignty or independent status.

On oil prices (Haruhiko Kuroda, ADB President)

Oil prices are sensitive to:
  • supply condition
  • surges in demand
  • geopolitical events

True only in paper. Ask Gloria.

1987 Philippine Constitution


Section 1
Public office is a public trust.
Public officers and employees must,
at all times,
be accountable to the people,
serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty,
and efficiency;
act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bb. Lerma "Scarlet" Gatdula, AB

Aral sa pulitika, ekonomya at kultura
Saulado ang mapa
Pati mga mahahalagang tagpo at petsa
Naipong course readings dalawang dipa
Puro salungguhit at highlight pa
Oral at written communication: sobresaliente walang duda
Huwag ikagugulat: Maalam din sa Matematika
Bihasa sa teorya
Pati praktika
Grado'y halos umabot ng magna
Sa kaduluduluhan, _________

DS 100 (X and Development)


What is GOOD for Gloria is BAD for Philippine democracy.
e.g. PP 1017, CPR, EO 464, MC 108, Executive Privilege, etc.

DS 190 Practicum Sites (sectors: peasants, fisherfolks, IPs)

  • Cavite - 1 group (Prof. J. Ponsaran)
  • Batangas - 2 groups (Dr. E. Villegas)
  • Laguna - 2 groups (Dr. E. Villegas)
  • Rizal - 3 groups (Atty. K. Baguilat)
  • Zambales - 1 group (Prof. J. Ponsaran)
  • Bulacan - 1 group (Prof. J. Ponsaran)

random points

  • grim* and determined = GND
  • client states = satellites = periphery
    (e.g. Philippines as a client state of US)
  • windfall profit = sudden unexpected profit
    due to unforeseen circumstances

*stern and unyielding to compromise

Reproductive Tourism?

"...growing number of midlife women coming to
U.S. infertility clinics to get pregnant w/ donated
eggs implanted w/in vitro fertilization.
The women are mainly from Canada, Australia
& some parts of Europe, where tough laws forbid
the payment of egg donors & limit those seeking to
become pregnant to using eggs from a young friend
or family member or from a small pool of unpaid donors. "
(Suzanne Leigh, USA TODAY)


"The term ‘reproductive tourism’ is inaccurate
because ‘tourism’ means travelling by pleasure,
and by no means do infertile couples travel by pleasure.
‘Reproductive tourism’ is also inappropriate
because it trivializes infertility problems.
In fact the term could seem frivolous and
offensive for couples seeking reproductive assistance abroad,
and also for professionals involved in assisted reproductive
techniques. Nobody uses the term ‘labour tourism’ with
reference to immigrants, or oncological tourism or
cardiological tourism for those patients travelling
to another country to be assisted in better conditions.
The term ‘reproductive exile’, in our opinion,
is more sensitive w/ infertility patients.
(Roberto Matorras, President of the Spanish Society of Fertility)

Read more:

Development Studies

  • In simplest terms, development is defined
    as the "process of change over time."
    Development scholars also define it as
    a "purposeful change in a specific direction."
  • economic growth = increasing the size of the "economic pie"
    economic justice = pertains to the equitable division of the "economic pie"
  • Countries differ in their rate of development.
    For instance, compare Philippines and Singapore.
  • According to Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize in Economics, 1998),
    "development requires the removal
    of major sources of unfreedom:
    -poor economic opportunities
    -systematic social deprivation
    -neglect of public facilities
    -intolerance or overactivity of repressive states

Sunday, March 23, 2008

DS 190 Primer Output

Solano (Central Luzon)
Teves (Region 4-A)
Erive (Region 4-B)
Balanag (Commercial Fishing)
Reburiano (Municipal Fishing)
Bacon (Aquaculture)
Tria (Peasant Women)
Tejada (Women Industrial Workers)
Fajardo (Women IPs)
Saliganan (Coffee Industry)
Gagarin (Mining Industry)
Go (Tourism Industry)
Sanicas (Livestock & Poultry Industry)
Rosario (Land Use Conversion)
Torres (Rice Self-Sufficiency)
Rodriguez (Philippines vis-a-vis other SEA countries
on various Global Development Indices)

Rigodon (Peace & Order Situationer)
Faustino (Political Situationer)
Morano (Economic Situationer)
Freyra (Health Situationer)
Lu (Human Rights Situationer)
del Rosario (Women's Situationer)
Laforteza (Environmental Situationer)
Lepatan (Social Investigation & Class Analysis)
Frias (Development Theories)
Navarro (Democratic Centralism)
Catsao (Social Movements)

Submission: April 1 (All topics: Philippine context)
Format: 1 page primer (facts, figures, illustration)
Limit it to 250-350 words, Arial Narrow, font size: 12
Tagalog or English, format: landscape
Use reputable sources (minimum of 5 references).

Project objectives:
  • Info-loading in preparation for the practicum
  • Info-sharing (Outputs will be shared with the LGUs/POs/NGOs)

Tagpo: Pro-GMA rally

Reporter: Kayo ba ay hinakot?
Mga raliyista: Hindeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Reporter: Kayo ba ay pinuwersa?
Mga raliyista: Hindeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Reporter: Kayo ba ay binayaran?
Mga raliyista: Hindi pa nga e! Kainis! Grrrrrr!!!

It runs in the family

Public Distrust (Pulse Asia Survey)
GMA = 76%
FG = 76%
They complement each other.
Conjugal indeed.
I suggest that survey institutions include
Mikey, Dato and Iggy in their questionnaires.
I'm sure the same pattern will be seen.

random thoughts

  • Ayon sa isang aklat sa Sikolohiya, kung
    umabot ka sa edad na 75 nangangahulugan ito
    na 25 taon ang inilaan mo sa pagtulog.
  • Reklamo ng isang mag-aaral:
    Ok daw ang paksa n'ya tulad ng iba.
    Pursigido naman s'ya tulad din ng iba.
    Sa thesis adviser daw nagkatalo. Saklap!
  • "There can't be executive privilege to cover up
    criminal acts."-ex-DND Sec. Avelino Cruz
  • "Corruption has become a way of life.
    Many Filipinos either accept or ignore it."
    -Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Please check

Teaching Job

Wanted full-time faculty in Social Sciences
Adamson University
Social Sciences Department

*I taught there from 2002-2005

NSO QuickStat

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Social stratification

Forms of social stratification
  • Class stratification
  • Ethnic stratification
  • Age stratification
  • Gender stratification

Who really loses when a student cheats? by Alicor Panao

Tourism statistics

Top 10 foreign tourists in the Philippines
by country of origin (2007)
  1. South Korea
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. China
  5. Australia
  6. Taiwan
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Singapore
  9. Canada
  10. United Kingdom
Source: Department of Tourism


"From each according to his ability,
to each according to his needs."

To paraphrase, I'm quoting Vesey and Foulkes:

"All the members of the society work for the
group/community to the best of their abilities.
In return, the group/community will give to
each member goods according to his/her needs."

random points

  • moral blight = leads to culture of corruption (according to M. Santiago)
  • pedophilia = child sex terrorism (according to Earl Wilkinson)
  • dislocation = displacement
  • Philippine electoral political parties =
    weakest link in Philippine democracy (according to M. Santiago)
  • banyuhay = bagong anyo ng buhay
    = pagpapanibagong hubog = metamorphosis
  • pagiging lalaki/babae = pertain to sex (bio-genetic)
  • pagkalalaki/pagkababae = pertain to gender (socio-cultural)
  • geophagia = clay/earth/soil eating
  • pulong balitaan = press conference

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Optional (DS 100, DS 126, DS 112, DS 128, NSTP)

Student's Self-Assessment (Optional)

In order to help me evaluate you better, submit a
self-assessment of your academic performance in my subject.

Send it to on or before March 23 (Sunday).
Flexi-format. No attachment. No need to specify your desired rating.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

JDV's political defeat

  1. lost to Erap in '98 presidential derby
  2. replaced by Nograles as House Speaker
  3. replaced by Nograles as Lakas-CMD President

Food Poverty

  • Food poverty is a structural problem with
    economic, political, socio-cultural and ethical dimensions.
    It cannot be solved by feeding programs alone.
  • Food poverty results in powerlessness (physical and political).
    Political powerlessness in turn leads to more intense food poverty.
    It's a vicious cycle.
  • Food sovereignty, availability, accessibility, affordability and
    safety should be guaranteed regardless of one's social category.*
  • As globalization increases in scale and scope,
    the gap in the access to quality food between the
    overfed and the malnourished also widens (dualism).

*partly covered by the report of Feebee Francisco (DS 100)

Lone survivor

  • Nestor Mata (lone survivor of the place crash
    in which Ramon Magsaysay and 25 others died)
  • Jibin Arula (lone survivor of the Jabidah massacre)

Interesting inputs from students

  • S. Villanueva (cycle beads)
  • Concepcion (MICE-meeting, incentive, conference, exhibition)
  • Angeles (cooperatve economy vs. competitive economy)
  • Bongolan (creeping credentialism)
  • Salas (cultural politics of hijab)
  • Lepatan (media literacy)


Miriam Defensor-Santiago, A.B., Ll.B., Ll.M., S.J.D., Ll.D., D.H.L., Ll.D.

Symposium (Sampaksaan)

  • OK 'yung topic.
  • OK 'yung program.
  • OK 'yung speaker.
  • OK 'yung venue.
Pero walang audience.

Saksi tayo sa tagpong ito kada semestre.

Huwag ipilit sa LT kung hindi naman talaga
kayang i-okupa kahit kalahati ng mga upuan.

Nakakahiya sa speaker.
Nakakahiya sa sarili.

Sayang ang kuryente.
Sayang ang espasyo.

random points

  • ceremonial ribbon-cutting, photo ops =
    consume 20-30% of the politicians' time
  • Bagong Alyansang Makabayan = New Patriotic Alliance
  • barong Tagalog nationalism = skin-deep nationalism
  • treaty = kasunduan = tratado
  • Mcworld = corporate-led globalization
  • mediocracy = government ruled by mediocre people
  • contagion = transmission/diffusion of anything negative
    (disease, infection, financial instability, fear, etc.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pagkilala at Tagubilin

Pagbati sa lahat ng mga magtatapos ngayong taon.
Taas-kamao sa inyong husay, pagsisikap at tatag ng loob.
Hangad ko ang inyong tagumpay sa anumang larangang piliin ninyo.
Salamat sa inyong mga ibinahaging kaalaman sa akin at sa klase.
Mas marami kayong matututunan sa labas.
Ibahagi rin ninyo ito sa amin.

Excited si Noli?

Anim sa mga dating Bise-Presidente ng bansa ang naging Presidente.
  1. Sergio Osmena
  2. Elpidio Quirino
  3. Carlos Garcia
  4. Diosdado Macapagal
  5. Joseph Estrada
  6. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Tatlo sa kanila ay naging presidente dahil sa pagkamatay ng nanunungkulan.

  1. Sergio Osmena (kahalili ni Quezon na namatay dahil sa tuberculosis)
  2. Quirino (kahalili ni Roxas na namatay dahil atake sa puso)
  3. Garcia (kahalili ni Magsaysay na namatay sa aksidente)

Isa naman ay dahil sa pabibitiw ng nasa poder.

  1. Arroyo (humalili kay Estrada)

Ano kaya ang magiging kapalaran ni Noli?

Thursday, March 13, 2008


meeting + meeting + meeting + meeting + meeting +
meeting + meeting + meeting + meeting + meeting +
meeting + meeting + meeting + meeting + meeting

2010 political dynamics

Erap is right.
2010 will be the year of the opposition.
That's if and only if they stand solid behind a common standard bearer.
The Noli-Vilma tandem is not an impossibility.
It is also a formidable team-up, not to mention.
The strength of the administration is the loosely consolidated opposition.
The opposition is even opposing each other.
To quote Salceda, Gloria indeed is a lucky b***h!

Health Promotion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about health problems and concerns

Internal Braindrain

  • less BS Secondary Education students specializing
    in Filipino and Social Studies in favor of Math, English
    and Special Education in order to teach abroad.
  • less doctors specializing in community and family medicine
    in favor of reconstructive/aesthetic surgery and dermatology
    in light of the boom in medical tourism.
  • less doctors serving in the countryside due to urban bias
Bottom line: Better economic opportunities

random points

  • "guided democracy" =
    euphemism to dictatorship/authoritarianism in the Third World
  • "soft coup" = military-backed popular uprising (e.g. EDSA II)
  • pahinungod = Hiligaynon translation of oblation (offering)
  • Noli de Castro = a mere newsreader (according to critics)
  • trickle down effect = diffusion effect
  • laws = coded norms
  • "unity walk" = a sign of insecurity and paranoia
  • Raul Gonzalez = GMA's hatchet man

Glossary of Social Psychology

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Profile of Lozada as witness

Phases of Kidnapping

  1. Target Identification
  2. Surveillance
  3. Abduction
  4. Detention
  5. Negotiation
  6. Agreement
  7. Release

Source: Control Risks Philippines


President Manuel "Noli" Leuterio De Castro (?)
Vice President Maria Rosa Vilma Santos-Recto (?)


Sa given name pa lang, mahirap nang pagkatiwalaan.
Sa apelyido naman, lalo na!
Pipol's dragon, diumano.
'Pag BAD ka, lagot ka, kanyang propaganda.
Sa kasalukuyang pagdinig sa Senado,
mistulang abogado pa ng pamilyang tarantado.
'Yan si Jowker Aroyo!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Development Studies Program (SY 2008-2009)

  • Prof. Roland Simbulan (Program Head)
    Masters in Public Administration
    New York University
  • Prof. Filipinas Gutierrez
    MA Economics
    UP Diliman
  • Prof. Chester Antonio Arcilla
    Masters in Development Economics
    UP Diliman
  • Prof. Mariam Soraya Tuvera
    MA in Economics
    London School of Economics
  • Dr. Edberto Villegas*
    Doctor of Public Administration
    UP Diliman
  • Dr. Leothiny Clavel
    Ph.D. in Philippines Studies
    UP Diliman
  • Prof. Silverio Sevilla
    AB Political Science
    UP Iloilo
  • Atty. Karol Sarah Baguilat**
    Bachelor of Laws
    University of Santo Tomas
  • Atty. Zorayda Mia Wacnang**
    Juris Doctor
    Ateneo de Manila University

*Academic and Practicum Coordinator
**AB Development Studies, UP Manila

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is insecure!

Currently, she's the chair of Lakas-CMD, the chair emeritus of Kampi,
and also the honorary chair of Liberal Party (Atienza faction).

Tatlong partidong pulitikal?

Pambalot ng tinapa!

Some faculty members endorsed the yearly subscription
of international academic journals that cost P90,000 to
P100,000 per title to the college library. But the official record shows
that the concerned faculty members never borrowed these materials
nor utilized them as required readings for their subjects.

('yung professors o 'yung journals?)

DS 100 Show and Tell (March 14)

  • Bring any item related to the study and/or practice
    of development or underdevelopment
  • Discuss its connection or relevance to the subject matter.
  • You have 2 minutes to present it in class.
  • Submit a 1 page written output (outline format).
  • Use 5-6 references. Research well.
  • Avoid duplication of items.
  • Opening remarks: Bruselas
  • Closing remarks: Andaya
  • Song number (Lalawigan by Gary Granada):
    Eguico, Martinez, Meneses, Cauton, Elefan, Tibon, Hondrade

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Si Gloria ay ______!

  • "Si Gloria ay ayoko!"- Brian (Arts major)
  • "Si Gloria ay ganid!"- Melissa (CSB professor)
  • "Si Gloria ay makapal ang mukha!"- Dindo (Barangay kagawad)
  • "Si Gloria ay pahirap sa masa!"- Terry (Student Regent)
  • "Si Gloria ay evil bitch!" - Ed (professor in Political Economy)
  • "Si Gloria ay tinik sa masa!" - Jen (poet)
  • "Si Gloria ay walang takot sa Diyos at
    walang pagmamahal sa bayan
    ! - Carol (Speech professor)
  • "Si Gloria ay corrupt!" - Dennis (IT production assistant)
  • "Si Gloria ay bad trip!" - Juliet (musicologist)
  • "Si Gloria ay kurakot!" - Aimee (registered nurse)
  • "Si Gloria ay pasista!" - Amihan (agrarian reform advocate)
  • "Si Gloria ay pekeng Kristyano!" - Leska (UP graduating student)

Samakatwid, si Gloria ay pambansang kahihiyan!

DS 126 Poetry Reading (March 11)

Aman (Ecofeminism)
dela Cruz (Black feminism)
Esquivel (Third World feminism)
Guevara (Islamic feminism)
Macababayao (Liberal feminism)
Maligalig (Radical feminism)
Tungol (Lesbian feminism)
Rivera (Christian feminism)
Arenillo (Jewish feminism)
Sampiano (Postmodern feminism)
Gaddi (Nazifeminism)
Labayen (Cultural feminism)

Tagalog or English
Research well.

DS 100 Poetry Reading (March 11)

  • Advani (internal braindrain)
  • Andaya (rent-seeking behavior)
  • Angeles (McJobs)
  • Bruselas (crossborder health and wellness services)
  • Caranto (white revolution)
  • Concepcion (poorest provinces in the Philippines)
  • Elefan (social statistics)
  • Francisco (food poverty)
  • Meneses (socialist feminist)
  • Tan (feminization of poverty)
  • Yasay (feminization of migration)
  • Rosales (OFW reintegration program)
  • Onanad (poverty tourism)
4-5 stanzas (4-5 lines per stanza)
2-3 minutes discussion about the assigned topic
Original composition only.
Research well.





Kingmaker Institutions (according to Ramon Casiple)

  • military
  • Catholic Church
  • big business

random points

  • loansharks = usurers
  • crossborder health and wellness services
    = liberalization of trade in medical services*
  • economic development = economic growth + equity
  • First Family = pambansang kahihiyan
  • toadyism = sipsip
  • criticism and self-criticism = pagpuna at pagpuna sa sarili
  • feminization of migration = women "voting with their feet"
  • mental colonization = cultural imperialism
  • McJobs = low paying, high turn-over, low prestige, dead-end jobs**

*Thanks to Dr. Anthony Calibo, Program Manager of the Philippine Medical Tourism Program

Para sa International Women's Day (Marso 8)

para sa lahat ng Eba*
*maliban kay Gloriang Hitlerina

Monday, March 03, 2008

Toadyism = Himod-Tumbong = Bunye, Ermita, Golez, etc.

the practice of meanly fawning on another; servile adulation

1. to exhibit affection or attempt to please,
as a dog does by wagging its tail, whining, or cringing
2. to seek favor or attention by flattery and obsequious behavior

full of or exhibiting servile compliance; fawning


Ensuring maternal health thru dynamic cooperation between men and women

"As the problems relating to maternal health
cannot be tackled by women alone,
UN Population Fund is also working with men
who have a vital role to play in ensuring the health
and well-being of their mothers, sisters and wives."


  • metropolitan governance (e.g. MMDA) =
    problems of metropolitan scale (e.g. pollution, heavy traffic, etc.)
    should be solved in metropolitan proportion.
  • local governance = local solutions to local problems
    (LGUs include the regional, provincial, city,
    municipal and barangay governments)

3 Facets of Decentralization

  1. Devolution (political decentralization, e.g. from NG to LGUs)
  2. Deconcentration (administrative decentralization,
    e.g. DENR Central Office to DENR Regional Offices)
  3. Privatization (transfer of control/ownership
    of corporation from public to private sector)

United Nations


Uneven growth
  • between sectors (rural vs. urban,
    agriculture vs. industry vs. services)
  • between regions, states, provinces
  • between households

Source: ADB Key Indicators 2007

On-line research (definitions)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


The political patronage that embodies the relationship of GMA and
the pro-GMA local government executives reflects the feudal structure
that links (& perpetuates) LGU's dependence to the national government.


"Student's social accountability decreases as tuition fee increases."
-UP-NIH research faculty
"Ever stay on the side of the people."
-Satur Ocampo
"Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo = Pambansang Kahihiyan!"
-Poldo Pasangkrus


Poetry Reading (March 8)
Theme: Political Economy of Labor Issues
Opening remarks: Guevarra
Closing Remarks: Llanes

Arceo (McJob)
Bongolan (global sweatshops)
Cabatuando (plight of the Filipino seafarers)
Carlos (pink-collar jobs)
Dato (Diosdado "Ka Fort" Fortuna)
Dimaano (plight of intellectual workers)
Estrella (“Recto University”)
Guevarra (All-UP Workers Union)
Lacambacal (Crispin Beltran)
Latawan (plight of the Filipino athletes)
Llanes (dignity of labor)
Macaraeg (commodification of emotion)
Orbe (labor market informalization)
Pablico (issues and concerns of Disneyland workers)
Santos (Sociology of care work)
Tanyag (yellow-dog contract)
Tiamson (women’s low labor penetration rate in South Asia)
Valencia (dual labor market)
Yuzon (iron law of wages)

4-5 stanzas (4-5 lines per stanza)
2-3 minutes discussion about the assigned topic
Original composition only.
Research well.
Print 20 copies (1/2 length-wise of 8 x 11 bond paper).

DS 112 Advisory

Sa darating na Miyerkules (Mar. 5) ang huling araw ng pasusumite
ng mga karagdagang page entries.

Pero patuloy ninyo pa rin dapat ipasa ang mga naunang page entries
para matiyak ko na naipasok dito ang aking mga mungkahi at pagwawasto.

Hindi na kailangang umabot ng 150 pages kada grupo.

Sa halip ay bubuo na lamang tayo ng isang libro
para sa buong klase na mahahati sa mga kabanata batay
sa paksa ng bawat grupo.

Political Economy of Social Issues ang titulo ng libro
at ang mga lalamanin nitong mga kabanata ay:

Political economy of gender
Political economy of military expenditure
Political economy of food
Political economy of religion
Political economy of media
Political economy of law
at iba pa.

10-12 na lamang ang kailangang ipasa ng bawat isang Area Studies
majors (na piniling indibidwal na lamang ang pagsusumite).
30-40 na lamang ang kailangang ipasa ng bawat grupo.

Si Ms. Reburiano ang gagawa ng cover page.
Si Mr. Fajardo naman ang susulat ng preface.
Si Ms. Morano at Ms. Rodriguez naman ang nakatoka
sa pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga kabanata at pahina
(na akin pa ring susuiin).

8 x 11 sukat ng papel na gagamitin sa bawat pahina.
Ipapa-bind ang final ouput na ating ibibigay sa
CAS library reserved section bilang donasyon.