Friday, September 28, 2012

GRADE BOOSTER (NO DUPLICATION OF TITLES, multilevel sentence outline, single spacing, fontsize 10, Arial Narrow)

  • DS 127 (Kasarinlan Journal*) - optional
  • DS 126 (Philippine Journal of Public Administration**) -optional
  • DS 123 (UP Manila Journal*) - optional
  • Econ 115 (Philippine Institute for Development Studies POLICY NOTES Online) - optional
  • DS 121 (Monthly Review Online) - optional

    **available in the CAS Library Journal and the Graduate Studies Sections
    *available in the CAS Library Journal Section
    Deadline: Friday, October 5

Oct 2-3

  • NSTP - individual newscasting about local and global issues (technical person: Deanon); submit an original editorial cartoon about alternative/progressive journalism in the Philippines (please research well before you draft your editorial cartoon, individual output)
  • DS 127 - disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) quiz bee (c/o Dabalos, Masesar, Renticruz), long exam about DRRM (after the quiz bee, research online)
  • DS 126 - instructional video submission and screening (technical persons: Arboleda and Castillo)
  • DS 123 - individual reporting about selected articles of Dr. Michael Tan about wellness and illness
  • Econ 115 - instructional video submission and screening (technical person: Arceo)
  • DS 121 - 2nd half of the midterm exam (coverage: 90 critical articles of the assigned social critics)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  • Inaanyayahan ang lahat na dumalo bukas (7:30 - 8:30 n.u., GAB 301-B) sa Gallery of Filipino Activists exhibit na binuo ng DevStud NSTP. 
  • Jurors: Ipinakikiusap na magpadala sa akin ng text feedback ukol sa inyong mga reaksyon at puna sa climate change initiative flipchart presentation na kasalukuyang isinasagawa ng mga mag-aaral sa DS 127.
  • DS 126 and Econ 115 - Tiyaking maipatupad sa inyong mga instructional video ang mga alituntunin sa pagbuo ng practicum AVP.  Ilimita ito sa 12 minuto. Magpasa ng isang kopya sa CD na may kaukulang label o pabalat taglay ang titulo, mga pangalan, asignatura at angkop na disenyo. Tiyaking may back-up copy kayo sa USB sa araw ng pasahan upang maipalabas pa rin kahit pumalya ang CD.
    Screening schedule:
    DS 126 instructional videos - Oct. 2 (Tues), RH 313, 11:30-1 pm
    Econ 115 instructional videos - Oct. 3 (Wed), 8:30 am
  • DS 121 - Pagbati sa inyong mahusay na combo output (film analysis, cosplay, artifact, bookmark at boardgame) ukol sa sectoral poverty. Sunod namang paghandaan ang mahabang pagsusulit saklaw ang 90 kritikal na artikulo ng mga piling Filipino social activists.
  • DS 123 at DS 126 (bawat mag-aaral)  - Magsumite ng 5 multilevel sentence outline ukol sa 5 paksang mapipili ninyo sa Bioethics encyclopedia (DS 123) at Governance, Public Administration, Public Policy encyclopedia (DS 126).  Iwasan ang duplikasyon ng paksa sa pamamagitan ng pagtatala ng mga ito sa nakalaang listahan kasama ng mga encyclopedia.  Agahan ang pagrereserba ng paksa. Format: single spacing, font size 10, Arial Narrow
    DS 123
    Acero-Garino (Oct 2)
    Joven-Plares (Oct 5)
    Prudenciano-Yu (Oct 9)

    DS 126
    Palomares-Soriano (Oct 2)
    Corpuz-Meneses (Oct 5)
    Acero-Castillo (Oct 9)


Sept 28 (Friday)

  • NSTP - gallery of activist armchair exhibit, submission of the penalty reaction papers
  • DS 127 (toxic) - exam (please arrive on time, coverage below*), submission of the encyclopedia outlines (2nd batch of students), submission of project deliverables, climate change initiative flipchart presentation to other students
    *exam coverage
    Political economy of food and nutrition (compiled hand-outs)
    Political economy of environmental health (compiled hand-outs)
    Bulatlat environment-related articles (2)
    Disaster risk reduction and management outline
    Writ of kalikasan outline
    Philippine ecotourism outline
    Ecotourism and indigenous tourism overview
    Bakwet flyer
    Segovia's eco-glossary
    Ponsaran's natural economics article compilation
  • DS 126 - Philippine elections cosplay
  • DS 123 - Sociology of death and dying lecture

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 25-26

  • NSTP - class face-off'; reaction paper submission (Wallace, Palatino) 
  • DS 127 - climate change initiative flipchart presentation (1st half of the midterm exam); submission of the group project deliverables*
  • DS 126 - exam on selected articles about Philippine labor cases and issues (Saladero materials); submit an original editorial cartoon about the Philippine labor situationer based on the articles posted at the websites of EILER and CTUHR
  • DS 123 - lecture about death and dying; continuation of the armchair exhibit about death and culture
  • Econ 115 - long exam (marketing and consumer behavior concepts compiled by the Econ 115 students, Consumer Power Beyond Consumerism by Prof. Raul Segovia, and the Atty. Alex Lacson material); continuation of the individual presentation about marketing and consumer behavior concepts 
  • DS 121 - film analysis, cosplay, board game and artifact about small scale mining and poverty, mental disability and poverty, water stress vulnerability and poverty, and municipal fisherfolks and poverty

    *DS 127 group projects

    -Sustainable living flipchart (Manalo, Kaye Reyes, Magwad)
    -Eco-book (Doctor)
    -Sustainable toys for the pediatric cancer ward (Abrenica, Pilarta)
    -Philippine environmental organizations matrix (Guzman, Garino)
    -Writ of kalikasan comics (Arboneda, Bunao, Lucas)
    -Food safety advocacy among food establishments along P. Faura (Alejo, Buenaventura, Del Rosario)-Indigenous crop propagation seminar (Alcaide, Raymundo, Macalalag)
    -Ecotourism AVP (Sese, Senson, Villarin)
    -Eco-tableau @ CAS (Obleno, Sigue, Velasco, Yap)
    -Abstract bibliography of CAS eco-books (Balingit, Diestro, Orlanda)
    -Disaster risk reduction and management quizbee (Dabalos, Masesar, Renti Cruz)
    -Human  board game about shelter security (R. Reyes, Babat, Soriano)
    -UP Manila ang CAS disaster risk reduction and management program assessment (Garvida, Gavino, Rumbaoa)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sept 21

  • NSTP - no session; Ms. Lopez will instead collect your reaction papers about the Wallace and Palatino materials on the same day at 11:30 am.
  • DS 127 - project proposal defense; editorial cartoon and write up (same instruction as the  previous output) about political economy of human settlement
  • DS 126 - speech face-off (Philippine setting, no codigo, 5 minutes per speaker)
    Merits (Agan) vs. Demerits (Arceta) of Compressed Workweek
    Merits (Acero) vs. Demerits (Robles) of Salary Standardization Law
    Merits (Atienza) vs. Demerits (Corpuz) of Memorandum Circular 2012-1 (Performance-based Incentive System for Government Employees)
    Merits (Atienza) vs. Demerits (Meneses) of Early Retirement in the Government
  • DS 123 - death and culture armchair exhibit

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept 18-19

  • NSTP - speech face-off, reaction paper, compilation submission
  • DS 127 - project proposal defense (2 copies), submisson of related project deliverables (1 copy
  • DS 126 - long test and discussion about HRD
  • DS 123 - submission and oral presentation of the primer on common misconceptions about wellness and illness (context: Philippine and Third World setting
  • Econ 115 - submission and reporting about the marketing and consumer behavior hand-outs; submission of the revised instructional video narration 
  • DS 121 - film analysis and cosplay (topics: municipal fisherfolks and poverty, mental disability and poverty, water stress vulnerability and poverty, small-scale miners and poverty) 
Project deadlines
DS 126 instructional video - Sept. 28 (F)
Econ 115 instructional video - Oct. 3 (W)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sept 11-12

  • NSTP - speech face-off III (please keep up the good work), reaction paper on any article
  • DS 127 - speech face-off I, submission of the Ecological Marxism editorial cartoon and write up
  • DS 126 - long exam and lecture about the Philippine local government and administration (study well and arrive on time)
  • DS 123 - long exam about the health and human rights material (WHO, 2002)
  • Econ 115 - submission of the instructional video narration (triplicate) and long exam (Landingin's The Economy and BSP's Banknotes and Coins) - study well and arrive on time
  • DS 121 - continuation of the poster presentation (please enlarge the texts) and test about the assigned songs of protest


    NSTP - As early as Monday, start presenting your arguments and counter-arguments about the pressing social issues to the your assigned jurors.  Start planning about your group's compilation and analysis output which is due on Friday.

    DS Seniors, please complete your exhibit entries in the CAS library (Due date: Tuesday)

    DS Sophies (DS 99), start reading about the different development theories.   : )

    DS Juniors, please don't be absent on Tuesday for the DS 127 project tasking.

    Salamat sa inyong kooperasyon.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Agenda (Mag-ipon ng puntos para sa desenteng grado)

  • NSTP (Sept 7) - speech face off II, reaction paper on Atty. Saladero's/Atty. Acosta's labor-/human rights-related column, submission of the education poster (final batch) 
  • DS 127 (Sept 7) - armchair exhibit about environmental health, crop primer submission
  • DS 126 (Sept 7) - test and discussion about Philippine local government and administration, submission of the revised instructional video narration
  • DS 123 (Sept 7) - test and discussion about Health and Human Rights (WHO, 2002)
  • Econ 115 (Sept 12) - 3rd long exam about Banknotes and Coins (BSP, 2012) and The Economy by R.L. Landingin (PCIJ, 1997), submission of the instructional video narration (triplicate)
  • DS 121 (Sept 12) - poster presentation continuation (larger font size/lettering), test about the assigned protest songs

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ito ay espasyong nakalaan para sa pagbati sa magiging DevStud Best Thesis awardee

Sept 4-5

  • NSTP - face-off (merits vs. demerits of Philippine labor policies, 5 minutes per speaker), listening sessions about protest songs (Mr. Deanon, please bring the needed equipment), education poster submission (print-out for groups with my final approval already, e-copy for pending approval), reaction paper on any short article posted at Third World Resurgence website (same format, no duplication)  
  • DS 127 - moving exam (indigenous and non-indigenous crops), crop insurance speech (Balingit), agroforestry cosplay (Alcaide group), agricultural education (Macalalag group)
  • DS 126 - submission and defense of the instructional video narration (1.5 spacing, triplicate) and other deliverables (single spacing, single print-out)
  • DS 123 - test about the Philippine health promotive programs and services; individual reporting on Dr. Michael Tan's health and wellness articles (Balingit, Joven, Somera)
  • Econ 115 - please refer to previous post
  • DS 121 - please refer to previous post