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New blog:

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

My tentative load next semester

DS 100 - Introduction to Development Studies
DS 112 - Third World Studies
DS 126 - Governance and Development
Econ 116 - Economies of Asia

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My new blog

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Writing tips

DS 100 pointers to review

Development theories
Translation of Development Studies terminologies
Futurology/future studies/strategic foresight
Sustainability (definition and dimensions)
Newly industrialized economies
Philippine schools offering BA Development Studies
Stages of economic growth (W.W. Rostow)
Laissez faire vs Dirigisme economic systems
Development Studies faculty roster
Development Studies subjects
Latecomers' benefit theories (definition and examples)

Use a notebook in outlining key ideas.

Laganap pa rin, kaya dapat hamunin at bakahin...

white supremacy
white pride
white nationalism (smokescreen to disguise white supremacy)
white separatism (smokescreen to disguise white supremacy)

DS 112

Cuban health care system

Saturday, January 16, 2016


DS freshies - Prepare for a more challenging set of subjects and professors this semester.
DS sophies - #devstorm is in the offing.
DS juniors - We are all excited to watch your DS 122 theater production under the supervision of Dr Linatoc.
DS seniors - Pay serious attention to your first book (read: thesis) without disregarding the other equally important subjects which you are also enrolled in.  Triple check your course checklist to determine the actual remaining subjects which you need to take in order to graduate.
Shiftees to DS - Thank you for choosing Development Studies.  You made the right decision. hihi
DS alumni - No to conspicuous consumption. Visit

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pagkilala sa mga mahuhusay na alagad ng sining

Charles Mariano - visual arts
Luigi Pilarta - visual arts
Jomer Allerite - visual arts
Jigs Tenorio - visual arts
Krizia dela Cruz - visual arts
Alonzo Miranda - performing arts
Vielle Discaya - performing arts
Paolo Encarnacion - performing arts
Dianne Lopez - performing arts
Monday Mendoza - performing arts
Lawrence Macalalag - performing arts
Jecca Julio - art of debating
Erwin James Dela Cruz - art of debating
Shobie Dabalos - art of debating
Nadine Marcelo - art of debating
Donnabel Magsino - literary arts
John Paul Naco - literary arts
My Buenaventura - literary arts
Aubrey Arboleda - literary arts
Aurelio Isaac Doctor - literary arts
Patricia Guerrero - literary arts
Jen Macapagal - literary arts
Camille Rodriguez - literary arts
Zoe Reburiano - literary arts

School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

Development Studies thesis advisers for this semester

Prof A Mesina
Prof R Vallejos
Dr R Linatoc
Prof I Pantig

Agenda this Tuesday

DS 100 - course orientation, diagnostic test, tasking
DS 112 - course orientation, diagnostic test, tasking
DS 126 - course orientation, diagnostic test, tasking
Econ 116 - course orientation, diagnostic test, tasking


Loose change - barya
Loose bill - pagpapalit sa mas mababang denominasyon ng salapi
Stranger's anxiety - nangingila (ugali ng sanggol)
Binder - bigkis (para sa pusod ng sanggol)
Dipper - tabo
Self-segmenting viscera sucker - manananggal
Sweet plantain - saging na saba
Frigate tuna - tulingan
Triumphalism - pagyayabang sa pagkapanalo

Salamat, CAS library!

In between enrollment advising, I borrowed the following books from the CAS library:
Responding to health emergencies and disasters by WHO
Elections for sale edited by F Schaffer
Understanding public management by K Eliassen and N Sitter
Principle of Economics by AFRIM
People's Economy by M Satake
Between the state and the market edited by L Carino
Rice in our life by Gelia Castillo
Searching for the just city edited by P Marcuse, et. al.
55 inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs by Go Negosyo
Why we are hungry by F Sionil Jose




Number of students currently enrolled as of Jan 15 (9 pm)

DS 100 (Introduction to Development Studies) - 35
DS 112 (Third World Studies) - 35
DS 126 (Governance and Development) - 30
Econ 116 (Economic Development in Asia) - 26

Thursday, January 14, 2016


To all my enrollment advisees on Friday (Jan 15), kindly bring a printed copy of the complete list of your grades in all subjects in the past semesters.