Thursday, February 28, 2008

DS 112 Book Project

  • 70% of the references should constitute published books & articles.
    Note: Major demerit for over-reliance to online-sources.
  • Use triangulation (3 elements, i.e. facts, figures & illustrations; 3 sources)
  • Process the data. Outline the text. Analyze the information.
  • Avoid copy-pasting. Uphold intellectual honesty.
  • Maximize the library resources.
  • Grading criteria: substance, syntax, creativity & comprehensiveness
  • Implement the corrections and suggested inputs as
    soon as you received your draft. Then submit again.

Obstacles to development according to Public Administration Prof. Raul de Guzman

  • lack of political will
  • problems in the bureaucracy
    (corruption, red tape, lack of skilled managers)
  • huge foreign debt
  • natural calamities

Source: Development Administration in the Philippines by Alex Brillantes, Jr.


Nakapagturo na ako sa DLSU-College of Saint Benilde,
St. Scholastica's College at Adamson University.

Naimbitahan na rin bilang panauhing tagapagsalita sa
University of Sto. Tomas, Far Eastern University,
UP Diliman at iba pang pamantasan.

Nalibot ko na rin ang marami pang pamantasan
habang ako'y aktibong naghahanap ng mapagtuturuan.

Pero tanging sa UP Manila lamang may
freedom wall na may _____ katangian.


Mabuhay ang UP!
Pagbati sa iyong sentenaryo!

Sustainable Development Glossary*

by Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI)
*particularly helpful to students of DS 190, DS 127, NS 4, NS 5 and STS

HRM Glossary of Terms

Women (Dis)empowerment

  • Elenita Binay (term-breaker of Jejomar Binay)
  • Loi Ejercito (Erap's political barometer after his 2001 ouster)*
  • Cynthia Villar (political heir of Manny Villar)

*based on his own admission

Media role

  • lapdog
  • watchdog
  • attack dog

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Si Gloria at X: Walang Pinag-iba

Si Gloria at X: Walang Pinag-iba
ni John N. Ponsaran

  • Si Gloria at ang nagnanaknak na nana
  • Si Gloria at ang pathological micro-organisms
  • Si Gloria at si Garci, Bedol at Abalos, the magicians
  • Si Gloria at ang mga bugaw sa Remedios Memorial Circle
  • Si Gloria at ang mga TABA cops
    (tamad, abusado, bastos at ayaw padisiplina)
  • Si Gloria at ang trashslide
  • Si Gloria at ang Cholera epidemic
  • Si Gloria at si Marcos
  • Si Gloria at ang mga trawl fisher
  • Si Gloria at ang mga transnational mining operator
  • Si Gloria at ang mga nambabarat na komersyante
  • Si Gloria at si Hitler
  • Si Gloria at si Bush
  • Si Gloria at ang self-segmenting viscera sucker (mananaggal)
  • Si Gloria at ang heavy metal contaminants
  • Si Gloria at ang mga jueteng at warlords
  • Si Gloria at si Palparan, the “butcher”
  • Si Gloria at ang kemikal na agent orange
  • Si Gloria at ang mga “loansharks”
  • Si Gloria at ang mga e-waste
  • Si Gloria at ang mga sukdol-ganid at himod-tumbong
    na mga “Palakpak Boys” sa Kongreso
  • Si Gloria at ang linta
  • Si Gloria at ang mga landmine
  • Si Gloria at ang mga mapaminsalang janitor fish sa Laguna Lake

Gloria indeed serves a purpose.
She serves as a BAD example.

random inputs

  • O&O = outsourcing and off-shoring sector
  • denationalizatipn = privatization
  • law = coded norms
  • baby = bundle of joy (euphemism); parasite (dysphemism)
  • national artist = pambansang alagad ng sining

DS 100 (Final Exam)

  • Advani (Geography and Development)
  • Andaya (Trade and Development)
  • Angeles (Women and Development)
  • Baquiran (Human Rights and Development)
  • Belgira (Ecology and Development)
  • Bruselas (Human Resources and Development)
  • Caanta (Technology and Development)
  • Cauton (Public Administration and Development)
  • Concepcion (Agriculture and Development)
  • Dela Cruz (Service Sector and Development)
  • Duquiatan (Tourism and Development)
  • Eguico (Health and Development)
  • Elefan (Policy and Development)
  • Fernandez (Social Research and Development)
  • Francisco (Civil Society and Development)
  • Gamao (Taxation and Development)
  • Hechanova (Community Organizing and Development)
  • Hondrade (Peace and Development)
  • Javier (Judiciary and Development)
  • Lara (Nationalism and Development)
  • Lopez (Social Capital and Development)
  • Martinez (Culture and Development)
  • Mayoca (Gender and Development)
  • Meneses (Media and Development)
  • Onanad (Education and Development)
  • Politud (Energy and Development)
  • Rosales (Public Sector Reform and Development)
  • Tan (Housing and Development)
  • Tecson (Population and Development)
  • Tibon (Land Reform and Development)
  • Villanueva, K. (Diplomacy and Development)
  • Villanueva, S. (Foreign Investment and Development)
  • Yasay (Local Government and Development)

  • Infoload. Process. Analyze.

random inputs

  • counter-hegemony = counter-establishment
  • mundo = physical world only
  • daigdig = includes its social, cultural, political & economic aspects
  • ersatz independence = fake/bogus independence
  • Asia = next AIDS epicenter
  • budget = actual translation of the government's set of priorities

Monday, February 25, 2008

DS 126 magazine project (March 14)

Selection of topics:

  • Political Theory
  • Political Dynamics
  • Public Administration
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Economy
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Anthropology

  • No duplication of topics
  • 5-6 members per group
  • minimum number of references: 50
    (books, articles, online sources, interviews)

Public Administration glossary

Glossary of terms and concepts for Public Administration

Who is more deserving of the title "Mr. Palengke"?

  • Manny Villar was once a market vendor himself.
  • Mar Roxas is a staunch defender of consumer's rights.

NSTP (overview reporting, March 1)

  • Abris (caretaker government)
  • Acosta (Gandhian economics)
  • Alfonso (Sociology of care work)
  • Ang (political change)
  • Arquiza (constitutional crisis)
  • Balbin (bioterrorism)
  • Balicsa (constitutional law)
  • Burgos (ethnoscience)
  • Caldoza (kleptocracy)
  • Caraan (super profit)
  • Cesar (oral history)
  • Conferido (turbo-capitalism)
  • Cortes (mental health)
  • Cortey (e-jeepney)
  • Crisostomo (gender and development)
  • De Jesus (post-colonial discourse)
  • Dionisio (identity politics)
  • Florendo (matagalang digmang bayan)
  • Giron (underemployment)
  • Gomez (nuclear rights)
  • Jalina (Black feminism)
  • Lentejas (health informatics)
  • Lopez (diabesity)
  • Mabansag (energy independence)
  • Mendoza (community medicine)
  • Murillo (health holidays)
  • Pineda (landmines)
  • Roa (Stolen Generation)
  • Santuele (American studies)
  • Soliza (Sinology)
  • Tayag (community press)
  • Torres (political law)
  • Velasquez (rights-based approach)
  • Villegas (capacity-building)
  • Caspe (tax holiday)
  • Baquiran (appropriate technology)
  • Madriaga (revolutionary justice)
  • del Rosario (industrial trees)
  • Javier (blue-ribbon committee)

  • 2-3 minutes
  • 3-4 references
  • highlights only
  • with hand-outs (1/4 of 8x11 bond paper, front page only)
  • Arial narrow, 12 points, bullet format

Types of income

  • active income
    (earnings from salary/wage; earnings from the active involvement in business)
  • passive income
    (earnings from rentals, royalties, network marketing, etc.)
  • portfolio income
    (earnings from bonds, dividends and interest from bank deposits, etc.)

Constantino Foundation: Towards an Active Past


"Disaster does bring out the best and worst in people."
-Ambeth Ocampo
"In capitalism, the only capital sin is to run out of capital."
-El Fisgon
"The true hero is one with the masses, he does not exist above them."
-Renato Constantino

DS 112 Book Project

  1. Book title
  2. Book cover
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Preface
  6. The Body
  7. Authors' brief profile

3 general forms of struggle

  1. parliamentary struggle (within the legal system, e.g. legislation)
  2. street parliamentarism (street demonstrations)
  3. armed struggle (people's war)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Relevants subjects that DSS should be adding in its subject offerings

  • Introduction to Law
  • Public Policy
  • Gender and Development

Interesting Insights

  • cyberbullying (Mr. Alfonso)
  • capitalist bias of the Hawthorne effect (Ms. Dato)
  • urban gentrification (Ms. Latawan)

Best presidents whom we never had?

  • Jovito Salonga
    =The best president whom we never had according to Bro. Eddie Villanueva.
  • Jose "Pepe" Diokno
    =The best president whom we never had according to Prof. Randy David.

Friday, February 22, 2008


  • prostituition
  • transpoortation (Thanks to my DS 112 students)
  • Philippine Cash (Coast) Guard
    (according to the fisherfolks in Cavite coastal villages)*
  • PNP Moneytime (Maritime) Command*


  • hand-to-mouth existence = "isang kahig, isang tuka"
  • consultation without consent = a variant of tokenism
  • social stratification = social inequality
  • yellow journalism = tabloidism
  • miscegenation = inter-racial marriage

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Mayroong mga pagkakahalintulad at
pagkakaiba ang national at campus politics.

Sa darating na eleksyon, sana mas marami
ang ipinagkaiba kaysa ipinagkapareho.

Laang espasyo bilang huling hantungan ng nagnanaknak na sistema at ng mga naaagnas na namumuno rito


DS 112 Book Project (suggested page formats)-to be updated

  • matrix (comparison or/and contrast)
  • feature article
  • issue analysis
  • (her)story
  • political jokes
  • survey
  • pictograph
  • facts and figures
  • poem
  • short essay
  • interview (Q&A)
  • profile
  • quotes
  • lexicon
  • mnemonics
  • stream of consciousness
  • movie review
  • position paper
  • photo essay
  • map with facts and figures
  • fearless forecast
  • chronology
  • Venn diagram
  • crossword puzzle
  • letter to the editor
  • trivia
  • concept map
  • editorial cartoon
  • sociological cartoon
  • comic strip
  • content analysis
  • advisory
  • review of related literature
  • resolution/recommendation
  • etcetera
  • or combination thereof

An intimate conversation with Satan

An intimate conversation with Satan*
ni Diwang Palaboy
Si Gloriang relihiyosa (a.k.a. Hitlerina).
Buhay na nunal sa kaliwang pisngi niya.
Naka-powder blue na bistida.
Madamdamin at matagal.
Kanino kaya siya nagdarasal?
Sa yugtong ito, malinaw na malinaw sa akin ang sagot.
Tiyak ako.
Kasing tiyak ng pagsikat bukas ni haring araw sa silangan.
*Natagalan at nahirapan ako mag-upload nito.
Napakalakas ng kapangyarihan ng dasal ni Gloria.

Monday, February 18, 2008

DS 100

DS 100 poetry reading (Feb. 26)
Theme: Political Economy

Opening remarks: Fernandez
Closing remarks: Bruselas

Yasay (Hernando de Soto, Peruvian economist)
Villanueva, K. (The Lost Generation)
Politud (Small-island developing states)
Javier (Jihadism)
Hondrade (Food and Agriculture Organization)
Hechanova (JDV’s 747 economic plan)
Gamao (McWorld)
Cauton (Deindustrialization)
Andaya (Sicko by Michael Moore)
Tecson (Seafarer’s rights)
Mayoca (Global gender gap index)

Limit the poem to 4-5 stanzas (4-5 lines per stanza).
Use 4-5 references.
Discuss your topic in 2-3 minutes.
Write in Filipino or English.
Original composition only.

Bring 2 copies of the poem.

Pagpapataas sa pampulitikang kamalayan ng mamamayan

  • Malaking bagay na sa wikang Filipino ipinapahayag ni
    Jun Lozada ang kalakhan ng kanyang mga testimonya.
  • Malaking bagay na inieere nang buo ang imbestigasyon sa Senado.
  • Malaking bagay na mapagbantay ang midya sa isyung ito.
*Sa nakaraang Harapan sa ABS-CBN, 92% ang naniniwala
sa testimonya ni Lozada samantalang 8% lamang ang hindi.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Romulo Neri laments about the deeply-entrenched
oligarchic system in the country but believes that it
can only be resolved through the leadership of GMA.


He keeps on talking about oligarchic
interests but refuses to name names.


Moreover, he keeps on invoking executive privilege
and saying that he cannot remember anything
to evade contentious and dangerous questions.


GMA's political lieutenants are:

  • ex-journalists
  • ex-communists
  • ex-military leaders
  • ex-locally elected officials

DS 126 Speech Face-Off (Feb. 22)

Merits (+) and Demerits (-) of X as a Potential Presidentiable
Dola (+) Noli de Castro (-) Villegas
Rivera (+) Loren Legarda (-) Lanuzo
Gaddi (+) Manny Villar (-) Abrajano
Wong (+) Mar Roxas (-) Ting
Camaclang (+) Jejomar Binay (-) Aman
Sampiano (+) Bayani Fernando (-) Esquivel
grading system: 3Ms, 1.0 vs. 5.0
student-jurors will be invited.
research well. argue well. practice well.
attire: formal
speech duration: 5 minutes only
opening remarks: Sarah Joyce
closing remarks: Princess Joy
emcee: Eunice Tungol

Newly filed legislations in the Senate

Legislative documents in the Senate of the Philippines

GMA's staying power rests on 7 things.

  1. no major defections from the state security forces
  2. no withdrawal of support by incumbent key cabinet appointees
  3. no broad & sustained street demonstration
  4. moderate stance of the Catholic Church vs. GMA
  5. massive support from her political base (LGUs & the Lower House)
  6. divided and leaderless opposition
  7. lots of money

Mga bayarang himod-tumbong!

The political lieutenants of Gloria are hell-bent on
insulating the First Family from all the corruption
scandals under her beleagured administration.
But the connection is too obvious to go unnoticed.

NSTP (group interview project)

E-mail to your update regarding the group
interview project in outline format on or before Thursday afternoon.
Note: Considering your busy schedule (also the financial cost),
interview through e-mail is allowed.

On NBN-ZTE (a deal made in hell)

government agent: Let's bring this issue to the legal arena.

Jun Lozada: The legal system does not always equate to justice system.

random points

  • "Unholy trinity" = (WB, IMF and WTO)
  • urban decay = urban blight
  • DILG = dep't w/ the highest number of cases in the Ombudsman
  • jihad = strive
  • Human development = process of expanding human choices
  • Social movement = may effect or resist change
  • manananggal = self-segmenting viscera sucker
  • fourth estate = media
  • book review = suring aklat
  • pamangkin = short for "para namang akin"
  • class consciouness = opposite of false consciouness
  • debt trap = debt cycle = debt crisis
  • illegitimate debt = odious debt
  • international division of labor = global assembly line
  • majority = 50% + 1
  • lupang ninuno = ancestral land
  • lupaing ninuno = ancestral domain
  • debureaucratization = new public administration = reinventing gov't
  • hot money = portfolio investment =
    speculative investment = indirect investment

Friday, February 15, 2008

Political survival to political perpetuation

Kabi-kabilang kasong kriminal at administratibo
ang tiyak na haharapin ng pamilyang Arroyo sa oras
na matapos ang termino ni GMA bilang pang(g)ulo ng bansa.

Para maiwasan ito, lahat ay kanyang gagawin.

  • Maaari siyang magpataw ng batas militar
    na maaari namang susugan ng Kongreso
    na kalakha'y kanyang kaalyado.
    Kasaba'y nito ay ang sunod-sunod na kaso ng
    state-sponsored terrorism upang bigyang
    katwiran ang pagpapataw nito.
  • Maaari niyang isulong ang pagbabago ng
    Saligang Batas upang pahabain ang kanyang
    termino o para maging punong ministro sa isang
    parliamentaryong gobyerno.
  • (Kung magkakaroon man ng halalan sa 2010),
    maaari siyang sumuporta ng isang kandidato
    sa pagkapangulo at tiyakin ang kanyang panalo
    upang hindi mangyari sa kanya ang naging karanasan ni Erap.

Anu't anuman, magiging mapait ang hatol
sa kanila ng mamamayan at ng kasaysayan.

Authority (Giddens, 1997)

"The legitimate power which one person or a group holds over another.

The element of legitimacy is vital to the notion of authority
and is the main means by which authority is distinguished
from the more general concept of power.

Power can be exerted by the use of force or violence.

Authority, by contrast, depends on the acceptance
by subordinates of the right of those above them
to give them orders or directives. "

[Anthony Giddens, Sociology. London: Polity Press, 1997:581]

Glossary of Sociological terms

University of Canterburry
Sociology and Anthropology Department

HRD Interview Project * (4-5 members per group, deadline: March 1)

List of interviewees
  1. Insurance agent on handling rejections
  2. Trade unionist on labor flexibilization
  3. Recruitment officer about job hunting myths/tips
  4. Education official on ladderized education
  5. Faculty of a private university on the
    advantages and disadvantages of part-time teaching
  6. Legislative staff (Congress) on job satisfaction/dissatisfaction
  7. Human resources officer on Filipino culture in the work place
  8. Foreign service officer on his/her FSO exam experience
  9. Newspaper columnist specializing in
    HRD about a particular column topic
  10. X (needs prior approval by the professor)

*For purposes of brevity and clarity, your group may edit the text.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DS 112

E-mail to the detailed
preliminary list of your references for the book project
(10 books, 10 articles, 10 websites). Due date: Feb. 18, Monday

Monday, February 11, 2008

DS 126 (poetry reading, Feb. 15)

General Instructions
Limit the poem to 4-5 stanzas (4 lines each). Original composition only.

Use 4-5 references (books, articles, online sources, interviews)
Write the poem in Filipino or Tagalog.
Bring two copies of the poem.

Opening remarks: Pescante
Closing remarks: Ting

Manalo (Emmanuel Lacaba)
Medrano (Edgar Jopson)
Panganiban (Crispin Beltran)
Pescante (Honorato Quisumbing)
Rivera (Romeo Quijano)
Sampiano (Lorena Barros)
Santos (Bishop Alberto Ramento)
Sarausad (Macliing Dulag)
Ting (Bienvenido Lumbera)
Tungol (Fr. Rudy Romano)
Valdez (Nicanor delos Santos)
Villegas (Edberto Villegas)
Wong (Bobby dela Paz)
Aman (Sister Mary John Mananzan)
Gaddi (Alejandro Lichauco)
Cabatuando (Carmen Deunida)


DS 100 (Feb. 15)-recitation & long exam on Meanings of Development:
Implication to Rural Administration and Development
by Wilfredo Carada
DS 126 (Feb. 15)-poetry reading on political activists and their advocacies
NSTP (Feb. 16)-panel discussion (youtube uploads with social relevance)
DS 128 (Feb. 16)-continuation of reporting; long exam (Sociology)

DS 112 (poetry reading, Feb. 20)

Almarines (Kontra-Gahum)
Bacon (Oriental Americans)
Balanag (Alamat-1st international conference on myths & symbols)
Catsao (Narcoterrorism)
Deligente (Sustainable tourism)
Erive (Lupong tagapamayapa)
Fajardo (Psychomedicine)
Faustino (Use of attack dogs in prisons)
Freyra (debt-for-equity swap)
Frias (Sikolohiyang Pilipino)
Gagarin (Biyakan sa kaliwa)
Go (The role of senior citizens in nation building)
Hizon (Jingoism)
Laforteza (Asian Social Institute)
Lepatan (Cross-cultural psychology)
Lim (Social medicine in Cuba)
Lu (Train gropers in Japan)
Morano (Gunnar Myrdal's Asian Drama)
Navarro (Marxist atheism)
Reburiano (News for sale)
Rigodon (Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan)
Rodriguez (Matona by Michael Tan)
Rosario (Political economy of Juan Tamad)
Salas (Green courts)
Sanicas (Knowledge products)
Solano (Social marketing)
Tejada (Men's movement)
Teves (Galing Pook)
Torres (autoethnography)
Tria (1991 rejection of the RP-US Bases Treaty)

  • minimum of 5-6 references (books, articles, online sources, interview)
  • duplicate copy
  • 4-5 stanzas (4-5 lines per stanza)
  • 1-2 minutes discussion


  • gahum (hegemony)
  • kontra-gahum (counter-hegemony)
  • mariculture (marine culture, palaisdaan sa dagat)
  • dalubbanwahan (political science)
  • ulnayan (agham panlipunan)
  • batnayan (philosophy)
  • kauswagan (development)

Senate's power of inquiry

The Senate's primary function is to legislate but
the country's political climate necessitates that
it aggressively undertakes congressional investigations.

The Supreme Court already ruled in 2006 that the legislature's
power of inquiry is co-extensive with its power to legislate.

The excesses of the Palace, lower house and the state
security forces call for an activist Senate now more than ever.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

From a shirt design

"I will graduate on time.
No matter how long it takes."

DS 112 (Third World Studies)

Sumulat ng libro ukol sa isa sa mga paksang nakatala sa ibaba.
Pumili at irehistro ito sa pamamagitan ng pagpapadala
ng mensahe sa blog post na ito (4-5 miyembro kada grupo)
Ibatay ang istruktura ng libro sa Sosyo: Sulyap ng Isang Pinoy
sa Sosyolohiya
na isinulat ni Rosalie Matilac.
May kopya ng librong ito sa Asian Social Institute sa Leon Guinto.
Isumite ang magasin sa Mar. 5 (Miyerkules).
Tatalakayin sa klase ang iba pang detalye ukol sa rekisitong ito.

Talaan ng paksa
  • Political Economy/Politics of Food
  • Political Economy/Politics of Tourism
  • Political Economy/Politics of Art
  • Political Economy/Politics of Migration
  • Political Economy/Politics of Defense
  • Political Economy/Politics of Religion
  • Political Economy/Politics of Media
  • Political Economy/Politics of Gender
  • Political Economy/Politics of Law

Alternative Press

Ugaliing basahin linggo-linggo.
(matapat, mapanuri, makabayan)


  • Tonggressmen
  • opposite of Progress = Congress
  • House of Representathieves


The web of corruption in the country interpenetrates
the corridors of power in the Palace and beyond.


Corrupt public officials should:

  • be barred from occupying any public office,
    whether elective or appointive
  • be imprisoned
  • be ostracized

Human rights-based governance and development

"The Congress shall give highest priority to the anactment
of measures that protect and enhance the right of all the people
to human dignity; reduce social, economic, and political inequalities;
and remove cultural inequities by equitably diffusing wealth
and political power for the common good."
-Article XIII (Social Justice & Human Rights), 1987 Philippine Constitution

Power of Observation

"By increasing your powers of observation,
you will begin to become more aware of
how to solve problems more effectively
and how to distinguish between alternatives."
-Richard Gorham, President of

Participant Observation

According to Prof. Esmeralda Perez, my Anthro 185 professor,
one can view society apart from it while being a part of it.

GMA's public policies can be classified into four.

  • correct and popular
  • correct but unpopular
  • wrong but popular
  • wrong and unpopular*

*most fall under this category

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

She is insecure.

  • She belongs to two political parties (Lakas and Kampi).
  • She pampers the military with promotions & appointments.
  • She bribes congressmen with porks and perks.
  • She succumbs to the church's stand
    on death penalty & population issue.*
  • She resorts to populist policies
    (food-for-school, Pulis OYSTER, etc.).

*but in a dilemma with respect to mining

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Taas-kamao at pagpupugay sa lahat ng mga nag-ambag at nakiisa
sa nakaraang ACLE ukol sa iba't ibang mukha ng aklas-sining.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Beset with internal contradictions

In due time, the administration bloc will self-destruct
brought about by internal contradictions that beset it.

Take note of the Hyatt 10 mass resignation,
withdrawal of support of disgruntled military
personnels, and recently, JDV's declaration of war.

The administration's show of force through military intimidation
and political pressure is in fact a sign of its inherent weakness.

Elite vs. Counter-Elite

Most seats in the House of Representatives
are held hostage by the elite clans in the country.
The chamber has become an exclusive enclave of the well-connected,
i.e. the power peddlers, power brokers and power wielders.
As such, it was reduced to a mere battleground of
elite and counter-elite forces in business and politics.

Sunday, February 03, 2008