Sunday, May 31, 2009

Martial law

In case only* of invasion and rebellion, the President may
place the country or any part of it under martial law.
It should however not exceed 60 days (2 months)**
Within 48 hours (2 days) from its proclamation, the president
shall report in person or in writing to the Congress.
The Congress by a vote of at least a majority of its members voting
jointly (Senate + House of Rep) may revoke such proclamation.***
Such revocation cannot be overturned by the President.****
BUT upon the president's initiative, Congress may
(in the same manner stated above) extend such proclamation
for a duration to be determined by Congress.*****

*1st check and balance
**2nd check and balance
***3rd check and balance
****4th check and balance
*****dangerous if extended indefinitely
by the president's docile forces in Congress

Tasking for the practicum conference (updated)

  • Faculty consultant - EMV and RGS
  • Faculty coordinator - Ponsaran
  • Over-all student coordinator - Politud
  • Deputy student coordinator - Eguico
  • Program script - dela Cruz and Martinez
  • Emcees AM - Fernandez and Advani
  • Emcees PM - Tecson and Javier
  • National anthem - Martinez
  • Invocation - Elefan
  • Technical AM - Politud*, Javier, Tecson
  • Technical PM - Politud*, Baquiran, Rosales
  • Stage design - Onanad*, Honrade, Eguico, Meneses, Javier, Lara
    Villanueva, Fernandez, Gamao, Concepcion, Tecson, Rosales
  • Registration - Bruselas*, Yasay, Angeles
  • Marshall - Cauton*, Lara, Concepcion, Hechanova
  • RTR - Fernandez*, Advani, Martinez, Angeles,
    Caranto, Onanad, Cauton, Elefan, Villanueva
  • Program and invitation - Rosales* and Politud
  • Posters - Rosales* and Politud
  • Exhibit (LT Walk) - same as the stage design committee
  • Food - Elefan*, Tan, Baquiran, Belgira, Gamao, Mayoca, Hechanova
  • Documentation - Eguico*, Lopez and Bruselas
  • Poetry readers - Advani, Fernandez, Eguico, Rosales, Lara (individual)
  • Song number - Eguico, Fernandez, Martinez,
    Rosales, Honrade, Caranto, Elefan (by group or by pair)
  • Sabayang Pagbigkas - San Juan del Monte Group

    AVP Coordinator per group
    -Bulacan (Fernandez)
    -Cavite (Elefan)
    -Batangas (Villanueva)
    -Tarlac (Eguico)
    -Nueva Ecija (Politud)
    -Binangonan (Rosales)
    -Montalban (Belgira)
    -Mindoro (Hechanova)

    Tema: DALUYONG: Pakikibaka ng Masa sa Gitna ng Krisis

    *Committee head

Ponsaran's tentative academic load (1st sem 2009-2010)

  • NSTP (Development and Social Change) - TF 8:30-10
  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture) - TF 10-11:30
  • DS 127 (Natural & Physical Environment and Dev't) - TF 1-2:30
  • Econ 151 (Public Finance) - TF 2:30-4
  • Econ 115 (Philippine Economic History) - W 9-12
  • DS 126 (Politico-administrative Institutions & Behavior) - S 9-12
  • DS 140 (Special Topics: Education, Health & Local Gov't) - S 1-4

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pagsusulat sa panahon ng ligalig

Trust deficit

"The Arroyo administration was and is the most distrusted
since possibly the Spanish colonial regime."
- Malaya Editorial, 27 May

"GMA cannot win as barangay councilor in any clean elections."
- PDI Columnist Conrado de Quiros

What do you think will be the main features of the 2010 elections?

  • Highly contested presidential election; Automation; Violence;
    Some candidates with clear alternative to the status quo politics
    -Gabriela party-list Rep. Liza Maza

  • Blogs, social networks, YouTube, cellphone as important
    as tri-media; Ecology, healthcare, other middle class issues
    could upstage jobs, housing that are dear to the masses;
    Competence and credentials upstage mass popularity and
    underdog imaging; Urban, ABC class, youth (18-35) will
    set compass of poll victories at national level
    -Sociologist Erle Frayne Argonza

  • Isang malaking peryaan at masquerade party!
    -Cartoonist Lenerwin Onanad

  • The elections will be marred with the usual violence
    and cheating but I think the people especially the youth

    who are now more aware and vigilant would exert efforts
    to counter any form of malevolence.
    -UP Prof. Sharon Caringal

  • Just another popularity contest, 'big biz'
    and political elite will support whoever they think
    is popular but better than the overly corrupt
    Arroyo administration or candidates of lesser evil
    but witha fighting chance to win; Progressive
    and/or nationalist candidates will have better
    chances in congressional elections
    -UP Prof. Amante del Mundo

  • Magiging agawan lang para sa pagkapangulo ng mga
    miyembro o hawak ng mga kumprador burgesya
    at panginoong may lupa. Pababayaan ng U.S. na
    magbakbakan ang mga ito para magkaroon ng ilusyon
    na may demokrasya dahil lahat naman sila ay pro-U.S.
    Dehado na uli ang masa at ituturing nila ang eleksyon
    na panahon na naman ng pyesta kung kailan maraming
    pera ang ipinamumudmod. Kahit na sino ang manalo ay
    walang magiging pagbabago sa kanilang buhay. Hindi
    hahayaan ng U.S. ang pagdeklara ng emergency rule
    ni Gloria dahil liability ito sa kanila at marami namang
    galing sa ruling class na maaaring ipalit sa kanya.
    -UP Prof. Edberto Villegas

  • In the 2010 elections, trapos and dynasties will still
    dominate it, but the Left and the people's true
    representatives will make some inroads in the
    national and local politics. People's organizations
    will also consolidate and further expand their
    reach and influence.
    -UP Prof. Roland Simbulan

  • For me the 2010 election is the country's
    deus ex machina - sana 'wag masayang
    -Ivan Sangalang, Area Studies graduate

DevStud Activity Line-up

  • Lalawigan '09: Mula sa Masa, Tungo sa Masa
    (annual practicum conference)
  • Praxis '09
    (visual ethnography - practicum experience)
  • Bookay-bookay
    (DEVSOC book sale)
  • The Alternative
    (relaunching of the DEVSOC official journal)
  • Development Studies book collection
    (UP Manila CAS Library)


Sa magkakaibang lugar, nakakita ako ng mga babalang
nakasulat sa pader para iwasan ng mga mamamayan
ang pag-ihi at pagtatapon ng basura rito.

Una, may babalang magmumulta ng P500 ang sinumang lalabag.

Ikalawa, bugbog ang aabutin ng sinumang mahuhuli.

Ikatlo, babalang bawal ihi putol ___.

Ikaapat, pagguhit ng krus (isang sagradong simbolo)
para marahil respetuhin ang pader.

Tiyak ako na marami pang iba.

Demystifying Erap and Noli

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


  • Trillanes* - 1st term - ends on 2013
  • Aquino* - 1st term - ends on 2013
  • Alan Cayetano* - 1st term - ends on 2013
  • Escudero* - 1st term -ends on 2013 - presidentiable
  • Legarda* - 1st term - ends on 2013 - presidentiable
  • Honasan - 1st term - ends on 2013
  • Zubiri - 1st term - ends on 2013

  • Pia Cayetano* - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may seek re-election
  • Estrada* - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may seek re-election
  • Roxas* - 1st term - ends on 2010 -presidentiable
  • Madrigal* - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may seek re-election
  • Gordon - 1st term - ends on 2010 - presidentiable
  • Lapid - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may run as Pampanga gov.
  • Enrile - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may seek re-election
  • Revilla - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may seek re-election
  • Santiago - 1st term - ends on 2010 - may seek re-election

  • Lacson* - last term - ends on 2013 - presidentiable
  • Villar* - last term - ends on 2013 - presidentiable
  • Angara - last term - ends on 2013
  • Arroyo - last term - ends on 2013
  • Pangilinan** - last term - ends on 2013

  • Biazon* - last term - ends on 2010 - outgoing
  • Pimentel* - last term - ends on 2010 - outgoing


Religion, Culture and Politics in the Philippines

Sunday, May 24, 2009

House of Representatives

  • 89 - Lakas-CMD Party
  • 52 - Kampi Party
  • 30 - NPC Party
  • 20 - Liberal Party
  • 10 - Nacionalista Party

    The rest belongs to LDP, PMP, PDSP,
    PDP-Laban, UNO and party-list groups

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I saw poverty right in the eye.
I saw how the farmers toil every day only to earn less than
what they spent and incur more debts from their landlords.
One afternoon while participating in their production work,
a farmer told me that he owns no land except for the soil in his fingers.
“Wala kaming pagmamay-aring lupa
kundi ang lupa sa aming mga kuko.”

-MK de Guzman
Masters in Public Management student
Development Studies graduate (2008)
Practicumer in Morong, Rizal (2007)
former USC Councilor (2007-2009)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

random thoughts

  • Ayon kay MK de Guzman, tagapangulo ng bagong tatag na
    photography organization sa UP Manila, hindi nakasalalay sa
    gamit ang mga kuha bagkus ay ilaw at anggulo ang mapagpasya.
    I find that advice very reassuring considering that I have to
    content myself with a 2 megapixel mobile phone camera.
  • Isang mag-aaral kamakailan ang nagtanong sa akin kung bakit
    maituturing na makabuluhan ang kursong Development studies.
    Narito ang sagot ko sa kanya sa text:
    "Development studies is the epitome
    of what Oblation actually stands for.
    The course enables the students to learn
    with the people through the practicum and
    engages them in the theory and practice of development.
    Development studies therefore is imperative to any country
    that aspires for economic growth and equity for its people."

The politics of national budgeting in the Philippines

Malabnaw, hilaw, malasado

  • Inaakala ng iba na dahil lang araw-araw nilang nasisilayan
    ang iba't ibang mukha ng kahirapan sa kanilang paroo't
    paritong pagbibiyahe sakay ng jeep ay ganap na nilang
    nauunawaan ang masalimuot at malalang problemang ito.
    Mga "jeepney sociologist" ang tawag ko sa kanila.
  • Maraming nag-aastang antropologo ang nagkakasya na
    lamang sa pagtatampok ng mga kuhang larawan ng mga
    katutubo. Nakikipot na lamang sila sa pagpapakita
    ng kanilang natatanging kultura sa pamamagitan ng
    photography. Doon lang nagsisimula't natatapos.
    Mga "postcard anthropologist" ang tawag ko sa kanila.
    Walang layunin na alamin ang suliranin ng mga katutubo
    at makiisa sa kanilang pakikibaka upang igpawan ito.

One word that best describes your practicum experience

  • humbling - Concepcion
  • adventure - Lopez
  • banyuhay (bagong anyo ng buhay) - Eguico
  • life-changing - Lara
  • masaya - Mayoca
  • life-changing - Caranto
  • empowering, fruitful - Advani
  • nakaka-agit - Hechanova
  • hitik, makabuluhan - Gamao
  • metamorphosis - Cauton
  • awakening - Angeles
  • life-changing - Rosales
  • unpredictable - Elefan
  • astig - Meneses
  • mapangmulat, makapagpanibagong hubog - Fernandez
  • makabuluhan - Politud
  • makabuluhan, makamasa, panalo - Tecson
  • life-changing - dela Cruz
  • banyuhay - Onanad
  • moving - Belgira
  • overwhelming - Javier
  • mabunga - Kris Anne Villanueva
  • mapanghamon - Martinez
  • limited - Yasay
  • very essential - Honrade


"Hindi PML* ang panginoon ng lupa
sapagkat hindi rito nakababad ang kanyang katawan;
hindi siya ang nagbibigay-sigla sa lupa;
hindi siya ang nagpapasibol ng punla
-at lalong hindi ang PML ang panginoon ng lupa
sapagkat hindi siya kaisa ng lupa!"

- sipi halaw sa tula ni Yfur Fernandez na pinamagatang
"Paglaya Namin at Hindi ng Inyong Uri"
na binasa noong Mayo 19 sa labas ng Batasan

*panginoong may lupa

Practicum advisers '09

  • Cavite (Dr. Villegas)
  • Batangas (Dr. Villegas)
  • Tarlac (Dr. Villegas)
  • Nueva Ecija (Dr. Villegas)
  • Montalban, Rizal (Prof. Simbulan)
  • Binangonan, Rizal (Prof. Simbulan)
  • San Jose del Monte, Bulacan (Prof. Ponsaran)
  • Mindoro (Prof. Ponsaran)

    1. group report (3 hard copies, 3 soft copies)*
    2. lexicon (to be included in the appendix of the group report)*
    3. diary*
    4. journal (diary's 8 pager summary)*
    5. AVP (for the practicum conference)**
    6. accordion primer about the group report**

    *to be submitted on May
    **to be submitted on June

Monday, May 18, 2009


  • Complete name: Emmanuel Pacquiao
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Nickname: Pacman, The People's Champ, The Destroyer
  • Political party: People's Champ Movement (local)
  • Political venture:
    lost to Darlene Antonino-Custodio in General
    Santos City during the 2007 congressional race
  • Political allies: Atienza, Singson, Nograles, Arroyo, etc.
  • Achievements: champion in 4 weight divisions;
    2 TV shows; 1 film bio; 1 movie; richest Filipino athlete;
    numerous commercial endorsements;
    among the most influential people (Time 2009)
  • Target position in 2010 polls: congressman or governor of Sarangani

    A political analyst made a very sound advice to Manny.
    According to him, if Manny is dead serious about
    his political bid, he should "start thinking of voters
    as constituents, not as fans."

What do you think is the most essential quality one must possess in order to be a good president of the country?

  • selfless - Regent Nelia Gonzalez, UP BOR member
  • honesty and integrity - Prof. Sharon Caringal, History professor
  • a clear medium term vision and platformm that will provide
    further stability to the next administration regardless of
    political affiliation; not too lax nor too idealistic

    - Prof. Alain Austria, History professor
  • empathy & integrity - Prof. Melissa Alcazaren, Psychology professor
  • principled - MK de Guzman, DevStud graduate
  • integrity and intelligence - Atty. Ismael Khan, SC
  • vision, will power and love of country - Chat Jemena, IPPAO
  • a paragon of values - Prof. Amante del Mundo, propesor ng komunikasyon
  • sincerity to serve well - Dr. Lilet Galban, Community Dentistry professor
  • nationalist and selfless - Joarly Morano, DevStud graduate
  • genuine desire to serve and promote the good of the people
    (above, or if possible, without the pursuit of own agenda
    and self-aggrandizement); and moral uprightness (to root
    out and shun corruption)
    - Prof. Evelyn Jimenez, Philosophy professor
  • A good leader, whether leading a group of students or
    the whole country, should know how to listen to the
    needs of one's stakeholders, and see to it that these needs
    are justly and amply provided
    - Camille Rodriguez, DevStud graduate

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Advantages of running for the presidency

  • travel opportunity (7,000+ islands),
    and the cultural treat that goes with it
  • physical exercise (cardio-vascular)
  • increased awareness rating (an advantage next election)
  • potential earnings from political contributions
  • possibility of winning

random thoughts

  • Nakabili ako ng isang kopya ng Harvard Business
    Review (HBR) sa halagang P5 lang.
    Ang kaparehong kopya ay nagkakahalaga
    ng P980 sa ibang tindahan.
    Kamakailan ay nakabili ako ng 36
    libro sa halagang P5 lang bawat isa.
    Malaking tulong sa isang propesyong may mababang sweldo.
  • Maraming bangko ang laging off line kaya labis na naantala
    ang kanilang serbisyo at naabala ang publiko.
    Sa halip na maging episyente, nagiging kabaligtaran ang
    sitwasyon. Call it the irrationality of rationality.
  • 3 ang nakikita kong dahilan kung bakit hindi makaipon
    ang mga kabataang naghahanap-buhay:
    -maliit ang sweldo
    -maraming mahahalagang kagastusan
    -subalit marami ring mga kagastusang hindi pinag-iisipan ng lubos
  • FLEXIBILITY = bentahe ng pagtuturo sa kolehiyo
  • Maraming organisasyon ang nagsimula ng masikhay
    pero tumatamlay o hindi na nararamdaman paglaon.
    Tiwala akong hindi ito mangyayari sa UPerture.
    Ang UPerture ay bagong tatag na photography
    organization sa UP Manila. Ang pangalan ay halaw
    mula sa UP + aperture (isang bahagi ng kamera).
    Si MK de Guzman (DevStud graduate) ang tagapangulo
    at si Prop. Manzanilla naman ng DAC ang tagapayo.
  • Salamat sa mga sumusunod sa pagpapadala
    ng inyong mga larawan sa practicum sa
    pamamagitan ng e-mail:
    -Jelly-Wyn Bangit
    -Veronica Arreza
    -Ida Marie Pantig
    -Katrin Carla dela Paz
    -Bea Rigodon
    -Elline May Buenaventura
    -Constantino Fajardo
    -Margaret Laforteza
    -Dana Frias
    -Kristine Roque
    -April Esteban
    -Paola Lepatan
    -Janina Lu
    -Joarlyn Morano
    -Maple Solano

Thursday, May 14, 2009

NSTP CWTS I Reminders

  • Know your blockmates, coursemates,
    professors and school officials.
  • Know more about the history and symbolism of the UP Oblation.
  • Attend all orientations (university, college, department and program levels).
  • Apply for a library card as soon as possible.
  • Attend the LALAWIGAN Practicum Conference
    tentatively scheduled on the 26th of June.
  • Read articles posted at,, and
  • Start compiling and reading articles
    about poverty and economic development.
  • Submit a biodata on our first session day in NSTP CWTS I.


I assigned a topic to each of you during the enrolment period.
Based on it, you may come up with any of the following:
-a position paper
-a situationer or a primer
-mini-research paper

You may research online, conduct an interview/survey,
use published materials, or combination thereof.
Observe proper citation of references. You may write in English or Filipino.
I leave the length to your discretion.
The deadline was re-set on May 27 (Wednesday)
to provide you more time to develop your output.
E-mail it to

Your output will be evaluated based on logical flow,
substance (data and analysis) and grammar.

Welcome to the Development Studies Program!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Poll closing extended

I extended the poll closing time until 2010 for the benefit
of those who missed to cast their votes in previous blog polls.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our warmest welcome to the DS freshies!

We congratulate you for making it to the University of the Philippines.
As Iskolars ng Bayan and moreso as Development Studies majors, you
are expected to become active and enlightened agents of social change.
In your stay in the University, we will arm you with various
competencies (social analysis, community development,
management, and social research) in order to make you
effective, responsive, and pro-people development scholars
and practitioners in the future.

Your subjects in RGEP, Development Studies, Economics,
Political Science, Social Research and Philippine National Development
electives will equip you with necessary and appropriate theories,
skills and values that will enable you to critically understand
and analyze social problems and thereby empower you
to contribute to genuine, comprehensive and long-lasting change in
the society's unjust social, political, and economic structures.

Your core subjects along with the 18 units of combined
Philippine National Development electives and Social Science
cognates will allow you to subspecialize in
Economic Development (take Econ cognates, DS 125, DS 140),
Political Development (take Pol Sci cognates, DS 126, DS 124) or
Human Resource Development (take Psych cognates, DS 128, DS 123).

The Development Studies Program roster of faculty are as follows:

1. Prof. Roland Simbulan, MPA
Masters in Public Administration
with specialization in Development Administration
New York University
Program Head, Development Studies
former UP faculty Regent (2006)
Thesis adviser
Research interest: US-Phil foreign and military relations

2. Dr. Edberto Villegas
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration
Masters in Philosophy

UP Diliman
Academic and Practicum Coordinator
Thesis adviser
Chair, Ibon Foundation
Research interest: financial system, labor

3. Prof. Chester Antonio Arcilla, MDE
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology (on-going)
Masters in Development Economics
UP Diliman
Research interest: social movements, poverty

4. Prof. Mariam Soraya Tuvera, MS. Econ
Masters in French, UP Diliman (on-going)
Masters of Science in Economic History
London School of Economics
Research interest: economic history, translation

5. Dr. Leothiny Clavel
Doctor of Philosophy in Philippine Studies
with specializaton in Philippine Bureaucracy
Masters in Anthropology

UP Diliman
Reseach interest: public information, journalism

6. Prof. Silver Sevilla
BA Political Science, UP Iloilo
MA units in Economics, UP Diliman
Research interest: banking and finance, insurance

7. Atty. Karol Sarah Baguilat
Bachelor of Laws, University of Sto. Tomas
BA Development Studies, UP Manila
Public Attorney II, Public Attorney's Office (PAO)
Research interest: labor law, human rights

8. Atty. Zorayda Mia Wacnang
Bachelor of Laws, Ateneo de Manila University
BA Development Studies, UP Manila
Research interest: election law, labor law

9. Prof. John Ponsaran, MPM
Masters in Public Management, UPOU
with specialization in local and regional administration
BA Development Studies, UP Manila
Development Studies Society (DEVSOC) adviser
NSTP CWTS I and II faculty
Research interest: indigenous people, medical tourism

The following are among our regular activities:

1. UGNAYAN (annual teambuilding workshop)
2. LALAWIGAN: Mula sa Masa, Tungo sa Masa (annual practicum conference)
3. ARTeratibo (annual cultural festival)
4. KAPE AT TEORYA (semestral special lecture on current issues)
5. Bookay-Bookay (book sale)

6. PRAXIS (exhibit on the people's life and struggle)
7. THE ALTERNATIVE (journal of the Development Studies Society)
8. PRACTICUM fieldwork using participatory research method)
and other forms of alternative class learning experience (ACLE)

Our society is grossly mired in poverty and underdevelopment due to
the unholy alliance between foreign dominance and local elite control.
As such, development research and practice should be biased
in favor of the marginalized, disenfranchised, and underrepresented
sectors of the society who comprise 70% of the Filipino population.
They are the farmers, fisherfolks, indigenous people and laborers.
We seek to learn from their experience and, in return,
aim to offer our knowledge and expertise to contribute in their
empowerment and the improvement of their condition.
We enjoin you to be active students, witnesses
and participants of history and social change.
Expose. Oppose. Propose.

Muli, mainit na pagbati at pagpupugay sa inyong lahat!


Progresibong pagbati sa araw ng mga ina (a forwared text)

"Para sa lahat ng ina at asawang inulila ng
pasismo at represyon, para sa inyo ang araw na ito."

Friday, May 08, 2009

Pinakatampok (Part II)

  • Bacon (LR noong 2009 graduation ceremony)
  • Balanag (isang truck na ukay-ukay items for sale)
  • Catsao (Chesnut)
  • Fajardo (liham kay Karl Marx)
  • Freyra (rurok ng Yulo)
  • Frias (tagahanga ng mga banda)
  • Gagarin (Meet the parents)
  • Navarro (pious)
  • Reburiano (The Alternative)
  • Rigodon (Aninag photoshoot)
  • Sanicas (manlalakbay)
  • Tria (Parable of the big man and the small man)
  • Erive (DLSU-D event)
  • Go (Balon sa Barrio Bisaya)
  • Laforteza (thesis on tertiary hospitals)
  • Lepatan (Go bingo dance craze)
  • Lu (Montalban)
  • Morano - hindi ko naging mag-aaral noong unang sem 2008-2009
  • Rodriguez (treasurer)
  • Rosario (buong pamilya sa dalampasigan ng Zambales)
  • Solano (lila)
  • Teves (thesis on textbook scandal)
  • Torres (novels)

    Pinakamataas na pagpupugay sa inyo!

    -mula sa amin
    (Ed, Roland, Leo, Silver, Chester, Mariam, Mia, Karol at John)


resort campus/educational resort

What type of blogger are you?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

3 unusual cellphone habits

  • Ms. L doesn't use her cellphone's directory leaving
    her clueless about the identity of her textmates.
    Her justification: She can't resist the compulsion of
    erasing the content of her unit's inbox and directory.
    I didn't bother anymore to ask why.

  • In 2002, Mr. M would keep a journal to document
    all the text messages he receives everyday.
    His justification: Remembrance.
    I just don't know if he still continues this habit
    considering the influx of SMS he receives now.

  • Ms. S would keep a daily listing of her text sending
    to check if it tallies with her account balance.
    Her justification: To determine if the telecommunication
    companies (telcos) are fair in their dealings.

    May maidadagdag ba kayo?
    Share it thru text or e-mail.

Paaralan ng Bayan

"Learn as much as you can from the people and community.
What we want is to develop Filipinos that will protect
the interest of the majority of our people.
For that, you need to immerse with them in their farms
and communities and know how the majority
of our people live in their struggle for a better life.
It will be a humbling experience and you
will surely emerge with stronger character.
You will value this experience and you will understand
for whom our education is for as productive
member of society after graduation.
Mabuhay kayo!"

-Prof. Roland Simbulan, MPA
Program Head, Development Studies
former UP Faculty Regent


"Guminhawa lang ang buhay ay tuluyan na nilang nakalimutan na
ang mismong mga ninuno nila ay dati ring magsasaka."

-Ate Vic-Vic
magsasaka sa Bulacan