Saturday, November 29, 2014

Econ 115, DS 121, DS 126, Thesis Proposal, NSTP 1

Submit a self-assessment of your performance in our classes this semester.  Students with multiple Ponsaran subjects may opt to come up with separate or integrated write up. You may submit this output on or before Monday evening (December 1) via e-mail. It may be written in Filipino or English.


Econ 115 - teambuilding #dti #neda
DS 121 - teambuilding #povertystudies #currentevents
DS 126 - newscasting #ph-SEArelations
DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables and consultation plus solo singing of Xmas song (no duplication) #sayasagitnangdusa

Friday, November 28, 2014

DS 126 live newscasting this Tuesday

Acampado, Ledesma, Talana, Salvador - Ph-Singapore relations
Acosta, Perez, Pinoy, Ramirez - Ph-Cambodia relations
Agdeppa, Alcantara, Catipon, De Venecia - Ph-Laos relations
Altura, Arras, Asprec, Avenido, EJ Dela Cruz - Ph-Vietnam relations
Bagalayos, Basco, Betito, Calpatura - Ph-Indonesia relations
Carpon, Dalisay, Festin, Francisco - Ph-Thailand relations
Franco, Guiyab, Hermogenes, Ignacio - Ph-Malaysia relations
Jose, Luna, Naco, Pajinag, Ramos - Ph-Brunei relations

Follow the assigned topic and observe the one subtopic per student policy.
Write an original news article.
Deliver the newscast in English.
Limit the newscast to one minute only per student.
Rehearse the presentation very well.
Accompany the newscast with a background music.
Wear formal or semi-formal attire.
Assign a main anchor who will coordinate the proper sequence.
Research online about the rudiments of newswriting and newscasting.

DS 121 teambuilding

Red - Antonio, Gutierrez, Mendoza, Santiago, Tan
Green - Asuncion, Cobol, Julio, Ricaforte, Ventura
Blue - Basco, Dayandante, Lomibao, Nacpil, Villarda
White - Billones, Deanon, Lopez, Repollo
Black - Buan, EJ Dela Cruz, Malto, Novilla, Totentino
Yellow - Buhat, K Dela Cruz, Marcelo, Olives, Serrano
Orange - Caranay, Gray, Mansal, Montoya, Ponciano
Gray - Umengan, Rosales, Mungcal, Bruel, Mariano

Per group, please invite one guest teammate from the DS seniors.
Coverage: Poverty studies and current events
At stake: 0.25 incentive in the final grade
Please email a group photo with a corresponding one-liner statement on or before Monday evening.

Econ 115 teambuilding

Team M - green
Team A - maroon
Team L - white
Team P - black

Coverage: and
At stake: 0.25 incentive in the final grade

Thursday, November 27, 2014

DS 199.2

Chillax lang...

DS 112 (Third World Studies)

- Third world population health
- Third world disaster management
- Third world foreign relations
- Third world cultural geography
- China studies

Econ 116 (Asian Economies)

- food economics in Asia
- tourism economics in Asia
- health economics in Asia
- education economics in Asia
- labor economics in Asia

Thesis topics

Betito - political economy of disaster financing
Naco - political economy disaster journalism
Francisco - political economy of cardiovascular healthcare
Asprec - content analysis of health-related public service announcements
Luna - political economy of maternal mortality
Arras - political economy of urban poor children's health
Dumalaog - political economy of buntis benefits
Karamihan - political economy of green aid
Hermogenes - political economy of stone quarrying
Jose - political economy of sustainable rural livelihood

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DS 100 (Introduction to Development Studies)

Development studies history
Development theories
Development sectors and institutions
Development research
Development studies in Asia


Pagkilala kay
G. Angelo Dennis A. Agdeppa
Organizational Communication IV
bilang bagong punong patnugot ng Manila Collegian





Econ 115 - community radio broadcasting script submission, submit a proposed additional radio program for DZUP/ (title and brief description, 1/2 crosswise), we will also have a long test first about UPLB's development communication program before we proceed to watch the VM at 9 am.
DS 121 - watch Gabriela's VM (9-12, CAS LT, P50, proceeds will go to Maselang Regalo this December), submit an editorial cartoon about body politics
DS 126 - research and read about KM, and study the assigned reading about the mass communications theories
DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables and consultation

Friday, November 21, 2014

Philippine Statistics Authority


Econ 115 community radio broadcasting project (updated)

Coffee industry in Amadeo, Cavite
Cattle auction in Padre Garcia, Batangas
Cutlery in Batangas and Pangasinan
Abaca industry in Albay
Coffin industry in Sto. Tomas, Pampanga
Fish processing in Pangasinan
Pearl farming in Palawan
Marble industry in Romblon
Historical tourism in Cavite

NSTP pulong-bayan roleplaying/skit

Issues to tackle:
trawl fishing
Balikatan exercises
Laiban dam
Save Water of Indang Movement (SWIM)
Balik Probinsya program
garlic importation and smuggling
road safety
alien invasive species
toy safety



Tuesday agenda

Econ 115 - continuation of the cooperative infographics defense

DS 121 - political cosplay about sectoral poverty (see previous post)

DS 126 - visual aid presentation (Manila paper) with corresponding photo, cosplayer and skit
Cecillia Munoz-Palma - Acampado and Acosta
Ma. Lourdes Sereno - Pinoy and Perez
Harry Roque - Naco and Pajinag
Persida Acosta - Jose and Ignacio
Remigio Saladero - Franco and Francisco
Lorna Kapunan - Hermogenes and Guiyab
Jose C. Sison - Festin and Dalisay
Reynato Puno - Asprec and Avenido
Conchita Carpio-Morales - Bagalayos and Altura
Kim Henares - Basco and Arras
Leila De Lima - Luna and Ledesma
Florentino Floro - Ramos and Ramirez
Florenz Regalado - Talana and Salvador
Joaquin Bernas - dela Cruz and Carpon
Fortun brothers - De Venecia and Catipon
Romeo Capulong - Alcantara and Agdeppa
Haydee Yorac - Betito and Calpatura

DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables and consultation

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Conscious Capitalism"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


DS 126 at Econ 115:
Basahin ang mga tampok na eksibit ukol sa Philippine Political Thought na binuo ng mga klase sa PS 196 sa LT lobby at CAS quad.
Itala ang mga mahahalagang kaalaman.



DS 121 Tuesday political cosplay (updated)

Form a group with four members. Choose a topic below. Avoid duplication of topic. Assign somebody who has not been a discussant before. Base your research in the Philippine context. Prepare a very brief cosplay monologue. Provide a visual aid in the form of a concept map. Submit a position paper related to a specific issue or problem confronting the ranks of your assigned sector. Write it in English. Research about the rudiments of position paper writing. No need for hand-outs.
security guards
elderly women
port workers
SM workers
bank workers
national athletes
hotel workers
government meteorologists


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Major grade booster

Sociological cartoon
Econ 115 - OTOP in Cavite
DS 121 - DSWD in Cavite
DS 126 - Cavite ordinance or resolution
DS 199.1 - Cavite Studies Center



Mini-ARTernatibo tampok ang mga sumusunod na sektor:
biktima ng kalamidad
katutubong Cordilleran
manggagawang pangkalusugan
maralitang tagalunsod
migranteng manggagawa

Agenda (updated)

Econ 115 - cooperative infographics defense (research well, minimize the text, be original)
DS 121 - long test (blue book) and graded recitation about medical tourism (read online journal, news, and feature articles)
DS 126 - lecture-discussion about the political economy of Philippine judiciary; test about Article 8 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution
DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables

Monday, November 17, 2014


Pangunahing konsiderasyon ko sa sociological cartoon ang katuturan nito.  Batay rito ay madaling malaman kung sinaliksik at inaral ba talaga ng mag-aaral ang paksa. #substancesubstancesubstance

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DS 121

Watch "Poor Us: An Animated Story - Why Poverty" in You Tube.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Major grade booster

Sociological cartoon (NOT editorial cartoon)
Econ 115 - CAFFMACO/Investreneur Multipurpose Cooperative/Cafe Amadeo cooperative
DS 121 - Issues and concerns about the conditional cash transfer
DS 126 - Judicial ethics
DS 199.1 - Interviewing do's and don'ts

Research well.
Be creative.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Econ 115

Panoorin sa Youtube ang Kasaysayan ng Kooperatiba (14 minutes) at Ano ang Kooperatiba (12 minutes).


Econ 115 - cooperative 101 note-taking submission; on-the-spot panel discussion about cooperatives
DS 121 - visual aid presentation by pair (expanded concept map in manila paper) with corresponding artifact. Topic: Any column article related to poverty studies authored by the following (no duplication of author per pair)
Mahar Mangahas
Alex Magno
Cielito Habito
Peter Wallace
Rolando Tolentino
Danilo Arao
Arnold Alamon
Randy David
Leonor Magtolis Briones
Michael Tan
Solita Monsod
Raymond Palatino
Rina Jimenez-David
Randy David
Walden Bello
Antonio Tinio
Giovanni Tapang
Satur Ocampo
Teo Marasigan
Gerry Lanuza
DS 126 - 20 Atty Remigio Saladero's column articles; lecture-discussion about judicial reform
DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Agenda on Friday

Econ 115 - individual speech about consumer actions directed against the following private companies (4 minutes, wear black)
SM - Acosta
Nestlé - Asprec
McDonald's - Bartolata
Meralco - Franco
Cebu Pacific - Sapalo
Globe - Manalo
P&G - Ignacio
Megaworld  - Perez
Pfizer - Ramirez

DS 121 - individual speech about sectoral poverty (4 minutes, wear black)
PWDs and poverty (Billones)
IDPs and poverty (Dayandante)
Muslims and poverty (EJ Dela Cruz)
Costruction workers and poverty (Buhat)
Semiproletariat and poverty (Gray)
Teachers and poverty (Mariano)
Transport workers and poverty (Ricaforte)
Homeless and poverty (Rosales)
Cultural workers and poverty (Serrano)
Transport workers and poverty (Santiago)

DS 126 - long exam about the Senate (recent news and news archives) -

DS 199.1 - revised RRLs and thesis proposals

Monday, November 10, 2014



Saturday, November 08, 2014

Friday, November 07, 2014


Econ 115 - long test (Karganilla materials about consumer studies, Consumer Act of the Philippines -, and highlights of the consumer protection tips) Note: No need to set up the visual aids anymore. Bring one whole sheet of yellow pad.
DS 121 - Per group of 4 members, bring a scrabble boardgame set. I am extending the newscasting AVP submission on Friday to allow you more time to polish your outputs.
DS 126 - Observe the all chairs against the wall set up. Consistent with our senators' watch output, include the brief profile, legislative record and controversies for our HOR watch presentation.
DS 199.1 - revised RRL submission, thesis proposal deficiency submission

NSTP deliverables

Concept map about Teo Marasigan's Kapirasong Kritika articles
Concept map about Rolando Tolentino's Pinoy Weekly articles
Concept map about Rogelio Ordonez's Pinoy Weekly articles

No duplication of articles.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Ocbina deliverables

Dagli about semi-peripheries
Editorial cartoon about BRIC
Position paper about the "no-dwell zone" policy
Annotated bibliography of Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth



Wednesday, November 05, 2014




Econ 115 - Read the articles Consumerism for Beginners and Buy Filipino by Prof BLM Karganilla; Consumer Protection Tips (milk, water, meat, medicine, rice, oil, LPG, bread, vegetables, fruits, fish, automobile,  condominium, insurance, hospital, electricity, bank, etc.)
DS 121 - Health and society cosplay
Barefoot doctor
Forensic medicine
Cuban doctor
Bobby dela Paz
Postmodern doctor
Burn specialist
Bumrungrad doctor (medical tourism)
DS 126 - Philippine senators: profile, legislative record and controversies inforgraphics or concept maps
DS 199.1 - Thesis proposal submission and RRL consultation