Wednesday, October 20, 2010

random inputs

  • Development administration = orchestrating the economic, political, and social affairs of the state for a national development that is sustainable and human development that is equitable (Mr. Robert Wycen Cruz, Presidential Management Staff)

  • Critical Sociology = focuses on the emancipatory interest. It seeks to study and reveal the asymmetrical relationship of power and aids the research subjects conjure ways for liberation from unequal relationships (Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza)

  • Educational Sociology = explains the formal socialization process that a society carries out in preparing its youth for adult life. This process includes inculcating the young with appropriate knowledge and skills that will enable them to engage in a profession or occupation. And that will enable them to perform their political roles and contribute to the preservation of their society's stability and security. Educational Sociology also explains how this teaching and learning porcess affects the thoughts, feelings and actions of all people involved in it (Prof. Elisela Vitriolo)

Saturday, October 16, 2010



  • Semestral break. Ako ang unang nagkapagbakasyon : )
  • Pahinga rin muna sa pagsusulat sa Taliba, Remate Tonight, at Student Digest.
  • Nag-a-update ng reading lists at nag-iisip ng course highlights at ibang learning/teaching methodologies para sa bawat asignatura sa susunod na semestre.
  • Naghahanda para sa maikling bakasyon namin ni misis sa Singapore at Malaysia.
  • Nagtatanim ng mga dagdag na gulay na bumabaging. Huwag sana salantain ng mga darating na bagyo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ponsaran's academic loading next sem

  • DS 100 (Development Theories) MTh 8:30-10 AM
  • DS 126 (Governance & Dev't) MTh 11:30-1:00
  • DS 123 (Health, Culture & Society) MTh 1:00-2:30 PM

  • Econ 116 (Asian Economies) TF 11:30-1
  • DS 112 (Third World Studies) TF 1-2:30

  • DS 112 (Third World Studies) W 9-12 AM
  • NSTP (Social Change and Dev't) W 1-4 PM



Friday, October 01, 2010

Class card distribution

  • NSTP - Oct 8 (F)
  • Econ 115 - Oct 8
  • DS 126 - Oct 8
  • DS 123 - Oct 8
  • DS 127 - Oct 6 (W)

    Please submit your class cards.
    To be collected by:
    Ms. Balingit (NSTP)
    Ms. Villaceran (Econ 115)
    Ms. Villaceran (DS 126)
    Ms. Villaceran (DS 123)
    Ms. Garcia (DS 127)
    Kindly place them atop my DSS cubicle.

Oct 5-6

  • NSTP - no session
  • Econ 115 - no session
  • DS 126 - tabular matrix display - X vs. Y (vs. Z)
  • DS 123 - pre-final exam (topic: health social sciences) look for your own set of readings
  • DS 127 - exam by elimination (7 am sharp), AVP final viewing, distribution of class cards, orientation in DS 112