Monday, October 30, 2006

random thoughts

  • Fly-by-night schools/institutes attach "International/Asian"
    to their names in order to create an illusion of prestige
    and excellence. The qualifier (i.e. International/Asian) has
    lost its meaning since no foreign students are actually enrolled
    and no foreign instructors are actually hired. The quality of
    education is also far from international standard.
  • Compare the agenda, quality and relevance
    of the editorial cartoons of PDI and MB.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Nagmuntik-muntikanan pang mabaligtad ang kapalaran sa naging desisyon ng SC sa people's initiative (o politician's initiative) sa resulta nitong 8-7. Sana man lang 13-2 o 12-3 ang kinalabasan. Maanghang man ang nilalaman ng desisyon laban sa PI, hindi pa rin dapat magsawalang bahala dahil halos kalahati (7) sa 15 mahistrado ay salikwat ang naging desisyon sa isyung ito.

Matatandaan na kalakhan sa kanila ay nanindigan laban sa mga mala-Hitler na hagupit ni "tuko."
PP1017 (11-3)
E.0. 464 (14-0)
CPR (13-0)

Batay sa numero, lahat ay pabor sa mamamayang Pilipino.

Sa pagtataya, mabuway pa rin ang sitwasyon.

Sa pagtataya, halos tabla ang labanan ng puti at itim sa ngayon.

Sa pagtataya, hindi magtatagumpay si "tuka" sa Cha-cha Express, the GMA way.


For DS 121, Econ 101, Econ 115, DS 127, DS 123 and NSTP-CWTS I students under Ponsaran: Your class cards are already available since October 25 afternoon at my pigeon hole inside the DSS office. Kindly inform the rest. Salamat.
The Department of Social Sciences of U.P. Manila is looking for a part-time lecturer who can handle Development Studies courses starting this upcoming semester. The applicant should be a graduate of Development Studies or any Social Science related course. Previous teaching experience in college and MA/PhD degree shall be given heavy premium in the evaluation of applicants. Practitioners/fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply. Applicants should submit their application letter and curriculum vitae to Dr. Ma. Paula G. Sioco, chair, Department of Social Sciences, U.P. Manila. Prepare for a teaching demo on November 6. Panelists include Dr. Sioco, Prof. Gutierrez, Dr. Mateo, Prof. Castillo, Dr. Villegas and Prof. Ponsaran. Baka may kakilala kayong interesado, pakisabihan naman po.

Friday, October 06, 2006


DS 121 (coverage: poverty&X, type: 2-part exam, check the schedule w/ the dept.)

Econ 101 (depends upon the quality of the magazine output; to be submitted on Oct. 13)

Econ 115 (done w/ the show and tell )

DS 127 (eco-board game to be facilitated on the scheduled date of the exam)

NSTP (NO final exam, North Luzon and Cagayan Valley ACLE will be rescheduled next semester in our NSTP CWTS 2)

DS 123 (combo output to be submitted on October 13)

Whatever informations we learned in and off campus,
be sure to subject them to scrutiny and processing (distillation).
As we learn, we also evaluate, compare, contrast, integrate, debunk and discard ideas. Let us keep the university a market place/battle ground of ideas where students and professors agree to disagree.
Salamat ng marami sa mga ibinahagi ninyo sa klase
(personal insight man o pananaliksik; napilitan man o hindi).
Final remark:
According to a senior faculty of the department, it does not matter if you have a set of professors with a variety of teaching styles and attributes (i.e., orthodox, positivist, slave driver, dart system, progressive, human sleeping pill, absentee, etc). What's important, he undescored, is how the students are able to manage
and respond to them.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Final DS 123 Combo (due date: Oct. 13, Friday, DSS Pigeon Hole)

Group Output (3-4 members/group)
Format: font size 12, Arial Narrow, single- spacing, portrait, 1 page for each item, identify the authorship of each item

1. A comparative analysis of the songs Kaleidoscope (local) and Colored People (foreign)
2. A content review of any Michael L. Tan PDI article about Filipino culture
3. A review of the film, Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros).
4. An assessment of the contribution of Dr. Prospero Covar or Dr. F. Landa Jocano to the critical understanding of Filipino identity and culture
5. An observational study inside F. Sionil Jose's bookshop (Solidaridad along Padre Faura)
6. A book review of Bob Ong's Alamat ng Gubat or Stainless Longgonisa
7. A content analysis of the Kultura section of (Philippine revolution web central)
8. A concept map about the traditional, modern and post-modern Filipino family
9. An analysis of Giniling Festival's brand of music
10.A critical analysis of SSP and AH (RGEP) in the UP System
11.An essay about Filipino Sports Psychology
12.X (any entry related to DS 123)