Friday, January 31, 2014


For purposes of documentation, please e-mail the photos of your approved tikab-tikab craft.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Optional grade booster for all my students this DSS week

Submit thru e-mail an original photo which highlights a particular event during the DSS Week.  Please refer to the posters around CAS for the complete line up of activities. It is very important that you incorporate in your caption the key insights of the speakers/activities and your analysis as well. Submission: February 8 or 9.


State vs nation
Cheap vs inexpensive
Prejudice vs discrimination
Growth vs development
Marxist vs Marxian
Public Administration vs public administration
Disease vs illness vs sickness
Illiterate vs aliterate
Program vs project
Preservation vs conservation (ecology)
Medical tourism vs health tourism
Complementary medicine vs integrative medicine vs alternative medicine
Jail vs prison
Business process outsourcing vs knowledge process outsourcing
Food security vs food self-sufficiency

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Agenda for next week

In celebration of the DSS week, we will attend the following events in lieu of a regular class.

DS 100 - attend the landgrabbing in Asia forum (Monday, GAB 301A&B, 1pm),
attend the campaign against VAW (Tuesday, NTTCHP auditorium, 10 am)

DS 112 masikhay - attend the campaign against VAW (Tuesday, NTTCHP auditorium, 10 am)

DS 112 marubdob - attend the Philippines and the Big Powers symposium (Tuesday, GAB 301 A&B, 2:30pm)

EDM 211 - attend the hegemonism in the Asia Pacific Region RTD (Tuesday, GAB 301 A) - please arrive early

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Development Studies 112

Submit a SOCIOLOGICAL CARTOON (not editorial cartoon and comic strip) about any of the following topics.
Research well, be creative and use critical approach as a manner of presentation.
World TB Day, 24 March
World Health Day, 7 April
World Immunization Week, last week of April
World Malaria Day, 25 April
World No Tobacco Day, 31 May
World Blood Donor Day, 14 June
World Hepatitis Day, 28 July
World AIDS Day, 1 December

Sample of a sociological cartoon: google images Jess Abrera

Critical maritime studies

NSTP - Husayan ang pagbuo ng dalawang concept map ukol sa anumang partikular na isyu o problema na may kaugnayan sa mga paksa sa ibaba.  Bawal ang duplikasyon sa pipiliing espisipikong paksa at magsaliksik mabuti.  Nakakonteksto dapat ito sa Pilipinas o Asya.  Lapatan ito ng kritikal na pagsusuri. Dapat ay handa rin kayong talakayin ito sa harap ng klase.  Ngayong Miyerkules ang pasahan ng concept map bukod sa proyektong tikab-tikab craft.
- Maritime economics
- Maritime politics
- Maritime political economy
- Maritime law
- Maritime culture
- Maritime ecology


Tikab-tikab craft

Abangan ang Tikab-tikab craft ng DevStud NSTP sa parating na Linggo ng Agham Panlipunan.
Ipagbibili ito sa halagang P100 kada piraso at ang halagang maiipon ay ipambibili ng mga binhi para sa mga katutubo at maralita sa kanayunan.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tuesday agenda

DS 100 - submission of the cooperative PSA (be ready also to discuss your respective PSA in class), submission of the interview questionnaire for your chosen media personality

DS 112 - individual speeches about public health and society (preconception care, medical marijuana, street food and public health, McDonald's and public health, stroke prevention, blood health, why do Japanese live longer than most of us?, ashitaba)

DS 112 - individual speeches about public health and society (GMO and public health, heart enlargement, Coca-cola and public health, halal and public health, geriatrics in the 3rd World, why women live longer than men?, low life expectancy in subsaharan Africa, gotukola)

EDM 211 - lecture-discussion about media, technocracy and education

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grade booster

Submit original photos with original captions about pressing socio-economic, socio-environmental, socio-political and socio-cultural issues in the Philippines.

Captions may be written in Filipino or English, using concepts and theories related to our subject but are not yet covered in previous class discussion. 

Secure free and prior informed consent (FPIC) if necessary.

E-mail your outputs to on or before January 28.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Agribusiness forum

Kasama si Prop. Veluz at mga kooperatiba ay dumalo kami noong nakaraang Biyernes sa isang agribusiness forum tampok ang produksyon at pagpoproseso ng dragonfruit at kabute (oysters at gray mushroom).  Katambal nito ang talakayan ukol sa lumalaganap na agricultural tourism sa Pilipinas at iba pang bansa sa Asya.  #makabuluhangkaranasan #paunlarinangsektorngagrikultura #socialeconomy

Dysfunctional politics in Congress

- horsetrading
- gerrymandering
- policy elite-dominated
- transactional politics
- dynastic politics
- warlordism
- gutter politics
- money politics
- narcopolitics

Monday, January 20, 2014


I discovered another case of plagiarism in an optional output.
If you think that you are guilty of this - intended or otherwise, then please consider emailing or texting me or reporting to me personally at the department to clarify and set it right to avoid further complication.


Friday agenda

DS 100 - lecture-discussion about cooperative movement and development
DS 112 - masikhay - lecture-discussion about the health and healthcare of IPs
DS 112 - marubdob - lecture-discussion about the health and healthcare of IPs


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


No session in DS 100 and DS 112 this Friday to give all groups ample time to finalize their magazine projects. #top3=incentive #bottom3=penalty #duedate=january21

Monday, January 13, 2014

EDM 211

EDM 211 - No session this Tuesday to give way to the University-wide Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (U-wide ACLE) in the college level but you are still required to submit your combined program analysis and integration paper via e-mail (

Friday, January 10, 2014

DS 112 speech for January 14 (Masikhay and Marubdob section)

Basco - travel and health
Bobadilla - rabies control
Calpatura - e.coli infections and poverty
Chan - financial crisis and global health
Cruz - poverty and obesity
Dalisay - medicalization of health
Durana  - emerging diseases
Francisco - cataract in the Third World

Acosta - politics of vaccination
Del Rosario - asthma and poverty
Dumalaog - epilepsy and poverty
Esquievel - radiation in Japan
Festin - bioethics of inclusion of women in medical researches/clinical trials
Franco - toxic plastics
Galgo - neglected tropical diseases
Guiang - biosafety

Note: Research well. You may narrow down your topic as an option.  Write in the Third World and/or Philippine context/s using critical theories as frame of analysis. You may deliver your speech in Filipino or English. Rehearse well. Wear black or white. Limit the speech to 6 minutes only.

DS 100 speech (January 14 Tuesday) - updated

Gutierrez - concept mapping 101
Dayandante - newscasting 101
Leron - political blogging 101
Lomibao - position paper 101
Majarreis - concept paper 101
Julio - speech writing 101
Malto - triangulation 101
Mansal - panel discussion 101

Note: Research well, Write in the Critical Development Studies and Critical Social Science contexts, Memorize your speech and practice its delivery, Wear black or white, Limit the speech to 6 minutes only. Provide hand-outs (1/4 bond paper).

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Additional reminders (updated)

DS 100* - Please continue improving your magazine and prepare well for the long test.
DS 112* (masikhay) - Please continue improving your magazine.   Do not forget the inclusion of "The economic burden of (supply the assigned disease)" in your output.
DS 112* (marubdob) -  Do not forget the inclusion of "The economic burden of (supply the assigned disease)"  in your output.
NSTP - Tikab-tikab will be distributed this Friday.  Please bring a small eco-bag or paper bag. 
Mr. Besana and Ms. Feliciano will facilitate the distribution.  Continue improving your area's cultural lexicon.  You may also include your personal experiences and insights in your lexicon entries similar to Ms. Lara Bernardo's output (Mutya ng Malabon)
EDM 211 -  Your combined program analysis and integration paper about your choice of local news and current affairs program is due on January 14.  Use various media theories in your critical analysis.  
*Beware of free riders and social loafers

2014 na...

Talikuran na ang kinagisnang "lulu-lili" (lulubog-lilitaw) sa klase lalo na kung mas madalas pa ang "lulu" kaysa "lili" at lalo na kung walang mahalagang dahilan ang pagliban na pinasahol pa ng gawa-gawang dahilan o alibi.

Friday agenda

DS 100 - long test about Perspectives and Debates in Development Studies (Chapter 6)
DS 112 (masikhay section) - long test about global health (focus: health and human rights)
DS 112 (marubdob section) - long test about global health (focus: health and human rights)

Ipaalam sa iba at mag-aral mabuti.

Monday, January 06, 2014

NSTP Cultural Lexicon

Use this opportunity to learn more about the cultural history, cultural heritage, cultural economy and cultural politics of your communities/localities.  Deadline is extended on January 15  (Wednesday).  Take advantage of the deadline extension to improve your output. However, the deadline for PSAs about risk management, occupational health and environmental health  remains on January 8.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

#shoutout (updated)

Napakahalaga nito sa mga pangkatang proyekto.
Irespeto ang mga kagrupo sa pamamagitan ng pagiging responsableng katuwang sa mga gawain sa takdang oras.
Napakahalaga nito sa inyong pagsasanay sa akademya at sa iba pang larangan ng buhay.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Kooperatiba sa gitna ng istruktural na kalamidad

Ang mga kooperatiba ay kabilang sa ikatlong sektor ng ekonomya na tinatawag ding social economy.  Bilang halimbawa ng social economy, ang mga kooperatiba ay may dalawang pangkalahatang layunin - pangkabuhayan at panlipunan. Samakatwid, bukod sa layunin nitong kumita (revenue-generating) ay hangarin din nitong maging makatarungan, makabayan, makapamayanan at makakalikasan.  Sa partikular, napakahalaga ng mga agrikultural na kooperatiba sa pagpapaunlad ng mga komunidad sa mga pook rural at rehiyong pansakahan sa bansa.  Pinapahigpit nito ang integrasyon ng mga sektor sa lokal na ekonomya at mga mamamayan sa isa't isa.  Pinagtitibay rin ng mga institusyong ito ang proseso ng pagsasakapangyarihan (empowerment) ng mga batayang sektor sa larangang pangkabuhayan at pampolitika.

Subalit maraming alalahanin ang mga kooperatiba na banta sa patuloy nitong paglaganap, pag-unlad, at pagiging likas-kaya (sustainable).  Isa rito ay ang pwersa ng globalisasyon (corporate-led globalization) na labis na nagbubukas sa pambansang pamilihan sa pagdagsa ng dayuhang produkto kumukompitensya sa lokal na kalakal ng mga kooperatiba at mga marhinalisadong magsasaka na miyembro nito.  Ikalawa ay ang malawakang pagpapalit-gamit ng lupa (land-use conversion) na nagpapababa ng produktibidad sa sakahan. Kaakibat nito ang pananakot, panunuhol at manipulasyon ng power elite sa mga magsasaka upang kanilang iabandona ang kanilang malaon nang pakikibaka para sa karapatan sa lupa at kabuhayan.  Ikatlo ay ang pagkasangkapan ng mga trapo at trabu*  sa mga bogus na kooperatiba para sa pangungurakot at iba pang porma ng katiwalian. Ninanakaw ang dapat na lehitimong tinatamasa ng mga batayang sektor. Wika nga, "Corruption is the redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich."

Bagamat dapat ay noon pa, sumali ako kamakailan sa isang lokal na kooperatiba.  Makatutulong ito upang higit kong maunawaan ang pampolitikang ekonomya ng kooperatiba at ang papel nito sa dialektika ng pag-unlad. Sana maging mabunga ang karanasang ito tungo sa pagbabago. #push

*traditional politicians, traditional bureaucrats

My little bossings

Friday, January 03, 2014

DS 100 and DS 112

Make the magazine relevant, critical and INTERESTING to read.  Layout should also be creative and appealing. It is a magazine and not an academic journal.  #push #malikhaingkabataan

Healthy alternatives

Cultural lexicon content

You may include the combination of the following entries:
indigenous people, culture and language
cultural heritage sites
feasts and festivals (religious or nonreligious)
tourist sites
famous streets and avenues
historical events and personalities
cultural events, projects and programs
national artists
cultural awards and recognitions
famous film locations (local or international)
prominent personalities (education, arts, sciences, etc.)
centenarians in the community
folk healers
livelihood and economic activities
One Town, One Product (OTOP)
culinary tradition

Paraphase. Do not copy paste. Cite your references. Include photos (combination of original and downloaded).

Thursday, January 02, 2014

NSTP CWTS cultural lexicon

Update me thru text or e-mail about the status of your locality's cultural lexicon project. Include also in your status update your basis of inclusion of word entries. Please inform the rest.

DS 100 and DS 112

Drop the name of the students who do not cooperate in the magazine project from the group's roster.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Submit a public service announcement (PSA) for each of the following topics.  No duplication of subtopics.
- risk management
- occupational health
- environmental health

Handwritten and hand-drawn only. Research and conceptualize well.  Due this 8th of January.


DS 100 and DS 112 - Update me thru e-mail ( about the status of your magazine outputs on or before January 3 (Friday).  Penalty for noncompliance.

NSTP - Update me thru text about the condition of your vegetable seedlings.  You may also e-mail your photo documentation.

Student who incurred INC from my previous classes - You may start accomplishing your completion form if you have already complied with my completion requirements.

DS 199.2 - Continue writing and improving your thesis drafts. #wastenotime


Kaginhawahan at kauswagan para sa lahat ngayong 2014 at sa hinaharap...