Thursday, August 27, 2009

DevStud subject offerings next semester

  • Econ 11 (Introductory Economics)
  • Econ 101 (Macroeconomics)
  • Econ 102 (Microeconomics)
  • Econ 109 (History of Economic Thought)
  • Econ 116 (Economies in Asia)
  • Econ 121 (Banking and Finance)
  • Econ 141 (International Trade)
  • Econ 151 (Public Finance)
  • Econ 191 (Development Economics)
  • DS 100 (Development Theories)
  • DS 111 (Development of Capitalist and Socialist States)
  • DS 112 (Third World Studies)
  • DS 122 (Alternative Development Strategies)
  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)
  • DS 125 (International Aspect of Third World and Philippine Development)
  • DS 126 (Politico-administrative Institutions and Behavior)
  • DS 128 (Human Resource Development)
  • DS 152 (Program Implementation and Project Management)
  • DS 199.2 (Development Research II)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

random thought

  • Gloria said, "God put me here." Amado Macasaet said, "No, Garci did."
  • I couldn't agree more with Malaya EIC Amado Macasaet when he opined that the nation lost with GMA's "victory" in 2004.
  • Due to lack of shelter security, many Filipinos have to struggle by renting a "kwartito." A kwartito is a mini-room that can only accommodate a bed and a small dining table. I've experienced it myself. It's P800 in 1998 if my memory serves me right.
  • "Heavy multitaskers are lousy at multitasking," according to Stanford communications professor Clifford Nass.


"At its best, the Internet can educate more people faster than any media tool. At its worst, it can make people dumber faster than any media tool. The Internet, at its ugliest, is just an open sewer: an electronic conduit for untreated, unfiltered information."

-Thomas Friedman, New York Times


  • NSTP - Mag-aral mabuti para sa ikalawang bahagi ng eksaminasyon (Aug. 28).
    Pagbutihin ang pagsasaliksik at pagbuo ng matrix ukol sa mga nakatokang napapanahong
    isyung pampulitika sa bansa (Sept. 1).
  • DS 123 - Pagbutihin ang pagbuo ng AVP health interview (kritikal, malaman, malinaw at organisado)
  • DS 127 - Ibabalik ko ang mga naiwastong write up para sa AVP ukol sa pampulitikang ekonomya ng likas-kayang pag-unlad (Aug. 28). Mas paghusayin pa dapat at ipasa ulit (Sept. 1).
  • Econ 151 - Maghanda para sa talakayan ukol sa Story of Stuff sa Aug. 28.
  • DS 126 - Pagbutihin ang political satire. Tiyaking may subtitle ito.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


View the UPERTURE exhibit at the GAB lobby entitled TIME SUSPENDED: A GLIMPSE OF LIFE IN UPM and write a reflection paper in English or Filipino using concepts and theories in social change. Refer to Sociology textbooks. Write your output in a yellow pad and submit it on Tues (Sept. 1). Please inform the rest.

Econ 151 panel discussion (Sept. 1)

  • Illescas
  • Lopega
  • Manlangit
  • Mateo
  • Montano

    Topic: Political Economy of Pork Barrel Politics

Agenda (Aug 28, 29)

  • NSTP - long exam on current Philippine political issues
  • DS 123 - preliminary screening (health interviews) GAB 301-B
  • DS 127 - tanaga (continuation)
  • Econ 151 - ACLE on the Story of Stuff
  • DS 125 - preliminary screening (political satire) RH 313

Ponsaran's tentative load next semester

  • DS 100 (Development Theories and Models)
  • DS 112 (Third World Studies)
  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)
  • Econ 116 (Economies of Asia)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


  • DS 127 - AVP on political economy of sustainable development (narration only) - Aug. 25
  • DS 123 - AVP on health interview (1st submission) - Aug. 28*
  • DS 127 - AVP on political economy of sustainable development (1st submission) - Sept. 4**
  • DS 126 - political satire (1st submission) - Aug. 29***

    *Ms. Villanueva, please reserve RH 312 for the preliminary evaluation
    **Ms. Jalina, please reserve RH 313 for the preliminary evaluation
    ***Mr. Fernandez, please reserve RH 313 for the preliminary evaluation

random points

  • media and academe = have the highest intolerance to falsehood (Chief Justice Reynato Puno)
  • patronage politics = politics of the worst kind precisely because it exploits the material deprivation of the many (Prof. Randy David)
  • charity politics = a variant of patronage politics where politicians provide gifts in cash or in kind to the marginalized (in our case, the majority) in order to widen and deepen his/her base of support, and generate votes in the process; such brand of politics doesn't empower, it emasculates

Ano ang Pilipinolohiya?

"Ang Pilipinolohiya ay pag-aaral ng Pilipinas. Susing usapin dito ang pagbubuo muna ng batayan kung ano itong Pilipinas na ating aaralin; dagdag pa, "lahat" ng may kinalaman sa Pilipinas ay maaaring saklawin ng disiplinang ito. Pinakamahalaga sa proyektong ito ay ang katotohanang sa pag-aaral mismo ng Pilipinas, mga Pilipino, at mga paksaing pumapatungkol sa Pilipinas at Pilipino nabubuo ang mismong depinisyon at kahulugan ng Pilipinolohiya. Ibig sabihin, sa praktika at proseso ng pagdidiskurso nabubuo ang katawan ng kaalamang ating pinag-aaralan." (Prop. JPaul Manzanilla)

What is Development Studies?

  • "Development Studies is a multi-disciplinary field of study that includes an understanding of the economic, political, social, technological and cultural aspects of social change especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. It contributes to policy-making by seeking solutions and strategies to address problems and obstacles to genuine human development. These issues are examined within a historical, comparative and international perspective, taking into account the countries' specific circumstances, history and culture." (Prof. Roland G. Simbulan)

  • "Ang pag-aaral ng pag-unlad ng kagalingan ng tao lalo na ng mayoryang mahihirap sa kasalukuyan at ng paggamit at pangangalaga sa kalikasan." (Dr. Edberto M. Villegas)

random points

  • ethics = study of moral beliefs and practices (Prof. Evelyn Jimenez)
  • morality = rightness or wrongness of an act (Prof. Evelyn Jimenez)
  • public morality = the standards of conduct and performance we must expect from our public officials and from those who take part in public affairs (John Nery)
  • tourism = a phenomenon that arises from the interaction of the stakeholders that cater to the needs and wants of the tourist (Prof. Malou Cura)
  • tourism development = a strategy to maximize the benefits of tourism (Prof. Malou Cura)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Econ 115 Dagli III

Magpasa ng isang dagli ukol sa inyong napiling paksa sa tesis. Piliin ang aspektong may kaugnayan sa economic history. Ipasa ito sa Agosto 26 (Miyerkules). Ipagbigay-alam sa iba. Salamat.

random points

  • Cultural leadership = pertains to the practice of leadership by people as a way of life and by using various cultural paradigms as basic frameworks in developing tradition and innovative expressions for human and social development (Prof. Grace Odal-Devora)
  • Chronobiology = study of rhythms observed in plants, animals and other organisms (Kim Gargar)
  • Chronopharmacology = field of medicine that deals with how the effects of drugs vary with biological rhythms (Kim Gargar)
  • Development praxis = Ang layunin ng isang programa ng pag-unlad ay pinahusay pa lalo sa pamamagitan ng kongkretong aplikasyon nito sa lipunan. (Dr. Edberto Villegas)
  • Cenomar = certificate of no marriage = certificate of singleness

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Agenda (Aug. 25, 26)

  • NSTP - submission of and discussion about the good (if there's any) and bad things about GMA
  • DS 123 - long test on Philippine health laws (new set)
  • DS 127 - Read Bulatlat's "In the Miserable Depths of Poverty" (urban poverty situationer)
  • Econ 151 - panel discussion on Political economy of BNPP
  • Econ 115 - public forum on Political Economy of Work - 45 mins
    (Advani, Angeles, Belgira, Bruselas, Caranto)
    public forum on Industrial Relations 101 - 45 mins
    (Cauton, Concepcion, dela Cruz, del Carmen, Eguico)

DS 126

Hindi tayo magkaklase sa DS 126 sa darating na Sabado (Agosto 22). Sa halip ay ilaan n'yo ang oras sa pagtapos ng political satire. Agosto 29 ang pinal na pasahan nito. Isumite ninyo sa akin sa Martes (Agosto 25) ang dalawang outline na binuo n'yo.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life of the mind by Prof. Roland Simbulan

"Thinking is at the center of the life of a professor,
thinking and reading,
observing and reflecting,
and writing and teaching."

-Prof. Roland G. Simbulan
Development Studies Program
University of the Philippines Manila

Forwarded political joke

  • "The Filipinos are worth dying for." - Ninoy Aquino
  • "The Filipinos are worth living for." - Cory Aquino
  • "The Filipinos are worth dining for." - Gloria Arroyo

Talaga lang ha

  • Ayon kay Carlo J. Caparas, nakatutulong ang kanyang mga massacre film upang palaganapin at patatagin ang hustisya at karapatang pantao sa bansa.
  • Ayon kay Manny Villar, nakatutulong ang maagang pangangampanya (early campaigning) o tinatawag ding pre-positioning upang matiyak na matutuloy ang halalang pampanguluhan. Sa pamamagitan daw nito ay mahihirapan ang mga masasamang loob na hadlangan ito.
  • Ayon sa anunsyo ni Mar Roxas, sa panahon daw ng krisis ay 'lugi' ang mga negosyante samantalang ang higit na bulnerableng masa ay 'patay'.

Agenda (Aug. 18, 19)

  • NSTP - no session (Attend the Econ 115 ACLE on Wed at RH 229)
  • DS 123 - health and wellness revolution in local commercial ads
    (2nd round covers all students)
  • DS 127 - tanaga (continuation)
  • Econ 151 - Diokno material (continuation)
  • Econ 115 - ACLE on industry-specific situationer

Friday, August 14, 2009

random points

  • indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) = refer to the body of local people's inherited knowledge forms, expressions, products and technologies having their own logical system and varied paradigms that have long been marginalized and misunderstood by the colonized and neocolonized mainstream (Prof. Grace Odal-Devora)

  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) = defined by the elite as the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community at large (World Business Council on Sustainable Development)

  • alternative lawyering = the termed "developmental law", it's lawyering for ecology, sustainable development. mainstreaming marginal sectors, global trade in defense of local business group and underprivileged (Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza)

  • development praxis = pertains to the practice of development theory; for it is in social practice and the struggles of the people for a better life that we are able to test the correctness of development theories (Prof. Roland Simbulan)

  • alternative journalism = formally reporting, presenting, or giving opinions via media with bias for truth and public interest (Mr. Fred Dabu)

Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares on alternative lawyering

"There are different types of alternative lawyering which generally is non-mainstream lawyering for public interest. I prefer the people's lawyering type which basically has bias for the marginalized, cognizant of the limitation of law, involves the client in the legal battle itself, campaigns and advocates for human rights, and organizes or works to make alternative lawyering mainstream by getting lawyers to engage in a viable alternative lawyering."

- Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares

Thursday, August 13, 2009

DS 126 (Agosto 15, Sabado)

Para mas maraming makapag-ulat at mapunan ang ilang sesyong mas maaga kong tinapos ang klase ay 8:00 n.u. magsisimula ang DS 126 ngayong Sabado. Paumanhin at ipagbigay-alam sa iba.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DS 127 AVP on the political economy of sustainable development

  • Sustainable logging (Gomez, Jalina, Mabansag, Mendoza)
  • Sustainable mining (Cortey, Cruz, Cruz, Galang)
  • Sustainable human development (Soliguin, Soliza, Tayag, Tenorio)
  • Sustainable urban planning (Burgos, Cabiao, Caraan, Caspe)
  • Sustainable transportation system (Cesar, Comia, Cortes, Conferido)
  • Sustainable farming (Torrecampo, Torres, Villaceran)
  • Sustainable fishing (Abris, Alfonso, Balicsa, Bucog)
  • Sustainable tourism (Rendon, Roa, Santos, Santuele)

Econ 115 Industry-specific situationer* (Philippine setting)

  • Coffee industry (Elefan and Tan)
  • Furniture industry (Fernandez and Politud)
  • LPG industry (Bruselas and Villanueva)
  • Urban tourism industry (Morelos and Illescas)
  • Book industry (Gamao and Tecson)
  • Banking indutry (Martinez and Cauton)
  • Credit card industry (del Carmen and Angeles)
  • Pawnshop industry (Manarang)
  • Shipping industry (Mayoca and Yasay)
  • Retail trade industry (Advani and Caranto)
  • Hotel industry (Onanad and Concepcion)

    August 19 (Wednesday), RH 229
    *in lieu of the midterm examination

Monday, August 10, 2009

Agenda (Aug. 14)

  • NSTP = Sharing of insights/criticism about globalization and glocalization
  • DS 123 = Sharing of insights/criticism about health and wellness revolution in local commercial advertisements (Conduct newspaper, TV and radio monitoring)
  • DS 127 = Urbanization patterns and issues (Galang, Cruz, Mabansag, Jalina, Cortey) - RH 313
  • Econ 151 = Diokno on GMA's toxic legacies

random points

  • Development Anthropology = refers to the use of basic and applied research to develop specific programs to solve specific human problems (Dr. Tess Guanzon-de Guzman, DLSU Anthropology professor)

  • Sustainable Agriculture = system of food production that conserves the wellness and fertility of the soil while ensuring steady supply of food and nutrients for all households (Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza, development policy analyst)

  • Ethnic Chinese = one with a measurable degree of Chinese parentage, can speak and understand Chinese, have minimum Chinese education and retained enough traditions to consider himself/herself Chinese (Prof. Teresita Ang-See, Ateneo de Manila University)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tambalan ang mga ito ng PANANALIKSIK. Hindi sapat ang pagiging malikhain lamang.

  • DS 123 (health professional interview AVP)
  • DS 127 (political economy of sustainable dev't AVP)
  • DS 126 (political satire AVP)



Saturday, August 08, 2009

What is social responsibility? (updated)

  • "It's knowing that what you do always creates an impact on people around you and even in the society in general, and so one has to make sure that his or her actions are always in promotion of the good."
    -Prof. Evelyn Jimenez, UP Manila Ethics professor

  • "Lahat tayo ay may katungkulan na paunlarin ang buhay ng kapwa."
    Dr. Armand Crisostomo, UP Manila Medicine professor

  • "It's a duty to do good to people. It should be inherent in all people as humans and members of society because it's important for our survival, development as people and evolution as a human race."
    -Dr. Angelita Galban, UP Manila Community Dentistry professor

  • "The process of using one's talent and skills to heal and develop oneself, kapwa-tao, society, country and nature towards the realization of his or her highest and unique potentials through creative programs and projects."
    -Prof. Grace Odal Devora, UP Manila Philippine arts professor

  • "Incorporating societal welfare onto institutional/organizational goals and thrusts. This applies to individuals as well."
    -Mr. Aaron Arenillo, UP NCPAG senior student

  • "Ang pagiging issue-based conscious ay hindi sapat. Ang pagkamulat na ginagabayan ng tamang pampulitikang oryentasyon at ang pag-alam sa tunay na konkretong kalagayan ng lipunan ang unang hakbang tungo sa pagkamit ng hustisya at pagbabagong panlipunan. Dapat itong sundan ng pag-oorganisa at pagmomobilisa."
    -Ms. Fress Sagnip, UP Manila Political Science senior student

  • "One's awareness and fulfillment of working towards the welfare and highest good of the community."
    -UP Regent Nelia Gonzales

  • "First is being aware of the issues (Be informed). Next is to act on it in the best way you can (Take part). Never stop until you know that you have managed the change for the better (Commitment).
    -Prof. Marilen Parungao, UP Manila Department of Biology chair

  • "Our obligation to proactively contribute for the development of the people, their families, communities and nations, as well as the natural environment."
    -Mr. Jigz Tenorio, UP Manila Development Studies junior

  • "Being socially responsible means that you are genuinely concerned with the plight and predicament of the people and doing something to alleviate their condition."
    -Prof. Sharon Caringal, UP Manila History professor

  • "Your obligation as a well-meaning and active member of your society."
    -Ms. Charise Garcia, UP Development Studies sophomore

  • "Being aware of one's potential contributions in the upliftment of the lives of the majority."
    -Mrs. Malou Cura, St. Scholastica's College Social Studies teacher

  • "Pagpapakita ng pananagutan sa lipunan kahit sa simpleng pamamaraan lamang tulad ng pagpapakita ng konsiderasyon sa ibang tao anuman antas sila nagmula, pagsunod sa mga batas - payak man o wala, may nakakakita man o wala - paglaban sa anumang uri ng katiwalian at pagiging isang mabuting mamamayan."
    -Prof. Carol Pulumbarit, UP Manila Communications professor

  • "Social responsibility is going beyond narrow self-interest. It means being ambitious for your nation and community."
    -Prof. Roland Simbulan, UP Manila Development Studies and Public Management professor

  • "Promotion of social justice, common good, general welfare and national interest. More equitable distribution of the benefits of economic growth."
    -former Senator Wigberto Tanada

  • "Malasakit sa kapwa Filipino."
    -Atty. Christian Monsod, former Comelec chair

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Agenda (Aug. 11, 12)

  • NSTP - haiku and tanaga (c0ntinuation)
  • DS 123 - group report on Primary Health Care
    (Angeles, Baquiran, Bejasa, Belgira, Bruselas) - 1 hour
  • DS 127 - group report on Urbanization in the Philippines:
    Trends, Issues and Challenges - 1 hour
    (Abris, Alfonso, Balicsa, Bucog, Burgos)
  • Econ 151 - group report on the Political Economy of the
    Insurance Industry in the Philippines - 1 hour
    (Barron, Becina, Bersamina, Camunay, Canamo)
  • Econ 115 - dagli (c0ntinuation)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Paalam po at maraming salamat


Para kay Pangulong Cory Aquino at sa kanyang
pakikibaka laban pagmamalabis ng
rehimeng Marcos noon at rehimeng Arroyo sa kasalukuyan

Agenda (Aug 7, 8)

  • NSTP = recitation (coverage: globalization articles)
  • DS 123 = Philippine health situationer by HOPE
    (Health Organization for the People)
  • DS 127 = political economy of food production
    and globalization (film viewing at RH 313)
  • Econ 151 = panel discussion on trade-debt connection
  • DS 126 = individual reporting