Monday, November 30, 2015

Second chance

Nangangako ako na magiging bahagi na lamang ng kasaysayan ang kultura ng katoxikan sa klase ko sa mga susunod na semestre.

SS 120

Please arrive on time.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I am extending the deadline of the final deliverables until Monday night.

Political economy of war (tanaga)

ni MR Paguirigan 

Baril, bala, at bomba
Hangad nila’y kumita
Naghahasik ng lagim
Sa bayan pa ng iba!

ni MLB Eblacas

Militar at gobyerno
Alyansang pinagbuo
Armas, sundalo’t g'yera
Pinagtibay ng pera.

by RJ Rodriguez

Wars are waged and paid with lives;
Business replaces culture.
We will fight in unity,
From Lumads to refugees.

by CE Gonzales

Government, arm industry
Enter a conspiracy
Engage in war, not for peace
But for profit of elites.

Diploma mill (six-word stories)

Diplomas deserve knowledgeable, hard-working owners. – Tan

Doktor/PhD daw, pero dinoktor lang pala. – Villarda

Election cheating (six-word stories)

Nabubuhay rin ang patay kapag Mayo. – Janer

Spell on winning elections: Hokus PCOS! – L Dela Cruz

Isa, dalawa, tatlo, (biglang dumilim), sampu. – E Medina

“Advocacy ad ‘to!”, depensa ng kandidato. – Bernas

Program the machine, control the country. – Buenaobra

Tatlong taon, itinakda ng limang daang piso –Olives

Environmental ethics (six-word stories)

Tubig pangalagaan. Dumadaloy sa’ting karagata’t ugat  – Andrade

Displacement. Degradation. Destruction. Dams defile us. – Valdez

Poor in trial (six-word stories)

Umamin kaya ako? Doon may pagkain! – Manahan

Kailan matitikman ang batas ng api? – Dayrit #amorpowers

To them, poverty is always motive. – Olmo

Poverty became both crime and sentence – Olmo

Mahirap. Nagnakaw. Bilangguan.
Mayaman. Nagnakaw. Ospital. – Ocbina

Justice without morality does no good.  – Paja

Justice’s scales weigh truth, not wealth. – Paja

Upland poverty (six-word stories)

Sila’y dumayo. Nagmina. Naghukay. Inilibing kami. – Ocbina

Eucalyptus. Armalayt. Sunog. Bakwet. Masaker. Unpublished. – Besana

Dating mataas na bundok, ngayo’y malalim na minahan – Mendoza

Tahanan, eskuwelahan,. pagamutan - bundok ang pagitan. – R Dela Cruz

Ang buhay sa itaas ay mababa. – Allerite

Disaster journalism (six-word stories)

“Focus ka sa kawawa, zoom pa...” – Gray

Too heartbreaking to not be told. – Hugo

Raise alert. Lower panic. Gain support. – Isidoro

“Sa kasalukuyan ay makikitang nagpapalit-putukan!" – Basco

Where cameras are, reliefs are there... –  Geroche

Nalubog sa bagyo, nilubog ng tanong  Rosales

Pinangahasan. Pinag-aralan. Nilentehan. Pinangakuan. Pinagkakitaan. Kinalimutan. – EJ dela Cruz

Disaster psychiatry (six-word stories)

Nadelubyo: kabuhayan, kabahayan, kapayapaan, pati kaisipan. – Arada

Sa panaginip lang makakasama, yumaong pamilya   Dayrit

Relief goods can’t relieve my mind – Murillo

A traumatized psychiatrist treating a traumatized patient  Murillo

Piniling mamatay kaysa mabaliw sa kahirapan. –Virtucio

Not everyone calms after the storm. – Munoz

Trahedyang gabi-gabi ang pagdalaw sa aking bangungot. – Fabella

Tuwing umuulan, kaba’t takot ang nararamdaman  Dayrit

Everyone cares when it’s too late. – Martinez

Disaster and vulnerability (six-word stories)

Hindi lang sila statistika, tao sila! – Lomibao

Pinakabulnerableng mamamayan: bata, babae, matanda’t mahihirap – Asuncion

Hindi natatapos ang trahedya, pagkatapos ng trahedya. – Julio

Victim’s not random. Vulnerable’s the target. –Lopez

Mass media created half of it. – Ponciano

Biktima ng bagyo, pinalala ng sistema. – Gutierrez

My profs way way back

SS 120 - Prof Talampas
DS 121 - Prof Abaya
DS 126 - Prof R. Simbulan

DS 121 study task

The End of Poverty

Saturday, November 28, 2015

DS 126 likas-kaya best political cosplayers*

- Olives (Imelda Marcos)
- E. Medina (Heneral Antonio Luna)
- Valle (Rodrigo Duterte)
- Rebong (Alma Moreno)

*based on the evaluation of the faculty-in-charge and the panel of guest jurors

DS 126 pananagutan political cosplay

Laguardia - Prof Winnie Monsod
Cabral - Yaya Dub
Buenaobra - Imelda Marcos
Jacinto - Jeane Napoles
Rodriguez - Teresa Magbanua
Mauricio - Micheal Buffer
Nolasco - Manny Pacquiao
Paja - Sherlyn Cadapan
Giungoyon - Donald Trump
Quinones - Grace Poe
Lacsamana - Tito Sotto
Regino - Loren Legarda
Espena - Risa Hontiveros
Eblacas - Vandana Shiva
Bernaldo - Cynthia Villar
Mallari and Bartilad  - Leila De Lima
Cagande - Pia Cayetano
Paguirigan - Dionel Campos
Juico - Andal Ampatuan
Valdez - Mar Roxas
Cortez - Alma Moreno
Baghban - Rigoberta Menchu
Dela Cruz - Liliosa Hilao
Musa - Lorena Barros
Cruz - Chiz Escudero
Liwanag - Karen Davila
Buid - Nancy Binay
Neri - Noynoying
Gonzales - Shalani Soledad

Friday, November 27, 2015

SS 120 final requirements

- reflection paper about the subject and self-assessment about your academic performance (email on or before Sunday night)
- reflection paper about your experience since NSTP days (email on or before Sunday night)
- comprehensive résumé (printed, to be submitted on Tuesday during SS 120 session)

Economics 116 (Asian Economies) - next semester

Course highlights:
Insights, Innovations and Issues
- farm systems in Asia
- migration in Asia
- tourism in Asia
- higher education in Asia
- health systems in Asia

DS 112 (Third World Studies) - next semester

Course highlights
- Third world public health #tatakUPM
- Third world disasters and risks #consideringFilipino'svulnerability
- Third word food systems #masaraparalin
- Third world rural societies #practicumpreparation

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - teambuilding (employment tips, thesis grouping, color code: green or red); exchange gift*
DS 121 - teambuilding (cultural literacy, form a group with 3 members); exchange gift*
DS 126 - final exam (media studies); exchange gift*
DS 126 - final exam (media literacy); exchange gift*

*exchange gift: P50 worth, must be directly or indirectly related to our subject, no need to wrap,  wear red (symbol of active engagement) or green (symbol of sustainability)

Note: Arrive on time.  Expect 0.25 incentive in the final class card grade for individuals/groups with the highest score in the teambuilding/final exam. Itodo ang paghahanda.

SS 120, DS 121 and both sections of DS126

Write a reflection paper about the subject and a self-assessment of your academic performance.
E-mail it on or before Sunday evening (the earlier, the better).

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Study tasks

SS 120 - policy recommendation, actionable policy recommendation, policy alternative,
DS 121 - poverty glossary (study various versions)
DS 126 - political satire, political parody, Juana Change on YouTube, Willie Nepomuceno on YouTube
DS 126 - Atty Persida Acosta's Manila Times legal advice column

Political cosplayers in DS 126 likas-kaya class

Abayon - Michelle Campos (daughter of a murdered Lumad activist)
Bousatti - Sen Trillanes
Catli - Sen Enrile
A Dela Cruz - Sister Stella L
Esguerra - Jeane Napoles (daughter of Janet Napoles)
Gray - Janet Napoles
Hugo - Leni Robredo
Isidoro - Malala Yousafzai (Nobel Peace Prize awardee for her struggle to fight for girls' right to education)
Kaimoto - Akie Abe (wife of Shinzo Abe)
Lagrama - Abigail Valte
Lomibao - Prof Renato Constantino
Mariano - Sec Armin Luistro
E. Medina - Hen Antonio Luna
Mungcal - Leni Robredo
Nacpil - Risa Hontiveros
Olives - Imelda Marcos
Ponce - GMA
Soneja - Kim Henares
Tolentino - Korina Sanchez
Valle - Rodrigo Duterte
Villela - Katniss Everdeen
Rebong - Alma Moreno

Personal vs structural causes of accidents

I chanced upon a signage in a construction site along the road in NCR which bears this message:
Accidents happen when you
- don't think
- don't see
- don't know
While it is also partly true, it totally fails to consider the structural causes of accidents in the construction sector such as insufficient company provision of safety gears and equipment as an unfair cost-cutting measure, emasculated body and mind of construction workers due to unreasonable company-imposed deadlines (usually to obtain incentives from equally unreasonable private clients), poor implementation of safety engineering practices, and weak internal and external regulatory mechanisms to ensure occupational health and well-being.  Such corporate mentality unjustly shifts the burden and accountability from the company and the government to the already overworked but underpaid workers. This is a classic case of blaming the victims.   Kayo kayang mga nasa pamunuan ang gumawa ng trabaho nila, try n'yo!


- Consolidators, please do not forget your tasks.
- Ms Virtucio, please do not forget to remind me about your USB.
- Mr Billones, please email me the collage of DS 126 political cosplay.
- Ms Fabella, please consolidate the edited Tatak DevStud speeches.
- Ms Krizia, please submit a batch caricature (include everybody in the 8x11bond paper).

Friday agenda

SS 120 - top 3 SPECIFIC policy recommendations about the topic of your development research (English, strictly 45 seconds only per student, no sloganeering please, wear red, black or white, arrive on time)

DS 121 - poverty artifacts (remaining items only; same set-up and format)

DS 126 - political cosplay (please see the previous blogpost for instruction details)

DS 126 - long exam about the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Official and Employees (RA 6713) - flat one in the final grade for the highest scorer 

DS 126 political cosplay (pananagutan edition)

Choose a cosplay character that you want to portray.
Seek my approval through text or email ASAP to avoid unnecessary duplication of character.
Present a monologue that will feature the aspects/facets you want to highlight (20-25 seconds only).
Adapt a critical perspective.  If you are portraying an infamous character, you may consider doing a parody.
Research and conceptualize well (character's profile, costume, accessories and monologue script).
Consider using an appropriate background music.
Rehearse well and deliver the monologue audibly.
Arrive on time wearing your costume.

Note: This is a major grade booster. Jurors from UP and other universities will be invited. #pressureitu

Monday, November 23, 2015


SS 120 - arrive on time for the teambuilding (incentive for the first group to assemble); submission of the LPS questions about yourself

DS 121 - arrive on time; all-chairs-against-the-wall set up; all artifacts at the center (please arrange well); submission of anti-APEC infographics (bookmark format); submission of the poverty infographics (bond paper)

DS 126 - arrive on time and prepare well for the graded recitation (panel discussion format); propose a cosplay character that you want to portray on Friday (to be settled during class time)

DS 126 - arrive on time for the political cosplay; we will start at 2:30 pm sharp so wear your costumes earlier; jurors will be invited

Note: Please refer to the previous blogposts for instruction details.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Alumni update (3rd update)

Updated list of areas/fields where the recent Development Studies graduates are employed/connected:
Development and socio-economic research (energy, children, health, SME)
Legislative research (Senate)
GOCC governance
Community organizing (peasant, IPs)
Media (GMA-7)
Project management (health)
Human resource management (bank, shipping)
Banking (management training, operation support)
Tourism planning and development (DoT)
Research and publishing (private sector)
Medical studies


DS 126 political cosplay (likas-kaya class, ALL 35 students)

Choose a cosplay character that you want to represent.
Seek my approval through text or email ASAP to avoid unnecessary duplication of character.
Present a monologue that will feature the aspects/facets you want to highlight (30 seconds).
Adapt a critical perspective.
Research and conceptualize well (character's background, costume, accessories if needed and monologue).
Rehearse well.

Note: This is equivalent to 50% of your prefinal exam.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Tasks for SS 120, DS 121 and both sections of DS 126

Reflect on the following:
- Karen Davela's interview with senatorial aspirant Alma Moreno at ANC
- Prof Gerry Lanuza's FB posts about resistance vandalism (FB)
- Prof Winnie Monsod's lecture on corruption and how it curbs PH growth rates (YouTube)
- Vandana Shiva on the problem with genetically modified seeds (YouTube)

Thursday, November 19, 2015


- Hi, Llanah B!
- Congrats, Ren-Ren!
- Help, Pau Guiyab!
- Mahal ka namin, Pau A!
- Team Jorell till the end!
- ZTC for the win!
- Congrats, Zandy!


"Mamili ka. Ako o breakcation?" - undergrad thesis

DS 121

Submit a hand-drawn/handwritten anti-APEC infographics in Filipino/Tagalog, using the bookmark format.  No duplication of subtopic.  Research and conceptualize well.

DS 126 task

Listening activity
- Pinggan by Pol Galang
- Dam by Gary Granada
- May Tibak at May Tibak
- Titser by Inang Laya
- Babae by Inang Laya
- Pasko ng Mahirap, Pasko ng Mayaman
- Lalawigan by Gary Granada

Note: Ms Mallari, please assist Ms Baghban in the translation. Salamat po.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Protest art

Ponsaran's academic load next semester

Development Studies 100 - Development Theories and Models
Development Studies 112 - Third World Studies
Development Studies 126 - Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior
Economics 116 - Economies in Asia


DS 121

- Form an awesome duo. :)
- Develop a hand-drawn/handwritten infographics in Filipino/Tagalog featuring one of the articles posted at No duplication of article/title.
- Integrate concepts and ideas about sociology of poverty, anthropology of poverty, economics of poverty, political economy of poverty, politics of poverty and geography of poverty.
- Incorporate Philippine poverty reality.
- Ensure the coherence of both form and content.

SS 120

Formulate 10 LPS questions about yourself.
Observe the Q&A format.
Use 1/4 sheet of paper.

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - political economy of contemporary and mainstream TV commercials (teambuilding, one parody per team, thesis grouping, color coded)

DS 121 - artifacts about poverty (two items per student, no duplication, no write up needed but you are required to research well about your chosen artifacts; wear black or white)

DS 126 -  study and prepare well for a possible graded recitation (panel discussion format) wherein groupings will be announced on the spot (coverage:

DS 126 - political cosplay (major grade booster; covers all 35 students; for those without assigned cosplay characters yet kindly seek my approval through text to avoid unnecessary duplication)

Study task for SS 120, DS 121, and both sections of DS 126

- 5 Whys technique
- 6th degrees of separation
- rule of 70
- rule of thirds

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Study tasks

SS 120 - humanitarian work
DS 121 - multispecies ethnography
DS 126 - portfolio worker
DS 126 - citizen's charter


Saturday, November 14, 2015

DS 126 graded recitation

Study the following concepts and apply them in the Philippine context:
- political efficacy
- iron triangle
- influence peddling
- horse trading
- power elite
- politicization of the judiciary
- judicialization of politics
- gerrymandering
- "elephant in the room"
- "white elephant"
- case fixing
- case snatching
- forum shopping
- military-industrial complex
- merchants of death/ hazard merchants
- tyranny of the majority
- tyranny of the minority
- NGOization of social movement
- Bonoization of protest
- bureaucratic inertia
- management by culture
- management by objective
- management by walking around
- compassion fatigue
- negative vote buying


Friday, November 13, 2015

Tasks for SS 120, DS 121, and both sections of DS 126

- Read APEC-related articles posted at, and
- Listen online to the song "Pasko ng Mahirap, Pasko ng Mayaman".
- Watch the short film "Faculty" by Jerrold Tarog (also available online).
- Research about the rudiments of completed staff work (CSW).
- Learn about the award Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan (GAMABA).
- Research about the issues and concerns pertaining to Salary Standardization Law 4 (SSL4).

#notetaking #forinspection

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Friday agenda

SS 120 - cite 25 examples of false advertising/deceptive advertising (graded recitation)
DS 121 - infographic presentation about Philippine service sector
DS 126 - long test about various forms of corruption
DS 126 - political cosplay (first batch) - research and conceptualize well, present a brief monologue (1 minute), adapt a critical perspective in representing your chosen character

DS 121

Hand-written and hand-drawn infographics only.  Use manila paper for this purpose.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DS 121 Philippine service sector and economic development infographics

Form a group with three responsible members.
Choose one topic below. No duplication of topic.
Develop an infographics.
Use a manila paper.
Practice the do's and don'ts of inforgraphics-making.
Research and conceptualize well.
Assign a cosplayer and a discussant.
Wear black, gray or white (everybody except the cosplayer)
List of topics:
seaport management and economic development
airport management and economic development
storage facilities and economic development
wholesale trade and economic development
retail trade and economic development
real estate and economic development
public administration and economic development
defense and economic development
tourism, travel, recreation and economic development
social, community and personal services and economic development
communication and economic development 
social work and community development

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Philippine pop culture

#featureonecosplayerperteam #philippinepopculturerelated

DS 126 political artifact exhibit (both sections)

- Position all chairs against the wall.
- Exclude the whiteboard area (Pananagutan class only)
- Place your artifact on your armrest.
- Post the write up on the wall area (eye level please) that corresponds to your arm chair.
- Allot a little space between the write up posters.
- Place all your things in one corner of the room.
- Prepare your notepad and ballpen for the notetaking.
- Be ready for a continuous LPS.
- Text or email me your write up this Monday.

For strict compliance.

Please refer to the previous post for the instruction details of the write up.  Again, please follow the given format.  This output is equivalent to a long exam.  

Exhibit coordinators, kindly ensure the compliance of your classmates.
Pananagutan class - Babat, Laguardia, Rodriguez, Mallari, Lacsamana, Cortez, Bartilad
Likas-kaya class - Villarda, Mungcal, Villela, Tolentino, Errol Medina. Esguerra, Tan, Hogan

Minus 5 for noncompliance.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Friday, November 06, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - teambuilding (same thesis grouping, same color coding, coverage: Philippine pop culture)
DS 121 - continuation of the voters education infographics presentation
DS 126 - political artifact exhibit (see previous post for instruction details)
DS 126 - political artifact exhibit (see previous post for instruction details)

Itodo ang husay.

DS 126 pananagutan and likas-kaya class (individual output)

- Choose one modern political artifact relevant in the Philippine context.
- Observe the 'no duplication' policy.
- Seek my approval of your topic first before working on this task. Inform me through text as soon as possible.
- Use a minimum of 3 references.
- Limit the text to one short/long bond paper only (front page only)
- Follow the sentence format.
- Observe the landscape format.
- Minimize the margin in order to fully maximize the available space.
- Use the name of the artifact as heading/title (all caps, bolden, centered, Arial, font size: 22).
- Provide a byline (e.g. consolidated by X, Arial Narrow, font size: 10)
- Provide five bullet entries relevant to the subject matter (Arial, single spacing WITHIN the bullet, 1.5 spacing BETWEEN bullets, font size: 18)
- Underline/bolden key words and phrases in your bullet entries.
- Cite your references (Arial Narrow, font size: 8, place the list in the footer of the page).
- Bring a scotch tape.
- Arrive on time.
- Note that latecomers will not be allowed to participate.

- Wear black or white for this session.
- Comply with the presentation format.

Note: Stern warning to absentee and irresponsible students!


Pinakamataas na pagpupugay kay 
Bb. Diane Lopez 
para sa kanyang makabuluhang ambag sa pagpapalaganap 
ng makabayan at mapagpalayang sining sa pamamagitan
ng kanyang talento sa pag-awit at disiplina sa higit na pagpapaunlad nito.



Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Message of concern

Don't dare choose a pose for a college yearbook's creative shot that you will regret for the rest of your earthly existence. Kbyetnx.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Study task and LPS

SS 120 - sociobiology
DS 121 - social darwinism
DS 126 - social marketing 
DS 126 - social marketing

Editorial cartoon

SS 120 - sociology of work*
DS 121 - modern or traditional form of election cheating*
DS 126 - community organizing
DS 126 - political socialization*

*avoid duplication of subtopic
Research and conceptualize well.

Friday agenda

SS 120 - long test about the previous research lists (1/2 lengthwise); continuation of our activity (all chairs against the wall, arrive on time), editorial cartoon about sociology of work (no duplication of subtopic)

DS 121 - infographic and oral presentation about "Ang Pinaka: Voters Education Edition"; editorial cartoon about modern or traditional form of election cheating (no duplication of subtopic)

DS 126 - study task on Cagayan Valley Situationer; educational discussion about Cagayan Situationer; LPS and editorial cartoon about community organizing

DS 126 - show and tell of one modern political artifact (one per student; avoid duplication, bring back up artifact in case of unexpected duplication, research well); editorial cartoon about political socialization (no duplication of subtopic)

Monday, November 02, 2015

Development Studies 121

In connection with the DS 121 teambuilding and aside from the cosplay per group, discuss the following additional assigned topics in class:
Red - Allerite, Virtucio, Munoz (5 ways to spot a nuisance candidate)
Black - Andrade, Punzalan, Manio (5 functions of a political party)
White - Aquino, Villatuna, Majarreis (5 things you don't know about the LP)
Green - Arada, Valdez, Mojica (5 ways to spot a bogus party list)
Yellow - Besana, Pamoso, Reena Dela Cruz (5 important lessons from the 2010 elections)
Orange - Celestino, Olmo, Manahan (5 best practices in electoral reform from experiences abroad)
Brown - Cuya, Pineda, Marin (5 tips for first time voters)
Gray - Daez, Tison, Fabella (5 most pressing development agenda in the 2016 elections)
Pink - Nalus, Murillo, Lim (5 things you need to know about campaign financing)
Blue - Ocbina, Mendoza, Martinez (5 fearless forecasts for 2016 elections)
Maroon - Dayrit, Ferrancol, Feliciano (5 election myths)
Stripes or Safari :) - Doropan, Guban, Charmaine Dela Cruz (5 tips on media literacy during election season)

Limit your presentations:
Cosplay and skit (20-30 seconds)
Discussion about the chosen cosplay character (1-2 minutes)
Discussion about this additional task (2-3 minutes)
Official timer: Ms Fabella