Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DS Advisory

The excuse letters signed by the ARTernatibo and Praxis Practicum Conference organizers are already available in my pigeon hole inside the DSS. Please get your block's copies and present them ASAP to your respective subject professors. All Development Studies majors are required by the Program to attend these activities, including the DS Week's opening ceremony and the tribute for Doc Ed on Monday.

DS 199.1 - thesis advisees

Mye Buenaventura
Arkin Arboneda
Mara Villarin
Liz Lucas
Emman Del Rosario
Emjay Raymundo

Monday, July 29, 2013

DS 123 advisory

I am postponing the individual and paired infographic presentation.  Classes will still push through with my lecture on political economy of crime and society. I also encourage students to read related articles about the sociology of crimes to maximize class participation during the discussion. Kindly inform your coursemates.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Consumer movement

Events checklist

Opening remarks and closing remarks/call to action
Speaker/Panel of speakers
Panel of reactors (faculty, student and other sector)
AVP and music files (with back up copies)
Letter of invitation
Registration form
Equipment (LCD, sound system)
Exhibit to complement the forum (optional)
Freedom wall (optional)
Certificate of recognition/Token of appreciation
Documentation of proceedings
Photo documentation

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Biruang hiritan sa papalapit na ARTernatibo

"Mag-ingat sa paghakbang. Baka bumuka ang lupa!"
"Tatangayin kayo ng baha!"
"Ililigaw namin kayo sa gubat." #pointofnoreturn

Friday, July 26, 2013

Criteria for Judging (ARTernatibo para sa Kalikasan)

Social and Environmental Relevance 30%
Delivery and Clarity of Message 25%
Creativity and Originality 25 %
Interactiveness (Audience Participation) and Audience Impact 20%


Per pair, submit three downloaded photos related to Kristel Tejada tragedy and the student sector's protest against the educational system that brought about this crisis. E-mail today at for my approval. Once approved, you may print them already with this format - 6R, colored, without border. Kindly inform the rest.

Tuesday agenda UPDATED

NSTP - creative presentation deliverables
Econ 115 - practicon exhibit and parangal deliverables, lecture discussion about consumer movement
DS 121 - lecture discussion about poverty research
DS 126 - lecture discussion about administrative culture
Introductory Economics for MM - NO SESSION - research break to give you ample time to prepare for your speech and the additional task of applying the following concepts in your experience as producer/service provider and consumer: benefit segmentation, infotainment, product positioning, psychographic segmentation, WOM communication, hyperreality, product fetishism, media imperialism, tourist gaze, green marketing, subliminal advertising, unsought products, diminishing marginal utility, economies of scale, and price war -  2nd task to be e-mailed on or before August 2 



Thursday, July 25, 2013

ARTernatibo para sa Kalikasan (kalupaan edition)

#Bt vs. Tb

Friday agenda

NTSP - submission of deliverables (eco-stone, book donation, creative presentation, board game)

Econ 115 - final AVP evaluation, submission of deliverables pertinent to the DevStud Week, arrive on time please

DS 199.1 - lecture-discussion about operations research, evaluation research and policy research; thesis topic submission (venue: CAS library circulation section, 10-11:30 am)

DS 121 - read online articles about rural poverty in the Philippines, submit an editorial cartoon about rural management, submission of deliverables (eco-stone, book donation, call to action poster, Doc Ed poster, water democracy cue card revision)

DS 126 - In lieu of a regular session, OrCom and PolSci majors are encouraged to watch Singdakan at the LT while DS seniors are required to attend a general meeting with me about the Practicon and DevStud Week preparation at 1p.m. in our DS 126 room (RH 231)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Devstud Week (color coding)

August 5 Monday - Red
August 6 Tuesday - Green
August 7 Wednesday - White
August 8 Thursday - Black

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Attention Development Studies majors

Development Studies majors, you may e-mail me on Sunday at all your deliverables for my comments and corrections so that by Tuesday you will be able to present a better version/final version of the material/s. Kindly inform your batchmates.  Thank you for your usual cooperation. #maykatoxikangtaglay


NSTP - Buhay at Bukid and Awit ng Pag-asa lyrics, props submission, ecostone approval/submission, book/magazine donation drive, presentation proposal (Pagan and company, Besana, Franco and company), food democracy board game proposal (Allerite and Virtusio), creative output submission (Feliciano, Aquino, Marin), and other related deliverables

Econ 115 - submission of deliverables (exhibit, AVP, draft of scripts, draft of speeches, draft of programs, etc.)

DS 121 - ecostone, Doc Ed poster and call to action poster submission/approval, visit Asian Peasant Coalition website

DS 126 - subaltern studies, semiproletatriat, social exclusion, 1987 Philippine Constitution Article XIII

Introductory Economics for MM - lecture-discussion about consumer behavior

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Sabi nila...

Panggitnang uri - isang kahig, isang tuka

Mahirap - limang kahig, isang tuka

Mayaman - isang kahig, lima o higit pang tuka

Absentee landlord - walang kahig, unlimited tuka


Development Studies majors, you may e-mail tonight at all your deliverables for my comments and corrections so that by tomorrow you will be able to present a better version of the material. Kindly inform your batchmates.  Thank you for your usual cooperation. #todopush

Edible insects


NSTP deliverables - ecostone proposal (continuation), booksale collection (continuation), human board game photo proposal c/o Ms. Virtusio and Mr. Allerite (continuation), DevStud decor proposal (c/o Guzman, etc.)

Econ 115 deliverables - completed AVP (intro, body, call to action, credit),  poster for final approval, Praxis photo exhibit print out, Praxis committee heads update and deliverables, malong per group, Praxis installation art proposal, Parangal/Pagkilala presentation proposal

DS 121 deliverables - ecostone proposal (continuation), ecoposter proposal (continuation), booksale collection (continuation), Doc Ed poster (by pair), water democracy human board game layout (Francisco, Jose) and cue cards (individual)

DS 126 - read online articles about Development Communication and Development Work

DS 123B - submit your concept maps tomorrow

Development Studies sophies - advocacy posters, Doc Ed poster

Monday, July 15, 2013

Class directory

I am assigning the following students to make a class directory that will include the following set of information (complete name, student number, course and year level, cell #, and e-mail address).

NSTP - Mr. Besana
Econ 115 - Ms. Diestro
DS 121 - Ms. Guiyab
DS 126 - Mr. Cenizal
DS 123A - Ms. Obleno
DS 123B - Mr. Magday
DS 199.1 - Ms. Sigue
Introductory Economics for MM - Ms. Magdalera

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Development Studies 123 concept map submission

Submit a 1-page detailed concept map.
Alejo - cross-cultural medicine
Buenaventura - cultural feminism
Dela Cruz - cultural economy
De Leon - cultural tourism
Guiang - cultural poverty
Hegina - cross-cultural communication
Janer - cross-cultural relations
Lucas - cultural determinism
Lumbang - cultural geography
Magday - cultural politics
Malapad - cultural imperialism
Monzon - cultural justice
Nacario - cultural demography 
Pilarta - cultural competence
Reyes - cultural history
Sapalo - cultural capital
Serrano - cultural ecology
Sigue - cultural literacy
Villarin - critical cultural studies

Friday, July 12, 2013

Introductory Economics for MM (optional only, submission: Monday afternoon)

Apply the following concepts to your experience as a consumer or a producer/service provider:
Asymmetrical information
Moral hazard
Experience economy
Mcdonalization of society
Conspicuous consumption
Consumer sovereignty
Corporate environmentalism
Psychological pricing
Demonstration effect
Emotional economy

E-mail to on or before Monday afternoon (July 15).

DEVSTUD B U? Quiz Show (August 6, morning)

Red team - Arada, Tan, Festin
Green team - Aquino, Ventura, Carpon
White team - Ferrancol, Villarda, Bata
Black team - Fabella, Mungcal, Jose
Orange team - Manahan, Deanon, E. Dela Cruz
Violet team - Dela Cruz, Tolentino, Magsino

Coverage - political economy of development and underdevelopment; political economy of the environment

ARTernatibo subthemes

First year - kalupaan
Second year - kagubatan
Third year - katubigan

Deliverables #toxic

NSTP - eco-stone art (stone, proposed statement, proposed design), Bookay-Ukay merchandise for the vegetable seeds and endemic trees donation drive, photo research (Allirite and Virtusio)

Econ 115 - AVP evaluation, practicon photo exhibit and caption print outs, AVP synopsis print out, DevStud Week posters (c/o Master Artist Luigi)

DS 199.1 - Please coordinate  with Ms. Sigue for updates

DS 121 - eco-stone art (stone, proposed statement, proposed design), Bookay-Ukay merchandise for the vegetable seeds and endemic trees donation drive, photo research (Francisco and Jose), compilation of quotes featuring Doc Ed's online and Philippine Development Forum articles, EKOmunidad poster advocacies

DS 126 - panel discussion AVP about Manila Studies and long test about the set of topics covered by the previous group reporting

Introductory Economics for MM - graded recitation and long test (coverage: all the photocopied and online reading materials)

Development Studies sophies - EKOmunidad poster advocacies

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Friday agenda

NSTP - continuation of the food security presentation by pair, test about food security, DevStud Week tasking
Econ 115 - AVP evaluation #salamatsakooperasyon
DS 121 - panel discussion AVP submission, DevStud Week tasking, test about water democracy, water stress, water vulnerability, water privatization, water poverty, water for the people network and other water-related issues and concerns
DS 126 - infographic presentation by group (political communication, development communication, organizational politics, organizational development, political development)


Development Studies sophies, help po!

Please choose one call to action and develop it into a poster similar to what we did in the Kuha Mo Political Photo Booth last DSS Week. Mr. Deanon will be in charge of ensuring that there will be no unnecessary duplication of task. Salamat po.

No to frankenfoods!
Ang lupa ay buhay!
Ang tubig ay buhay!
Planet and People > Profit
Defend national patrimony!
Support seed activism!
Resist US oil imperialism!
Resist ethnocide!
VFA = rape of women, environment and sovereignty
Assert energy democracy!
Defend the indigenous people's right to biocultural resources!
I love talinum! : )
I love saluyot! : )
Preserve and promote indigenous science and technology!
Science and technology for the Filipino people!
Reduce, reuse and recycle e-scraps sustainably!
Hold the U.S. accountable for their climate debt!
Pagyamanin ang saribuhay!
Mga higanteng DAM - walang pakiramDAM (Dam by Gary Granada)
Resist terminator seeds!
Biology for the Filipino masses!
Biochemistry for the Filipino masses!
Computer Science for the Filipino masses!
Applied Physics for the Filipino masses!
No to greenwashing!
Expose corporate environmentalism!
Karapatan sa malinis na hangin at tubig, ipaglaban!
No to the recommissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant!
Preserve and promote indigenous knowledge systems and practices!
Resist environmental racism!
Resist toxic colonialism!

Resist neocolonial waste trade!
Protect ecological integrity!
Resist monoculture!
Relive the struggle of Macliing Dulag!
Promote the use of appropriate technology!
Small is beautiful! - E.F. Schumacher
No to a throw-away society!

Development Studies Week 2013 (2nd update)

Development Studies Week 2013
Theme: Sustainable Development for the Filipino Masses
Duration: August 5 to 8 (Monday to Thursday)*

Tentative line-up of activities:
Praxis practicum exhibit and installation art (c/o Development Studies seniors)
Parangal kay Dr. Edberto M. Villegas bilang makabayang guro, unyonista at alagad ng sining
Lecture on the Search for Sustainable, Safe and Renewable Sources in the Philippines by Prof. Roland Simbulan
Roundtable discussion and/or film viewing about urban poverty (c/o Prof. Chester Arcilla)
DEVSTUD B U? - part 1 political economy of development, part 2  political economy of the environment (c/o Development Studies seniors)
ARTernatibong kultural na pagtatanghal (tema: kalupaan/katubigan/kagubatan)
Praxis Practicum Conference 2013 (c/o Development Studies seniors)

Infographic exhibit featuring Doc Ed's socio-economic advocacies (c/o Development Studies NSTP)
Water democracy human board game (c/o Development Studies juniors)
Food democracy human board game (c/o Development Studies NSTP)
EKOmunidad Photo Booth (c/o Development Studies sophies)
Endemic tree donation drive (c/o Prof. Allan Mesina's Development Studies 127 class)
Eco-stone art exhibit (c/o the artistic Development Studies majors) : )
Bookay-ukay (c/o Development Studies NSTP and sophies)
IBON Booksale (c/o DevSoc)
Iglap-dula (tampok si Diwang Palaboy #joke)
*August 9 is a Muslim holiday

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Development Studies 126 infographic presentation on Friday

Political communication
Organizational development
Development communication
Political development
Organizational politics

Monday, July 08, 2013

Reading tasks for Friday

Development Studies 126 - Political Will, Political Capital by Cielito Habito
Development Studies 121 - Measuring Poverty Incidence (Inquirer Talk of the Town)
NSTP - Inequality in PH Education (Inquirer Talk of the Town)
Introductory Economics (next Tuesday) - Econ growth sans development by Sixto Roxas
Development Studies 123 (next Wednesday) - NCCA@25 by Antonio Montalvan
Development Studies 199.1 -

Development Studies 121 (submission on Friday, 4 members per group, optional only)

Submit  a panel discussion AVP about any of the following topics:
- poverty targeting
- poverty auditing
- measuring poverty
- sociology of poverty
- geography of poverty

(Development Studies juniors only, reshuffle group membership)

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Random points

- Done with the article about the political economy of electronic waste dumping and almost done with the articles about the political economy of Berlin and the political career of Vladimir Putin
- Busy days ahead for the Development Studies seniors in preparation for the Praxis Practicum Conference 2013 featuring the 10 video documentaries about the political economy of land reform, mega dam, commercial piggery, usurious loan, semi feudalism, rice industry, pineapple industry, and municipal fishing among others
- Job well done, Development Studies freshies.  Continue promoting the responsible and critical use of documentation technologies as instruments of socio-political transformation.

Reading task for DS 121, DS 199.1 and Econ 11 for MM

Berlin – A success story.
Facts. Figures. Statistics 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Agenda for Tuesday next week

NSTP - (by pair) Read articles about food security, show an original photo (print out or digital) related to the subject matter and be able to discuss insights about food security in front of the class (avoid duplication of ideas so somebody should coordinate to ensure this)
Econ 115 - AVP evaluation #kayanatinito #sofarOK
DS 121 - Panel discussion AVP about poverty and insurgency, poverty and financial literacy, poverty and the criminal justice system
DS 126 - speeches about the political psychology of Imelda Marcos, Miriam Santiago, Jejomar Binay and Rodrigo Duderte
Introductory Economics - graded recitation about the 6 policy briefs and introductory chapters in economic principles

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Agenda for Friday

NSTP - Political MTV submission (Trapo, Babae, Rosas ng Digma, Komersyalisasyon), Sabayang-awit (Awit ng Pag-asa), Political haiku and tanaga submission

Econ 115 - AVP evaluation #peacetayo #walangiyakan

DS 121 - Panel discussion AVP submission (capability, resiliency and vulnerability), read online materials about critical media studies

DS 126 - Read online materials about bourgeois/mainstream journalism vs. critical/alternative journalism authored by Dean Luis Teodoro and Prof. Danilo Arao

DS 199.1 - Lecture-discussion about development research and critical social research

Monday, July 01, 2013

Interesting and relevant course on sustainability

DS 123 am and pm sessions

Study why the following are popular/gaining popularity among middle class Filipinos:
- perya or theme parks
- franchising
- Asian tour
- folk healing and alternative healing modalities
- eat all you can treats
- soft pornography
- indie films
- direct selling
- discount vouchers/discount coupons (eg. Ensogo)