Monday, February 05, 2007

DS 122 and 112 (TF)-Feb 13

DS 122: individual presentation
In anticipation of the upcoming electoral race, prepare a short report about the Philippine May 2007 election update/situationer/issues/prospects. No hand-outs needed. No duplication of report. Limit the presentation to 3 minutes. A short quiz follows every report.

DS 112: group presentation
In connection with the topic above, prepare a panel discussion about the following topics:
Democracy (Abrigo, L. Aquino, Udaundo, Bangit)-facilitator: Arreza
Election (Santos, Buenaventura, Cainap, Polintan, Casimiro)-facilitator: Buenafe
Electoral Reform (Contreras, Corpuz, Cruz, De Castro)-facilitator: Pantig
Election Survey (Salosagcol, Dela Cruz, Dela Paz, Dimaano)-facilitator: De Jesus
Partylist: Issues and Challenges (Roque, Esteban, Flores, Garcia): Escanillas
(10 minutes each group, post the outline of the questions that your group intend to answer during the panel discussion, discussion should also include the experience of other countries)

Opening remarks: De Castro
Closing remarks: Salosagcol
Listening session: Trapo by Yano (Garcia and Bangit)

Grading criteria
Relevance to the topic and responsiveness to the outlined questions: 50%
Flow of the discussion: 25%
Dynamic interaction: 25%

Econ 109 (History of Economic Thought)

For purposes of discussion cum recitation:

1. Review the economic and political philosopy of Karl Marx.

2. Read "A Guide to Karl Marx's Das Kapital" by Dr. Edberto Villegas.

3. Visit the following sites:

Econ 115 (Philippine Economic History)

Feb. 10 (Sat.)
Show and Tell of 10 indigenous material culture (individual presentation)
Provide a short brief description about each of its provenance, history and cultural significance.