Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Uselessness of SONAs?

"The value of the SONA as a document of hope and for a better future has eroded deeply to rouse the public from a sense of despair. This means that Ms Arroyo would be addressing a constituency made up largely of nonbelievers." - Amando Doronila, PDI columnist

krisis + kritikal na kamalayan + aksyon

Tama si Carlos Humberto.
Hindi nangangahulugang kapag gutom ang mamamayan ay mag-aaklas sila.
Kung wala silang kritikal na kamalayang pulitikal, hindi pa rin ito
magbubunga ng malawakan, makabuluhan at pangmatagalang pagbabago.
Mahalaga ang gampanin ng mga intelektwal sa
pagpapataas ng antas ng kamulatan ng mamamayan.

DS 127 Situationer*

  • State of the Philippine forestry (Advani**, Angeles, Baldres, Baquiran, Belgira, Yasay)
  • State of the Philippine fishery (Bruselas, Caranto**, Cauton, Concepcion, dela Cruz)
  • State of the Philippine air quality (Duquiatan, Eguico, Elefan, Fernandez**, Francisco)
  • State of the Philippine flora (Gamao, Hechanova, Honrade**, Javier, Lara, Sabrina)
  • State of the Philippine fauna (Lopez, Martinez, Mayoca, Meneses, Onanad**, Kris Anne)
  • State of the Philippine land-use policy (Politud, Rosales**, Santos, Tan, Tecson)

    *speech (10 minutes only) with a slide show background
    ** speaker (formal attire)
    Note: The rest of the group members should provide the research and technical assistance.
    Ms. Cauton and Mr. Onanad, kindly reserve and transfer the podium to RH 229

random points

Ramdam ang kaunlaran

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

random points

  • 87.33% of NCR respondents = in favor of scrapping oil EVAT (Ibon Survey)
  • 138 bills = number of authored bills by Sen. Trillanes even in detention
  • 2009 national budget =
  • Philippines = top 3 in terms of kidnapping cases worldwide
  • 0.84% = percent of the national budget allotted to the Philippine judiciary


I am encouraging all enrolled Development Studies majors to donate
any item which can be sold in the upcoming garage sale of DEVSOC.
Proceeds will form part of DEVSOC's fund to
finance its lined up projects for this academic year.
For those who are willing to donate, please coordinate with
Jotabs Teves or Maple Solano for documentation and accounting purposes.

random points

Selected economic statistics*

*recommended by Justine Bauzon

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Manggagawa ni Gary Granada

NSTP 1st ACLE on Corruption (August 2)

  • Opening Remarks: Arquiza (extent and nature of corruption)
  • Yu, Padilla, Miranda, Cruz, Cossid = educational discussion about IBP (basic social problems)
  • Bautista, del Rosario, Duhaylungsod, Fabros, Gregorio = AVP about Ethics and Public Service
  • Cruz, Cruz, Peji, Detros, Mangulabnan = puppet show about political corruption in the Philippines
  • Arnanta, Garcia, Paneda, More = crossword puzzle on corruption (12 across, 12 down)
  • Baltazar, Ingeniero, Asa, Sims = listening session & content analysis (Address by Gary Granada)
  • Acharon, Arquiza, De Leon, Domingo, Nartea = flowchart of the impeachment process
  • Ciriaco, Gervasio, Fernandez, Reyes, Tenorio = discussion about Corruptionary
  • Coronel, Daradal, Rojo, Lapena = global & local corruption surveys pertaining to the Philippines
  • Song number: Coronel (Rosas ng Digma)
  • Closing Remarks: Yu (call to action against corruption)
  • 10 minutes each group; RESEARCH WELL; use audience-friendly visual aids;
    economize; substandard presentation will be given a special project;
    jurors will be invited to evaluate/rate your presentations

Note: Text me if your group wish to clarify anything pertaining to the ACLE

Quezon's granted wish

"The words of two Filipino leaders come back to haunt. One is Ferdinand Marcos saying when he first became president: “This country can be great again.” And two is Manuel Quezon saying when he fought for independence: “I’d rather see the country run like hell by Filipinos than like heaven by the Americans.” Marcos was wrong: This country became miserable again, no small thanks to him and his clone, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. And Quezon, well, he got his wish."

Conrado de Quiros
Columnist, Inquirer

random inputs

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sa ika-28 ng Hulyo, Disneyland na naman
ang tiyak na tema ng talumpati ng Pang(g)ulo.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ramdam na ramdam!

The Myth of WTO*

*Thank you, Ms. V. Arreza, for bringing to my attention that video upload.

Judicialization of Politics

Dr. C. Neal Tate of Vanderbilt University defines the
judicialization of politics as "the process by which the Constitutition
assigns the judiciary new and expanded powers and responsibilities,
give it great potential to judicialize policy processes that would
otherwise be the responsibility of the majoritarian institutions."

UP Prof. Randy David, in his e-mail, regard it as a reversal of modernity's gains,
even if it may often be a response to the failure of politics.


Tama si NCPAG Prof. Leonor M. Briones.
Isang malaking kontradiksyon ang propaganda ng gobyernong Arroyo.
Ipinamamayagpag nitong "ramdam ang kaunlaran"
pero ipinapanawagan namang "labanan ang kahirapan."



  • DS 123 (July 25) - continuation of poetry reading on kasarian, kultura at lipunan;
    submission of the interview guide for the 2nd feature article
  • Econ 101 (July 25) - group face-off on medical tourism (timer: Penetrante);
    continuation of the poetry reading on political economy
  • Econ 11 (July 25) - symposium (Review of GMA's past SONAs) CAS LT 1:00-5:00 PM
  • NSTP (July 26) - continuation of reporting on poverty studies; submission of note-taking;
    submission of the poster output; recitation
  • DS 123 (July 29) - panel discussion on Margie Holmes letter correspondence with readers
  • Econ 101 (July 29) - poetry reading on political economy (
  • Econ 11 (July 29) - long exam on In the Shadow of Debt by Walden Bello
  • Econ 101 W (July 30) - group face-off on GATS; continuation of individual reporting; long-exam
    covering contemporary Philippine and international economic and business affairs/issues
  • DS 123 (Aug. 1) - film viewing (Ms. Solano, please reserve RH 313 AVR)
  • Econ 101 (Aug. 1) - group face-off on Federalism (as a necessary condition for Philippine economic development)
    Bolunia, Cortes, Delfin, Gaddi, Jalina, Tolentino VS. Malabanan, Orense, Penetrante, Roa, Santos, Santuele
  • Econ 11 (Aug. 1) - group face-off (Mcdonaldization of the society)
  • NSTP (Aug. 2) - recitation on Corruption in the Philippines
  • DS 127 (Aug. 2) - group face-off on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Population Development Bill = Merits (Advani to Gamao) VS. Demerits (Hechanova to Yasay)


Econ 101 (July 29) poetry reading

  • Abris (rice culture)
  • Alfonso (rice crisis)
  • Almario (Development Anthropology)
  • Ang (New economy)
  • Arguelles (economic cost of diabetes)
  • Bolunia (polluter's pay priciple)
  • Burgos (rice economy)
  • Caraan (hyperreality)
  • Cesar (moral suasion)
  • Caraan (Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research)
  • Cortes (film tourism)
  • Cruz (consumer sovereignty)
  • De Grano (P250,000 deposit insurance limit of PDIC)
  • Del Carmen (malunggay)
  • Delfin (
  • Gaddi (Economics of war)
  • Geron (Artemio Panganiban's Liberty and Prosperity)
  • Jalina (bubble economy)
  • Madarang (Ginintuang Masaganang Ani)
  • Malabanan (e-procurement)
  • Mendoza ("Disaster Economics")
  • Murillo (tax effort)
  • Orense (Food for school program)
  • Penetrante (Public choice theory)
  • Roa (fuel economy)
  • Santos (Human security)
  • Santuelle (tax collection efficiency)
  • Soliza (housing loans from Pag-Ibig)
  • Tayag (American exceptionalism)
  • Tolentino (sports economics)
  • Torres (deregulation of the Philippine telecommunication industry)
  • Villaceran (decongesting Manila)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Econ 11 August 1 Face-Off

Caridad, Celones, Cruz, Daya, Deatras, Legaspi (pro-Mcdonaldization of the society)
Dimaisip, Ferrer, Garcia, Gil, Jimenez, Lavadia (anti-Mcdonaldization of the society)

30 minutes each group
research well
no hand-outs needed

random points

Econ 101 Face-Off

  • DevStud majors (pro-medical tourism) VS. Area Studies (anti-medical tourism)
    Econ 101 TF (July 25)
  • Area Studies majors (pro-GATS) VS. PolSci majors (anti-GATS)
    Econ 101 W (July 30)

Monday, July 21, 2008


DS 123 (August 5) Feature Article

  • (Solano, Teves, Perez, Tria, Cruz) =
    Dr. Edelina dela Paz on Global Health Course
  • (Tejada, Fajardo, Faustino, Freyra, Vicente, Vizcarra) =
    Dr. Cecilia Llave on cancer and Filipino's health-seeking behavior
  • (Lu, Rosario, Nombrano, Laforteza, Sanicas) =
    Dr. Telly Garcia on alternative medicine as a counterculture
  • (Rigodon, Manarang, Navarro, Hugo, Balanag) =
    Dr. Anthony Cordero on gender-sensitivity in healthcare
  • (Reburiano, Gagarin, Tanyag, Go, Lepatan) =
    Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan on ethnomedicine in the Philippines
  • (Atanacio, Rodriguez, Erive, Bacon, Catsao, Frias) =
    Dr. June Pagaduan-Lopez on mainstreaming psycho-social health in medical education

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Control of oil firms in the local market for petroleum products

  1. Petron (39%)
  2. Shell (31%)
  3. Chevron (15%)
  4. Others (15%)

Congrats, Jotabs Teves!

GMA's record-low net satisfaction rating

GMA posted a record-low -33% net satisfaction rating in May 2005.
She surpassed her own record with a -38% turn-out in June 2008.
In terms of unpopularity, she is a cut above the rest.


Agenda (July 22-26)

  • DS 123 (July 22) - submission of revised feature article; submission of the paper
    on post-industrialism and affluence; poetry reading on kasarian, kultura at lipunan
  • Econ 101 (July 22) - group face-off on cheap medicines law; poetry reading (1st half, random)
  • Econ 11 (July 22) - 3rd long exam (Market Forces on Demand & Supply); individual reporting
  • Econ 101 (July 23) - group face-off on Mining Act of '95; individual reporting
  • DS 123 (July 25) - continuation of the poetry reading on kasarian, kultura at lipunan.
  • Econ 101 (July 25) - group face-off on medical tourism; poetry reading (2nd half, random)
  • Econ 11 (July 25) - symposium (review of GMA's 2007 SONA) CAS Little Theater 1-4 PM
  • NSTP (July 26) - poster submission, notes submission, recitation, individual reporting
  • DS 127 (July 26) - 3rd ACLE on Human Ecology

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Econ 101 July 22 ACLE (poetry reading)

Opening Remarks: Geron
Closing Remarks: Orense

  • Abris (pseudo-investment)
  • Alfonso (Happy Planet Index)
  • Almario (gift economy)
  • Ang (survey nonresponse)
  • Arguelles (ethical recruitment)
  • Bolunia (demographic dividend)
  • Burgos (comparative economics)
  • Caraan (green tax)
  • Comia (Small is Beautiful)
  • Cortes (financial consolidation)
  • Cruz (Kalayaan sa Kakapusan)
  • De Grano (attention economy)
  • Del Carmen (metapolicy)
  • Delfin (megacities)
  • Gaddi (demographic winter)
  • Geron (satisficing)
  • Jalina ($1-a-day poverty line)
  • Madarang (pro-poor growth)
  • Malabanan ($2-a-day poverty line)
  • Mendoza (labor aristocracy)
  • Murillo (emotion economy)
  • Orense (picture-based health warning)
  • Penetrante (golden arches theory)
  • Roa (transition economy)
  • Santos (booty capitalism)
  • Santuelle (experience economy)
  • Soliza (homo oikonomicus)
  • Tayag (sanitary and phytosanitary standard)
  • Tolentino (grameen bank)
  • Torres (poverty-related diseases)
  • Villaceran (sister city)

    -Incorporate the information in the poem.
    -4-5 stanza (4 lines per stanza)
    -Original composition only
    -Research well-Submit 2 copies (handwritten or encoded)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DS 123

Bilang paghahanda sa ating mga susunod na talakayan sa klase ukol
sa kasarian, kultura at lipunan, iminumungkahi ko ang mga sumusunod:
  • Magbasa ng mga aklat na may kinalaman sa paksa.
    May mga kopya tayo nito sa silid-aklatan.
  • Mag-sit-in sa klase ni Prop. Mary Dorothy Jose sa Kasaysayan 4
    sa kanyang pahintulot (Kasaysayan ng Kababaihan sa Pilipinas).
  • Bumisita sa Center for Gender and Women's Studies (PGH 8/F) para
    makakuha ng impormasyon ukol sa kanilang mga programa.
  • Humiling sa Gabriela-Youth na magbigay
    ng women situationer sa inyong grupo.
  • Magbasa ng mga artikulo ni Dr. Margarita Sinco-Holmes.
  • Basahin ang ilang piling talumpati ni Sis. Mary John Mananzan
    at Rep. Liza Maza ukol sa kilusang kababaihan na makukuha online.
  • Bumisita sa

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DS 127

On July 19 (Saturday), DS 127 will start at 12:30 and end at 2:00 pm.
Agenda: long exam on ADB materials on sustainable development
Please inform the non-block members.


Ismael: Bakit ka anti-GMA? Siya lang ba ang problema ng bansa?
Hindi naman, 'di ba?

Yhanny: Tama ka. Hindi lamang siya ang tanging problema.
Pangunahin pa ring
problema ang istruktura ng ekonomya at pulitika.
Pero kung anti-GMA
ka nangangahulugan din ito na laban ka sa
pagsisinungaling, pandaraya at pulitikang pamamaslang.

Dahil sa kahirapan, marami ang...

  • tumatakas sa reyalidad (lulong sa mga teleserye, telefantasya, telenobela, atbp.)
  • tinatakasan ang bansa upang mangibambayan
  • tinakakasan ng bait
  • tinatakasan ang buhay (nagpapatiwakal)

Monday, July 14, 2008

DS 123 "Book Hunting"

Bumisita sa Solidaridad Bookshop sa Padre Faura.
Suriin ang mga aklat na ibinibenta rito.
Kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataong
magmungkahi ng aklat na maaaring ibilang
sa koleksyon ng ating aklatan, ano ang pipiliin mo?
Isulat sa 1/2 yellow pad (crosswise) ang titulo,
pangalan ng may akda, kumpanyang naglathala at
paliwanag kung bakit dapat may kopya nito ang aklatan.
Isumite ito sa akin sa ika-18 ng Hulyo.
Sakaling mapagbiyan tayo ng CAS Library,
gusto kong bigyang diin na hindi nangangahulugang
sa Solidaridad Bookshop nito kailangan bilhin ang aklat.
Pinili ko lamang ang Solidaridad Bookshop dahil malapit ito
sa pamantasan at maraming Filipiniana collection dito.

DS 123 poetry reading on gender and culture (July 22)

Opening Remarks: Erive
Closing Remarks: Cruz

  • Atanacio (white lady)
  • Bacon (pulang mandirigmang babae)
  • Balanag (Margarita Holmes)
  • Catsao (SocSci 3)
  • Cruz (Bella Flores)
  • Erive (Philippine milk code)
  • Fajardo (kawomenan)
  • Faustino (feminist theology)
  • Freyra (lactivism)
  • Frias (abjection)
  • Gagarin (lesbian politics)
  • Go (women, water and waste)
  • Hugo (Marian cult)
  • Laforteza (women and diabetes)
  • Lepatan (womenomics)
  • Lu (disappearing daughters)
  • Manarang (cycle beads)
  • Navarro (role reversal)
  • Nombrado (women and time poverty)
  • Perez (disabled women)
  • Reburiano (political economy of female criminality)
  • Rigodon (great man theory)
  • Rodriguez (transgender politics)
  • Rosario (Lila Pilipina)
  • Sanicas (legalized abortion)
  • Solano (Women and U.S. Military Presence)
  • Tanyag (radical feminism)
  • Tejada (pilik-mata ng kambing)
  • Teves (pink-collar jobs)
  • Tria (herstory)
  • Vicente (glass ceiling)
  • Vizcarra (Sister Mary John Mananzan)

-Incorporate the information in the poem.
-4-5 stanza (4-5 lines per stanza)
-Original composition only
-Research well
-Submit 2 copies (handwritten or encoded)

random points

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Agenda (July 15-19)

  • DS 123 (July 15) - ACLE II on tabloid journalism in the Philippines
  • Econ 101 (July 15) - group face-off II (Mcdonaldization of the Society); long exam
  • Econ 11 (July 15) - last group to report (Bolos, et. al.); individual reporting
  • Econ 101 (July 16) - long exam on financial system; individual reporting
  • DS 123 (July 18) - ACLE III on the Political Psychology of Imelda Marcos
  • Econ 101 (July 18) - group face-off III (cheaper medicines law)
  • Econ 11 (July 18) - 3rd long exam on market force on demand and supply (Mankiw)*
  • NSTP (July 19) - reporting on poverty studies; graded recitation; poster submission
  • DS 127 (July 19) - long exam on ADB readings on sustainable development; workshop

    *to be provided

Econ 101 (W) July 23

  • Garino (Palengkenomics)
  • Javier (Environmental Economics)
  • Javillonar (Development Economics)
  • Mabansag (Neoliberal Economics)
  • Mabanglo (Gandhian Economics)
  • Mabesa (Buddhist Economics)
  • Moncada (Holiday Economics)

-Limit the report to 5-6 minutes (salient points only).
-Provide hand-outs.(FORMAT: bullet format, 1/2 sheet of 8 x 11 bond paper,
length-wise, Arial Narrow, 10 points)
Format: topic, byline (consolidated by:), report proper, list of sources
-Minimum number of sources: 3

On Profit (Villegas vs. Villegas)

  • Profit is a residue, the difference between revenue
    and cost but the simplicity of its definition is deceiving.
    Profit is a reward for assuming possible
    losses through risk and uncertainty. - Dr. Bernardo Villegas, UA&P
  • Profit is the surplus value produced by a worker
    which is converted into money. - Dr. Edberto Villegas, UP Manila

Econ 101 (TF) Group Face-Off (July 18)

  • Cheaper medicines law (Merits)
    (Abris, Alfonso, Almario, Ang, Arguelles, Bolunia, Burgos, Caraan, Cesar)
  • Cheaper medicines law (Demerits)
    (Comia, Cortes, Cruz, De Grano, del Carmen, Delfin, Gaddi, Geron, Jalina)

    Timer: Villaceran

random points

*Thanks to DS 127's Group II

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Possible 2010 tandems*

  • Noli-Bong or Vilma?
  • Loren-Chiz
  • Manny-Jinggoy
  • Mar-Kiko or Noynoy?
  • Ping-Jamby
  • Erap-Binay

    *based on Emil Jurado's MST column

Usapin ng prayoridad

Mahal ang pamasahe, reklamo ng isang mag-aaral.
Mahirap ang (ma)buhay.
Dagdag na parusa, reklamo ulit n'ya,
kung malimit pang lumiban sa klase ang dalubguro.
Inakala n'ya na naantala lamang ang pagdating.
Hindi pala.
Sayang ang kanyang (kanilang) pamasahe, lakas, oras at
mga bagay na ipinagpaliban para sana dumalo sa klase.
(Asar)-talo siya (sila).
(Asar)-talo ang pamantasan.
Sa anumang pamantayan, luge ang mamamayang
namumuhunan sa edukasyon ng mga Isko't Iska.

-Poldo Pasangkrus


CORRUPTION, according to Conrado de Quiros,
is redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

random inputs



What was that trip for?


Babala sa mga estudyante (at guro) na malimit lumiban sa klase

Top agricultural producers in the country (selected products by province)

  • palay = Nueva Ecija
  • corn = Isabela
  • banana = Campostela Valley
  • coconut = Davao Oriental
  • mango = Pangasinan

    Source: NSCB

DS 123 Creative Presentation 3

Topic: Political Psychology of Imelda Marcos
July 18

  1. Reburiano
  2. Rigodon
  3. Rodriguez
  4. Rosario
  5. Sanicas
  6. Solano
  7. Tanyag
  8. Tejada
  9. Teves
  10. Tria
  11. Vicente
  12. Vizcarra

Econ 11 individual reporting (July 15)

  1. Aguirre (subsidies)
  2. Arellano (public enterprises)
  3. Awitan (non-tariff barriers)
  4. Baile (most favored nation principle)
  5. Barrion (lender of last resort)
  6. Bautista (fiscal consolidation)
  7. Baybay (counterveiling measures)
  8. Bejasa (anti-dumping measures)
  9. Bolos (contagion)
  10. Cabanes (consumer durables)
  11. Cabiao (competitiveness)
  12. Callanta (capital gain or loss)

    -font size: 10
    -font style: Arial Narrow
    -hand-out: 1/4 size of 8 x 11 bond paper; 35 pcs
    -research well

random points

random points

Jollibee vs. Jolilbee


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Econ 101 (TF) Group Face-Off (July 15)

  • Mcdonaldization of the Society (Merits)
    (Delfin, Gaddi, Geron, Jalina, Madarang, Malabanan, Mendoza, Torres, Villaceran)
  • Mcdonaldization of the Society (Demerits)
    (Murillo, Orense, Penetrante, Roa, Santos, Santuele, Soliza, Tayag, Tolentino)

-group effort
-research well
-30 minutes per group (timer: Comia), timer: July 11 face-off (Santuelle)
-1 vs. 5 grading scheme

GMA's Political Payback to Neri

  • appointed as President and CEO of SSS
  • appointed as cluster head of the national
    social welfare program (a cabinet position)

Economic Situationer

Potential vice-presidentiables according to media reports

  • Chiz Escudero
  • Kiko Pangilinan
  • Jinggoy Estrada
  • Noynoy Aquino
  • Bong Revilla
  • Jamby Madrigal

Possible tandems?

  • Noli-Vilma?
  • Loren-Chiz?
  • Mar-X?
  • Manny-X?

Monday, July 07, 2008

DS 123 (July 15)

Creative presentation II
Topic: Tabloid Journalism in the Philippines

  1. Gagarin
  2. Go
  3. Hugo
  4. Laforteza
  5. Lepatan
  6. Lu
  7. Manarang
  8. Navarro
  9. Nombrano
  10. Perez

random points

  • Manny Pacquiao = army reservist with a rank of master sergeant
  • August 11 = automated ARMM election
  • kasimanwa = townmate; co-citizen
  • KARATULA = Kabataang Artista para sa Tunay na Kalayaan
  • Philippines = export-oriented, import-dependent, capital-starved, ill-governed

Familiar catch phrases in local ads

  • tangkad-sagad
  • puting-pantay
  • 'wag durara
  • inis-init
  • langhap-sarap
  • tamis-anghang
  • busog-lusog
  • agad-talab
  • fast release
  • vitassentials

Agenda (July 8 to July 12)

  • DS 123 (July 8) - continuation of the recitation-discussion on local ads
  • Econ 101-TF (July 8) - Cruz on Balisacan; graded recitation (Tullao readings)
  • Econ 11 (July 8) - continuation of Population ACLE; graded recitation (BSP readings)
  • Econ 101-W (July 9) - Ease of Doing Business group report; individual report (1st batch)
  • DS 123 (July 11) - cultural politics/social construction of Nora Aunor
  • Econ 101-TF (July 11) - retail trade liberalization group face-off
  • Econ 11 (July 11) - 2nd long exam (coverage: GMA's 2007 SONA)
  • NSTP (July 12) - primer submission; graded recitation (assigned readings); poverty reports
  • DS 127 (July 12) - ACLE on green art, green burial, green justice, greenwash, green bag, etc.

Econ 101 (TF) July 11 Group Face-Off

  • Pro-retail trade liberalization law
    (Abris, Alfonso, Almario, Ang, Arguelles, Bolunia, de Grano)
  • Anti-retail trade liberalization law
    (Burgos, Caraan, Cesar, Comia, Cortes, Cruz, del Carmen)

    -group effort
    -research well
    -30 minutes per group

Sunday, July 06, 2008


DS 123 (feature article)

Write a feature article (800 to 1,000 words)
about the assigned topic to your group.
Submit on July 15. No free-riders please.

  • Manang Yosi (Atanacio, Bacon, Balanag, Catsao, Cruz)
  • Gino Ginintuan (Erive, Fajardo, Faustino, Freyra, Frias, Vizcarra)
  • Prof. Mangubat's Centennial Boat (Gagarin, Go, Hugo, Laforteza, Lepatan)
  • Prof. Odal-Devora's proposed RGEP on healing arts (Lu, Manarang, Navarro, Nombrano, Perez)
  • Manila Studies Program (Reburiano, Rigodon, Rodriguez, Rosario, Sanicas)
  • Doc Ed's Philosophy of Education (Solano, Tanyag, Tejada, Teves, Tria, Vicente)

    Please note that preliminary research will be very helpful.
    Grading system: 80% content (substance and syntax); 20% lay-out (text and photos)

Doing Business in the Philippines

random points

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Praymer (NSTP 2nd project)

Mga dapat lamanin ng praymer*:

  • Logo ng organisasyon
  • Maikling kasaysayan ng organisasyon
  • Ideolohiya ng organisayon
  • Layunin ng organisasyon
  • Pananaw ng organisasyon ukol sa (i) kalagayan ng
    lipunang Pilipino at (ii) ilang tampok na isyung panlipunan
  • Programa at proyekto ng organisasyon
    (lalo na sa paglaban sa kahirapan)
  • Panawagan ng organisasyon

*Minarapat kong lagyan ng balangkas ang praymer upang
magsilbing gabay ninyo para maiwasang mawalan ng direksyon at
magpaulit-ulit ang nilalaman nito. Makatutulong din kung ipapabasa
muna ito sa kanila bago isumite sa akin para sa katiyakan ng datos.

DS 123 (Cultural Politics of Nora Aunor)

Creative Presentation (GROUP 1, 1 hour, flexi-format)
Topic: Cultural Politics/Social Constuction of Nora Aunor
  1. Atanacio
  2. Bacon
  3. Balanag
  4. Catsao
  5. Cruz
  6. Erive
  7. Fajardo
  8. Faustino
  9. Freyra
  10. Frias

*Reserve RH 313 (AVR) and the necessary equipment.
*Draft a short program and e-mail it
to me for approval on July 9 or earlier.
*Please economize.
*Avoid blunders.

*Date of presentation: July 11

'Wag maging "baog"!

Walang katuturan ang pag-aaral ng Agham at Sining
kung ito ay hindi magagamit upang tugunan ang mga
suliraning panlipunan na sumasagka sa pag-unlad ng
bawat isa sa partikular at ng lipunan sa pangkalahatan.
Hindi kathang-isip ang kahirapan at pananamantala.
Wala sa alapaap ang pakikibaka ng sambayanan para sa
karapatang pantao, panlipunang katarungan at demokrasya.
Hindi dapat lumulutang ang isang intelektwal sa kawalan.
Kung magkagayon, isa rin siyang malaking kathang-isip.

Photo Exhibit

ATTENTION: students of Econ 101 (TF), Econ 101 (W), NSTP at DS 127:

Visit the Lalawigan '08 photo exhibit along LT walk.
Choose one outstanding photo in terms of quality and social relevance.
Write your choice in a 1/8 sheet of paper along with your
justification. Indicate your name and afix your signature.
Econ 101 (TF) - submit it on July 4 session
Econ 101 (W) - to be collected by Azarraga (PS students),
Crisostomo (DS) and Mabesa (AS),
then submit them on July 4 in my pigeon hole inside DSS (before 12 noon)

NSTP - to be collected by Ms. Mangulabnan
(place them in my pigeon hole inside DSS)
DS 127 - to be collected by Ms. Eguico
(place them in my pigeon hole inside DSS on July 4 before 12 noon)

Arabic to English

  • Abdul = servant
  • Abdullah = servant of Allah
  • Abdulwahid* = servant of the One

NOTE: Other entries to follow.
I'm still validating them with the help of Islamic scholars
*Thanks to SR Shahana Abdulwahid, masteral student of Islamic Studies

Econ 101 (July 9)

  • Agumbay (industrial economics)
  • Arawiran (social economics)
  • Azarraga (Islamic economics)
  • Balicsa (nationalist economics)
  • Baquiran (business economics)
  • Bauzon (womenomics)
  • Camunay (political economy)
  • Conferido (Biblical economics)
  • Cortey (urban economics)
  • Crisostomo (freakonomics)
  • Cruz (health economics)
  • Farinas (home economics)
  • Gabuna (rural economics)


  1. Limit the report to 5-6 minutes (salient points only).
  2. Provide hand-outs.
    (FORMAT: bullet format, 1/2 sheet of 8 x 11 bond paper, length-wise, Arial Narrow, 10 points)
  3. Format: topic, byline (consolidated by:), report proper, list of sources
  4. Minimum number of sources: 3

NOTE: I haven't recorded Econ 101 (W) class standing yet
so this task doesn't imply anything but just a continuation
of our Critical Political Economy ACLE.


Maraming salamat sa lahat ng nakiisa sa katatapos lamang
na Lalawigan: Mula sa Masa, Tungo sa Masa Practicum Conference
ng UP Manila Development Studies Program.