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random points (updated)

NALUPA = national land use plan act
banyuhay = bagong anyo ng buhay = metamorphosis
pamangkin = para namang akin
TRACE  = trace, resistance, alternative, consequences, effects (Anderson, 2010)
WIP = work in progress
5 e's in governance = economy, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, ethics
R's in waste management = reuse, reduce, recycle, recover, refuse (e.g. refuse plastic bags)
S's in medical tourism = scalpel, sun, surf, sand, smile, etc.
LaPiDa = liberalization, privatization and deregulation
A's of news reporting = angle, action and anecdote
10 P's of marketing = product, place, promotion, price, people, philosophy, packaging, processes, positioning, politics
4 G's of elections = guns, goons, gold and "Garci"
K's among P-noy appointees = klasmeyt, kabarilan, kapitalista, kapwa appointee rin ni Cory
7 M's of political dynasty building = money, merger, machinery, mayhem/murder, myth, media/movie and marriage (


The first draft of your development research is due on February 17 (Tuesday).

Development Studies Program faculty roster

Prof Allan Joseph Mesina (Master in Environmental Management and Development, Australian National University)
Prof Roland Simbulan (Master in Public Administration, New York University)
Prof Ruth Shane Legaspi (Master in Business Administration, DLSU)
Prof Chester Arcilla (Master in Development Economics, UP)
Prof Reginald Vallejos (Master in Public Administration, UP)
Prof John Ponsaran (Master in Public Management, UP)
Prof Ida Marie Pantig (Master in Public Policy, University of Tokyo)
Dr Rommel Linatoc (PhD in Community Theater, UK)
Atty Zorayda Mia Wacnang (Jurisdoctor, Ateneo De Manila University)
Atty Karol Sarah Baguilat (Bachelor of Laws, University of Santo Tomas)

DS 1000000000

- Read and study the article "Globalization and the Culture of Capitalism"
- Develop a glossary based on the assigned reading material and other related literature (Write it in your notebook).
- Submit an editorial cartoon that applies your comprehension of the reading material in the context of any of the following: Og Eskwela Puron, Singaporean society, flying geese model in the context of the Asian experience, Chindia, International League of People's Struggle, Globalization's impact in Mindanao). Research and conceptualize well.
- Prepare for a workshop and a long exam this Tuesday.



Thursday, January 29, 2015


DS 100 - Read "Globalization and the Culture of Capitalism", workshop session
DS 112 - Infographics featuring one Cavite municipality or city (by pair output, no duplication of topic, use manila paper, research well)
Econ 116 - individual newscasting about Philippine tourism (no duplication of topic, wear black, research and rehearse well)
DS 199.2 - thesis deliverables and progress report



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DS 100

- Review the previous lectures.
- Review the UP Manila Development Studies curriculum and faculty profile.
- Read about the Development Studies Program of the Brown University.
- Submit a tanaga about a concept in postcolonial studies. No duplication of topic (front page: concept definition, back page: tanaga, use 1/4 sheet of paper).



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DS 112 human geography reviewer

Prepare a reviewer about your chosen subfield or concept in human geography (Note: I am referring to the one upon which you based your recent tanaga output).
Use reputable sources and adopt triangulation technique to verify the information.
Use a combination of book and online sources.
Focus on the relevant insights. Be sure that you comprehend what you input in the reviewer.
Observe sentence format.
Use TNR 10 points as font.
Observe single spacing to save on space.
Bolden or underline important terms, phrases, etc. for emphasis.
Observe this sample title format: Hegemomy (consolidated by Ponsanos)
Cite your sources (font size 6).
Print your reviewer in the front page of a 1/4 sheet long bond paper (print 2 copies).

Edit well.
Due next meeting

Friday agenda

DS 100 - speech
BA Development Studies curriculum (ADMU) - Besana
BA Development Studies curriculum (DLSU-M) - Mojica
MA and PhD in Development Studies curriculum (DLSU-M) - Ocbina
PhD in Development Studies (UPLB) - Virtusio

DS 112 - speech
McDonalds (Julio) vs Jollibee (EJ dela Cruz) marketing strategy
Coca-cola (Billones) vs Pepsi (Mariano) marketing strategy
Western (Deanon) vs Eastern (Tan) management approach
NOTE: This is not a speech face off. The speaker is expected to highlight the main attributes/assumptions of the strategy/approach in question and likewise provide a critical analysis using concepts and theories in anthropology, sociology and management, among others.

Econ 116 - lecture-discussion about tourism, and Avenido-Arras show and tell

DS 199.2 - thesis deliverables and progress report

Monday, January 26, 2015

Econ 116 (Asian Economics)



Sunday, January 25, 2015

Paging Mr Naco and Ms Fortin

Please watch on Youtube - Superhero Origins: Storm

Imagine how we were able to successfully provide a progressive/militant twist in her character to mainstream socio-environmental issues and debates.
Truly, it was pop in form but social in content.


Reasons why I write

- to contribute to the literature in my humble capacity
- to update my knowledge base because academic writing always involves research
- to assess and develop my writing skills
- to complement teaching and public service
- to contribute to the education and social awareness of students beyond the confines of my physical and temporal teaching environment
- to also serve as reading materials for my classes
- to leave something in case I retire from teaching or die early
- to add few points to my credentials during rounds of promotion in the university
- and I must admit, to add few pesos in my account considering the very meager pay in a public university

NSTP youth studies show and tell (updated)

- Seek my approval first regarding your chosen topic and artifact.
- Choose an artifact that will depict the life, culture and struggle of the youth.
- Incorporate concepts in Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Economics and/or Political Science to deepen and enrich your discussion and analysis.
- Research well using reputable book and online sources.
- Start the presentation by introducing your artifact before proceeding to the discussion proper.
- Limit your presentation to 2-3 minutes only.
- Rehearse your formal presentation.
- The top five worst presentors/discussants will be penalized with a special project.
- Be ready for a Q&A and possible LPS rounds so research well in preparation for the presentation and pay careful attention during the show and tell session.
- Wear red or white.



Saturday, January 24, 2015


Busy working on the following articles:
Poverty concepts and contexts
Political economy of the junk shop industry
Political economy of the Philippine land-use law

Writing and getting them published allow me as an educator to go beyond the physical restriction of the classroom and the temporal limitation of a semester or an academic year.
In addition, I write because I also learn in the process.

3 reasons why I love UP

- academic freedom in terms of both content and pedagogy/andragogy
- academically excellent and socially aware students and colleagues
- psychic income*


Are you REaDy? hihi

To all my TF students this semester:
Please bring one red ball pen.

Econ 116 dagli

Write a dagli about any of the following topics:
ethnic tourism
heritage tourism
culinary tourism
ecological tourism
dark tourism
film tourism
pop culture tourism
agriculture tourism
LGBT tourism
birth tourism

Research well about your chosen topic, including the rudiments of dagli writing.
Ensure that all topics will be covered by limiting the number of students working on a particular topic to only three.
Take note that a dagli is short, sharp, informative (facts and figures), critical, analytical, creative, engaging, and entertaining.
Refer to online samples of dagli, especially those authored by UP CMC's Rolando Tolentino.
Be reminded that we will compile the best dagli in class and make a book out of your submissions.



Friday, January 23, 2015

Development Studies 100 (updated)

Prepare a reviewer about the following concepts:
Development cooperation (Murillo)
Development community (Dayrit)
Hegemony (Marin)
Counter-hegemony (Punzalan)
Repressive state apparatus (Ferrancol)
Ideological state apparatus (Besana)
Development theory (Andrade)
Power elite (Allerite)
Sociological imagination (Mojica)
Political economy (Daez)
Radical political economy (Valdez)
Mode of production (Aquino)
Forces of production (Celestino)
Social relations of production (Ocbina)
Substructure (Guban)
Superstructure (Martinez)
Neoliberal globalization (Gante)
Monopoly capital (Pamoso)
Dialectics (Cuya)
Local oligarchy (Doropan)
5 undesirable forms of growth (Lim)
Liberation theology (Manahan)

Research well.
Use reputable sources and adopt triangulation technique to verify the information.
Use a combination of book and online sources.
Focus on the relevant insights. Be sure that you understand what you input in the reviewer.
Observe sentence format.
Use TNR 10 points as font.
Observe single spacing.
Bolden or underline important terms, phrases, etc.
Observe this sample title format sample: Hegemomy (consolidated by Marin)
Cite your sources (font size 6).
Print your reviewer in the front page of a 1/4 sheet long bond paper (print 2 copies).
Edit well.
Be ready to report it in class. Rehearse well.

Due date: This Tuesday





DS 100 - re-read the Simbulan reading material; visit and study 10 websites that feature Development Studies as a degree program (BA, MA or PhD)
DS 112 - lecture-discussion about cultural geography overview; tanaga submission about a specific concept in cultural geography (no duplication of concept, use 1/4 yellow pad, front page: concept and definition, back page: tanaga)
Econ 116 - lecture-discussion about the tourism industry; show and tell of tourism artifact (Avenido and Arras)
NSTP 2 - show and tell of artifacts about youth studies (no duplication of artifacts, seek my approval first via text about your chosen artifact on or before Monday,  2-minute presentation per student, research and rehearse well, wear red or white)

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DS 112 note taking task

ANTONIO - Third World Urban Agriculture
ASUNCION - Third World Maternal Healthcare
BASCO - Third World Urban Planning
BILLONES - Third World Post-Disaster Reconstruction
BRUEL - Third World Agricultural Technology
BUAN - Third World Indigenous Education
CARANAY - Third World Madrasah System
DELA CRUZ - Third World Architecture
GRAY - Third World Film Industry
GUTIERREZ - Third World Religion
JULIO -  Third World Welfarism
LOMIBAO - Third World Socialist Countries
LOPEZ - Political economy of time use
MALTO - Third World Food Crisis
MANSAL - Third World Capitalism
MENDOZA - Third World Fecal Waste Disposal System
MONTOYA - Third World Debt Management
MUNGCAL - Third World Environmental Management
NACPIL - Third World Sustainable Transportation
NOVILLA - Third World Protest Poetry
ROSALES - Third World Project Planning
SANTIAGO - Third World Diplomacy
TAN - Third World Journalism
TOLENTINO - Third World Health Financing
VENTURA - Third World Pharmaceutical Industry
VILLARDA - Third World Primary Health Care
DEANON - Third World Energy Governance

Note: Thank you, Ms Nacpil, for consolidating.

2nd set of NSTP journal

- Enumerate 10 terminologies and their corresponding definitions related to youth studies (2 pages).
- Enumerate the causes of massive youth unemployment in Asia and/or the Philippines (1 page).
- Write a contemplative essay about the article "This is Why Today's Youth is Apathetic" by David Martin (2 pages).

*In this context, 2 pages mean back to back page only.

Common mistakes in spelling my not-so-common surname

at ang pinakamalalang nangyari kamakailan...





by NKM Ferrancol

He is fooled by his arrogance
Believing in his own ways
That he is superior
Nature is an instrument.

ni C Dela Cruz

Trahedya ay dumating
Ang api'y mas naapi
Hinayaan sapagkat
Inuna ang malaki.

ni SA Besana

Pribadong sandatahan
Bayaran upang takpan
Ang kawalanghiyaan
Ng panginoong angkan.

ni ADI Guban

Sigaw ay kalikasan
Huwad ang kabutihan
Destruksyong naging lihim
Nang ang yaman ay kamtin.

by AGL Valdez

I work longer hours than men
But still earn lesser than them
How can I lift myself if
Poverty's on women's face.

ni D Martinez

Nakikibaka ka ba
Para sa pagbabago?
O nakikiisa lang
Para 'in' ka sa uso.

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Friday agenda (updated)

DS 100 - course orientation, long test about the Simbulan reading material (see previous post)
DS 112 course orientation, Third world note taking submission, graded recitation and discussion about cultural geography
Econ 116 - course orientation, long test about the mirage economy reading material (see previous post)
DS 199.2 - questionnaire submission, interview tips note taking submission (yellow pad), thesis update

Monday, January 19, 2015


I will not hold classes tomorrow (Tuesday) to allow other students to complete their enrollment.
I will also not meet my NSTP II class on Wednesday to fulfill my enrollment advising task.
In lieu of a regular session, kindly refer to my assigned reading and writing tasks in the previous blog posts.
Thank you for your usual cooperation and understanding.

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Hehehe 2.0


Twitter search: emcee Quirino grandstand

Serious question

"Do you love me?"

- tanong ng thesis sa taong magluluwal sa kanya



Mga mungkahi kong asignatura

Econ 191 (Development Economics)
CD 112 (Rural Development)

Kapwa makabuluhan ang mga ito lalo na sa konteksto ng Pilipinas bilang atrasadong bansa at may agrikultural na katangian.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ponsaran's load this semester

Development Studies 100 - Introduction to Development Studies
Development Studies 112 - Third World Studies
Development Studies 199.1 - Development Research (Thesis Writing)
Economies 116 - Asian Economies
NSTP CWTS 2 - Youth, Social Change and Development



The professor asks a question.
The student answers incorrectly.
The professor then gives the student a chance to earn points by asking him/her to explain why his/her answer is considered incorrect.


Mga kampon ko sa thesis, magsibangon na kayo...

Econ 116 (Asian Economies)

Read "Philippines' 'Mirage' Economy: Why It's Worse Than a Bubble".

Friday, January 16, 2015

Various forms of Noynoying

1. acting complacently about pressing social issues  #nganga #donothing (e.g. inaction during
calamities, price hikes, etc.)

2. giving heavier premium to activities of less/no importance at the expense of pressing social concerns #kalabnawan #kababawan (e.g.  gracing the DongYan and GGV events)

3. passing the blame on his political enemies to free himself of any accountability #selfpreservation #vindictiveness (e.g. attacks and tirades against the Left, GMA and the clergy)



Thursday, January 15, 2015

Development Studies and Public Management

The following are Development Studies faculty who also concurrently handle courses in the Master in Management Program in the University
Prof Roland Simbulan (public policy, public sector management)
Prof Allan Joseph Mesina (public fiscal administration)
Atty Mia Wacnang (administrative communication, business law, local government administration)
Atty Karol Sarah Baguilat (human resource development)
Prof Ida Marie Pantig (public policy)
Prof John Ponsaran (political economy, educational management)

Note: Profs Simbulan, Mesina and Ponsaran begged off to handle graduate courses this semester.

DS 100 (Development Studies Theories and Models)

- Read "Oryentasyon at Kasaysayan ng Development Studies Program" by Prof Roland Simbulan. Prof Simbulan delivered this speech during the Partner Institutions Consultation of the Development Studies Program in July 2014.  He holds the rank of Professor 12 and teaches Development Studies and Public Management in the undergraduate and graduate levels of the University.
- Compile and study 10 definition of Development Studies.  Be able to identify and analyze common themes and points of differences in your compiled definitions.
- Study the course descriptions of all Development Studies introductory, core and elective subjects in the course catalogue of the University.
- Familiarize yourself with the following development terminologies: development community, development diplomacy, rights-based development, social development, development decade

Prepare for a long exam on our first session.

Herbal garden

My gratitude to the local agriculture office for the following free herbal plants:
- citronella
- mayana
- lemon grass
- peppermint
- gotukola
- serpentina
- Italian oregano
- damong maria
- lagundi
- cuchay
- balbas pusa
- tarragon

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Dear enrollees,

No tampering of enrollment documents, please.
The OCS has already caught violators in the recent enrollment process.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

NSTP 2 journal

1. Enumeration of the traits of an effective youth leader in the context of the Philippine contemporary social realities (one page only)
2. Note taking about the life and struggle of Edgar Jopson  (2 pages)
3. Reflection essay about "youth decadence" (2 pages)

Research and analyze well.
Use reputable sources.
Write legibly.
Avoid unnecessary large handwriting to save on space.
Draft first before transferring in your notebook.
Do not cram.
Take this opportunity to raise your awareness and consciousness about yourself and the sector which you are a part of.
Start as soon as possible.



Monday, January 12, 2015


Pinakamataas na pagpupugay kay Prop Allan Joseph F. Mesina, MEMD
para sa pagkahirang niya bilang bagong tagapangulo ng Araling Pangkaunlaran.
Kaisa ninyo po kami sa pagsusulong ng katarungang pampamayanan, pangkalikasan at pangkabuhayan. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015



DS 112 (Third World Development) note taking

- Research about your assigned topic.
- Use reputable sources
- Summarize your research in bullet format only.
- Integrate useful insights, analyses, and statistics in the bullet entries.
- Avoid unnecessary large handwriting to save on space.
- Write legibly.
- Use two blue books.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Development Studies advising schedule

Jan 12 Mon - Arcilla
Jan 13 Tues - Ponsaran
Jan 14 Wed - Mesina
Jan 20 Tues - Legaspi
Jan 21 Wed - Ponsaran

Prof Simbulan is on sabbatical leave.

Paalala at mensahe

- Josh Bata: Pahingi po ng pahintulot sa paggamit ng isa sa mga coffee painting mo bilang tampok na larawan sa aking syllabus para ngayong semestre.
- Paula Luna: Salamat sa regular na pagbibigay ng datos ukol sa subject enlistment turn-out ng mga asignatura sa Development Studies.
- Mga naka-INC sa akin nitong nakaraang semestre: Ipaalam sa akin kung sa anong asignatura ko ngayong semestre ang napagpasyahan ninyong mag-sit in.
- Jullius Bartolata at Lorraine Jayag: Balitaan ako sa inyong napagkaisahang hakbang ukol sa DS 199.2.
- Thesis advisees - Magpadala ng e-mail update ukol sa naging estado ng thesis ninyo nitong nakaraang bakasyon.
- Mga shiftee tungo sa DS - Mag-email ng inyong biodata upang higit ko kayong makilala bilang isa sa inyong mga tagapayo.
- Sa mga nangangailangan ng elective: Iminumungkahi ko ang CD 112 (Rural Development). Makabuluhan at mapapakinabangan ng mga development worker sa hinaharap.
- Sa lahat ng mga nagpabaya: Paunlarin ang sariling kakayahan para makapag-ambag sa pagpapa-unlad din ng iba.
- DS Freshies: Magbasa ng mga artikulo ukol sa paksang Youth demography in the Philippines.
- DS Sophies: Nalalapit na ang tunay na buhay. Huminga ng malalim at maghanda.
- DS Juniors: Ipaalam sa akin sa pamamagitan ng text ang inyong naaprubahang paksa para sa note taking (bullet format) at ang estado nito (hal. Third world diplomacy, atbp.).
- DS Seniors: Mahalin ang thesis tulad ng pagmamahal sa iyo ng inyong mga magulang. #wagas #purosakripisyo #ibinuhosanglahat #hindibumitaw #arawarawlamanngisip Ganito ka rin ba sa thesis mo? Siguro higit pa. hihi
- John Ponsaran: chillaxmodeconfigured

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Araw-araw history?




Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Dahil nagmamahal ang mga komersyal na prutas...

Thank you to the Provincial Agriculture Office for the following free seedlings:
- makopa
- cacao
- pomelo
- guyabano
- kalamansi
- pili
- lanzones



DS enrollment advising schedule

January 12 (Mon) - Prof Arcilla
January 13 (Tues) - Prof Ponsaran
January 14 (Wed) - TBA
January 20 (Tues) - TBA
January 21 (Wed) - Prof Ponsaran

Mga tanim ko

passion fruit
ceylon spinach
Philippine spinach
Chinese amaranth
luyang dilaw
balbas pusa
ampalayang gubat
dragon fruit

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Dear DS Seniors,

Kindly double check if you have already completed the required units in Development Studies for the previous semesters.  Act promptly on your subjects with 4.0, 5.0, INC or DRP marks.  Validate also if you have complied with the healthy mix policy regarding RGEPs (i.e. taking into account that you may enroll either in History 2 or History 3 but not both, and that Hum 1, Speech 11, Humanidades 1 and Hum Stud 20 are considered equivalent subjects).  Ensure that you have enrolled all the remaining subjects in the DS curriculum for this upcoming (hopefully your last) semester.  Apply also for TCG for further validation.  Take advantage of self advising, peer advising and faculty advising to avoid unnecessary graduation-related worries. HTW!

In solidarity,


HTW = happy thesis writing



Monday, January 05, 2015


"Kaawa-awa ang mga nasa larangan ng edukasyon subalit walang kritikal na panlipunang kamalayan upang unawain at suriin ang mga isyung makro o maykro sa bansa. Isa itong social disaster sa anumang pamantayan.  Dapat ding linawin na walang kinikilalang disiplina ang kakayahang taglayin ang kasanayang ito." - Poldo Pasangkrus

Attention, Development Studies majors! :)

I am requiring all Development Studies students to email me ASAP their grades in the previous semester, including the GWA.  Be sure to cite the subjects taken and each of the corresponding faculty-in-charge.   In case of a grade of 3, 4, 5, Inc or DRP, please provide a brief explanation why it turned out that way and identity your planned course of action to address the root of the problem. Block coordinators, please ensure the full compliance of your classmates.

NSTP grade

 It took several weeks before the NSTP grades were finally posted online because SAIS had to first reconfigure the default numerical grading (e.g. 1.0, 1.25) into non-numerical setting (e.g. Pass, Fail). However, let me point out that although NSTP only merits a pass or fail mark in the official record, I still give a numerical rating to reflect the students' actual academic performance.  I will issue an improvised class card for this purpose. #habangpaliwanag #kamustapomathgrades?

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Saturday, January 03, 2015


It's a new year and the start of a new semester.
What an opportune time for delinquent students and teachers to perform better academically.
I guess this synchronization is the only saving grace of a calendar shift.

Vaccination 101 (in comic book)

Friday, January 02, 2015

Healthy 2015




- Bakit sobra-sobra ang handa tuwing bagong taon tapos ay manghihinayang kapag may mga nasayang? #titasofmanilaproblem
- Bakit laging orange juice ang inumin sa hapag ng mga mayayaman sa mga pelikula at teleserye? #hindibapwedengiba
- Ano ang ipinaglalaban ng cake nina Dingdong at Marian? #daminggustongpatunayan

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Coop pick up lines part 2

Ang pag-ibig ay parang kooperatiba.
Dapat may mutual help.
by Mr Dalisay

Ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo ay parang pagsali ko sa coop.
Hindi ako nagkamali.
by Ms Hermogenes

Kooperatiba ka ba?
Hindi pa kasi kumpleto ang grado ko sa SAIS. Walang relasyon, 'di ba? Sana tayo meron.
by Ms Guiyab

KOOP ka ba?
Ha??? Bakit???
Kasi angKOOP tayo sa isa't isa.
by Mr Saqueton

Kung ikaw ay coop, hindi ako mahihirapang maging member in good standing (MIGS).
Bakit naman?
Kasi I will patronize you. hihi
by Mr Manalo

Ang koop ay isang creative pool.
Dahil nagluluwal ito ng mga bagong idea. Booooom!
by Ms Carpon




Teaching is learning.
Teaching involves self-awareness.
Teaching should be conscious of both form and content.
Teaching must be reflexive, innovative, creative and energizing.
Teaching should empower the marginalized and confront the power-wielders.
Teaching must be destructive to all forms of ignorance and injustice.
Teaching must revolutionize thoughts and actions.
Teaching is a struggle for desirable change.

Coop pick up lines

Coop ka ba?
Kese nese ye ne eng lehet
by Ms Hermogenes

Ija, bilisan mo!
Bakit po?
Nag-iintay na kasi ang mga amiga ko sa coop.
by Titas of Manila and Ms Basco

Para kang kooperatiba.
Bukas sa lahat
by Mr Naco

Mahal kita gaya ng saping puhunan (share capital)
I will save you and let you grow
by Mr Manalo