Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Agenda for Aug 16

NSTP - speech ACLE about the political economy of agriculture (brown rice, sakada, dying coffee industry, onion importation issues, garlic importation issues, WTO impact on Philippine agriculture, crop conversion, pesticide poisoning among farmers, cocolisap, Bt talong, guimaras mango issues, IKSP in agriculture, rice self sufficiency, seed activism, sahod ulan, impact of oil price hike on agriculture)

Econ 115 - flip chart submission (banks, loans, government bonds, financial literacy, real estate, stock markets, grameen bank, etc.)

DS 121- flip chart (sectoral issues) and AVP (poverty studies) submission, test about poverty targeting

DS 126 - profile of  department secretaries visual aid presentation (readable text size), submission of a reaction paper  about organizational leadership of department secretaries (consolidated version), submission of a brochure about difficult people in the context of the Philippine administrative culture (localize or indigenize the categories), long test about 48 laws of power