Tuesday, April 29, 2008




random points

  • hungry people = hungry voters = politically dangerous
  • debt trap = ang nautang na pera ay pambayad utang.
  • Php 99.75 = psychological pricing
  • agritourism = the practice of touring
    agricultural areas to see farms and
    often to participate in farm activities
    (Source: Merriam-Webster)
  • sandwich generation = a generation of people
    who are caring for their aging parents
    while supporting their own children
    (Source: Merriam-Webster)

World Population Count

Check the lower right corner of the home page.

Monday, April 28, 2008

random points

  • balanced budget =
    government revenue equals government expenditure
  • threat to balanced budget =
    oil and rice price hike, US economic slowdown
    (according to GMA)
  • NFA = government's rice importing GOCC
  • condotel = condominium hotel
  • palay = unmilled/unhusked rice
  • bigas = milled rice
  • scientist = dalub-agham

random points

  • Indonesia = hardest hit by the bird flu pandemic
  • sosyalismo = "baligtarin ang tatsulok"
  • komunismo = "buwagin ang tatsulok"
  • karma = general law of cause and effect (Prof. D. Aragon)
  • human attention = commodity consumed by information
    (information in itself is also a commodity)
  • 2.04% = Philippine population growth rate (2007)
  • household = sambahayan
  • Kilusang Mayo Uno = May First Movement
  • Sandiganbayan = anti-graft court
  • Prospero Nograles (Roman Catholic)=
    first Mindanaoan House Speaker,
    received a -12% net public satisfaction rating,
    which was the lowest in the history
    of House Speakership (SWS)
  • Noli's political psychology =
    posted a high public satisfaction rating not because
    he is pro-active but because he is avoiding mistakes,
    according to Prof. Nereus Acosta, Ph.D.

Friday, April 25, 2008

random points

  • Incrementalism =
    bit by bit approach to planning/execution
  • Philippine economy =
    export-oriented, import-dependent, capital-starved
  • electronics = top export and import product of the Philippines
  • sovereign = supreme power
  • Philippine Mining Act of 1995 =
    then Senator Gloria Arroyo (principal proponent)
  • Article 12 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution =
    National Economy and Patrimony

Thursday, April 24, 2008

random points

  • According to Sen Pimentel, a Mindanaoan,
    federalism will solve the age old problems
    of uneven socio-economic development
    (READ: Luzoncentric, Imperial Manila, urban bias)
    and Muslim secessionism in the Philippines.
  • To win the war on illegal drugs, Sen. Lacson
    proposed a simple formula:
    supply constriction and demand reduction
  • According to Sen. Santiago, the only
    difference between men and women
    is biological, nothing else.
    Women menstruate, give birth and lactate.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


"May mga natatanging tagpo o sitwasyon na hindi uobra
ang mga feeding program at pagpapa-cute lamang."

-Terry Ridon
2nd year, College of Law, UP Diliman
UP Student Regent (2007)
BA Development Studies (cum laude), UP Manila

Freedom in blogging

Blogging provides me a venue where
I can write about certain issues which
may not be accommodated by other
mainstream institutions due to their
conservative stance or rigid format requirement.

Monday, April 21, 2008

random points

  • Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations =
    Blue Ribbon Committee
  • Gloria, Oriental Mindoro = municipality named
    after Gloria by local politicians in 1964 as a
    show of gratitude to Pres. Diosdado Macapagal
  • January 20, 2001 = inauguration day of the
    psychic twins (GMA and Bush, Jr.)
  • Ban Ki Moon = UN Secretary General
  • Life-cycle approach to migration
    1. pre-deployment
    2. on-site protection
    3. migrant return
    4. reintegration
    Source: DFA
  • YouTube: Broadcast Yourself = "me" media

Facts and Figures: Philippine Politics and Governance

  • 3 co-equal branches of the government:
    executive, legislative, judiciary
  • Present Charter: 1987 Philippine Constitution
  • Constitutional Commission President: Cecilia Munoz-Palma
  • Official websites:
  • Administrative regions: 17
  • Form of government:
    Republic, constitutional, presidential, unitary, bicameral
  • President:
    head of state, head of government, commander-in-chief
  • President: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
    (affiliated with 3 political parties;
    assumed office in Jan. 20, 2001)
    Vice-President: Manuel Leuterio de Castro
  • Senate President: Manny Villar (NP)
  • House Speaker: Prospero Nograles (Lakas-CMD)
  • Chief Justice: Reynato Puno
  • Supreme Court: Justices appointed by the president
    on the recommendation of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC)
  • Senate President Pro-Tempore: Jinggoy Estrada (PMP)
  • Majority Leader: Kiko Pangilinan (LP)
  • Minority Leader: Aquilino Pimentel (PDP-Laban)
  • Number of senators: 23 (sex ratio = 19:4)
  • House of representatives:
    composed of district and partylist representatives
  • Number of district representatives: 219 (91%)
  • Number of partylist representatives: 21 (9%)
  • House of Representatives (sex ratio):
    Male (189=79%), Female (51=21%)
  • Cabinet: appointed by the president with confirmation
    from the Commission of Appointments (CA)
  • Cabinet members: 24
  • Recent national and local elections: May 2007
  • Next elections: May 2010
  • 1992 senatorial elections: top 12 serves for 6 years,
    3 years for the remaining senators
    (as provided by the 1987 Constitution)
  • Constitutional Commissions
    Civil Service Commission (Ricardo Saulo)
    Commission on Audit (Reynaldo Villar)
    Commission on Elections (Jose Melo)
    Commission on Human Rights (Purificacion Quisumbing)
  • Key Legislations
    RA 9225 (Dual Citizenship)
    RA 9372 (Human Security Act)
    RA 7160 (Local Government Code)
    RA 7942 (Mining Act of 1995)
    RA 8371 (Indigenous People's Rights Act)
    RA 4200 (Anti-Wiretapping Act)
  • 2008 National Budget: P1.227 T
  • SWS net satisfaction rating
    GMA (-26%)
    Noli (+53%)
    Villar (+47)
    Nograles (-12%)
    Puno (+2)
  • Public opinion towards GMA (Pulse Asia)
    71% = disapproval rating
    76% = distrust rating
  • Top 3 political parties
    Lakas-CMD, Kampi, NPC
  • Major political issues
    NBN-ZTE scandal and other large-scale corruption cases
    dismal human rights record (900+ political killings since 2001)
    politicized military, bureaucracy, judiciary
    special relationship with US
    Charter change (ConCon, ConAss, PI)
  • Impeachment
    1/3 (79) of the representatives: needed to impeach
    2/3 (15) of the senators: needed to convict
  • Basic social problems
    imperialism, bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism

*based on a lecture presented to the high school DepEd Social Studies
teachers from NCR, Region IV-A and Region IV-B held at CAS, UP Manila

UPM students call for GMA ouster during graduation rites


Sunday, April 20, 2008

random points

  • dental tourism, reproductive tourism, etc. =
    subspecialties in the medical tourism industry
  • right to life = takes precedence over the right to property
  • Cordillera Day (Cordi Day)=
    commemoration of the death of Macliing Dulag
    (April 24, 1980)
  • memorization = lowest form of learning
  • engineering = inhinyeriya
  • House of Representatives =
    Kapulungan ng mga Kinatawan

Dwindling rice lands

  • land-use conversion
    (from agricultural to industrial and residential use;
    from farm lands to golf courses and leisure parks)
  • crop conversion
    (from rice to honey dew melon,
    asparagus, and other cash crops)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


According to Dr. Jesus Estanislao, there are
three ways by which the Philippines can get
hold of dollars or other foreign currencies:
  • beg for them
  • borrow them
  • or earn them

Friday, April 18, 2008


The UP Manila Department of Social Sciences (DSS)
is in need of 1 full-time and 1 part-time Philosophy professors.
The applicant should submit the following to
Prof. Bernard L.M. Karganilla, MPA (Dep't Chair).

  • application letter addressed to the chair
  • curriculum vitae

GATS and National Patrimony by Wigberto TaƱada

mula sa Fair Trade Alliance

random thoughts

  • Thanks Jill for the DVD/VCD donations
    to DSS AVR. Same goes to MK,
    Sis Mariel and Brod Jonathan.
    Malaking tulong po.
    Sana may mga dumagdag pa.
  • Taas kamao para kay Kamille, Raya at
    sa lahat ng nakiisa sa entablado man o
    sa kani-kanilang mga upuan noong
    lightning rally (LR) sa PICC.
  • Pagbati sa lahat ng mga nagtapos ng may karangalan.
    Tiyaking mapapangatawanan ito sa labas ng pamantasan.
    You know what I mean.
  • According to Pres. Roman, UP is a brand name.
    Technically, that's correct but it sounds too commercial.
  • Ayon sa isang kasabihan,
    kumpleto ang isang aklatan kung naglalaman
    ito ng makakapagpagalit sa sinuman anuman ang
    kanyang ideolohiya o panuntunan sa buhay.
  • Sana ay maipasa na ang Philo II (Bioethics)
    sa UP Manila bilang RGEP. Mahalaga ito
    lalo na sa mga white colleges.
  • Nananawagan ang mga mass orgs (MO)
    na sana'y itampok din ng media sa kalunsuran
    ang mga isyu at problema ng mga maralita sa
    kanayunan (coastal poverty, upland poverty,
    rural poverty, development aggression, HRVs).
    The orientation of many media outfits
    is too Manilacentric.


Nagngitngit at nabahala ako sa ginawang
panunupil ng mga state security force sa
kilos-protesta ng mga aktibistang mag-aaral
mula sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Maynila sa
okasyon ng kanilang pagtatapos sa PICC.

Tinangka nilang agawin ang mga banner ng
mga demonstrador sa kabila ng mga sumusunod:

Una, tradisyon sa programa ng bawat pagtatapos
sa UPM ang ganitong mga kilos-protesta at
karapatan ninuman ang magpahayag
ng kanyang mga saloobing pampulitika lalo na
yaong may kinalaman sa kapakanan ng sambayanan.

Ikalawa, mismong si Chancellor Ramon Arcadio
na ang nagsabi sa kanyang pambungad na
pananalita na asahan sa programa ang ganitong
pagkilos dahil taun-taon itong ginagawa.

Ikatlo, nasa okasyon si Punong Mahistrado
Reynato Puno bilang panauhing pandangal
na kilalang tagapagsulong at tagapagtanggol
ng karapatang pantao. Tinangka pa rin nilang
supilin ang pagkilos ng mga mag-aaral kahit
na sa demokrasya, karapatang pantao at aktibismo
umikot ang tema ng talumpati ni Puno at ni Jeremy de Jesus
na siya namang nagbigay ng valedictory speech.

Ika-apat, ang mismong mga magulang at propesor
ng mga mag-aaral ay pawang nasa lugar ng insidente.

Panghuli, nakaantabay din ang media sa lugar ng pangyayari.

May nag-utos din na hugutin ang saksak ng
mikropono na ginamit ng tagapagsalita ng
mga kabataang-aktibista upang hindi marinig
ng madla ang kanyang pahayag at panawagan.

Ibayong pag-iingat sa lahat.

Kung nagagawa nila ito sa kabila ng lahat
ng nabanggit ay walang dahilan na hindi
nila nagawa, ginagawa o magagawa ang
iba pang mas masahol na paglabag sa
karapatang pantao lalo na sa hanay ng
mga di-makapangyarihang sektor sa lipunan.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Applying the economics of time and attention

I keep my blog entries short
and straight to the point to avoid
wasting the time of my busy readers*.

*classified into two (willing or unwilling)

Development Studies Program (UP Manila)

Brief description:
The A.B. in Development Studies was instituted in 1982 as an urgent response to the need to develop practitioners and scholars in development work to confront urgent socio-economic problems in the Philippines. Development Studies enables the students to cull from the experiences of other nations, particularly in the Third World, so that they can develop the ability to formulate and implement developmental programs which are nationalist, scientific, and people-oriented. Both external and internal factors of development are taken into consideration.
The program includes the following areas: development theory, comparative studies, Philippine national development, research methodology, and administrative techniques.

General Education:
Social Sciences and Philosophy
Arts and Communications
Mathematics, Science, and Techonology
Physical Education

Major/Core subjects:
Development Theories (DS 100)
Environment and Development (DS 127)
Study of Philippine Underdevelopment (DS 121)
Alternative Development Strategies (DS 122)
Development of Capitalist and Socialist Countries (DS 111)
Third World Development (DS 112)
Introduction to Political Science (PS 11)
Philippine Government and Constitution (PS 14)
Philosophical Analysis (Philo 1)
Logic (Philo 11)
Market and the State (Econ 11)
Macroeconomics (Econ 101)
Microeconomics (Econ 102)
History of Economic Doctrine (Econ 109)
Philippine Economic History (Econ 115)
Social Science Research (SocSci 192)
Sociology (Socio 101)
Psychology (Psych 101)
Anthropology (Anthro 1)
Project Planning (DS 151)
Project Implementation (DS 152)
Development Research (DS 199.1)
Thesis Writing (DS 199.2)
Practicum (DS 190)

Filipino Identity and Culture (DS 123)
Nationalism and Social Movements (DS 124)
International Aspect of Third World Development (DS 125)
Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior (DS 126)
Human Resource Development (DS 128)
Problems in Development (DS 140)
Community Organizing

any subject Social Science subject
(Economics, Political Sciences, Area Studies,
Behavioral Sciences, Geography, Philosophy, etc.)

Total number of required units:

Student's Academic Organization:
Development Studies Society (DevSoc)

DevSoc Adviser:
Prof. John Ponsaran, MPM

Faculty roster:
Prof. Roland Simbulan (MA in Public Administration)*
Dr. Edberto Villegas (Doctor in Public Administration)*
Prof. Filipinas Gutierrez (MA in Economics)
Prof. Chester Arcilla (MA in Development Economics)
Prof. Mariam Tuvera (MA in Economics)
Dr. Leothiny Clavel (PhD in Philippine Studies)
Prof. Silver Sevilla (BA Political Science)
Atty. Mia Wacnang (Juris Doctor)**
Atty. Karol Baguilat (Bachelor of Laws)**
Prof. John Ponsaran (MA in Public Management)**

Career opportunities:
National government
Financial institution
Local governance
Foreign service
Development research
Development work
Media research

*thesis advisers
**DevStud graduates


  • RH 313 is already fully renovated.
    It will serve as the DSS's audio-visual room.
    It doesn't look 'third world' anymore.
    10 years ago, we held our first session in
    SocSci I in that room under Prof. Raul Segovia.
  • The labeling of tree and plant species
    around CAS is a commendable effort
    to educate its constituents.
    Environmental awareness is a prerequisite
    to environmental activism.
  • The CAS was chosen by DepEd as the
    service provider in training its high school
    teachers from NCR and Region IV in Social Studies.
    The training program will run for more than a month.
    I, along with several others, was tasked by the
    college to lecture on the following topics:
    governance, urbanization, ecological plunder, and ecotourism.
  • The freedom wall remains decadent.
    It's very atypical of UP.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UP is UP

"UP should continue serving its role as the society's
conscience, critic and fiscalizer.
It should remain as the bailiwick of
activism and nationalism."
-Poldo Pasangkrus

random points

  • IPP = Investment Priorities Plan
  • sunrise industry = emerging growth industry
  • brawn drain = outflow of manual laborers
  • government = single largest employer in the country
  • service sector = equivalent to more than 60%
    of the global output (Source: PIDS)
  • e-evangelization = online evangelization
  • JDV's Economic Plan 747 = 7% growth for 7 years
  • econometrics = economic measurement

Pakinggan at paghambingin: Progressive UP Naming Mahal

Mabuhay ang mga Iskolar ng Bayan!
Pinakamataas na pagpupugay
sa mga magtatapos ngayong taon!

DSS Program Heads

  • Development Studies Program
    Prof. Roland Simbulan, Masters in Public Administration
    New York University
  • Area Studies Program
    Prof. Jerome Ong, Master of Arts in History
    UP Diliman
  • Political Science Program
    Prof. Doroteo Abaya, Master of Arts in Asian Studies
    UP Diliman

Ponsaran's tentative academic load

  • DS 127 (Environmental Politics)
  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity & Culture)
  • DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions & Behavior)
  • Econ 101 (Macroeconomics)
  • Econ 11 (Introduction to Economics)
  • NSTP 1 (Poverty Studies)

random points (research terms)

  • approach = dulog
  • source = batis
  • draft = borador
  • outline = balangkas
  • concept = dalumat
  • community immersion = paglubog sa komunidad
  • praxis = ugnayan ng teorya at praktika
  • discourse = talastasan

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pera ang umiiral

300% TOFI = eduCASHyon

Sunday, April 13, 2008

random points

  • netizen = citizen of the cyberspace
  • sexology = systematic study of human sexuality
  • monopoly = one seller, many buyers
  • monopsony = one buyer, many sellers
  • comprehensive and integrated medical & health services =
    promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative
    (Source: Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan)
  • chronic poverty = condition of poverty which occurs
    for most part or throughout the people's entire lives,
    and may even be passed on to their children
    and their children's children


  • Kay Ms. Paola Lepatan para sa mungkahing
    mapabakunahan ang mga kamag-aral sa
    PGH Health Services (malaria, prophylaxis)
    bago lumarga sa komunidad
  • Kay Ms. Corazon Viterbo para sa inisyatiba
    na bumuo ng 2008 practicum directory
  • Kina Ms. Ems de Guzman at Ms. Roque para sa
    pagdalo sa mga nakaraang practicum orientation
  • Sa mga NNARA-Youth mula sa UP Diliman
    para sa pagsisilbing giya ng mga DevStud
    practicumers ngayong taon
  • Kay Ms. Ami Mabalay at Ms. May Torzar
    para sa malasakit sa programa ng DS practicum
    noon, ngayon at sa hinaharap.

Public School Teachers

In her research outline, Ms. Camille Rodriguez
noted that public school teachers subsidize
the education of their dear students on two counts.

First, they joined the teaching profession
despite its despicably low pay scale.
By not pursuing a better paying job elsewhere,
they are in a way subsidizing the education of the poor.

Second, they regularly pay their taxes which
in turn are partly used to finance public education.

I couldn't agree more.

NNARA-Youth Organization Profile

DSS Book Project for the UP Centennial

Before the Turning Point:
Personal Stories of the University of the Philippines
(Editors: Dr. Lourdes Abadingo and Dr. Leothiny Clavel)

A narrative of the personal experiences of DSS* professors
in the areas of teaching, research, publication, organizing,
extention, administrative work, and even blogging**

*Department of Social Sciences
**Dr. Leo Clavel, my DS 151 and 151 professor, specifically
instructed me to feature this blog as my article contribution.

DS 190 Lexicon

Ang mga sumusunod ang dapat lamanin ng inyong lexicon:
  • terminong ginagagamit sa mga gawaing pamproduksyon
  • terminong ginagamit ng mga people's organization
  • terminong ginagamit ng mga abanteng seksyon ng lipunan
  • malalalim na salitang Tagalog sa kanayunan
  • mga natutunang ibang lenggwahe o dayalekto
  • at iba pa na sa tingin ninyo ay makabuluhan

Napakasaklap na kumbinasyon

bitter + insecure + utak-pulbura

DS 190 (6 units)

  • Tiyakin na ang bawat grupo ay may kopya ng
    lahat ng primer na binuo ng bawat kamag-aral.
    Ang mga primer na aking naiwasto lamang
    ang maaaring ipamahagi.
  • Tiyakin na kayo at ang inyong mga magulang
    ay may kopya ng practicum 2008 directory.
  • Ang bawat grupo ay kailangang magdala ng 2-3
    pentel pen at 4-6 manila paper para sa gagawing
    pag-uulat sa propesor at PO ukol sa inyong
    pananaliksik sa darating na mid- at final assessment.
  • Makipag-ugnayan kay Amihan ukol sa detalye ng
    deployment (oras, kitaang lugar, mga makakasama, atpb.)
  • Ugaliing itala sa kwaderno ang lahat ng mga
    bagong kaalaman araw-araw upang maging
    gabay para sa pag-uulat sa assessment
    at sa pagsusulat ng pananaliksik.
  • Patakaran sa paggagrado:
    75% ay manggagaling sa PO at NNARA-Youth
    25% naman ay mula sa propesor
  • Requirements (25%):
    -daily journal
    -summary (journal)
    -group report
    -2 pager primer based on the group report

Saturday, April 12, 2008

random points

  • mung beans = munggo = balatong
  • T&T = travel & tourism
  • O&O = offshoring & outsourcing
  • social justice = panlipunang katarungan
    = panlipunang katwiran
  • subsistence level = isang kahig, isang tuka
    = hand-to-mouth existence
  • OSY = out of school youth
  • PWD = persons with disabilities
  • tit for tat = equivalent retaliation
  • toadyism = sipsip

Friday, April 11, 2008

random thoughts

  • Sadya nga bang mas may konsiderasyon ang mga propesor
    tuwing summer classes kaysa sa regular na semestre?
  • Anu-ano ang mga dapat ikonsidera ng propesor
    bago siya maghatol ng 5.0?
    Anu-ano naman ang mga dapat ikonsidera ng
    estudyante bago siya magreklamo ukol dito?
  • Iba-iba ang karanasan ng mga propesor sa
    usapain ng academic freedom sa iba't ibang
    pamantasang na pinagtuturuan nila.
    Minsan nakabubuti. Minsan inaabuso.
  • Hindi dapat maging kahalili ng nag-uulat
    ang kanyang ipamamahaging hand-out.
    Ayon kay Poldo, mas mabuti pang ipamahagi
    na lamang ito para mabasa nila ng personal
    sa bahay sa halip na makinig sa mga nag-uulat
    na binabasa lang naman sa harapan ng klase.
    Ang pinakamasaklap sa lahat ay pinahihintulutan
    (o pinalalampas) naman ito ng propesor.
    "'Yan ba ang UP education?, bulalas niya.

DS 190* Practicum sites and the assigned advisers (updated)

  • Laguna-2 groups (Dr. Villegas)
  • Batangas-2 groups (Dr. Villegas)
  • Cavite-1 group (Prof. Ponsaran)
  • Zambales-1 group (Prof. Ponsaran)
  • Bulacan-1 group (Prof. Ponsaran)
  • Rizal-2 groups (Atty. Baguilat)
  • Tarlac-1 group (Atty. Baguilat)

*6 units

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Medical Tourism

  • Proponents of the Philippine medical tourism
    program contend that Filipino health practitioners
    are best able to perform care work in their homeland,
    not elsewhere. AGENDA: to entice international patients
  • Health and Wellness Cluster includes:
    1. hospitals (medical check-up, transplant, surgery, etc.)
    2. specialty clinics (dental, cosmetic surgery)
    3. wellness and spa centers (massage, aromatherapy)
    4. retirement village, nursing homes

Infantile Leftism

Dr. Edberto M. Villegas defined infantile leftism
as "a form of extreme leftism without proper
tactical alliance to achieve socialism and communism.
It is adventurist and smacks of romanticism.
The infantile leftist often become rightist.
It is often the characteristic of petty bourgeois
who purports to be socialist or communist."

random points

  • polemics = practice of refuting/disputing/falsifying
    a particular political, economic, philosophical, religious
  • genealogy = tarsila
  • Marxism = Scientific Socialism
  • "infantile leftism" = expose, oppose (without propose)
  • You = Time's 2006 person of the year
  • hoi polloi = commoners
  • internal refugees = IRs = bakwet (from the word evacuees)

Friday, April 04, 2008

random points

  • Economist Milton Friedman wrote a
    3-page article entitled "Fair vs. Free".
    Ms. Lanuzo, its main arguments run parallel with yours.
  • I saw an editorial cartoon several years back which
    depicted a university building as a giant cash register.
    The cartoonist wittingly named the
    institution as University of Profit (UP).
    I photocopied the material but I misplaced it somewhere.
  • University (US) and College scholarships (CS) are called
    HONORIFIC SCHOLARSHIPS. Commendations to the
    US and CS this semester (especially to working students).

DS 190

The DS Practicum Committee will be strict in
monitoring the attendance and evaluating
the performance of the students during the
series of orientations, EDs and workshops
from April 8-12 (Tuesday to Saturday).
Submit the assigned tasks on time and
study the assigned readings by the professors.

Health Policy Objectives

  • equity
  • efficiency
  • quality
  • sustainability

Food (In)security

  • Pagpag (left-overs)
    -Ito ay mga tira-tirang laman o himaymay
    ng manok na itinapon ng mga fast food
    mula sa pinagkainan ng kanilang mga
    customers. Ito ay muling niluluto at kinakain,
    o ibinebenta ng mga maralitang tagalunsod.

  • Mambabatchoy
    -Mga namumulot sa palengke ng mga itinapong gulay,
    isda, buto-buto ng baboy, baka o manok (o mga reject)
    para kainin. Tinatanggal ang bulok na bahagi ng gulay
    saka hihiwain sa maliliit na piraso para maibenta.

Saliva Festival

While the poor experiences hunger,
disease and death due largely to the
existing social structures, social scientists
in their ivory tower are busy debating
about emerging social theories.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Akademyang Lutang (Ivory Tower)




Palasong may lason na pupuntirya sa puso ng may kaarawan sa ika-5 ng Abril


Nagdadalang tao ang sistema ng napakarami pang Gloria sa hinaharap. Baka nga nasa UP ang iba sa kanila. Sana wala sa 2008 graduating batch.

Definitely, Gloria isn't the sole culprit.
People who lend their services to her are equally guilty.
But the real problem is the economic system & political structure
that breed and nurture people like her.
With such set-up in place, expect more Gloria to emerge
in this forsaken part of the world.

An open letter to the graduating batch

Please consider university (or high school) teaching
as a full-time or part-time profession.

Please contribute to the education of the next generation.

The pool of qualified and dedicated teachers
in the country badly needs replenishment.

DS 190 Practicum (note taking, individual output)

As part of your practicum preparation,
submit on Tuesday (Apr. 8, AM)
a 10-page notes (facts & figures in bullet/outline format)
about the following contemporary Philippine social issues:
  • looming rice crisis (situationer, commentary, forecast)
  • poverty (situationer, commentary, forecast)
  • agriculture (situationer, commentary, forecast)
  • other related issues and concerns

Use notepad/yellow pad/bond paper.
Sentence or phrase outline (or combination)
Recommended sources: tri-media (newspapers, radio, TV)
Cite your sources.


Mr. Jeremy de Jesus, B.A.
summa cum laude
B.A. Development Studies

Valedictory Speaker
UP Manila Commencement Ceremony 2008

random points

  • Dumami ang nagka-interes na mag-aral
    ng abogasya noong isinimpapawid ang
    paglilitis ni Estrada sa Senado sa kasong
    pandarambong at iba pa. Ipinamalas dito ng mga
    abogado ng magkabilang panig ang kanilang husay
    (sa paghahanap/pagtatago ng katotohanan).
    Sa katunayan, kabi-kabila ang mga kolehiyong
    nagbukas ng kani-kanilang law program.
  • May trabaho palang leisure counselors.
    Akalain mo.
  • Lumalala ang credit card debt sa bansa.
    Culprit: corporate greed and
    irrational spending pattern of consumers
  • The Philippines is all at once experiencing
    growth, stagnation and decay.
    The country is indeed an interesting
    area study for development scholars.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

random thoughts

  • Legislation and education are effective
    tools to combat discrimination.
  • News reports state that the victims
    of illegal kidney harvesting network
    are poor, unemployed, and illiterate Filipinos.
    (It is the subject matter of Jane Ejercito's thesis)
  • Laws should promote justice.
    Future lawyers, please take note.
  • Most, if not all, mining villages remain poor.
    The government is oblivious of this fact.
  • I will stop blogging when I'm
    already saying the same thing.

Please note

  • DS 100 and NSTP
    (Kindly take your malong at my DSS cubicle;
    Ms. Caranto, also your claypots.
    Kindly ask the assistance of the SAs. Salamat po.)
  • DS 100 and NSTP
    (Course card distribution: Apr. 3 (Thursday AM)
  • DS 100
    Ms. Eguico gained the highest number of accumulated points.
  • Practicumers (DS 190 )
    -Please coordinate with Mr. Tejada regarding
    the new set of practicum readings.
    -Evaluated primers will be returned on Apr. 8 (Tues. AM).
    -Then resubmit on Thursday (AM) with the necessary corrections.
    -Practicum orientation has been moved to Apr. 8 (Tues.)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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