Monday, July 26, 2010

DS 127 (Human ecology) AVP interview

  • Toxic colonialism by Prof. Simbulan (Reyes)
  • Corporate greed and environmental plunder by Dr. Villegas (Altavano, Domagsang, Daquis, De Guzman)
  • Community safety and women's welfare by Prof. Castillo (Bautista, Duhaylungsod, Fabros)
  • Occupational hazard by Dr. Lu (Daradal, Rojo, Coronel, Fernandez)
  • Environment-spirituality connection by Prof. Devora (Cruz, Cruz, Peji)
  • Patterns of environmental management of migrants by Dr. del Mundo (Arnanta, Garcia, More)
  • Cancer and environmental degradation by Dr. Llave (Padilla, Nartea, Arquiza, Acharon)
  • Poverty-related diseases by Dr. dela Paz (Detros, Congbalay, Gamara, Domingo)
  • Environmental management and sustainable agriculture by Prof. Mesina (Baltazar, Cossid, Ingeniero, Sims)
  • Indigenous knowledge systems and practices by Dr. Padilla (Reyes, Padilla, Saliganan)

  • TNC pesticide poisoining by Dr. Quijano (Cuervo, Gregorio)
  • Biochemistry for the mMasses by Dr. Reyes (Ciriaco)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 27-28 agenda (toxic)

  • NSTP - face off on security issues; submission of integration paper and commentary on a commentary III
  • Econ 115 - continuation of individual reporting on finance and development; submission of commentary on a commentary I (Habito, Monsod or Chanco)
  • DS 126 - graded recitation on the media readings (3); continuation of group presentation on a specific media theory and its application; grouping for an upcoming activity
  • DS 123 - Women's health (done); Men's health (to be continued); graded recitation on the State of the Nation's Health by A. Romualdez; health updates (+ and -)
  • DS 127 - continuation of the flipchart presentation by group; show&tell by pair of eco-artifact; submission of book hunting activity II; submission of interview questionnaires for the recorded interview project

Monday, July 19, 2010


Matagal nabinbin ang blog dahil sa teknikal na problema sa laptop.

Prof. Simbulan on people's governance

"Good governance means making government accountable, efficient, and responsible to the people's needs.
But the World Bank (WB) uses the term to actually mean government's compliance
in implementing neoliberal conditions and policies.
I would rather use the word People's Governance to mean putting the interest and well-being of the poor, marginalized, and dispossessed, and empowering them above other interests."

-Prof. Roland G. Simbulan

July 23 (Friday)

  • NSTP - ACLE on Macliing Dulag's life and struggle
  • Econ 115 - individual reporting
    -credit card (done)
    -pyramid outsourcing scam
    -anti-money laundering act (done)
    -common bank fraud
    -pawnshop (done)
    -casino capitalism
    -financial literacy bill
    -anti-credit card debt collection harassment bill
    -foreign remittance
    -local remittance
  • DS 126 - application of mass communication theories
  • DS 123 - graded recitation on FGM