Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Dear DS Seniors,

Kindly double check if you have already completed the required units in Development Studies for the previous semesters.  Act promptly on your subjects with 4.0, 5.0, INC or DRP marks.  Validate also if you have complied with the healthy mix policy regarding RGEPs (i.e. taking into account that you may enroll either in History 2 or History 3 but not both, and that Hum 1, Speech 11, Humanidades 1 and Hum Stud 20 are considered equivalent subjects).  Ensure that you have enrolled all the remaining subjects in the DS curriculum for this upcoming (hopefully your last) semester.  Apply also for TCG for further validation.  Take advantage of self advising, peer advising and faculty advising to avoid unnecessary graduation-related worries. HTW!

In solidarity,


HTW = happy thesis writing