Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DS 126 (Tuesday activity)

Form a responsible pair.
Choose a public administration concept relevant to the study of national development.
Observe the 'no duplication' policy.
Seek my approval of your topic first before working on this task. Inform me through text as soon as possible.
Use a minimum of 5 references.
Limit the text to one short/long bond paper only (front page only)
Follow the sentence format.
Observe the landscape format.
Minimize the margin in order to fully maximize the available space.
Use the concept as heading/title (all caps, bolden, centered, Arial, font size: 22).
Provide a byline (e.g. consolidated by X and Y, Arial Narrow, font size: 10)
Provide five bullet entries (Arial, single spacing WITHIN the bullet, 1.5 spacing BETWEEN bullets, font size: 18)
- first bullet: definition
- second bullet: additional insights
- third bullet: application in the Philippine setting
- fourth bullet: problems and issues
- fifth bullet: recommendations
Underline/bolden key words and phrases in your bullet entries.
Cite your references (Arial Narrow, font size: 8, place the list in the footer of the page).
Bring a scotch tape.
Arrive on time.
Note that latecomers will not be allowed to participate.