Wednesday, February 27, 2013


- NSTP - sociocivic project deliverables, cultural presentation rehearsal, optional submission of dagli about poverty-related cancer
- DS 100A - board work (development issues); optional submission of related issues and controversies about the assigned senatorial contender; development AVP submission (in USB)
- DS 100B - board work (development issues); continue your respective flip chart presentation; poverty AVP submission (in USB)
- DS 123 - speech face-off about public health policies; submission of 4 dagli

Monday, February 25, 2013

DS100 A&B Development and Poverty AVPs

-15 minutes
-panel discussion
-with subtitle
-with text float or illustration
-with citation of sources

Random points

-Contribute to positive social change.  Go beyond yourself. - Poldo Pasangkrus

-Digestive system ang final destination ng pagkain, hindi ang FB at Instagram. Awwww! - Lobster Lobregat

-Ang mga kaaway mo habang nasa campus ay magiging kaaway mo rin sa labas. Posibleng sa work place ito hahantong.  Usapin na lang ito kung sino ang magiging boss. Harharhar! - Jejeboss

-Seryosohin ang practicum at thesis.  Maraming pagkakataon na dati na dito umiikot ang mga tanong sa job interview. - Mga alumni

UPDATED - Students with the highest accumulated points as of Midterm grading period

-NSTP - Villarda, Carillo, Tolentino, Tan,  Ventura
-DS 100A - Magsino, Jose
-DS 100B - Carpon
-DS 112 - Dabalos
-DS 123 - Pinlac, Jison


Saturday, February 23, 2013

DS123 follow up output

Choose three topics from this list and write a dagli for each.
Medical indebtedness
Mcdonaldization of health
Me medicine
Medical transcription academy
Cross-border trade in health services
Cuban social medicine
UPM School of Health Sciences in Leyte
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Lookism and plastic surgery
Heightism and career
Corruption in public hospitals
Health, well being and religion
Neglected tropical diseases
Biological racism
Medical racism
Guyabano's anti-cancer properties

Submit these three dagli along with the previous dagli this Wednesday (February 27) in my pigeon hole inside the DSS office.  Kindly inform the rest.

Media agenda-setting

Beware of media agenda-setting.  Behind (mainstream) media agenda is the corporate agenda.  Media culture (superstructure) is a reflection only of the prevalent economic structure in the society (substructure).

Agenda on Tues

-NSTP - continuation of the election speeches, submission of and reporting of updates about the socio-civic deliverables
-DS100A - platform of governance matrix submission  (2013 senate race), lecture-discussion about the subject matter
-DS100B - graded recitation about 2013 midterm election (watch ANC, GMA NewsTV; read CenPEG and Pinoy Weekly online articles)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Parts of a case digest

-Facts of the case

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DS112 follow up project

-Buenaventura's group (Fact sheet about gender violence in selected Philippine industries)
-Santos's group (Organizing IP women module)
-Sigue's group (Gahasa sabayang pagbigkas & 10 rape case digests)
-Alcaide's group (Engendering disaster risk reduction and management manual)
-Dabalos's group (Audio-visual production about cases of gender insensitivity in court trials)
-Orlanda's group (Paper on comparative critical gender analysis of the 2012 & 2013 national budget)

Optional output as a grade booster (see previous post)

You may submit your photo entries with caption until Sunday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 20, 22 agenda

-DS 112 - women and gender ACLE, long test about Philippine political economy (IBON, Habito), dagli submission
-NSTP - election issues speech face off  (speakers TBA)
- DS100A - long exam about the eco-cosplay hand-outs of both sections and articles about IPs and environment; contemplative essay submission
- DS100B - long exam about the eco-cosplay hand-outs of both sections and articles about IPs and environment, revised flip chart submission
- DS123 - public health policies speech face off, dagli submission about politics of health (optional)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

DS100 eco-cosplay

Fast food vs slow food philosophy
Fast city vs slow city movement
Shallow vs deep ecology
Mainstream GNP vs Gross National Happiness
Rightist vs leftist Luddites

E-world ko...


Mapangatawanan ko kaya?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Optional output for all my classes

Submit original photos with original captions about pressing socio-economic, socio-political and socio-cultural issues in the Philippines.
Captions may be written in Filipino or English, using concepts and theories related to our subject.
Secure free and prior informed consent (FPIC) if necessary.
E-mail your outputs to on or before Wednesday.

DS 123 speech face off (uno-cinco edition)

-Elamparo vs Alfonso - food fortification act
-Lindayen vs Pinlac - retirement villages
-Jison vs Manalo - FMAB
-Estole vs De Vera - return service obligation
-Factor vs Tabios - quality and affordable medicines act
-Dumalaog vs Valero - medical malpractice bill
-Pormento vs Ramirez - patients rights bill

Friday, February 15, 2013

Random points

-Pagpupugay kay Prop. JD Agapito para sa kanyang mga makabuluhang haiku sa FB.
-Abangan ang pagtatanghal ng Vagina Monologue sa pangunguna ng Gabriela UPM at DevSoc.
-Tama ang sinabi ng isang propesor: "Order is used to camouflage disorder..."  Ganyan sa isang pamantasang kilalang-kilala ko.  Booooooom!
-Pasasalamat sa DevStud NSTP para sa kanilang aktibong partisipasyon sa nakaraang DSS Week, partikular sa kanilang mga itinayong booth tulad ng Minute to Win It DSS Edition, Abu-booth, Kuha Mo Political Statement Photo Booth, Ka Boni@150 tanaga exhibit at iba pa.


  • NSTP - work on your respective socio-civic projects
  • DS 100A - prepare well for the eco-cosplay 
  • DS 100B - prepare well for the eco-cosplay and the flip chart output
  • DS 112 - prepare well for the women and gender ACLE, three dagli outputs and the long exam about the IBON national situationer and Habito materials
  • DS 123 - prepare well for the speech face off about public health policies

Monday, February 11, 2013



Agenda Feb 12,13, 15

Feb 12 (Tues)
-NSTP - content analysis of TV election ads using the critical communication theory
-DS 100A - board work about development issues
-DS 100B - board work about development issues

Feb 13 (Wed)
-DS 112 - long exam about the politics of development, dagli submission about the electoral politics in your province and your political philosophy

Feb 15 (Fri)
-NSTP - poster and slogan about your personal advocacy for the marginalized
-DS 100A - long test about geographies of the firm and geographic inequities
-DS 100B - long test about geographies of the firm and geographic inequities
-DS 123 - presentation by pair about occupational hazards
Ship breaking industry (De Vera, Ramirez)
Health professionals (Lanuza, Malabanan)
Corporate farming (Pinlac, Dumalaog)
Garment industry (Tabios, Lindayen)
Building construction (Estole, Alfonso)
Ship building industry (Factor, Manalo)
BPO (Valero, Pormento)
Seafarers (Jison, Elamparo)