Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random points

random points

NSTP Show and Tell II (Oct. 4)

  • Bring any artifact that depicts poverty and underdevelopment in the Third World.
  • Coordinate with Ms. Mangulabnan to avoid duplication of entries.
  • Submit a 1-page handwritten report about your artifact. Research well.
  • Include facts and figures from reputable sources.
  • Please limit the presentation to 2 minutes only.
  • Opening remarks: Mangulabnan
  • Closing remarks: More
  • Session starts at 8:30 to accommodate everyone.
  • Grading system: uniqueness of artifact (50%), discussion (50%)

DS 127 Pre-Final Exam (October 4)

  • The exam will be by way of elimination.
  • Latecomers will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • Students who will not be able to pass the first set shall not qualify to take the next set.
  • The same policy will govern the subsequent sets until the top 3 students emerge.
  • Top 3 highest scorers will get 1.0 in the final grade.
  • In order to merit 1.0 in the final grade, students must pass all the sets.
  • Each set is composed of 10 questions.
  • The passing score is 5.
  • Bring 10 1/4 sheets of yellow pad, 2 ballpens (different ink)
  • Coverage:
    -Chapter 10 (Rural and Urban Communities) from Socio-Anthro by Epitacio Palispis
    -Chapter 18 (Communities and Urbanization) from Sociology by Jean Stockard (2nd ed.)*
    -and other related literature about urbanization

    *available at the reserved section of the CAS library

Monday, September 29, 2008

random points

Roles performed by the Global South to the Global North

  1. supplier of raw materials/primary products
  2. source of cheap and docile labor force (manufacturing, services)
  3. dumping ground of its surplus commodities
  4. repository of its toxic and electronic wastes
  5. extension of its financial capital expansion
  6. extension of its mcdonaldized culture (coca-colonization)
  7. launching pad and venue of its war of aggression

    Anything else?

The U.S. Financial Crisis and the Philippines’ Economic Debacle by CENPEG

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Money Meltdown and You by Cielito Habito


random points


  • house construction sector = can spur economic growth and alleviate poverty by taking advantage of its multiplier effect (16.6%) Source: HUDCC
  • HUDCC Chair = VP Noli de Castro
  • housing construction = is a labor intensive activity
  • Hernando de Soto = http://www.cato.org/special/friedman/desoto/index.html

random points

random points

Friday, September 26, 2008

DS 123 Entrepreneurship in the Philippines

  • Bacon*, Laforteza, Balanag, Manarang, Teves (Jan. 2008 issue)
  • Catsao*, Freyra, Lepatan, Frias (Feb. 2008 issue)
  • Cruz*, Nombrado, Perez (Mar. 2008 issue)
  • Erive, Solano*, Tejada, Vicente (April 2008 issue)
  • Lu, Fajardo*, Gagarin, Sanicas (May 2008 issue)
  • Faustino, Rodriguez, Reburiano*, Rigodon (June 2008 issue)
  • Go, Tria, Navarro*, Rosario (July 2008 issue)
  • Hugo*, Tanyag, Vizcarra, Atanacio (Aug. 2008 issue)

-Read and analyze the assigned issue of Entrepreneur Philippines.
-Back issues are available at the journal section of the library.
-Analyze the magazine using 4 concepts in marketing, advertising or consumer behavior.
-Research well.
-Use manila paper as visual aid.
-Limit the presentation to 4 minutes only. Timer: Sanicas
-Photocopy the particular pages of the magazine that will highlight/illustrate your discussion.
-*speaker of the group

Agenda (Sept. 30-Oct 4)

  • DS 123 (Sept. 30) - The Economist online glossary (C,D,E,F)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 30) - graded recitation on current national and international economic situationer
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 30) - ACLE on political economy of food and nutrition
  • Econ 101 (Oct. 1) - http://jk22b.blogspot.com/2008/09/econ-101-w.html
  • DS 123 (Oct. 3) - reporting on entrepreneurship in the Philippines
  • Econ 101 (Oct. 3) - show and tell economic artifact (2nd set)
  • Econ 11 (Oct. 3) - long exam (blue book) The Economist online glossary (A,B,E,F)
  • NSTP (Oct. 4) - TBA
  • DS 127 (Oct 4) - TBA

Thursday, September 25, 2008

American Dream

American dream = widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did (wordnet.princeton.edu)

random points

Kwentong Kathang-Isip

Popoy: Bakit ka sa Peyups nagtuturo ngayon?
Bok-bok: P'wede ko samantalahin kasi hindi mahigpit sa attendance.
Popoy: S'werte mo! (Malas naman ng taxpayers at mga Isko't Iska!)

* * *

Popoy: 'Di kaya magreklamo ang mga students mo kasi lagi kang wala?
Bok-bok: Sana hindi kasi bibigyan ko naman sila ng mataas na grado.

* * *

Popoy: Anong ginagawa nila kapag wala ka?
Bok-bok: Research paper.
Popoy: Sana lang binabasa mo talaga kasi pinagpaguran at pinagkagastusan nila 'yun.
Bok-bok: __________________________________________


Hindi lamang isa o dalawang beses ko narining sa iba na kaya diumano
"minamalas" ang Pilipinas ay dahil babae ang kasalukuyang pangulo.
Ganitong-ganito rin daw ang kalagayan ng bansa noong panahon ni Gng. Aquino.
Totoo ngang biktima pa rin ang mga kababaihan ng pagtatangi sa lipunan.
Isinasaisang-tabi ng patriyarkal na pananaw na ito na
ang puno't dulo ng krisis ay ang nananaig na sistema.
Totoong dapat din silang managot pero hindi ito dapat iugat sa kanilang pagiging babae
kundi sa kanilang ideolohiya at sa sistemang nagluwal sa ganitong ideolohiya.

-Poldo Pasangkrus

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

random points

Basic rights of workers (Source: CTUHR)

random points

Economic diversification

"A smart bank or insurance company spreads out the risk with a combination of investments. The non-technical way of explaining it is this: It is a calculated combination of some high-risk (and, ergo, high-yield) investments for maximum profit and some low-risk (often, low-yield) investments for balance and stability."

- Atty. Connie Veneracion
columnist, Manila Standard Today

random points

Econ 11 Rescheduling

  • Sept. 26 (F) - continuation of graded recitation on Todaro glossary (CAS students only*)
  • Sept. 30 (T) - ACLE on political economy of food and nutrition
  • Oct. 3 (F) - long exam (blue book) The Economist online glossary (A, B, E, F)

    *CN seniors are excused to give them sufficient time
    to prepare for a college activity later that day.

Econ 101 (W)

Dumalo kahit isa sa alinman sa mga sumusunod kong klase mula Set. 26-30
para mapunan ang suspensyon ng klase sa Okt. 1 (8:00-12:00).

-Econ 101 (TF) GAB 102 (Sept. 26&30, 11:30-1:30)
-Econ 11 (TF) College of Nursing Rm 217 (Sept. 26&30, 2:30-4:00)
-NSTP (S) GAB 208 (Sept. 27, 9:00-12:00)
-DS 127 (S) RH 229 (Sept. 27, 1:00-4:00)

Pakisabihan ang iba ninyong kamag-aral sa Econ 101 (W).

DS 123 Sept. 26 recitation

Mag-aral mabuti.

Econ 101 TF Show and Tell (Sept. 26)

  • Opening remarks: Ms. Jalina
  • Closing remarks: Mr. Roa
  • No duplication of artifacts.
  • Bring 1 artifact per pair (Choose your partner).
  • Discuss the political economy of your artifact.
  • Research well. Use at least 5 references.
  • Observe the time limit of 2 minutes per pair. Timer: Ms. Delfin
  • Submit a 1-page written report (handwritten).
  • Grading system: uniqueness of the artifact (50%), discussion (50%)

    Note: The group tasked to report on Political Economy of Metropolitan Iloilo need not present anymore. Just distribute your group's hand-outs (sentence-outline ).

Program Heads

  • Prof. Jerome Ong, MA History (UP Diliman) = Area Studies Program
  • Prof. Carl Marc Ramota, BA Political Science (UP Manila) = Political Science Program
  • Prof. Roland Simbulan, MPA (New York University) = Development Studies Program

Google presenteeism

Google presenteeism


random points

  • sovereign debt = debt instrument guaranteed by the government
  • Philippines = 5th mineralized country in the world
  • approach = dulog o lapit (e.g. approach in teaching/studying history)
  • "Dutch disease" = http://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dutchdisease.asp
  • transnational crimes = e.g. smuggling, drug trafficking,
    arms trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, piracy,
    and human trafficking (e.g.
    commercial sex workers, forced laborers
    and unwilling organ donors according to Rep. Joel Villanueva)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quotes from Thomas Friedman (Time, 22 September 2008)

  • If this many people (the middle classes) are able to live like Americans,
    the energy and environment implications will be explosive."
  • "The fuel that powered our growth was not inexpensive, inexhaustible, and benign.
    It's expensive, exhaustible, and toxic."

Urban Studies


random points

  • catch up effect = the property whereby countries that start off poor tend to grow more rapidly than countries that start off rich (Mankiw)
  • mutual fund = an institution that sells shares to the public and uses the proceeds to buy a portfolio of stocks and bonds (Mankiw)
  • stocks = a claim of partial ownership in a firm (Mankiw)
  • bonds = a certificate of indebtedness (Mankiw)
  • Navotas fishport = supplies 80% of the NCR requirements (Entrepreneur)
  • 47 years old = average age of the superwealthy (New Elite by Taylor, et. al.)
  • rational man = economic man = homo oeconomicus

Just 5 of the many texts I received from concerned students

  • "Naalala k my 2 linggo straight po n d nia kme cnicpot."
  • "Sa isang month nakaka-3-5 class lang po siya."
  • "Umaabot po sa punto na 6 out of 8 sessions in a month. 2 beses lang po sya pumasok bale sa isang buwan."
  • "Puro nlang rsearch at di pa pumapasok mdalas. kawawa nman ang mga estudyante lalo na ung gusto matuto."
  • "if he won't be committed in hs teachng profession, nku dapt mgresign na sya."

Monday, September 22, 2008

A forwarded text joke (College Vocabulary)

  • absent = to protest to a lousy teacher
  • allowance = force that motivates a student to go to school
  • ballpen = best seller of the bookstore
  • bonus = the key to passing the exam
  • I.D. = alternative ruler to draw straight lines
  • late = happens when the teacher arrives earlier than you expected
  • studying = causes sleepiness faster than a sleeping pill
  • clinic = home of the best actors and actresses
  • tomorrow = deadline

Sure 1.0 so far

  • DS 123 (Lu, Teves, Perez)
  • Econ 101-TF (Madarang, Del Carmen, Burgos)
  • DS 127 (Fernandez)
  • Econ 101-W (Sanchez, Arawiran, Mabansag)
  • Econ11 (?)

Elements of Radicalization of the Bangsamoro

  • Economic marginalization and destitution
  • Threatened Moro and Islamic identity
  • Political domination and minoritization
  • Hopelessness under the present majority government

    (Source: Mindanao and Bangsamoro: Prospects for Peace
    by Amina Rasul of Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

random points


random points

random points

Saturday, September 20, 2008


DS 127

Dahil naging mahusay sa pangkalahatan ang itinanghal na mga talumpati ukol sa ekonomyang pulitikal ng industriya ng transnasyunal na pagmimina, binabawi ko ang inanunsyong dalawang karagdagang pahina na kailangang isumite sa susunod na linggo. Sa halip ay ipasa na lamang ang mga iniwastong pahina na isinumite ninyo ngayong Sabado (na sisikapin kong maibalik sa Martes). Isumite rin ang mga nakaraang pahinang hindi pa ninyo naibabalik ang wastong kopya para mas maaga nating matipon at mabuo proyektong libro.

Maghanda mabuti sa ikalawang bahagi ng show and tell. Ilimita sa 2 minuto ang talakayan bawat mag-aaral. Magpasa rin ng 1-pahinang ulat ukol dito (sulat-kamay). Maghanda rin sa mahabang pagsusulit ukol sa mga babasahin ibinahagi. Salamat.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


DS 123 random jottings (bullet format, 3 members per group)

Umantabay sa mga programa at patalastas ng ABS-CBN-2, GMA-7, DZMM at DZBB.
Itala sa blue book ang inyong mga napansin, saloobin o puna.
Maaaring iugnay ang mga konsepto at teoryang
natutunan ninyo mula sa klase at iba pang asignatura.
Ikonsolida at ipasa ito sa Setyembre 26.

random points

  • microlending = when small amounts of money are loaned to budding entrepreneurs
    (Mark Austin Thomas)
  • microvending = when small business owners sell tiny amounts of their products
    (Mark Austin Thomas)
  • mini-me = a person closely resembling a smaller or younger version of another
    (Concise Oxford English Dictionary)
  • miniaturization = creation of ever-smaller scales
    for mechanical and electronic
    products and devices (Wikipedia)
  • heightism = http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,905442,00.html

Basic sectors (National Anti-Poverty Commission)

  • cooperatives
  • fisherfolks
  • farmers
  • indigenous peoples
  • urban poor
  • victims of disasters/calamities; internally displaced persons (IDP)
  • women sector
  • senior citizen
  • youth and students sector
  • formal labor and migrant workers
  • workers in the informal sector
  • persons with disabilities (PWD)

FIELDS: Government's interventions to arrest the rice problem

  • Fertilizer (organic and inorganic)
  • Irrigation facilities
  • Extension, education (soil science, farm technologies, etc.)
  • Low interest loans
  • Dryers and other postharvest facilities
  • Seeds

random points

  • brain drain = flow of talent to developed countries;
    loss of our best talents to other nations (Sen. Angara)
  • "white elephant" = an investment or firm which is more of a liability than an asset;
    an unprofitable investment
  • upskill = to learn additional skills (Concise Oxford English Dictionary)
  • obesogenic = tending to cause obesity (Concise Oxford English Dictionary)
  • Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention =

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THE STORY OF STUFF by Annie Leonard (Please view)

Thanks to Mr. Murillo for introducing me to the website

Agenda (updated)

  • DS 123 (Sept. 19) - LPS on Philippine national artists
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 19) - exam on The Economist online glossary (A-B)
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 19) - No session (I was tasked to attend a seminar on knowledge management)
  • NSTP (Sept. 20) - recitation on Gidden's Sociology glossary
  • DS 127 (Sept. 20) - Philippine mining industry ACLE; submission of 4 page entries
  • DS 123 (Sept. 23) - talumpati II (Philippine Studies)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 23) - political economy of Metropolitan Manila, Iloilo and Davao
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 23) - recitation on The Economist online glossary (C-D)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 24) - part I (recitation), part II (exam by elimination)
  • DS 123 (Sept 26) - recitation on Economic Development glossary (to be provided)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 26) - show and tell (economic artifacts, by pair)
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 26) - recitation The Economist online (A-B)
  • NSTP (Sept. 27) - ACLE on Philippine fishing industry
  • DS 127 (Sept. 27) - show and tell part II (eco-sophy/eco-activism/eco-situationer)

Econ 101 TF (Sept. 23)

  • Political economy of Metropolitan Manila (PolSci)
  • Political economy of Metropolitan Iloilo (DevStud)
  • Political economy of Metropolitan Davao (AreaStud)

    Note: 20 minutes each group, hand-outs: 1/2 lengthwise

random points

random points

  • transfer pricing = an accounting procedure usually designed to lower total taxes paid by multinational corporations in which intra-corporate sales and purchases of goods and services are artificially invoiced so that profits accrue to the branch offices located in low-tax countries (tax havens) while offices in high-tax countries show little or no taxable profits (Source: Todaro)
  • outsourcing = subcontracting work to contractors outside the firm;
    it is called offshoring if subcontracted to a firm in another country
    (e.g. call center, medical transcription)
  • The Roots of Crisis: A Neocolonial State = http://www.bulatlat.com/news/4-40/4-40-roots.html

Economic Development glossary

Talumpati (Sept. 23)

  • Atanacio Bacon, Balanag*, Catsao, Teves (Political Psychology of Miriam Santiago)
  • Cruz, Erive, Fajardo, Faustino*, Tria (Sociology of Obesity)
  • Freyra, Frias*, Gagarin, Go, Vicente (Cultural Politics of Toys)
  • Hugo, Laforteza*, Lepatan, Lu, Vizcarra (Sociology of Childhood)
  • Manarang*, Navarro, Nombrado, Perez (Sociology of Political Humor)
  • Reburiano, Rigodon*, Rodriguez, Rosario (Political Economy of Shopping Behavior)
  • Sanicas, Solano, Tanyag, Tejada* (Political Psychology of Conrado de Quiros)

-*magsisilbing tagapagsalita
-Pagtulungang bumuo ng talumpati sa wikang Filipino.
-Ikonteksto ang talumpati sa lipunang Pilipino.
-Bigyan ako ng kopya ng talumpati sa araw ng pagtatanghal.
-Magsaliksik mabuti. Gumamit ng 8-10 sanggunian.
-5-6 na minuto lamang kada talumpati. Timer: Vizcarra
-Maghanda ng katambal na PPT presentation habang binibigkas ang talumpati.
-Tiyaking naka-save sa isang laptop ang lahat ng PPT file.
-Tiyakin din na may back-up copy. Traydor ang teknolohiya.
-Si Maple ang nakatokang magreserba ng LCD.
-Si Zoe naman ang nakatoka sa teknikal na aspeto.
-Si Val ang tagapagpadaloy ng programa.
-Si RC ang nakatokang magreserba ng podium.
-Mas paghandaan at pagbutihin.

Philippine ranking in the WB's ease of doing business


World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap

Four critical areas of inequality between men and women
  • economic participation and opportunity:
    outcomes on salaries, participation levels and access to high-skilled employment
  • educational attainment:
    outcomes on access to basic and higher level education
  • political empowerment:
    outcomes on representation in decision-making structures
  • health and survival:
    outcomes on life expectancy, health expectancy and sex ratio

    Source: http://www.weforum.org/en/initiatives/gcp/Gender%20Gap/index.htm

Econ 101 TF (Sept. 19), Econ 101 W (Sept. 24)

  • The exam will be by way of elimination.
  • Latecomers will not be allowed to take the exam.
  • Students who will not be able to pass the first set
    shall not qualify to take the next set.
  • The same policy will govern the subsequent sets until the top 3 students emerge.
  • Top 3 highest scorers will get 1.0 in the final grade.
  • In order to merit 1.0 in the final grade, students must pass all the sets.
  • Each set is composed of 10 questions.
  • The passing score is 5.
  • Bring 10 1/4 sheets of yellow pad, 2 ballpens (different ink)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dr. Walden Bello on globalization


An invitation to a lecture entitled

From Weapons to Ploughshares?:
The Conversion of the U.S. Military Bases and Facilities in the Philippines

by Prof. Roland G. Simbulan, MPA
Development Studies Program
Department of Social Sciences

September 16, 2008 (Tuesday) 4:00 - 7:00 PM
Alumni Conference Room, Rizal Hall
College of Arts and Sciences
University of the Philippines Manila

random points

  • environmental courts = green benches
  • technology transfer = process by which one party gains access
    to technology of another party, and successfully learns it and
    applies it for productive ends. (Sen. Legarda's SB 2595)
  • rights based approach to legislation =
  • QRT = quick reaction team

Saturday, September 13, 2008

random points

Friday, September 12, 2008

random points

Agenda (Sept. 16-20)

  • DS 123 (Sept. 16) - talumpati (situationers)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 16) - Todaro glossary (A-Z)
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 16) - ACLE on political economy of Philippine labor issues
    Note: Submission of the paper on consumer economics, consumer behavior, marketing (Sept. 23)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 17) - continuation (tanghal tula), long exam (Todaro glossary)
  • DS 123 (Sept. 19) - recitation (pambansang alagad ng sining)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 19) - discussion and recitation (current national issues)
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 19) - discussion and recitation (Philippine political economy overview)
  • NSTP (Sept 20) - recitation (any Sociology glossary)
  • DS 127 (Sept 20) - Political economy of Philippine mining industry

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Video clips

Dean's justification regarding the attendance checking policy

random points

random points

random points

Still on attendance checking policy to monitor professors

Read Prof. Mangubat's stand pertaining to the attendance checking policy.
See attachment: impe-sept 9 ltr.doc http://benjaminmangubat.multiply.com/journal

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

DS 123 (Sept. 16) Talumpati (Situationer)

  • Atanacio*, Bacon, Balanag, Catsao, Teves (cooperative)
  • Cruz, Erive*, Fajardo, Faustino, Tria (halal food industry)
  • Freyra*, Frias, Gagarin, Go, Vicente (medical tourism industry)
  • Hugo, Laforteza, Lepatan, Lu, Vizcarra* (franchising industry)
  • Manarang, Navarro, Nombrado*, Perez (hog industry)
  • Reburiano, Rigodon, Rodriguez, Rosario* (real estate industry)
  • Sanicas, Solano, Tanyag*, Tejada (casino)

-*magsisilbing tagapagsalita
-Pagtulungang bumuo ng talumpati sa wikang Filipino.
-Ikonteksto ang talumpati sa lipunang Pilipino.
-Tiyaking may tindig ang bawat talumpati.
-Bigyan ako ng kopya ng talumpati sa araw ng pagtatanghal.
-Magsaliksik mabuti. Gumamit ng 8-10 sanggunian.
-5-6 na minuto lamang kada talumpati.
-Maghanda ng katambal na PPT presentation habang binibigkas ang talumpati.
-Tiyaking naka-save sa isang laptop ang lahat ng
PPT file.
-Tiyakin din na may back-up copy. Traydor ang teknolohiya.
-Si Maple ang nakatokang magrereserba ng LCD.
-Si Zoe naman ang nakatoka sa teknikal na aspeto.
-Si Jelle ang tagapagpadaloy ng programa.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Please collect the classcards of your classmates on Friday (Sept. 12).

  • DS 123 = Teves
  • Econ 101 (TF) = Geron
  • Econ 11 = Legaspi
  • Econ 101 (W) = Camunay
  • NSTP = Mangulabnan
  • DS 127 = Cauton

random points

Attendance checking policy

A new attendance checking policy to monitor professors is being implemented at CAS.
The (already overworked yet underpaid) security guards were tasked by the college administration to serve as attendance checkers. This policy, according to a senior faculty, is first of its kind in UP.

The security guards submit their tallies to the Dean. Then the Dean sends a memo to the professors who don't declare their absences in their daily time record (DTR). In some cases, professors were marked absent even if they only held their classes in another room. In order to rectify the wrong record, the (also overworked yet underpaid and sometimes unappreciated) professors need to provide a justification by filling up a slip.

Many professors find the policy insulting and oppressive.

If the intention of the policy is to identify the professors who are habitual absentees, I believe that the semestral student evaluation of their professors as an internal control mechanism is more than sufficient. Why then is it being administered every semester if it's not serving its purpose?

Kilala naman natin kung sino ang (mga) malimit (talamak!) lumiban sa klase dahil sa raket.
Kilala naman natin kung sinong (mga) propesor ang mas marami
pang pagliban sa klase kaysa sa kanyang mga estudyante.
Ang tanong ng karamihan ay bakit kailangang idamay ang lahat sa patakarang ito
gayong tukoy naman kung (sinu-)sino ang inuuna ang raket kaysa sa batayang
responsibilidad sa pamantasan at sa kanyang (kanilang) mga estudyante?

Another senior faculty puts it succinctly when he said, "When you want to catch
the shark, don't drain the entire ocean."

Dear readers, we need your opinion about this issue.
Kindly e-mail (jnponsaran@yahoo.com) or text me regarding your comments.

DS 123 Midterm Exam (Sept. 9)

  • The exam will be by way of elimination.
  • The exam will start at exactly 10:05 AM.
    Latecomers are not allowed to take the exam.
  • Students who will not be able to pass the first set
    shall not qualify to take the next set.
    The same policy will govern the subsequent sets
    until the top 5 students emerge.
  • Each set is composed of 10 questions.
  • Bring 10 1/4 sheets of yellow pad, 2 ballpens (different ink)
  • Coverage: http://jk22b.blogspot.com/2008/08/ds-123-sept-9-midterm-exam-disregard.html

Thursday, September 04, 2008


This website is the company's attempt to ensure sustained profit despite people's improving
health-seeking behavior by removing the guilt associated with softdrinks consumption.


Agenda (Sept. 9-13)

  • DS 123 (Sept. 9) - submission of translation output; midterm exam
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 9) - group reporting on the political economy
    of absenteeism (teachers, medical providers, congressmen)
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 9) - 2:00-4:00 PGH Science Hall (State of the Nation's Health)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 10) - Tanghal Tula III
  • DS 123 (Sept. 12) - show and tell (death and culture)
  • Econ 101 (Sept. 12) - group face-off (labor market flexibility)
  • Econ 11 (Sept. 12) - part II of the recitation on the Todaro glossary
  • NSTP (Sept. 13) - film viewing
  • DS 127 (Sept. 13) - film viewing


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Econ 101 (Sept 10) Tanghal Tula

  • Agumbay (financial intermediary)
  • Arawiran (moral superiority of free market system)
  • Azarraga (tax efficient)
  • Balicsa (conspicuous consumption)
  • Baquiran (power elite)
  • Bauzon (price gouging)
  • Camunay (http://www.ibon.org/)
  • Conferido (positional goods)
  • Cortey (institutional population)
  • Crisostomo (commodity fetishism)
  • Cruz (time value of money)
  • Farinas (Third Way)
  • Garino (animal spirits)
  • Javier (frictional unemployment)
  • Javillonar (green growth)
  • Mabansag (meaningless growth)
  • Mabanglo (Open World by Philippe Legrain)
  • Mabesa (No Logo by Naomi Klein)
  • Moncada (zero-sum game)
  • Sanchez (The World is Flat)
  • Santos (first mover advantage)
  • Torrecampo (tragedy of the commons)
  • Vicente (construction boom)
  • Gamao (green construction)

    Note: Those who haven't delivered yet for the past 2 sets may still present.

GMA-appointee Sec. Esperon is a paradox to the peace agenda

"Former AFP Chief Hermogenes Esperon is a paradox to peace process because
all throughout his military life he was devoted to searching and destroying enemies.
Government incompetence killed the peace negotiation and
so these people have to go and go quickly.
They should take the cue from the Japanese and resign or commit harakiri."

-Sen. Chiz Escudero

random points

Prof. Mangubat's unorthodox Rizal Course


random points

  • squatters = informal dwellers
  • 4 tenure status of a housing unit (Source: NSCB)
    -owned or being amortized
    -occupied for free with owner's consent
    -occupied for free w/o owner's consent/knowledge
  • morbidity = frequency of illnesses, injuries and disabilities
  • "surveillance society" = CCTV society = "dataveillance society" =

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

random points

NSTP Show and Tell (political artifact) Sept. 6

  • No duplication please.
  • Discuss the relevant information about your chosen artifact.
  • Observe the 1-2 minutes per student time limit.
  • Submit a 1 page handwritten report about the artifact.
  • Refrain from buying any artifact for the sake of having something to present.
  • Show and tell will follow the online notes recitation and the Malong ACLE.
  • Session starts at 8:00 a.m.

Monday, September 01, 2008

DS 127 Political Economy of Philippine Mining (Sept. 20)

  1. Advani, Lopez, Meneses* (Cordillera People's Alliance spokesperson)
  2. Angeles, Elefan, Onanad* (Himpad Mangumalas)
  3. Baldres*, Tan, Politud (Michael Defensor)
  4. Baquiran, Francisco*, Rosales (Sis. Mary John Mananzan)
  5. Belgira, Gamao, Santos* (Artemio Panganiban)
  6. Bruselas, Hechanova, Fernandez* (Raul Segovia)
  7. Caranto, Martinez, Tecson* (Natividad Lacdan)
  8. Cauton, Javier*, Sabrina V. (Peter Wallace)
  9. Concepcion, Lara*, Kris Anne V. (Amira Lidasan)
  10. de la Cruz*, Honrade, Yasay (Bishop Arturo Bastes)
  11. Duquiatan, Mayoca, Eguico* (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo)

    -*assigned speaker (costume is optional)
    -Write a position paper consistent with the
    social/business advocacy of the assigned person to your group.
    -No free-rider please.
    -RESEARCH WELL. Use a minimum of 8 references.
    -Kindly provide me a copy of the position paper.
    -Limit the speech to 5-6 minutes. Timer: dela Cruz
    -Prepare a PPT background.
    -Technical Committee: Cauton, Politud and Tecson
    -Reservation Committee (podium, equipment, etc.): Cauton, Onanad and Martinez
    -Emcee: Advani
    and Rosales

Econ 101 (Sept. 12)


Merits - 30 min.
(Abris, Burgos, Santos, Madarang, de Grano, W, X)
Demerits - 30 min.
(Alfonso, Ang, Orense, Geron, del Carmen, Y, Z)

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