Saturday, August 31, 2013

Development Studies 123 (Grade booster)

Based on your personal observation or experience, how can religion become functional and/or dysfunctional in the Philippine society.  Refer also to the cases of Espedeject Ideology and Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association.  To be submitted through e-mail ( on or before Tuesday.

Agenda for Tuesday

NSTP - political economy of tourism ACLE (WARNING TO ABSENTEE STUDENTS!), 2nd multilevel sentence outline submission, editorial cartoon about ethical and sustainable tourism
Econ 115 - infographic presentation (continuation), sociological cartoon based on a column article of Atty. Remigio Saladero about labor law (no duplication of column article, cite your chosen column article), quiz about DOLE's good news archive
DS 121 - 2nd part of the long exam (see previous blogpost for the coverage), podcast submission (diseases, disability and poverty), thesis review submission (poverty-related thesis title)
DS 126 - oral exam (see previous blogpost for the coverage)
DS 199.1 - thesis proposal submission (gerrymandering, medical tourism, pension system, garment factory, local health services, drug security)
Introductory Economics for MM - long exam #toxic

Development Studies 126 oral exam topic list

Body politics
Civilian supremacy
Democratic centralism
Guerilla warfare
Transactional leadership
Transformational leadership
Judicial activism
Politicization of the judiciary
Judicialization of politics
Political pluralism
Participatory action research
Just war theory
Dependency theory
Political sociology

Mechanics - Students will be called by pair to present in front. Pairing will be random.  A topic will also be randomly assigned to them. They will alternately discuss about the assigned topic while writing on the whiteboard until most of the key ideas are already covered.  Whoever  gets to present more substantial information receives 1.0 (and an automatic 3.0 to the unprepared/less prepared student).

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Agenda (Friday)

NSTP - political economy of tourism ACLE,  multilevel sentence outline submission (book chapter about social issues)
Econ 115 - infographic presentation about labor and employment concerns, reflection paper (online job search experience) submission
DS 121 - long exam (feminization of poverty, ACLE hand outs, Mahar Mangahas poverty articles, PDI's Talk of the Town poverty articles, NAPC website)
DS 126 - anatomy of corruption speech (continuation), test about difficult people in an organization, Juana Change video viewing (assignment)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Econ 115

Write a reflection paper about your online job search.  Refer to the topic I assigned to you based on the list you provided in class. This output is due on Friday.

Flip chart presentation

Discussant - Study, rehearse and deliver well.
Audience - Listen carefully and ask difficult questions. Please do not forget to e-mail your reflection paper and feedback to

Sunday, August 25, 2013

DS 123

We will continue the inforgraphics presentation (individual for the morning session, and by pair with cosplayer for the afternoon session) this Wednesday.  Others have yet to submit their individual output via e-mail on this requirement posted days back -
You may still comply with this through e-mail ( until tomorrow.
Political Science seniors who were excused to attend their practicum convocation may already 
submit their AVP outputs this Tuesday or during our Wednesday class.

Additional output (grade booster)
Submit a reflection paper about the application of radical criminology in factories.
 (handwritten, submission: Wednesday)

Tasking - updated

Compile 5 articles of the corresponding columnist assigned to you and write an integrated reaction paper using conflict theory as frame of analysis. No duplication of articles for students with the same assigned columnist. Format - font size 8, Arial Narrow, single spacing, printed, attach the reaction paper to the compilation

Alejo - Boo Chanco
Babat - Cielito Habito
Balingit - Peter Wallace
Diestro - Walden Bello
Doctor - Solita Monsod
Garvida - Leonor Magtolis Briones
Gavino - Alejandro Lichauco
Macalalag - Mahar Mangahas
Masesar - Boo Chanco
Ortiz - Cielito Habito
Reyes - Peter Wallace
Rumbaoa. - Walden Bello
Senson - Solita Monsod
Sese - Leonor Magtolis Briones
Villarin - Mahar Mangahas
Yap - Bernard Karganilla
Abrenica - Michael Tan
Baco - Joaquin Bernas
Balingit - John Nery
Bartolata - Ramon Casiple
Doctor - Randy David
Jayag - Rina Jimenez David
Leron - Amando Doronila
Orlanda - Arnold Alamon
Perez - Teo Marasigan
Velasco - Rolando Tolentino
Yap - Danilo Arao

Saturday, August 24, 2013



Announcement to all Development Studies majors

I enjoin you to cooperate in the flip chart presentation of the Development Studies juniors and seniors about practical economic decision-making 101 and sectoral poverty respectively by serving as audience and giving your reaction/reflection paper (10 sentences only) via e-mail ( on or before Friday this week.  Both the discussant and the audience will be given corresponding points for this academic activity.  For DS sophies, the point will be credited to DS 100 next semester. Evaluation criteria -  substance, form, and Q&A. Maraming salamat sa inyong kooperasyon.


NSTP - socio-political/socio-economic skits (APECO, VFA, PDAF, Bastardized PL System, etc.), submission of outputs (see previous post)

Econ 115 - labor and employment inforgraphics, CV submission, sociological cartoon about youth unemployment

DS 1991.1 (6 students) - consultation @ DSS, 10 am

DS 121 - feminization of poverty political cosplay and related deliverables (see previous post), output submission about poverty situationer and poverty exit from a micro standpoint, editorial cartoon about status consistency/status crystallization (choose a specific underresearched sector in the Philippine society), editorial cartoon about status dichotomy (rich vs poor)

DS 126 - test about difficult people in an organization, anatomy of public sector corruption speeches,  submission of the group matrix about the alternative cabinet secretaries for a progressive, just and humane society

Introductory Economics for MM - consumer behavior speeches (continuation), test about pricing strategies

Friday, August 23, 2013

NSTP deliverables

- Food security original photo and discussion (by pair, to be emailed on or before Tuesday)
- Socio-economic skit (by group, Tuesday)
- Notetaking about agriculture, land reform and IP-related topics (individual, Tuesday)
- Bookmark featuring a quote from Vandana Shiva about agriculture (individual, Tuesday)
- Editorial cartoon about rural development (individual, Tuesday)
- Multilevel sentence outline based on an issue-oriented book chapter (individual, Friday)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

DS 126 (Politico-administrative institutions and behavior)

Submit a reflection paper about your personal experience with a functional or dysfunctional government agency (50%). Integrate concepts in public administration and governance (50%). This writing and research output is equivalent to a long exam. E-mail to on or before Monday afternoon.

Development Studies 121 (poverty studies cosplay for Tuesday) - 4 members per group

Filipina nurses assigned in blood banks
Sex for flight victims
"Babaeng basa" in poor coastal villages
Women in food-for-work program
Female headed poor households
Female prostitution in calamity aftermath
Women welders
TESDA's Supermaid Course
Kababaihang manininda (women in the informal sector)

- Ms. Aljibe will coordinate the tasking of topics.
- Deliverables - cosplayer with oneliner conviction statement, discussant (everyone should prepare to discuss, 5 minutes only), hand-outs (10 pcs only, B/W), visual aid, reflection paper (English, 2000 words)


Introductory Economics for MM

Write a brief reflection about the following lines using principles in Economics as frames of analysis. Submission - Monday afternoon
- The world is flat.
- Poverty is expensive.
- Expenditure minus income is equal to indebtedness.
- Philosophers have only interpreted the world; our role however is to change it.
- Small is beautiful.
- I am what I am because of who we all are.
- Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic justice which make philanthropy necessary.
- Inflation is taxation without legislation.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Agenda (just in case)

NSTP - individual speech about political economy of agriculture (continuation)
Econ 115 - labor and employment: an overview
DS 121 - long test about poverty targeting
DS 126 - profile of department secretaries (continuation)
DS 199.1 - Buenaventura, Arboneda, Lucas, Raymundo, Del Rosario, Villarin (10 am, DSS)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Optional output for all my students this semester (Grade booster)

Submit an original photo with an original sentence or paragraph caption about any socio-economic, socio-political, socio-legal, socio-environmental, or socio-cultural issue in the Philippine context via e-mail ( on or before Saturday.  Be able to integrate a concept or principle related to our subject matter which we have not covered/tackled yet in class. Please observe ethics in photo documentation.

Reading/listening tasks

NSTP - Gary Granada songs (Bahay, Dam, Address)
Econ 115 - Francisco Colayco website and financial literacy columns
DS 121 - Poverty glossary (Chronic Poverty Research Center)
DS 126 - psychology/sociology/anthropology of corruption
Introductory Economics for MM - Cielito Habito and Peter Wallace PDI column articles
DS 123 - Poor on Trial* by Maria Glenda Lopez (Kasarinlan Journal online)

*Dapat mabasa ng lahat ng gusto mag-abogasya

Monday, August 19, 2013


Para po sa kaligtasan ng lahat, hindi muna ako magkaklase bukas sa NSTP, Econ 115, DS 121, DS 126 at Introductory Econ for MM. Umantabay dito sa para sa mga dagdag na babasahin.  Pakisabi po sa iba.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My tentative academic load next semester

Development Studies 100 (Development Theories and Models)
Development Studies 112 (Third World Studies) - 2 sections
Development Studies 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)
Development Studies 199.2 (Development Research)
NSTP CWTS (Urban Development)

On nametags

Uso sa iba ang mga nametag.
Narito ang ilan sa mga nakita kong pangkaramiwang halimbawa:

Personal property of ___
From the personal library of ___
Please return to ___

Pero eto ang nakita kong pinakamalupeeeeet:

Ninakaw kay ____

Random points

- Busy writing an article about the political economy of ecotourism
- Busy checking a thesis introduction about the comparative study of the Philippine and Cuban pension systems
- Struggling to implement the "no assignment policy" but to no avail (as of yet)
- Belated happy birthday, Ate Julie and Prof. RSE Legaspi!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Introductory Economics for MM

Discuss the relationship between the pair of concepts below using critical political economy as frame of analysis:
- neoliberalism and debureaucratization
- antitrust legislation and state activism
- illegitimate debt and crony capitalism
- economic freedom and deregulation
- hot monies and bubble economy
- pork barrel and kleptocracy
- decoupling theory and financial crisis
- tax expenditure and tax haven
- inclusive growth and broad based growth
- maritime economics and Philippine economy

Submission - on or before Monday afternoon through e-mail (

DS 123

Write an essay that applies 10 concepts and theories relevant to the Sociology of Crime which we have not previously discussed in class in analyzing any of the following crimes in the Philippine context/experience:
Arbitrary detention
Malversation of public fund
Violation of domicile
Bank fraud
Trade malpractice
Medical malpractice

Submission - August 20 (Tuesday) via e-mail (

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Agenda for Aug 16

NSTP - speech ACLE about the political economy of agriculture (brown rice, sakada, dying coffee industry, onion importation issues, garlic importation issues, WTO impact on Philippine agriculture, crop conversion, pesticide poisoning among farmers, cocolisap, Bt talong, guimaras mango issues, IKSP in agriculture, rice self sufficiency, seed activism, sahod ulan, impact of oil price hike on agriculture)

Econ 115 - flip chart submission (banks, loans, government bonds, financial literacy, real estate, stock markets, grameen bank, etc.)

DS 121- flip chart (sectoral issues) and AVP (poverty studies) submission, test about poverty targeting

DS 126 - profile of  department secretaries visual aid presentation (readable text size), submission of a reaction paper  about organizational leadership of department secretaries (consolidated version), submission of a brochure about difficult people in the context of the Philippine administrative culture (localize or indigenize the categories), long test about 48 laws of power

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Development Studies 123

We will push through with our crime and society ACLE this Wednesday (August 14).
Research and prepare well.
Read also the articles posted in the following links -
Be ready for a long test.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Default mode: TOXIC

Development Studies 199.1

Study the assigned materials.
Prepare for a long test.
Bring 1 blue book.
CAS circulation section, 10-11:30 am
Madam Sigue, kindly inform the rest.

Friday, August 09, 2013

DS 121 panel discussion AVP

No duplication of topics
Deadline: August 16

Options for Development Studies juniors (4 members per group)
Poverty in ARMM
Poverty in Cordillera
Poverty in Bicol
Sociology of poverty
Psychology of poverty
Anthropology of poverty
Politics of poverty
Economics of poverty

Options for Development Studies seniors (3 members per group)
Measuring poverty
Poverty auditing
Poverty economics

Agenda #toxicityreloaded - updated

NSTP - read online articles about politics/political economy of food consumption, lecture-discussion about food politics, submit a haiku for each of the following topics - nutritionism, food pornography, hidden hunger, In Defense of Food and Food Rules
Econ 115 - 
read, lecture-discussion about consumer activism,
submit a brochure featuring 100 tips on how to be a critical consumer (4 members per group, research well, Filipino), series of tests about consumer welfare (arrive on time)
DS 121 - long test about "identifying who and where are the poor" and "profile of the poor", 
submit a brochure about poverty targeting (3 members per group, research well)
DS 126 - read online articles about dysfunctional organizational culture and be ready for a long test based on these materials, submit a brochure about the 48 laws of power (3 members per group)
Introductory Economics for MM - individual speech about consumer behavior: concepts, applications and issues

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Introductory Economics for MM - updated

In lieu of our August 6 session, you are tasked to either attend any forum listed below OR view the set of exhibits mounted along the Little Theater (LT) Walk.  The line-up of activities below are part of the Development Studies Week celebration with the theme "Sustainable Development for the Filipino Masses".

Forum options (If you opt to attend a forum, choose one from the list.  Based on the forum proceedings, write a reaction paper using critical political economy as framework of analysis. Submission: August 13)

Padayon, Doc Ed: Parangal para sa Isang Makabayang Dalubguro at Organisador
5 August (Monday) 1-4 pm, Little Theater

A Forum on Sustainability and Environment from the Indigenous People's Perspective
6 August (Tuesday) 8:30-11:30 am, Little Theater

ARTernatibo para sa Kalikasan (cultural showcase about the political economy of the environment)
6 August (Tuesday) 1-4 pm, Little Theater

A Forum on US Interests in Philippine Charter Change
7 August (Wednesday) 9 am - 12 noon, GAB 301 A&B

A Forum on the Search for a Sustainable, Safe and Renewable Energy Sources in the Philippines
7 August (Wednesday) 1-4 pm, GAB 301 A&B

Praxis practicum conference 2013 (screening of 10 film documentary about the political economy of rural livelihood)
8 August (Thursday) 8:30 am - 4 pm

Weeklong exhibits (If you opt to view the exhibits, you must view all. Based on them, write a reaction paper using the sustainable development as framework of analysis. Submission: August 13)

-Praxis practicum exhibit 2013 featuring the photo-documentation of the political economy of rural livelihood

-Padayon, Dr. Edberto M. Villegas

-NNARA Youth exhibit

- Katribu exhibit

5-8 August, LT walk