Monday, August 31, 2015

First world problems

I came across the following amusing hashtags of students that describe their struggle for academic survival amidst the strong force of temptation:

Addition to the list:

#aralowalwal (Repollo)
#sablayohayahay (Virtucio)
#acadbeforelakad (Mallari)
#studybeforeparty (Ocbina)
#haikuohaynaku (Tan)
#isanggabioisangtaon (Eblacas)
#playodelay (Eblacas)
#schoolbagopacool (Fabella)
#basaonganga (Medina)
#liblifebagolablife (Medina)
#GWAbeforeJOWA (Allerite)
#GWAPOoGWAmo (Medel)
#rebyubagolabyu (Punzalan)

#booksbeforebooze (Punzalan)

#booksbeforelooks (Marin, Montoya)

#martsaolakwatsa (Montoya)
#uunoouulit (Santos)
#submitosabit (Santos)
#pabiboopabebe (Santos)
#tanagaotunganga (Manahan)
#essayoesang (Murillo)


Add some more. Kbyetnx.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Toxic Tuesday TT

Toxic LPS.
Prepare well.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - editorial cartoon on research ethics, one-liner question for Prof Berja, LPS about CSSP faculty roster and social theories, global health output for Ms Julio and friends, infographic presentation to freshies

DS 121 - editorial cartoon on poverty surveys, Peter Wallace briefer, one-liner question for Prof Pantig, LPS about SE faculty roster and social theories, sociology of name essay, mini-flipchart presentation to freshies

DS 126 - editorial cartoon on national legislation, one-liner question for Prof Simbulan, LPS about NCPAG faculty roster, social theories and Coronel's article on dynasty building, sociopolitical issue concept map

DS 126 - editorial cartoon on national legislation, one-liner question for Dr Villegas, LPS  about CSWCD faculty roster, social theories and Coronel's article on dynasty building, application of the Allan Lichtman test

UPDATED: Social Sciences, Humanities and Health Journals for Thesis RRL

UP Asian Center's Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia
UP CSSP's Philippine Social Sciences Review
UP Archeological Studies Program's Hukay
Linguistic Society of the Philippines' Philippine Journal of Lingusitics
Ugnayang Pang-Aghamtao's Aghamtao
Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc's Philippine Journal of Social Work
Psychological Association of the Philippines' Philippine Journal of Psychology
UP School of Economics and Philippine Economic Society's The Philippine Review of Economics
Philippine Population Association's Philippine Population Review
Philippine Communication Society's Philippine Communication Review
UP Manila's Acta Medica Philippina
Philippine Geographical Society's Philippine Geographical Journal
Philippine Political Science Association's Philippine Political Science Journal
Philippine Sociological Society's Philippine Sociological Review
Diliman Review
UP Manila Journal
UP College of Mass Communications's Plaridel
DLSU's Malay Research Journal
Ateneo de Manila's Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints
Ibon's Institute of Political Economy Journals
Third World Studies Center's Kasarinlan Journal
Center for Integrative and Development Studies' Public Policy Journal
NCPAG's Philippine Journal of Public Administration
UP CSWCD's Philippine Journal of Social Development
Sentro ng Wikang Pilipino's Daluyan: Journal ng Wikang Filipino

First world problems (2nd update)

Addition to the list:

#aralowalwal (Repollo)
#sablayohayahay (Virtucio)
#acadbeforelakad (Mallari)
#studybeforeparty (Ocbina)
#haikuohaynaku (Tan)


DS sophies #walangkawala

Submit a haiku about a concept that you have learned this semester.
Adopt the concept as the title of your haiku.
Use critical perspective as frame of analysis.
Consider doing additional research to broaden and deepen your comprehension about your chosen topic.
Do not forget to cite the subject from which you encountered/learned the concept.
Use 1/8 sheet of paper.
Submit your output to Jian Santos this Tuesday.
Note: Points will be credited to DS 100.


Pagpupugay kina
Neen Sapalo at Ren Ramirez
para sa kanilang matagumpay na partisipasyon bilang mga tagapagsalita
sa isang sampaksaan sa DLSU-Dasma Development Studies Program 
ukol sa pambansa at sektoral na kalagayan ng Pilipinas  at ang kritikal na papel ng 
pangkaunlarang pananaliksik sa lipunang Pilipino.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

DS 121 presentation

Liamson - Allerite
Hosillos - Andrade
Elevazo - Aquino
Cortez - Arada #mowdel
Silva-netto - Celestino
Banga - Cuya
Curiano - Daez
Fenol - Dayrit
Junio - Charmaine dela Cruz
Uy - Reena dela Cruz
Bacea - Doropan
Bruel - Fabella
Mahusay - Feliciano
Legazpi - Ferrancol
Columbrillo - Guban
Bumatay - Manahan
Estrella - Marin
Nuestro - Manio
Caballero - Martinez
Diana - Mojica
Rivera - Munoz
Yanga - Nalus
Umali - Olmo
Collado - Collado
Bal - Pamoso
Reyes - Ocbina
Abes - Tison
Alao - Murillo
Lopez - Besana
Ines - Virtucio
De Roca - Lim
Rodriguez - Villatura
Acosta - Pineda

Set an appointment with your assigned audience.
Introduce yourself and explain the objectives of your presentation.
Present your previous DS 100 labor matrix using your improved mini-flipcharts.
Ask them to formulate three questions based on your presentation and be able to  answer their queries thoroughly.
Encourage them to also experience community integration.
Write a reflection paper about this activity.
Attach your selfie together for purposes of documentation.
Be able to accomplish this presentation early next week.


First world problems

I came across the following amusing hashtags of students that describe their struggle for academic survival amidst the strong force of temptation:

Bonus points for those who can add to this list. Email or text me. Kbye.

SS 120 practicum infographic presentation

Liamson - Bruel
Hosillos - Mungcal
Elevazo - Lomibao
Cortez - Tolentino
Silva-netto - Nacpil
Banga - Novilla
Curiano - Mendoza
Fenol - Caranay
Junio - Mariano
Uy - Olives
Bacea - Ventura
Bruel - Villarda
Mahusay - Rosales
Legazpi - Deanon
Columbrillo - Krizia dela Cruz
Bumatay - Lopez
Estrella - Cobol
Nuestro - Julio
Caballero - Tan
Diana - Buan
Rivera - Billones
Yanga - Repollo
Umali - Asuncion
Collado - Ponciano
Bal - Gray
Reyes - Basco
Abes - Montoya
Alao - Malto
Lopez - EJ Dela Cruz
Ines - Umengan
De Roca - Antonio
Rodriguez - Santiago

Acosta - Dayandante

Set an appointment with your assigned audience.
Introduce yourself and explain the objectives of your presentation.
Ask them to formulate three questions based on your presentation and be able to  answer their queries thoroughly.
Use the edited practicum infographics which you submitted in our SS 120 class.
Encourage them to also experience community integration.
Write a reflection paper about this activity.
Attach your selfie  together for purposes of documentation.
Be able to accomplish this presentation early next week.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015




Salimbayan- interplay
Salimbayan ng teorya at praktika - praxis
Daang-bakal - railway
Agham-tao - Anthropology
Talastasan - discourse
Sampaksaan - symposium
Panayam - interview, lecture
Sigwa - storm
Igpawan - to overcome
Mang-ahita - to agitate
Pukawin - arouse
Organisahin - organize
Pakilusin - mobilize
Kawaksing dekano - associate dean
Kawaksing patnugot - associate editor
Kawaksing mahistrado - associate justice
Kawaksing propesor - associate professor
Katuwang na propesor - assistant professor

SS 120, DS 121 and DS 126 graded recitation and LPS

Study the following theories, approaches and concepts:
Structuration theory
Human agency
Conflict theory
Postcolonial theory
Social exclusion
Intersectionality of social exclusion
Planned poverty
Positive peace vs Negative peace
Social network analysis


Pinakamataas na pagpupugay kay

Dr. Katrin Carla Dela Paz
BA Development Studies
Former Blockhead and Chair of the Development Studies Society

para sa kanyang pagpasa sa Physician Licensure Examination 2015

Fields of practice (to be regularly updated)

The list below shows the various fields entered into by the recent set of Development Studies graduates:
- legislative research/work (Philippine Senate)
- international development NGO (sustainable energy)
- local development NGO (child protection)
- national and local mass organizations (peasant, environment)
- poverty and development research (Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Asian Institute of Management)
- trade and shipping
- medical studies

DS 126 follow up reading task

DS 126 pananagutan class concept map

Choose a responsible partner.
Develop a concept map about a pressing socio-political issue featured in any public affairs program of any of the following TV networks.
- GMA NewsTV
- AksyonTV
- CNN Philippines
Avoid duplication of episodes if possible.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gs of Philippine elections

Gs of Philippine elections by the PolSci, OrCom and DevStud students of DS 126
Grave/Ghost (necropolitics)
Government resources
Genealogy/Grandfather/ Great grandfather
Geography/geopolitics (bulwark)
Gadget (social media)

Ms of dynasty building

7 Ms of dynasty building by Sheila Coronel

Additional Ms contributed by the PolSci, OrCom and DevStud students of DS 126
Modus operandi
Marketing (political)
Malacanang marionette
Messianic complex


Pagpupuslit - smuggling
Dalubbanwahan - political science
Himaton - clue
Aklat sining - protest art
Gahum - hegemony
Kontragahum - counterhegemony
Kawanihan - bureau
Sulatroniko - e-mail
Danum - water
Dagitab - electricity
Kalikasan - environment
Kaligiran - surrounding
Katutubong kalinangan - indigenous culture

DS 126 likas-kaya class

Form a group with five responsible members.
Apply the Allan Lichtman test in analyzing the electoral chances of Liberal Party's Mar Roxas.
Drop the social loafers from the group.

DS 121

Write an essay about the sociology of your name.


- SS 120's selected infographics for inclusion in the Practicon exhibit
- DS 121's good showing in the two rounds of LPS on contemporary health
- DS 126's (both sections) thorough/exhaustive analysis of the general profile of the Senate's present composition

Tasks for the participants in the Global Health Debate

1. Reflection paper about the GHD
2. Critical essay about one of the following topic (no duplication please)
- anti-vaccination movement
- overmedicalization of health
- global health social movements
- ethical recruitment of health human resource (international migration issue)
- debate tournaments and their potential and actual contribution to health policy reform
- critical health informatics
- political economy of medical specialization
- political economy of "Me Medicine"


Pamahayagan - press
Pahayagan - newspaper
Kitagos - transparent
Kitaninag - translucent
Banyuhay (bagong anyo ng buhay) - Metamorphosis
Sanib-lakas - synergy
Madlakasan - democracy
Kauswagan - development
Padayon - continue, sustain
Likas-kaya - sustainable
Kabanatan - resilience
Salalayan - foundation
Dalub-agham - scientist
Talaasalan - ethics
Borador - draft
Hatinig - telephone
Pahinungod - oblation
Hatim-bilang - fraction
Tumbasan - equation
Lapit, dulog sa pananaliksik - approach in research
Katugon - respondent
Kasangguni - consultant
Saribuhay - biodiversity
Buhay-ilang - wildlife
Manananggal - self-segmenting viscera sucker
Due process - tamang kaparaanan ng batas
Rule of law - pagpapanaig ng batas

Graded recitation/LPS

SS 120 - CSSP faculty roster
DS 121 - SE faculty roster
DS 126 - NCPAG faculty roster
DS 126 - CSWCD faculty roster


August 28 (Friday) is still covered by my paternity leave.
Thank you for understanding.


Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following scholars based on their respective research interests:
SS 120 - Prof Clarinda Berja
DS 121 - Prof Ida Marie Pantig
DS 126 - Prof Roland Simbulan
DS 126 - Prof Edberto Villegas

DS 121 (4 members per group)

List 100 statements of Peter Leslie Wallace featuring his position and opinion about contemporary Philippines.  Put a mark that will indicate your group's agreement or disagreement on each of his statement (a check and a cross for instance). Refer to his previously and currently published articles in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Stardard Today and the Wallace Business Forum websites.

Editorial cartoon

Draw an original editorial cartoon about the following concepts:
SS 120 - principle of beneficence and maleficence in social research
DS 121 - poverty surveys
DS 126 pananagutan class - neoliberal agenda in the Philippine national legislation*
DS 126 likas-kaya class - neoliberal agenda in the Philippine national legislation**

Research and conceptualize well.
Refrain from using trite ideas.
Present a specific scenario in the Philippine context.
Resist the "mema" culture.
Provide an appropriate title.
Use bond paper/oslo paper.

*Republic Acts only
**Senate or House Bills only

Monday, August 24, 2015

DS 126

Some students have not complied with this yet:

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My personal reading list

Bandung in the 21st Century edited by Antonio Tujan
Sociology as Applied to Medicine edited by Graham Scambler
Native Healing by WF Peate
Chit Estella: A Reader on Media Ethics, People's Issues and Governance compiled by CenPEG
UP into the 21st Century and Other Essays by Francisco Nemenzo
Media Control by Noam Chomsky
The Healing Secrets of Food by D. Kesten
The Freethinker Reader
History on the Cordillera by William Henry Scott
Development Studies edited by Jeffrey Haynes


#congratspolengsagalongos #fbcp

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - concepts*, one-liner question about chaos theory, one-liner question for EJ San Juan, sociology of name essay, optional neologism output, test on Manila Times health news

DS 121 - concepts*, K-12 optional task, one-liner question about broken window theory, one-liner question for Teo Marasigan, problematizing poverty essay, test on Manila Times health news

DS 126 - concepts*, one-liner question about elite theory, one-liner question for Danilo Arao, browsing of recommended sites, 10-item study task (notetaking), M's of dynasty building and G's of elections optional output, test on the senators' profile

DS 126 - concepts*, one-liner question about pluralist theory, one-liner question for Gerardo Lanuza, browsing of recommended sites, 10-item study task (notetaking), M's of dynasty building and G's of elections optional output, test on the senators' profile


Friday, August 21, 2015

Reading tasks

SS 120 -
DS 121 -
DS 126 -
DS 126 -

DS blockheads

Freshies - Angel Lopez
Sophies - Jian Santos
Juniors - Steven Besana
Seniors - Dianne Lopez


threat x vulnerability = risk

economic growth + economic justice = economic development

theory + practice = praxis

 reflection + action = praxis

quantity + quality of labor = human resources

consistency + frequency + intensity = effective propaganda

action + angle + anecdote = elements of a good story

equity + effectiveness + efficiency + economy = considerations in public/business administration

sun + sand + surf + smile + scalpel/surgery = medical tourism

Thursday, August 20, 2015


#thankyouOCSforthechangeofroomassignment  #ds126
#ARTernatibo2015 #iamproposingluzonvisayasmindanaoassubthemes
#8thfloor #accountingoffice
#capitalbuildup #CBU #cooperativeterm

SS 120 and DS 121 web resource

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DS 126 optional output

Add other M's to Coronel's existing 7M's of dynasty building.
Add other G's to the existing 5 G's of Philippine elections namely guns, goons, gold, glitter and garci.
Write your answers in a 1/4 sheet of yellow pad (front page: M's, back page: G's)

DS 126 study task (both sections)

Define and cite examples/cases/illustrations:
1. legal-rational leadership vs charismatic leadership vs traditional leadership
2. redistributive justice, retributive justice, restorative justice, revolutionary justice
3. ruthless growth, rootless growth, jobless growth, voiceless growth, futureless growth, meaningless growth
4. economic growth vs economic development
5. 7 Ms of dynasty building according to Sheila Coronel
6. elements of the state
7. elements of Gross National Happiness
8. elements of sustainable development
9. functions/roles of political parties
10. The Allan Lichtman test

Write your answers in your class notebook.

DS 126 online resources

SS 120

For those pairs with unreturned corrected output on celebrity activism, please submit another hard copy on Tuesday.

SS 120 optional output on neologism

Cite and define a neologism that applies in the field of Social Sciences.  Write your output in a 1/4 sheet of paper with the front page indicating the term and its definition, and the back page containing its application in the Social Sciences.  The 'no duplication' of topic applies.

Stern warning

Busy triple checking paper submission for possible cases of plagiarism...

Haiku on Vandana Shiva

by Merryl Hanna Paja
DS 126

Food dictatorship
Is meant for greedy pockets
Not empty stomachs.

by Joy Quinones
DS 126

We modify seed.
Now it's butterfly effect.
We devastate life.

SS 120

Write an essay about the sociology of your name.

DS 126 reminder

Please do not forget to indicate the following information in all your output submission:
Complete name
Course and year level
Student number


Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Epifanio San Juan
DS 121 - Teo Marasigan
DS 126 - Danilo Arao
DS 126 - Gerardo Lanuza

DS 121 - updated

Form a group with three responsible members.  Choose one area below and write an essay discussing how your chosen field of inquiry could effectively contribute in understanding, problematizing* and confronting Philippine poverty. As usual, the 'no duplication' policy applies. Use a minimum of eight references for this output.  Your output will be evaluated based on substance, coherence, grammar and comprehensiveness of sources.  NEVER PLAGIARIZE!
Political Science
Public Administration
Political Economy
Legal Studies
Philippine Studies
International Studies
Environmental Studies
Islamic Studies
Asian Studies
ASEAN Studies



Formulate a one-liner question about the following theories:
SS 120 - chaos theory in social sciences
DS 121 - broken window theory
DS 126 - elite theory
DS 126 - pluralist theory

DS 121 optional task

List 10 difficulties encountered by teachers in their experience with the K-12 curriculum. You may base your output on interviews and/or online research. Observe parallelism in your entries.


Study the following concepts and their respective application.
SS 120 - Pantayong Pananaw, Sikolohiyang Pilipino, Pilipinolohiya
DS 121 - poverty targeting, planned poverty, culture of poverty
DS 126 - horsetrading, gerrymandering, electioneering
DS 126 - administrative lag, administrative culture, politics-administration dichotomy

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Recommended websites for DS 126 - UPDATED

Monday, August 17, 2015

Farmer John - updated

Kasalukuyang nakatanim sa aming maliit na espasyo sa harap ng bahay:
Ampalayang gubat
Balbas pusa
Italian oregano

Nakalinyang itanim ngayong linggo:
Upland kangkong
Hot pepper
Bush sitao


Sunday, August 16, 2015


..checking and recording student outputs
...evaluating two journal articles in my capacity as a peer reviewer of a UPD-based academic journal
...writing a textbook about social theories
...preparing vegetable plots for planting
...learning more about immunization and vaccination for infants

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - test about the previous lecture, one-liner question for Johan Galtung and Josefina Cabigon, Gustavo Gutierrez haiku, Tan's Declinism reading task, practicum experience infographics, theory application essay, examples of declinism optional assignment

DS 121 - test about the previous lecture, test about the People's counter-SONA inforgraphics, one-liner question for Giovanni Tapang and Antonio Calipjo-Go, Isabelo delos Reyes haiku, chosen book for DS 121, Tan's Good Textbooks reading task

DS 126 (1-2:30) - test about the previous lecture, student information sheet (for those who have not submitted yet), one-liner question for Luis Teodoro and Cielito Habito, Vandana Shiva haiku, Tan's SONA 2016 reading task

DS 126 (2:30-4) - test about the previous lecture, student information sheet (for those who have not submitted yet), one-liner question for Sheila Coronel and Gus Lagman, Ferdinand Gaite haiku, Tan's E-development reading task

Espasyong nakalaan para sa DS best thesis awardee 2016


Team Linatoc - Cobol, Caranay, EJ Dela Cruz, Krizia Dela Cruz, Malto, Nacpil, Lomibao, Gutierrez, Bata,  Rumbaoa, Babat

Team Pantig - Rosales, Antonio, Tan, Olives, Villarda, Umengan, Mariano, Tolentino, Mansal, Ponciano

Team Vallejos - Asuncion, Lopez, Julio, Santiago, Montoya, Dayandante, Repollo, Bruel, Ventura

Team Mesina - Mungcal, Buan, Gray, Deanon, Leron, Buhat, Billones, Novilla, Basco, Duenas


SS 120, DS 121 and DS 126 (both sections)

Prepare also for a test about our discussion during the previous meeting. Absentees, please catch up.

SS 120 optional assignment

Cite 15 specific examples/instances of declinism based on your informal interviews with elderlies from different generations.  Write your output in a 1/4 sheet of yellow pad.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


No session this August 14 (Friday) as it is still covered by my paternity leave.
Thank you for understanding.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SS 120 essay (by pair) - UPDATED

Identify a theory and discuss its application in explaining/making sense of the following social phenomena.  Form a pair, choose one topic from the list below and observe the "no duplication" policy.
- "copycat suicides"
- nuisance candidates
- kalyeserye
- membership in Espedeject Ideology
- membership in Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association
- membership in Tadtad
- tiis-ganda phenomenon
- "organizational pasaway"
- hazing
- "furchild" phenomenon
- COC addiction
- delayed marriage
- childless couple by choice
- tsundoku
- hikikomori
- "aswang in the city"
- proliferation of MA/MS and PhD degrees
- nutritionism
- nutriceuticals
- political turncoatism



SS 120 - 38 responsible students
DS 121 -36 responsible students
DS 126 - 36 responsible students
DS 126 - 35 responsible students



Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Josefina Cabigon
DS 121 - Antonio Calipjo-Go
DS 126 (1-2:30) - Cielito Habito
DS 126 (2:30-4) - Gus Lagman

1. Familiarize the students with different scholars/scholar-activists/cause-oriented individuals and the perspectives/advocacies they represent.
2. Develop the skill of formulating incisive questions.

Antidote to laziness in studying

- Think of those who are equally or more qualified but were not able pursue UP education due to their financial and geographical circumstances.
- Think of the many sacrifices of your parents and siblings.
- Think of the prospect of learning things that you would not ordinarily encounter in books or in other learning institutions, and how this in the process will transform you and your society, especially the socially marginalized, into a better state.
- Think of your well-meaning professors who remain in UP notwithstanding the better economic opportunities and more efficient system outside.
- And most importantly, think of the ordinary Filipino taxpayers who finance portion of your university education, many of whom cannot afford to send their children to tertiary level.

SS 120

- Develop a handwritten or computer-generated infographic about any sectoral-specific, problem-specific or policy-specific issue in the community where you conducted your summer practicum.
- Avoid duplication of focus/subtopic among team members.  Arrive at an agreement in the assignment of subtopic.  Avoid any form of violence, please. :)
- Plan the content and form of your infographic.
- Observe originality.
- Use an appropriate title.
- Incorporate facts, figures, and analysis.
- Ensure coherence of the abovecited elements.
- Adopt a critical perspective.
- Observe parallelism.
- Use all caps sparingly.
- Utilize appropriate font style, font size, font color, graphics, and layout.
- Ensure the coherence of the abovecited elements.

- Seek the advice of Charles, Jecca and Jomer on how to further improve your layout.
- Bear in mind that an infographic is an advocacy tool.

Reading task

SS 120 - Michael Tan's "Declinism"
DS 121 - Michael Tan's "Good textbooks"
DS 126 (1-2:30) - Michael Tan's "SONA 2016"
DS 126 (2:30-4) - Michael Tan's "E-development"

Sources: (opinion section)



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Isa sa mga paborito kong kainan!

Nice places to visit in Malate-Ermita area (updated)

- Hiraya gallery along UN
- SC library
- Solidaridad bookshop along Padre Faura
- Halal restaurants along Mabini and MH del Pilar
- CCP library and its film collection section
- UPM University Library
- Bay walk along Roxas boulevard
- Bureau of Plant Industry near Quirino LRT
- Korean restaurants
- Tesoro Philippine handicraft shop along Mabini
- Dulang restaurant along Adriatico
- Middle eastern restaurant along Salas street

FB suggestions

Gerardo Lanuza of UP
Antonio Contreras of DLSU
Antonio La Vina of Ateneo
Nonotchka Rosca


Stern warning to chronic absentees!!!
Please start the semester right!!!

DS 121

Borrow a book authored/edited by any of the following scholar/scholar-activist.
Please avoid duplication of title.  Start reading and studying your chosen material in preparation for a portfolio you need accomplish in the following days.
- Renato Constantino
- Edberto Villegas
- Roland Simbulan
- Leothiny Clavel
- Maita Gomez
- Fatima Alvarez-Castillo
- Bobby Tuazon
- Rolando Tolentino
- Judy Taguiwalo
- Alejandro Lichauco
- Antonio Tujan
- Michael Tan
- Randy David
- Virgilo Enriquez
- Prospero Covar


Write an original haiku about the advocacy of the following social activists:
SS 120 - Gustavo Gutierrez
DS 121 - Isabelo delos Reyes
DS 126 pananagutan* - Vandana Shiva
DS 126 likas-kaya** - Ferdinand Gaite

Write in Filipino or English
Research well.
Adopt a critical perspective.
Refrain from repeating words to maximize each line.
Use symbolisms if possible.
Use an appropriate title.
Edit thoroughly.
Write legibly.
Use 1/8 sheet of paper.



I am impressed with...
- the good showing of the DS 126 Pananagutan class in our first LPS round #developmentX
- the credentials of the DS freshies based on the student information sheet they submitted #bunso
- the giant infographics of the Talim Island team during their practicum assessment #propa

I am also equally delighted with the opportunity of meeting new students in DS 126 from the esteemed Political Science and Organizational Communication Programs. Together with the Development Studies majors, let us all contribute to the strengthening of democratic institutions and processes in the country.



Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Johan Galtung
DS 121 - Giovanni Tapang
DS 126 (1-2:30 Pananagutan class) - Luis Teodoro
DS 126 (2:30-4 Likas-kaya class) - Sheila Coronel

DS 121

Prepare for a long exam on Tuesday covering all your submitted People's Counter-SONA infographics.  Secure a complete list from your classmates.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Gusto mo maging U.S.?

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - course overview, lecture-discussion  about David's "Ideological Colonization", one-liner question for V. Enriquez, Simbulan's categories of academic personnel, celebrity activism essay

DS 121 - course overview, lecture-discussion about David's "Education and Work", one-liner question for Mang Pandoy, Tan's Going Glocal notebook deliverable, foreign aid terminologies, People's counter-SONA infographic, optional marketization of education output

DS 126 (1-2:30) - course overview, lecture-discussion about David's "Relying on Surveys", one-liner question for Mahar Mangahas, political science conceps and ideas, student information sheet

DS 126 (2:30-4) - course overview, lecture-discussion about David's "The Audit Function", one-liner question for Antonio Contreras, political science conceps and ideas, student information sheet

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Health literacy

SocSci 120 reading and writing task (by pair)

- Read and analyze the article about "celebrity activism" provided in this link:
- Write an essay citing and analyzing a similar experience in the Asian/Philippine context.  
- Avoid duplication of cases.
- Use postcolonial theory as frame of analysis.

Note: Outputs with substandard form and content will not be accorded points.

Saturday, August 08, 2015


The People's SONA infographic output is intended only for my DS 121 class.  I apologize for my failure to indicate the concerned subject and the confusion that this has brought about.

Babala sa lahat ng sumusulat ng paper at thesis!

Infographics tips

- Plan the content and form of your infographics.
- Observe originality.
- Use an appropriate title.
- Incorporate facts, figures and analysis.
- Ensure coherence of the abovecited elements.
- Adopt a critical perspective.
- Observe parallelism.
- Validate your data.
- Triangulate your sources.
- Cite your sources.
- Use all caps sparingly.
- Utilize appropriate font style, font size, font color, graphics, and layout.
- Ensure the coherence of the abovecited elements.
- Bear in mind that an infographic is an advocacy tool.

Friday, August 07, 2015

DS 121 (optional grade booster)

List 10 concrete manifestations of marketization of education in other public or private higher educational institutions.  Use a combination of online research and informal interview in your data gathering.  You may or may not identify the schools in question. Observe parallelism in your entries (e.g. starting a phrase or a sentence with a verb or a noun). Write your output in a 1/2 crosswise yellow pad.


Thursday, August 06, 2015

DS 126 (both sections) - updated

Write the following information in a 1/2 crosswise yellow pad
and attach your photo as well (1x1, 1.5x1.5 or 2x2).
Full name
Year level and course
City address
Provincial address
Cell number
E-mail address
Talents and skills
Organization and position
Reason for taking DS 126
Practicum site/agency
Research interest
Thesis title/topic
Thesis adviser
GWA last semester
Career prospect

Note: The foregoing set of information will help me in better planning and organizing the handling of the course.

DS 121 People's Counter-SONA infographics - updated

- Form a pair. Avoid being a free rider.
- Choose a specific segment of P-Noy's recent SONA that centers on a particular industry/sector/issue.
- Avoid topic duplication.
- Develop an original hand-written or computer-generated infographics that will serve as a counterpoint to the mainstream SONA based on your chosen subtopic.
- Use at least five reputable references as data sources.  Cite your references correctly.
- Use an 8x11 bond paper for this output.
- Submit your infographics on August 11 (Tuesday).
- Be ready also to present this to my OrCom students in DS 126.

Note: Substandard outputs will not be graded.

Study the following assigned topics

SocSci 120 - academic proletariat, lumpen academic, public intellectual (based on Prof R Simbulan's definition)
DS 121 - tied aid, aid fatigue, green aid, sustainable aid, aid effectiveness
DS 126 (1-2:30) - political efficacy, "The personal is political", politics of happiness by Derek Bok
DS 126  (2:30-4) - political efficacy, "The personal is political", politics of happiness by Derek Bok

Tuesday, August 04, 2015



DS 121 reading task

Going glocal by Michael Tan

Read and study the article.
Research about the credentials of Michael Tan.
List and define 15 terms mentioned in the article. Research well.
Identify part(s) of the article that you do not agree with and briefly defend your position.
Write your answers in your DS 121 notebook.

To my Orcom, AreaStud and PolSci students this semester

Before we start the semester, please reflect on these two fundamental questions:
What is the key role of your course in achieving the people's development agenda?
What is the link of Development Studies to your course?

Assignment for submission on August 11

In a 1/8 sheet of paper, write a one-liner question that you would like to address to:
DS 121 - Mang Pandoy
SocSci 120 - Virgilio Enriquez
DS 126 (1-2:30 Pananagutan class) - Mahar Mangahas
DS 126 (2:30-4 Likas-kaya class) - Antonio Contreras



DS 121 - Education and work by Prof Randy David -

SocSci 120 - Ideological colonization by Prof Randy David -

DS 126 (Pananagutan section, 1-2:30) - Relying on surveys by Prof Randy David -

DS 126 (Likas-kaya section, 2:30-4) - The audit function by Prof Randy David -

Prepare for a graded recitation and a long test on August 11 (Tuesday).
Lowest scorers will be given additional tasks to accomplish.


Be a good notetaker.
Compare notes with your classmates for double checking of entries.
Come to class prepared.
Be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.
Read and study news articles and social commentaries/issue analyses.
Read in order to learn new information and various writing styles.
Maximize the library resources.
Browse books at the Solidaridad bookshop.
Triangulate your sources.
Know your professors and their pedagogy.
Attend class regularly.
Join socially relevant organizations.
Remember that creativity is as important as literacy.
Resist procrastination.
Edit your outputs.
Understand the concept of multiple intelligences.
Comprehend the Bloom's taxonomy of learning domains.
Be observant and pay keen attention to details.
Apply theory into practice.
Adopt critical perspectives in social analysis.
Be able to establish and understand the interconnections of events.
Compile and compose protest songs, protest poetry, protest cartoon and other forms of protest art.
Start a photo bank about economy, politics, environment and culture.
Set a career plan and take cognates/electives that will contribute to your career objectives.
Confer and discuss with your professors.
Develop the skills of asking questions.
Mentor other students.
Develop your leadership skills.
Conduct ethnographies.
Learn the skill of "laymanizing" complex concepts in order to make education relevant to the majority.
Use your knowledge and skills to serve the people.

As Iskolar ng Bayan, we should contribute to the liberation of the Filipino masses, not their continued  oppression and subordination.

Monday, August 03, 2015


I will not hold classes on Tuesday (August 4) and Friday (August 7) in DS 121, DS 126 and SocSci 120 to avail my paternity leave privilege. For the meantime, refer to this blog for my reading assignments and lecture notes. Thank for your kind understanding and usual cooperation.