Wednesday, September 30, 2015


"Hindi ako papayag grumadweyt si Diane Lopez sa DevStud na hindi kami nakakapagduet!"
- Diwang Palaboy

DS 121 readings

DS sophies

If you are done with your mini-EDs with your assigned audience, you may already submit your hand-drawn visual aids this Friday.  Mr Jian Santos will collect your outputs. Sulong, Luzon!


Naco = dunkin donut exchange gift
Karamihan = show&tellofartifacts #thesisedition
Jose = tahong chips + sawsawan
Luna = tearsunlimited
Arras = early morning call
Francisco = western accent
Betito = pinagsabay ang thesis at pag-ibig
Hermogenes = coasterunlimited
Dumalaog = KFC meeting place

Study task for DS 126

- deontological ethics
- teleological ethics
- virtue ethics

Define and apply in the context of public service.

Mga aktwal na biro ng masa ukol sa kanilang kalunos-lunos na kalagayan

"Ako ay taga-London!" = ibig sabihi'y loan dito, loan doon

"Ang inumin namin ay grape juice." = ibig sabihi'y gripo juice (tubig galing sa gripo)

"Ang gatas ng anak namin ay Nido." = ibig sabihi'y NIDOrog (nidurog o dinurog) na bigas (rice power).

"Nandiyan na naman ang mga Avon girls." = ibig sabihi'y AVONado (abonado) pa dahil sa pagiging barat ng mga customer nila

"Kami'y magsasako na lamang, hindi na magsasaka" = ibig sabihi'y napilitang ibenta ang mga huling sako ng ani na dapat ay magsisilbing binhi sa susunod na taniman; maaari ring ang ibig sabihin ay mistulang tagahawak na lamang sila ng sako nang magsimulang lumaganap ang mechanical harvester* sa sakahan (economic dislocation)

Mga biro pero nakakapanlumong katotohanan...

May maidadagdag pa ba kayo? Ipadala sa pamamagitan ng text.  May dagdag na puntos.

*ibinahaging kaalaman nina Pritz, Charles at Monday

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DS 121 Visayan map bookmark/protest banderitas

- Feature the list of enabling and disabling conditions in Visayas development in your map bookmark/protest banderitas (see previous blog post).
- Use the outline/shape of the Visayan map as pattern.
- Follow this format: front page (randomly choose 8-10 enabling conditions), back page (randomly choose 8-10 disabling conditions). As a class, diversify your chosen list and avoid overusing the same content.  Devise a system among your classmates that will ensure this.  
- Vary the size of the letters depending on your perceived importance/extent of the condition in question (Your position/opinion may vary). Be sure also that the lettering/font size remains readable.
- Laminate both sides.
- Wrap the bookmark with a paper that bears your name.
- Refer to my e-mail for the sample format.

Note: This output will serve as banderitas, exhibit and advocacy material rolled into one for the upcoming Development Studies Week this October.  No awkward outputs please.

DS 121 map bookmark/map banderitas (Visayas)

Disabling conditions
Cebu imperialism
Development aggression
Economic dualism
Agricultural backwardness
Chronic poverty
Internally displacement
Cocolisap infestation
Ecological footprint
Ruthless growth
Structural violence
Planned poverty
Timber poaching
Red tagging
Bureaucrat capitalism
Disaster capitalism
Enforced disappearance
Land monopoly
Failed post-Yolanda rehabilitation
Sex tourism
Lowland bias

DS 121 map bookmark/map banderitas (Visayas)

Enabling conditions
Indigenous tradition
Rights-based development
National democracy
Water democracy
Cultural diversity
Community development
Land reform
Class consciousness
Primary health care
Climate-smart infrastructure
Holistic approach
Environmental justice
Broad-based growth
Community safety
Health literacy
Agricultural sovereignty
Rural electrification
Sustainable housing
Collective farming
Social inclusion
Sustainable agriculture
Folk wisdom

DS 121

Study the following and be healthy
- toxic shoes
- toxic accessories
- toxic gadgets
- toxic slippers
- toxic light bulbs
- toxic toothpaste
- toxic pens
- toxic utensils
- toxic cookwares
- toxic air fresheners
- toxic hair dyes
- toxic cosmetic products
- toxic plastic ware
- toxic water bottle
- toxic feminine hygiene products
- toxic tea bags
- toxic school supplies
- toxic phone
- toxic shampoo
- toxic fabric
- toxic crayon
- toxic slimming pill
- toxic leather
- toxic talcum powder
- toxic soap
- toxic perfume
- toxic baby products


"Noon pa man sinabi ko na sa iyo na seloso ako!" - thesis


Dear DS alumni,

Practice self-restraint and self-discipline.
Resist conspicuous consumption and ultraconsumerism.
Learn and apply critical financial literacy (not the bourgeois financial literacy peddled by the mainstream financial advisors and consultants).
Saving, among many other things, is a way of "buying"/securing a good future.
Again, my gentle reminder to you is to save.

Diwang P.


Dear DS freshies,

Greetings of peace and solidarity!

Ask for acad tips from your DS upperclass.
They have been there and have done that in UP.
I also encourage you to join DevSoc to help you in this critical period of transition and in developing your leadership and organizational skills.  Believe me, these skills are crucial in your academic and future professional development.

I also wish you the best in the upcoming ARTernatibo.

Hoping to meet you one day,
Diwang Palaboy


We have classes this Friday.


Pagpupugay kay
Prop Reginald Vallejos
bilang bagong tagapangulo ng Programa ng Araling Pangkaunlaran
at punong tagapag-ugnay para sa Development Studies Week 2015
na may temang People's Struggle for Genuine National Development

BA Development Studies 
Master in Public Administration (with specialization in Organizational Development)
Doctoal in Public Administration (currently enrolled) 

DS 121

20 enabling and 20 disabling conditions in the development of Luzon and Mindanao


Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Jose Abueva
DS 121 - Emerlinda Roman
DS 126 - Francisco Nemenzo
DS 126 - Emil Javier

Study task on Friday

DS 121 - rural sociology
DS 126 pananagutan - rural management
DS 126 likas-kaya - rural economics

Sociological cartoon

SS 120 - feminist ethnography in the context of your approved thesis topic
DS 121 - gender-fair language in a particular setting/context (no duplication of setting/context)
DS 126 - gender mainstreaming in resource utilization and management
DS 126 - Philippine Commission on Women

Research, conceptualize and present well.

Sample sociological cartoon:

SS 120

E-mail the first batch of your practicon photos (10 photos for the meantime) tonight. Do not forget the corresponding captions.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gentle reminder

Spell toxic in two letters.


Practicon AVP tips #throwback

DS 126

You have until Sunday midnight to seek my approval for your topic in DS 126  presentation.
Refer to this blog post for details:
Note: Strictly follow the prescribed layout and spacing.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - study task (R&D), SS concept map, freshie presentation reflection paper (part 2),
Practicon-related deliverables (

DS 121 - study task (development as freedom), agriculture and society cosplay, toxic substances concept map, alterMTV (USB, virus free, label properly), envi-related concepts part 2, IKSP output, Visayan development enabling and disabling conditions

DS 126 - study task (development studies), public administration concept and its application (, study task (

DS 126 - study task (development policy), public administration concept and its application
(, study task 

DS sophies - freshie presentation reflection paper (printed copy), LPS questions based on Kom II research

Thursday, September 24, 2015

SS 120 and DS Sophies (presentation to freshies)

Please submit a printed copy of your reflection paper and photo documentation this Tuesday.

Pambansang industriyalisasyon at nasyunalisasyon

Panayam kay Dr Edberto Villegas
Dating Tagapangulo ng Development Studies
Dating Tagapangulo ng DSS
Tagapangulo, IBON Foundation

Tanong: Ano pong mga strategic at vital industry ang dapat sumailalim sa pambansang industriyalisasyon sa bansa?

Sagot: Kabilang dito ang mga industriya ng langis, kuryente, tubig, pagmimina, transportasyon, produksyon ng pagkain, ospital, edukasyon, lupa, pabahay, bangko at iba pang bumubuo sa sektor pampinansiya.

Ang stock market ay bubuwagin dahil ang primaryang nakikinabang dito ay mga mayayaman lamang at ginagawang batayan ngayon ng paglago daw diumano ng gross national product.

Kapag nagpalit ng gobyerno sa pamumuno ng batayang sektor ay maaaring pag-usapan pa ang ibang industriya at serbisyo publiko na maaaring payagan ang pribadong sektor kagaya ng produksyon ng pagkain, kolehiyo at pabahay ngunit kailangang pumaloob ang mga ito sa mahigpit na regulasyon ng gobyerno. Bagaman maaaring magkaroon ng private school, kinakailangang nireregularisa ang matrikula at sweldo ng mga guro upang maging makatarungan.  Mahalaga ring maregularisa ang pagmamay-ari ng lupain upang maiwasan ang monopolyo sa lupa sa kamay ng iilan.

Pansinin na ang mga nabanggit ay kombinasyon ng industriya at serbisyo publiko.  Ang lahat ng ito ay magaganap lamang kung ang mga opisyal natin ay may moral na prinsipyo at hindi tiwali.  Bilyon-bilyong piso galing sa buwis ng mga mamamayan ang nalulustay ng mga kurakot na sana ay nagamit upang pondohan ang mga industriya at serbisyong nabanggit.  Bukod sa pagiging matuwid (morally upright) ay kailangan ding kumpetente ang pamunuan.  Kaya napakahalaga ngayon ng kultural na rebolusyon upang imulat ang mga kabataan sa tamang landas.

#textinterview :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Form a group with four responsible members.
Choose a topic below. 
Observe the policy on non-duplication of topics.
List 15-20 specific examples of indigenous knowledge systems and practices (IKSP) about your chosen field.
Do not forget to indicate the particular IPs or group of IPs that you are featuring in your list.
List of topics:
- fisheries/coastal management
- forest management
- hunting, gathering and foraging
- horticulture; agriculture
- building structures; architecture
- technology
- climate change mitigation and adaptation; disaster risk reduction
- health and wellness
- maternal and child health

Pasasalamat at pagkilala

DS sophies, juniors at seniors, taos-pusong pasasalamat sa inyong inilulunsad na mga educational discussion sa pamamagitan ng mga mini-flipchart at infographics presentation para sa ating mga mahal na bunso sa kurso.  Napakalaking ambag ito sa pagpapalalim ng kanilang pampolitikang kamulatan ukol sa dialektika ng lipunang Pilipino. Higit din nitong pinagtitibay ang kanilang personal na ugnayan sa mga bumubuo ng ating programa.  Sa pamamagitan nito ay nakakaambag kayo sa pagpupunla ng bagong henerasyon ng mga kritikal na iskolar para sa pagbabago. Sa takdang panahon, sila naman ang magpapatuloy ng gawaing ito sa bawat sulok ng paaralan at komunidad. Muli, maraming salamat at padayon!  #onedevstud

DS 126 study task and LPS coverage

- democracy
- meritocracy
- geniocracy
- adhocracy
- mobocracy
- plutocracy
- punditocracy 
- kleptocracy

Research and study well. 
Be able also to provide illustrations/examples based on the Philippine experience.
Outline the key ideas in your DS 126 notebooks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tatak Devstud

Team Alumni - Albert Gavino, Poy Garvida, David Bunao

Tatak DevStud speech part 1 (prepared speech)

List of topics (draw lots to be facilitated by Kuya Miguel Deanon)
- oil
- electricity
- water
- mining
- food production
- health
- education
- transportation
- housing
- banking

Note: The writing of the speech should be a collective effort of the team but each team should choose a representative who will do the delivery.

Tatak DevStud groupings - first update

Red - Ines, Encarnacion, Aquino
Black - Lopez, Villegas, Fabella
Green - Abes, Archeta, Manahan
Gray - Nuestro, Fortin, Mojica
Orange - Curiano, Gia dela Cruz, Ocbina
Blue - Silva-netto, Guerrero, Tison
Yellow - Bal, Rafael, Virtucio
White - Cortez, Medel, Murillo
Pink - De Roca, Santos, Besana
Brown - Reyes, Pascua, Dayrit

Quiz bee part 1: Development Studies, Economics and Current Events (all 10 teams)
Quiz bee part 2: New segment TBA (down to top 8 teams)
Speech part 1 (prepared): Nationalization/National Industrialization (down to top five teams)
Speech part 2 (extempo): Q&A with the faculty jurors based on the team's respective speeches (down to top three teams)
Note: DS seniors, start mobilizing your teams.

Overall coordinator: Kuya Miguel Deanon

SS 120 #thisisit - updated

Text me your AVP titles tonight.
Present the e-copy of your AVP poster.
Present the e-copies of your 20 practicum photo documentation and their corresponding phrase captions.
Present your Practicon poster.
Submit a printed copy of your AVP synopsis.
Bring your USBs.
Write a RTR script. (Ms Mungcal, please take care of this.)
Provide two laptops. (Mr Mariano and friends, please take care of this.)
Reserve a LCD and a cord from the DSS (Ms Tolentino and Mr Mariano, please take care of this.)
Love your groupmates.

DS 126 (Tuesday activity)

Form a responsible pair.
Choose a public administration concept relevant to the study of national development.
Observe the 'no duplication' policy.
Seek my approval of your topic first before working on this task. Inform me through text as soon as possible.
Use a minimum of 5 references.
Limit the text to one short/long bond paper only (front page only)
Follow the sentence format.
Observe the landscape format.
Minimize the margin in order to fully maximize the available space.
Use the concept as heading/title (all caps, bolden, centered, Arial, font size: 22).
Provide a byline (e.g. consolidated by X and Y, Arial Narrow, font size: 10)
Provide five bullet entries (Arial, single spacing WITHIN the bullet, 1.5 spacing BETWEEN bullets, font size: 18)
- first bullet: definition
- second bullet: additional insights
- third bullet: application in the Philippine setting
- fourth bullet: problems and issues
- fifth bullet: recommendations
Underline/bolden key words and phrases in your bullet entries.
Cite your references (Arial Narrow, font size: 8, place the list in the footer of the page).
Bring a scotch tape.
Arrive on time.
Note that latecomers will not be allowed to participate.

DS Sophies

Formulate 15 LPS questions based on your Kom II research.
Observe the Q&A format.
Write them in a 1/2 crosswise.
Submit this output along with the printed version of your reflection paper (plus selfie with your assigned audience) on Tuesday next week.

DS 121

Part 2
Connect the following environment-related concepts to poverty:
extractive industry
easement rights (Mining Act of 1995)
investment defense force
maximum sustainable yield (MSY)
over-efficient fishing technologies
trawl fishing
alien invasive species in fisheries
alien invasive species in farming
habitat fragmentation
crop conversion
land-use conversion
white pollution
environmental pollution by antibiotics
ecological terrorism
disaster capitalism
biological warfare
suicide seeds/terminator seeds/nongerminating seeds

Research and study well.
Review your previous research in part 1.


"Huwag kang bibitaw. Ipangako mo!" - thesis :(


SS 120 - concept map based on the topic I assigned (the ones which I jotted down in red ink)
DS 121 - concept map about toxic substances (toxic leather, toxic fabric, toxic school supplies, etc.)

DS 121 cosplay

Structural problems that confront the local agricultural sector, specifically the:
Coffee farmers
Onion farmers
Corn farmers
Indigenous rice farmers
Banana plantation farmers
Bamboo plantation farmers
Cut flower plantation farmers
Mushroom producers

Form a group with five responsible members.
Choose a topic from the list above.
Follow the 'no duplication' policy.
Research, conceptualize and present well.
Assign one discussant and one cosplayer.
Limit the presentation per group to four minutes only.
Observe color coding among group members.
Prepare a visual aid in the form of a concept map (manila paper)
Submit a sociological cartoon and a fact sheet about your chosen topic.
Get rid of free riders.

Study task

SS 120 - research and development
DS 121 - development as freedom
DS 126 - development studies
DS 126 - development policy

Monday, September 21, 2015

SS 120, DS 121, DS 126 (both sections)

Prepare ten (10) 1/8 sheets of paper for tomorrow's Tapang test.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sir Benjie

Issues and concerns in Mindanao (updated)

- Luzoncentric development, Manila imperialism, local core-periphery exploitative relations
- Chronic poverty and economic underdevelopment
- Highly uneven wealth distribution in Mindanao
- Development aggression (e.g. TNC mining) and state-sponsored terrorism (e.g. militarization)
- Ethnocide
- Internally displaced population (IDPs)
- Triple burden of diseases in Mindanao (infectious diseases, noncommunicale diseases and vulnerability to disaster)
- Structural and military violence against Lumads
- Contract growing of TNCs
- Landgrabbing and criminalization of peasant movement
- Environmental racism
- Political dynasty and warlordism
- Statistical genocide against Muslims and Lumads
- Tokenism in dealing with Muslims and Lumads
- Cultural misrepresentation of Muslims and Lumads by mainstream media and commercialized tourism
- Historical distortion that misrepresent the struggle of Muslims and Lumads
- Denigration, cooptation and commodification of indigenous culture
- Self-serving US interest in the rich natural resource base of Mindanao
- Adverse impact of neoliberal globalization/corporate-led globalization in Mindanao


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - Tapang test, study task on Jocano, one-liner question for Castillo, editorial cartoon on kaizen, practicum glossary
DS 121 - Tapang test, study task on Castillo, curriculum review output, one-liner question for Estacio, LPS questions about government departments, editorial cartoon on precautionary principle
DS 126 - Tapang test, study task on Estella, one-liner question for N. Simbulan, editorial cartoon on subsidiarity
DS 126 - Tapang test, study task on Estella, one-liner question for Imperial, editorial cartoon on TQM


SS 120 - Giovanni Tapang column articles @ Manila Times
DS 121 - Giovanni Tapang column articles @ Manila Times
DS 126 - Giovanni Tapang column articles @ Manila Times
DS 126 - Giovanni Tapang column articles @ Manila Times

Prepare well (17 articles).
Arrive on time.

Friday, September 18, 2015

DS blog poll (edited)


Palengke ethnography

#pako (fern)
#paayap (cowpea)



Ang susuportahan ni Magneto ngayong ARTernatibo ay...
A. Luzon (Sophies)
B. Visayas (Juniors)
C. Mindanao (Freshies)


Per team, submit a glossary featuring the list of terms that you encountered in your practicum experience. The list may include the following categories:
social movement and community organizing
production work
place naming
local politics
geography and natural environment
indigenous knowledge systems and practices; folk wisdom
culture and heritage
food and delicacy
popular culture

Include unfamiliar terms only.
Provide definitions.
Do not include photos yet.
Print your output in a bond paper.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Editorial cartoon

SS 120 - principle of kaizen
DS 121 - precautionary principle
DS 126 - principle of subsidiarity
DS 126 - principle of total quality management

Research, conceptualize and design well.
Substandard output will receive a demerit. #harsh

LPS questions (DS 121 only)

DS 121 only
Form a pair.
Choose one website from the list below.
Observe the 'no duplication' policy.
Formulate 20 LPS questions.
Website options:

Research and formulate well.


Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following health social scientists:
SS 120 - Prof Fatima Alvarez-Castillo, DSS
DS 121 - Dr Leonardo Estacio, DBS
DS 126 - Dr Nymia Pimentel-Simbulan, DBS
DS 126 - Dr Reynaldo Imperial, DSS

Research and conceptualize well.

Kulang sa pansin

Pssssssssssssssssssssst! - thesis


Buhay DS senior

- thesis
- practicon AVP
- electives
- devstud week
- dss week
- mass org
- devsoc
- kuya & ate duties to the lower years
- employment prospects
- NMAT/LAE review
- academic deficiencies if any (e.g. INC, 4.0)
- worries about failing to graduate on time
- bucket list
- existential crisis (?)
- lovelife


#devstorm #beastmode
#thesiscramming=epicfailure #sternwarning
#happybirthdaytheresecordero #wemissyou
#sinomasmaganda? #magandianne o #magandani?

Presentation to freshies

SS 120 - 10 things you learned in your community integration (infographics)
Sophies - Introduction to Development Studies concepts (with visual aid)


Friday agenda

SS 120 - study task (Jocano), editorial cartoon (SWS)
DS 121 - study task (Castillo), alternative Heneral Luna poster, editorial cartoon (bread and circuses)
DS 126 - study task (Estella), editorial cartoon (ideological state apparatus)
DS 126 - study task (Estella), editorial cartoon (mediatization)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UPDATED - Undergraduate thesis topics of your esteemed professors

Prof D. Abaya - Politics of Business
Dr E. Villegas - Albert Camus: The Conscience of Our Time
Prof A. Adeva - Comparison of Communication Patterns in Two Humanities II Classes Conducted in English and in Filipino
Prof J. Ong - Socio-economic Way of Life of Paco Squatter Communities
Prof C. Pulumbarit - Historical Study of Barasoain Kalinangan Foundation, Inc.
Prof A. Martinez - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder of Children Caught in Armed Conflict
Prof R. Simbulan - Philippine-Japan Treaty of Amity, Friendship and Commerce and Its Impact on the Philippines
Prof A. Veluz - Street Theater
Prof M. Ang - Visual History of Session Road of Baguio City Through Time
Atty R. Dionisio - Critical Analysis on the Bills of Prostitution
Prof Ramon Guillermo - Literary Criticism and Eurocentrism
Prof O. Joson - Pagsusuri sa mga Awit ng Rebolusyon: 1890-1898
Prof J. Bien - T'boli Kulintang
Prof J. Del Mundo - Migration and Fertility Behavior
Prof R. Linatoc - The Failure of the Government in Providing Agricultural Extension Workers in Remote Areas of the Philippines
Prof C. Berja - Projecting Viability of Pre-Need Educational Plans
Dr T. De Guzman - Karao: Wika Ba o Dayalekto?
Prof C. Arguelles - Decline in Democratic Governance in UP
Prof R. Roque - Radio as a Medium for Advocacy: An Evaluation of the Radio Program Ngayon Na, Bayan!
Prof Sophia Lu - Muslim Women's Political Participation in the Middle East


#giantbookmarkofkennethmurillo #placarditu

SS 120

DS 121 essay - updated

Form a group with three responsible members.
Compare and contrast the undergraduate degree offerings of three universities (UP, another local and one foreign) in line with your chosen field of study below.
Focus on the curriculum.
Formulate a set of criteria upon which you will base your assessment.
Submission date: Tuesday next week
Choices (The no duplication policy applies)
Political Science
Development Studies
Public Administration
Secondary Education
Community Development
Social Work
Mass Communication

Editorial cartoon

SS 120 - SWS recent releases/media releases archives (no duplication, cite the survey topic)
DS 121 - bread and circuses*
DS 126 - ideological state apparatus
DS 126 - mediatization

Note: Research and conceptualize well.
*Thank you, Ms A. Esguerra


dalubhasaan - college
dalubguro - professor
dalub-asal - behavioral science
dalub-isipan - psychology
dalub-wikaan - linguistics
daubbanwahan - political science
dalub-agham - scientist

DS 121 deliverables

This Friday - Alternative Heneral Luna poster (hand-drawn)
Tuesday next week - AlterMTV


We have a session this upcoming Friday.

Study task (profiles)

SS 120 - Felipe Landa Jocano
DS 121 - Gelia Castillo
DS 126 - Chit Estella
DS 126 - Chit Estella

Monday, September 14, 2015

Thesis topics during our Development Studies undergraduate years

Prof Vallejos - peasant
Prof Erive-Legaspi - nurse migration
Prof Pantig - local cooperative
Atty Baguilat - rice terraces
Atty Wacnang - trade union
Prof Ponsaran - municipal fisherfolks


Sunday, September 13, 2015


Toxic DS 126 long test


Toxic DS 126 long test

Saturday, September 12, 2015

DS sophies, help po...

Fundador - Collins - frankenfood
Liamson - Pascua - hidden hunger
Hosillos - Santos - greenwashing
Elevazo - Villegas - Ubuntu philosophy
Cortez - Encarnacion - alienation
Silva-netto - Engay - feminization of migration
Banga - Son - feminization of poverty
Curiano - Medel - double burden of disease
Fenol - Solano - Cuban social medicine
Junio - Relox - Sikolohiyang Pilipino
Uy - Ravago - primary health care
Bacea - Largoza - publish or perish
Bruel - Javier - Luddites
Mahusay - Fortin - Omanization of labor
Legazpi - Rafael - glocalization
Columbrillo - Austria - Bonoization of protest
Bumatay - Palma - kleptocracy
Estrella - Cabalintan - political efficacy
Nuestro - Gitana - broken window theory
Caballero - Archeta - Mcdonaldization of society
Diana - David - medicalization of aging
Rivera - Dela Cruz - medicalization of hunger
Yanga - Manalo - free and prior informed consent
Umali - Magno - indigenous knowledge systems and practices
Collado - Balmes - ethnocide
Bal - Angeles - green fatigue
Reyes - Salvador - poverty pornography
Abes - Miranda - poverty tourism
Alao - Guerrero - herstory
Lopez - Sagalongos - hyperreality
Ines - Gumpal - water wars
De Roca - Naviamos - time poverty
Rodriguez - Discaya - ecofeminism
Acosta - Lim - development aggression

Study your assigned topic.
Prepare a hand-drawn visual aid.
Set an appointment with your assigned audience.
Introduce yourself and explain the objectives of your presentation.
Ask them to formulate three questions based on your presentation and be able to answer their queries thoroughly.
Write a reflection paper about this activity.
Attach your selfie  together for purposes of documentation.
Note that this output will be credited to DS 100.
Encourage them to share their learning experience with their blockmates.
Be able to accomplish this task in the upcoming week.

Friday, September 11, 2015


Happy birthday, AJ!


'Di Pangkaraniwan
May Tibak at May Tibak
Dapat Bawiin
Kung Puntod na ang Bukirin
Babae Ka
Sa Aking Pagdating

Akda at awit nina
Danny Fabella, SABAK, Musikang Bayan, Axel Pinpin, Gazera, Inang Laya, at iba 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

DS 121 AlterMTV

Start conceptualizing your alternative MTVs.
Use the progressive songs which your respective groups presented during our previous DS 121 listening session.
Set the video and photo shoots within the CAS campus only.
Use appropriate documentation technologies, costumes and props.
Involve the DS freshies, sophies, seniors and alumni in your alternative MTVs as performers.
Include subtitles.
Incorporate the original practicum photos of this year and the previous year's DS 190 students (no duplication of practicum sites, one source per batch).
Observe proper attribution.
Submit your proposal via e-mail this Sunday evening.


SS 120 (updated)

Formulate a one-liner question addressed to each of the following health researchers/practitioners/administrators:

Dr Fe del Mundo
Dr Perla Santos-Ocampo
Dr Ramon Arcadio
Dr Carmencita Padilla
Dr Jaime Galvez-Tan
Dr Gene Nisperos

SS 120 2nd infographic presentation

Liamson - Mungcal
Hosillos - Bruel
Elevazo - Tolentino
Cortez - Lomibao
Silva-netto - Novilla
Banga - Nacpil
Curiano - Caranay
Fenol - Mendoza
Junio - Olives
Uy - Mariano
Bacea - Villarda
Bruel - Ventura
Mahusay - Deanon
Legazpi - Rosales
Columbrillo - Lopez
Bumatay - Krizia dela Cruz
Estrella - Julio
Nuestro - Cobol
Caballero - Buan
Diana - Tan
Rivera - Repollo
Yanga - Billones
Umali - Ponciano
Collado - Asuncion
Bal - Basco
Reyes - Gray
Abes - Mansal
Alao - Montoya
Lopez - Umengan
Ines - EJ Dela Cruz
De Roca - Santiago
Rodriguez - Dayandante
Acosta - Antonio

Wait until I return your corrected "10 things I learned from DS 190" inforgraphics.
Set an appointment with your assigned audience.
Introduce yourself and explain the objectives of your presentation.
Ask them to formulate three questions based on your presentation and be able to answer their queries thoroughly.
Encourage them to also experience community integration.
Write a reflection paper about this activity.
Attach your selfie  together for purposes of documentation.
Note that this is a major requirement.


Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - study task (social theories and SS concepts), 20 SS concepts related to your thesis topic, one-liner questions for health practitioners and researchers

DS 121 - 20 LPS questions, recitation about the environment-poverty link, #StopLumadKillings bookmark, group paper on nationalism

DS 126 - long test (news featured at

DS 126 - long test (news featured at

DS sophies - editorial cartoon about #StopLumadKillings

DS freshies - read articles featured at #UPstudentsaresociallyaware&politicallyengaged

DS alumni - Never forget your Devstud roots. #huwagmagpapalamonsasistema #changeagent #wemissyou


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

SS 120

- List 20 Social Science-related concepts that you find useful in developing your thesis
(10 concepts that you have learned in UP for the last 7 semesters and 10 additional new ideas).
- Do not write the definitions anymore but be sure to explain them in class during LPS rounds next session.
- Use 1/4 sheet of paper.
Note: Last warning to latecomers!

DS 121 (3 members per group)

Submit a concept map about one of the following topics.  No duplication of topic as usual.  Focus on the Philippine context.  Use a minimum of five sources.  Research and conceptualize well.
- nationalism of OFWs
- nationalism of curriculum developers
- nationalism of Muslims
- nationalism of legislators
- nationalism of health workers
- nationalism of consumers
- nationalism of media practitioners
- nationalism of scientists
- nationalism of public sector workers
- nationalism of entrepreneurs
- nationalism in the judiciary
- nationalism of exporters
- nationalism of foreign affairs workers

DS 121

- Submit a hand-drawn bookmark about #StopLumadKillings.
- Use appropriate design.
- Research and conceptualize well.
- Laminate it with tape.
- Wrap it with a piece of paper that bears your name.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

DS sophies #ethnocide

Submit an editorial cartoon about #StopLumadKillings.
Research and conceptualize well.
Note: Scores will be credited to DS 100. Jian and Mica will collect your outputs on Tuesday.


Ay wala nga pala akong NSTP...

SS 120

Study the following theories and approaches:
Grounded theory
Right-based approach to development
Political ecology
Cultural ecology
Social medicine model
Ecohealth approach
Human-environment systems approach
Human ecology approach
Symbolic violence


DS 126 long test (both sections)

Study and analyze the featured news at (right-side menu).
Study as many news articles as you can.
Start notetaking and studying this early.
Bring one blue book.
Note: Bottom scorers will be penalized with a major group project to compensate for their poor performance.

DS 121 graded recitation

Connect the following environment-related concepts to poverty:
climate debt
emission debt
adaptation debt
cultural ecology
political ecology
deep ecology
shallow ecology
environmental determinism
environmental possibilism
environmental racism
green fatigue
corporate social and environmental responsibility
seed activists
anti-dam activists
indigenous knowledge systems and practices (IKSP)
debt-for-nature swap
green aid
green procurement
green GNP
green accounting

DS 121 individual output

Formulate 20 LPS questions based on your chosen book.
Provide the corresponding answers (Q&A format).
Sequence the questions based on the degree of difficulty.
Write them in 1/2 yellow pad (crosswise).
Do not forget to cite your source.


No session this Friday (September 11) - the last day of my 7-day paternity leave.



Monday, September 07, 2015


"Kung ako ang pipiliin mo, pangatawanan mo ako hanggang dulo.  Huwag kang isang malaking paasa! Sana maging consistent ka tulad noong una mo akong pinapasok sa buhay mo! Ang sakit sakit e. Shet!"

- taghoy ni thesis sa kanyang unfaithful writer


#excellentsociologyofnamesoutputs #121&120

Senate topnotchers

1987 - Salonga
1992 - Sotto
1995 - GMA
1998 - Legarda
2001 - De Castro
2004 - Roxas
2007 - Legarda
2010 - Revilla
2013 - Poe
2016 - ?

1. What can you infer from this data set?
2. Based on media reports, identify at least 30 prospective senate contenders in 2016.
3. Who  do you think would be the 2016 senate race topnotcher?

Sunday, September 06, 2015


- Cite your sources and references. Observe proper attribution.
- Use appropriate titles in all your submissions.
- Pass your outputs to the designated collectors in class. Papers that go astray will not be recorded.
- Do not submit late outputs.
- Back up all your outputs electronically.
- Be consistent in submitting first-rate outputs.
- Proofread and edit your submissions.
- Use one 1/8 sheet of paper only in listing your accumulated LPS points per meeting.
- Submit well-thought-out outputs in terms of form and substance.  Let your name be an imprimatur of excellence when you write it in your outputs.

Saturday, September 05, 2015


Students with multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary courses should develop the skill of integrating concepts and approaches from various disciplines in analyzing and dealing with complex social problems. This immense potential of your academic training enables you to become effective development analysts, social mobilizers, and problem solvers.  Actualize it.


#liam's2ndmonth #july4 #padayon

Tuesday Tasks/Toxic Tuesday/TT

SS 120 - study tasks*, one-liner questions for Marcos and Bourdieu, tanaga about just war theory, practicum infographics part 2, reflection paper about the inforgraphic presentation to freshies, editorial cartoon about the fourth world

DS 121 - study tasks*, one-liner questions for Romualdez and Pollan, group output about the book author's political/economic philosophy, progressive song listening session, tanaga about hidden allocation, reflection paper about the flipchart presentation to freshies, editorial cartoon about third worldism

DS 126 - study tasks*, one-liner questions for Hontiveros and Zinn, tanaga about military-industrial complex, tabular-matrix of electoral contenders, 48 laws of power, editorial cartoon about fourth estate

DS 126 - study tasks*, one-liner questions for Villanueva and Limbaugh, tanaga about military bureaucracy, socio-political issue concept map, 48 laws of power, editorial cartoon about third cinema

*sentence-outline to be written in your notebooks

Friday, September 04, 2015


Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Pierre Bourdieu
DS 121 - Michael Pollan
DS 126 - Howard Zinn
DS 126 - Rush Limbaugh

Gentle reminder

Let us resist the 'mema' culture whether in major or minor outputs.  Otherwise, our brain will be accustomed to it, and such will become a habit even in our future employment and engagement. Let us dignify UP by becoming serious students of our respective fields.  It will surely benefit us, our communities and the nation.


Study the following concepts:
SS 120 - research gaps
DS 121 - poor economics
DS 126 - reinventing government (Osborne and Gaebler)
DS 126 - reinventing government (Osborne and Gaebler)


Thursday, September 03, 2015


Draw an editorial cartoon about the following concepts:
SS 120 - Fourth world
DS 121 - Third worldism
DS 126 - Fourth estate
DS 126 - Third cinema

Research and conceptualize well.

SS 120 and DS 121

Submit a printed copy of your reflection paper about your previous infographic/flipchart presentation this Tuesday during our session.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


No session this Friday.

SS 120 output (updated)

- Submit an infographics about the 10 things you learned from your practicum experience.
- Entitle it as "10 Things I Learned from the DevStud Practicum: The X Experience" with X being your designated practicum site.
- Conceptualize and present your ideas very well.
- Cite/Incorporate various facets that will highlight the diversity of your experience (should be mostly political, economic, social, environmental, cultural, linguistic, ideological, geographical, and also some trivial and personal aspects).
- Observe the do's and don'ts of infographics making.
- Note that the objective of this output is to popularize and deepen the commitment to community integration and community development.

DS 126 (both sections)

Read the online summary of the 48 Laws of Power.
Cite specific illustrations based on the Philippine experience.
Write your answers in your notebook.

DS 126 Pananagutan (5-6 members per group)

Develop a tabular matrix that will highlight the merits and demerits of each of the following 2016 prospective presidentiables and vice-presidentiables.
Mar Roxas
Jejomar Binay
Grace Poe
Bongbong Marcos
Rodrigo Duterte
Chiz Escudero
Leni Robredo
Vilma Santos
Antonio Trillanes
Alan Peter Cayetano


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DS 126 likas-kaya class

Choose a responsible partner.
Develop a concept map about a pressing socio-political issue featured in any public affairs program of any of the following TV networks.
- GMA NewsTV
- AksyonTV
- CNN Philippines
Avoid duplication of episodes if possible.


Formulate an original tanaga about the following concepts:
SS 120 - just war theory
DS 121 - 'hidden allocation' in the military budget
DS 126 - military-industrial complex
DS 126 - military bureaucracy

DS 121 listening session (updated)

1. Choose one progressive song which we have not featured yet in any of our Development Studies activities.  The 'no duplication' policy applies.
2. Play the song with the aid of a loud speaker.  Please bring the other needed equipment.
3. Provide a hand-out that contains the lyrics (1/4 sheet bond paper, 40 pieces).
4. Assign a group member who will discuss the content analysis of the song (1 minute duration only).
5. Wear red, black or white.
6. Assign Ms Tison and Mr Murillo as emcees.  Inform them also about your chosen song title so that they will be able to formulate a logical sequence for the presentation.
7. Assign Ms Cuya and friends to take charge of the banner design (Aklas-awit at Lipunan).
8. Assign Ms Punzalan and Ms Feliciano as speakers for the opening and closing remarks, respectively.

Note: Failure to qualify in this preliminary screening will forfeit the chance of your group to work on the subsequent 'Alternative MTV' project.


DS 121

Identify and discuss the political/economic/social philosophy that guided the author in his or her scholarly discourse in your chosen book.  Students with similar authors should brainstorm and come up with a unified answer.  Based on your collective discussion and agreement, submit a written group output. Drop the social loafers from the roster.


Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Bong-Bong Marcos
DS 121 - Martin Romualdez
DS 126 - Risa Hontiveros
DS 126 - Joel Villanueva

Research and conceptualize well.

Study task for all my classes this semester

Economics of enough
Story of stuff
Anthropology of wellbeing
Politics of happiness
Politics of memory