Wednesday, March 15, 2006

suggested websites on globalization


ni diwang palaboy

burgis,kontra-manggagawa, "pro-poor" kuno

Con-Ass, kiss ass, ass #!%*!

utak-pulbura, "mautak", utakan (read: transactional politics)

ConCom, kontra-condom (natural menthods only), conditional politics

tuta ng Kano, ngiting aso, "dugong aso"

powder blue, raliyista'y black and blue, Pinas: bluer than blue

gahamang maupo agad (GMA), kapit-tuko, ate glue

political accomodation, political window dressing, political compromise

tsunano ('ika nga ni Ka Mameng), high IQ pero low EQ, f_ _ _-U

reyna ng flipflop, reyna ng moodswing, reyna ng HRV

cheating, stealing, lying (all of the above)

honest, credible, legitimate (none of the above)

ekonomista, pasista, "hitlerina"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

odd one out (then justify your answer) money, FDI, porfolio investment, bank credits
2.loanshark, usurer, 5-6, commies
3.Neri, Canlas, Paderangga, Boncodin
4.The Big Picture, Strictly Politics, Playback, State of Affairs
5.revenue streams, sunrise industries, priority sectors, tax base

Monday, March 13, 2006

HRD (final project)

Interview with an X on (the issue of) Y

(by pair, choose 4 out of the given set of options below and identify another interviewee of your choice; 5 over-all)

-with analysis about the content of the interview; include the profile of the interviewee and a short job description; facilitate the interview in a manner that will cover other relevant issues related to the topic in question; computer encoded-flexi-format; submit on or before March 28)

>government employee on job satisfaction (except UPM)
>part-time college/university instructor/lecturer on the issue of contractualization (except UPM)
>KMU/PM/TUCP officer/member on the issue of just wage
>Filipino entertainers on the issue of Japan's tougher immigration policy
>HR managers on cases of insubordination
>nurse in a public hospital on the issue of the out-migration phenomenon
>psychometrician of any HRD Department in determining the fitness of an applicant
>professional journalist/media practitioner on the issue occupational hazard

DS 111 (quiz)

Define the following terms and provide illustration for each.
-people's democratic revolution
-democratic centralism
-material condition
-mass organization
-expansion, consolidation and recovery
-guerilla warfare
-red baiting
-great rectification movement (1st, 2nd)


"Like beating a dead horse, the show (Wowowee) must persist to feed on the gullible--and that's a cruel joke."-Editorial, Manila Standard Today, 13 March 2006

"All over the world, corruption is associated with lower levels of spending on education, health care, and other public services." (Investigating Corruption-A Do-It-Yourself Guide, PCIJ (2002)

"There is a bias against entrepreneurship in the Philippines, and that is why we have not moved forward. We were told by our parents to study very hard so that one day we can get a job. And we tell our cildren to study very hard so that they can have a job..."-Senator Manny Villar

"Ang papel ng pera ay hindi na rin simpleng instrumento sa palitan ng mga kalakal. Ang pera ay mismong kalakal na rin. Ibig sabihin, ang pera ay hindi na lamang ginagamit sa pagbili ng mga kalakal para lumikha ng kalakal kundi ginagamit na rin ng labas sa aktwal na paglikha ng kalakal. Kaya nga, ang mga institusyong pampinansya ay nagsisilbi ring tagalikha ng pera mula sa pera."-Maikling Kurso sa Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas, Institute of Political Economy, 2000

"You should not say yes to too many things and overextend yourself."-Bob Garon

"Kokak, kokak, kokak, kokak.
Parusa sa bayan ang kakokakang ito
Sa kumpas ng reynang hindi lihitimo
Para manatiling makairi sa trono
Pilantik ng dila'y latigo ng terorismo."
-Gelacio Guillermo (Dipa ne ning alte)

"Divisoria's 168 is globalization in action. For all intents, "168" might as well be the code for globalization.-Boo Chanco, Demand and Supply, Philippine Star

"Marcos and GMA-in their uncanny parallel ways-show that the easy part of power is seizing it. The difficult part is using it with wisdom and restraint."-Prof. Randolf S. David, UP Diliman

"I will offer myself to the electorate in 2004 as the leader with the experience and vision necessary to change society, achieve economic development and eliminate poverty."-Ms. Arroyo, 4 October 2003

"The crisis of leadership at the highest level is like the tip of an iceberg. To cure this social cancer we need a new breed of leaders in our country."-Angel Lagdameo, CBCP