Sunday, February 28, 2010


White Pollution I
Marianne Aquino

They want to keep neat
By buying disposables
Leads to more clutter

* * *

White Pollution II
Marianne Aquino

After disposing
Where do disposables go?
A vicious cycle

* * *

White Pollution III
Joshua Bersamina

Styrosnow Kingdom
Begotten and forgotten
Vision of white death

* * *

White Pollution IV
Sarah Angela Ortiz

Pagkaing mura
Ngunit ang pambalot ang
Singil sa mundo

* * *

White Pollution V
Lesly Pilarta

Plastics, styrofoams
Non-degradable food wraps
Harm nature and us

* * *

White Pollution VI
Lesly Pilarta

Wastes are piling us
Modern packaging to blame
White is the new black

* * *

White Pollution VII
Kathlene Martinez

Styrofoam era
A mark of handy lifestyle
Nature is disposed

* * *

White Pollution at Baha
Lea Barron

Akala'y decor
Sa puno'y nakasabit
Basurang plastic

* * *

One Town One Product (OTOP) I
Kathlene Martinez

Unique piƱa cloth
Queen of Philippine Fabrics
Pride of Kalibo

* * *

One Town One Product (OTOP) II
Kathlene Martinez

Padre Garcia
Cattle trading capital
Livestocks giving jobs

* * *

Medical Debt
Cesaria Anne Santos

Bills pile for the sick
Medicine too expensive
No health subsidy

* * *

Attention Economy
Lesly Pilarta

Net pop-ups double
To deliver new info
For mass consumption

* * *

Technocracy I
Jebbick Jed De Guzman

The knowledge acquired
Equals the power to rule
Of the ruling few

* * *

Technocracy II
Erika Elaine Duhaylungsod

It's where government
Are ruled by master thinkers
Better or for worse?

* * *

Technocracy III
Denise Marian Cruz

Talino'y gamit
Ngunit may puso nga ba
Sa paglilingkod?

* * *

Technocracy IV
Jebbick Jed De Guzman

The intellectuals
Establishing a new class
To rule the country

* * *

Low Information Rationality I
Alyssa Fernandez

'Wag palilinlang
At layuan ang tingin
Tama piliin

* * *

Low Information Rationality II
Ma. Guiana Salvadora

Platforms of trapos
From media ads and posters
Deceiving us all

* * *

Salinlahi (Alliance for Children's Concern)
Angelo Rosal

Habang bata pa
Imulat ng maaga
Para sa bayan

* * *

Eradicating Poverty thru Property Rights
Aichu Therese Congbalay

Unmask poverty
Despite property titles
Still jobless, still poor!

* * *

Lactivism I
Mariaane Aquino

Celebrating life
By feeding naturally
For health, not profit

* * *

Lactivism II
Wimalyn Cainap

At busy sidewalks
Milk flows out from her nipples
In between my teeth

* * *

Lactivism III
Wimalyn Cainap

The church bell echoes
She pulled her shirt to offer
The soft mounds of flesh

* * *

Lactivism IV
Wimalyn Cainap

Chest out and chin up
She feeds her child with wide eyes
Raised eyebrows around

March 5 (Tanaga) - 3-4 entries

  • NSTP - Axel Pinpin
  • DS 100 - Feminist Economics
  • Econ 116 - Gandhian Economics
  • DS 123 - Dr. Remberto dela Paz

Agenda for March 2-3

  • NSTP - face-off (continuation)
  • DS 100 - Postmodern movement in the Social Sciences (continuation)
  • Econ 116 - long exam (Zed Books)
  • DS 123 - Philippine mental health situationer (continuation)
  • DS 112 - panel discussion on social advocacies (continuation)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alert (NSTP, DS 100, Econ 116, DS 123)

I will not hold classes on Tues. (Feb 23). Output submission and all lined-up activities on that day are rescheduled on Fri. (Feb 26). Kindly inform the rest.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kayamanan ba o kapangyarihan?

Sa isang talakayan, tinanong si Villar kung ano ang mas mahalaga para sa kanya: kayamanan ba o kapangyarihan? Ayon sa kanya, kung nanggaling sa hirap ang isang tao ay kanyang pipiliin ang kayamanan. Kung naabot na niya ang mga pangarap para sa sarili /pamilya at nais naman niyang makalutong sa iba ay malaki ang magagawa ng kapangyarihan o posisyon sa pamahalaan para ito'y magkaroon ng katuparan.

Opsyonal: Ano ang maikling reaksyon mo dito? Maaaring ipadala sa ang sagot.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Additional haiku tasks (Feb 23, 24) - 2-3 entries per topic

  • NSTP - Kalikasan - People's Network for the Environment; Zed Books
  • DS 100 - Defend Patrimony Alliance; Zed Books
  • Econ 116 - Gross National Happiness; Zed Books
  • DS 123 - Water for People Network; Zed Books
  • DS 112 - Third World Network; Zed Books

    Magsaliksik mabuti.

random thoughts

  • Pagkilala kay Ienne Eguico para sa kanyang pagpasa sa UP College of Law.
  • Sa mga komunidad ng mga katutubong Dumagat sa Rizal ipinamahagi ang mga donasyong binhi.
  • Nagtulungan sina Yfur Fernandez at Ienne Eguico na mabuo ang "Praxis", isang AVP ukol sa Development Studies Program. Hiniling kong gawin nila itong komprehensibo para magamit sa taunang oryentasyon. Bilang katambal ng Praxis ay pinakikiusapan ko si Monic del Rosario na bumuo ng grupo na gagawa naman ng pop at maikling bersyon nito. Mas makabubuti na huwag nang ulitin ang anumang nabigyang diin sa unang AVP. Bumuo ng script na dapat munang maaprubahan.
  • Napakaraming natatagong talento ang mga mag-aaral sa UP Manila subalit nagkukulang ang administrasyon, kaguruan at minsan maging ang mga organisasyon upang diskubrehin at linangin ang mga ito. Dapat ay pangunahan ito ng CAS. Mahalagang lumikha ng isang kondisyon para ang mga ito'y maipamalas at mapaunlad.

DS 100 silent film project

Bilang ambag sa nalalapit na International Women's Day sa ika-8 ng Marso, narito ang tala ng mga pagpipiliang paksa (sa pamamagitan ng bunutan ngayong Biyernes) para sa bubuuin nating silent film sa klase.

1. Abjection
2. Male gaze
3. Postmodern feminism
4. Hidden unemployment of women
5. Ecofeminism
6. Glass ceiling vs. Glass elevator
7. Body politics
8. Female criminality

Submission of script: Feb 23 (T)

Haiku (Feb 23, 24)

  • NSTP (class consciousness) - 4 entries
  • DS 100 (Development as Planned Poverty*) - 10 entries
  • Econ 116 (economic warfare) - 4 entries
  • DS 123 (medical debt) - 4 entries
  • DS 112 (pedagogy of the oppressed) - 4 entries

    *written by Ivan Illich; the article can be found
    in the book entitled Post-Development Reader
    which is available in the circulation section of the CAS library


Feb 17 agenda

  • NSTP - Face Off continuation
  • DS 100 - report on postmodern movement in various Social Science disciplines
  • Econ 116 - report on Megatrends in Asia
  • DS 123 - report on Philippine mental health situationer

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Nazi Eugenics I
Arven Eusebio

How the foolish thinks
With intentions to "improve"
But with lives at stake

* * *

Nazi Eugenics II
Renier Martin De Grano

To purge and to kill
Hitler's way of being "great"
A "clean" German blood

* * *

Adrian Alfonso

By labor and land area
BRICs will form a clout

* * *

Small is Beautiful
Ivory Galang

Small things are better
'Cause they do not overlook
Essential details

* * *

Green Shoots Theory I
Joanna Marie Azarraga

It's optimism
Recovery from the "quake"
False silver lining

* * *

Green Shoots Theory II
Yfur Porsche Fernandez

A promise of growth
After waves of recession
Miracle of boom

* * *

Roschelle Lapena

Down a huge billboard
Are hungry sidewalk beggars
Now a normal scene

* * *

Unbalanced Development
Michael Adrian Padilla

How about the quality?
If not both, discard!

* * *

Power Elite
Erika Baylon

Wealth is divided
Power and privilege, too
Only among them

* * *

Gift Economy
Kathlene Jayne Martinez

Community bond
Is strengthened by give and take
Needs are satisfied

* * *

Attention Economy
Claudine Palattao

They paid millions more
Just for you to stop and look
Even for a while

* * *

Elephant vs. Dragon I
Noel Illescas

China or Dragon
Who'll overtake and defeat
The US of A?

* * *

The Elephant and the Dragon in Asia
Lenerwin Onanad

Get scratched and get smashed
The rise of the Asia's bets
Keeps the West awake

* * *

Halal Food
Marianne Aquino

Religion and health
Feeding the body and soul
For better living

* * *

Kentucky Fried Cruelty I
Marianne Aquino

Exploit and oppress
Both workers and animals
All for the profit

* * *

Kentucky Fried Cruelty II
Marianne Aquino

Profiteering means
Letting chickens live to die
Finger linkin' good?

* * *

United Fruit Company
Marianne Aquino

Fruits of thy labor
Thy master reaps the profit
Again, thou suffer

* * *

Wimalyn Cainap

Wrinkles and creases
All gone away like magic
Hail to saluyot!

DS 112 Rural Studies Book Project

  • Rural Culture (Conferido, Roa)
  • Rural Demography (Cortey, Mabansag, Cruz)
  • Rural Anthropology (Bucog, Galang, Tenorio)
  • Rural Politics (Bejasa, Cabiao, Rendon)
  • Rural Community Development (Burgos, Gomez, Mendoza)
  • Rural Sociology (Albacea, Eusebio)
  • Rural Economics (Santuele, Cesar, Alfonso)
  • Rural Administration (De Grano, Del Carmen, Espina)

    1st submission: Feb 24 (W)
    1 entry only per student

Sunday, February 14, 2010

DS 112 Alert

Paalala: Malaking bahagi ng grado sa DS 112 ay manggagaling sa portfolio output. Ipasa ito sa takdang oras. Hindi ako tatanggap ng lampas sa itinakdang oras (Peb 17, 7-9 n.u.). Pagbutihin ang pagbuo nito.


"Marami sanang maaaring mabago sa pagkawala sa poder ni GMA.
Marami sanang maaaring simulan ng tama
at wakasan ng ganap sa 2010.

Pero sa paghahangad ni GMA maluklok sa Mababang Kapulungan
na unang hakbang n'ya sa pagpapanaig
sa kapangyarihan ay binigo n'ya ito.
Dapat ay siya ang biguin natin"


Bentahe ng pagtatanim

  • Kontra-gast0s
  • Kontra-sakit
  • Kontra-inip
  • Kontra-stress
  • Kontra-konsumerismo

Vegetable garden update

  • lemon grass - napakalago na
  • taheebo - katamtamang dami
  • Italian oregano - malago
  • talinum - nabuhay ang lahat ng mga tangkay na itinanim
  • labanos - kakatubo pa lang
  • kamatis - tuloy-tuloy ang pagbunga pero palipas na, kasisibol pa lang ng mga bagong tanim
  • talong - tuloy-tuloy ang napakaraming pagbunga
  • bush sitao - tuloy-tuloy ang pagbunga
  • upland kangkong - masyadong malago kaya tinalbusan
  • carrot - may dalawang natitira na malapit na ring anihin
  • kinchay - mabulaklak pero hindi madahon
  • onion spring - napudpod sa kakaani
  • alugbati - palipas na kaya nagpunla ng panibago
  • saluyot - kakapunla pa lang
  • siling labuyo - hindi pa namumula
  • siling pangsigang - mayroong 3 varieties (dark green, light green, mahabang payat)
  • bell pepper - namumunga na
  • luya - tiyak maraming maani
  • okra - kakatubo pa lang
  • kamote - nabuhay ang talbos na itinamim
  • kalamansi - hindi pa rin namumunga simula ng pineste dati
  • patani - tumutubo pa lang pero hindi pa sigurado kung patani nga : )
  • oregano - tumatayog
  • pandan - katamtamang taas at lago
  • kalabasa - tumubo na pero 'di tiyak kung saan pababagingin dahil sa limitadong espasyo
  • malunggay - katatanim pa lang ng sanga pero may sumusuloy na
  • at iba pa

Group projects

  • NSTP (silent film on urban workers - 1st phase: submission and approval of scripts)
  • DS 100 (matrix on 2010 socio-economic platforms)
  • DS 123 (recorded interview of an assigned health researcher/academic/practitioner - to be discussed in details this Tuesday)
  • DS 112 (portfolio on socio-economic advocacy - submission and panel discussion on Feb 17)

Binhing handog para sa kabuhayan at pampulitikang pakikibaka

Nitong nakaraang Biyernes namin pormal na ibinahagi sa mga Dumagat ang ating donasyong binhi.

Ayon sa kanilang kinatawan, malaki ang maitutulong nito sa kanila sa dalawang paraan.

Una ay pangkabuhayan para madagdagan ang kanilang pagkain at pagkakakitaan.

Ikalawa ay ang malaking ambag ito sa kanilang pampulitikang pakikibaka. Ayon sa kanila, sa pamamagitan ng mga binhi ay mas magiging produktibo ang kanilang mga lupain at bunga nito'y mas sisikhay ang kanilang paninindigang biguin ang pagpapalayas sa kanila ng sabwatang gobyerno at pribadong korporasyon mula sa kanilang lupaing ninuno upang isulong ang kontra-mamamayang pagtatayo ng dambuhalang dam.

Addditional haiku assignment (Feb 19) - 2 entries (1 general, 1 specific)

  • NSTP (Low information rationality)
  • DS 100 (Technocracy)
  • Econ 116 (One Town One Product - Philippines)
  • DS 123 (Seafarers' health and safety)

    Research well.


Womenomics I
Jebbick de Guzman
DS 100

A shift in power
Highlighting women's value
In the modern world

* * *

Womenomics II
Kristine Gail Rojo
DS 100

Women empowered
Rising up in a man's world
Redefine success

* * *

Womenomics III
Benralph Yu
DS 100

Amidst fiscal gloom
Shoots appear in pink lining
Labor force reshaped

* * *

Womenomics IV
Aichu Therese Congbalay
DS 100

In nation building
Women as significant
As male counterpart

* * *

Womenomics V
Erika Elaine Duhaylungsod
DS 100

Women give balance
To their work and family
Girl, I salute you

* * *

Womenomics VI
Mary Grace Fabros
DS 100

Kanilang gawa'y
Matapat kilalaning
Yaman ng bansa

* * *

Womenomics VII
Jona Marie Bautista
DS 100

Apat na dingding
Noon sila'y kinulong
Hindi na ngayon

* * *

Womenomics VIII
Chariss Garcia
DS 100

A paradigm shift
What's once exclusive to men
Now shared to women

* * *

(Antithesis of) Womenomics IX
Nina Angelica Arquiza
DS 100

For her spouse, she cooks
For her child, she does not sleep
For herself, nothing

* * *

Womenomics X
Ma. Angela Nartea
DS 100

Cherish importance
Of women's contributions
On global market

* * *

Womenomics XI
Katharine Reina Detros
DS 100

Being a woman
Is never a hindrance to

* * *

Womenomics XII
Amorn Dianne Arnanta
DS 100

Women, take the lead
Redefine work and success
And inspire the rest


Katribu I
Aubrey Nicole Arboleda

Sila'y kumilos
Upang mabigyang boses
Ang katutubo

* * *

Katribu II
Alyssa Fernandez

Bound by commitment
Represents minority
Aims equality

* * *

Katribu III
Celeste Aquino

Lupa' t kultura
Kanilang pinaglaban
Hanggang sa huli

* * *

Katribu IV
Akiko Sunga

Those who have nothing
But culture, myths, and nature
Will not lose to greed

* * *

Katribu V
Regine Anne Dela Paz

Protects and respects
The indigenous people's
Culture and domain

* * *

Katribu VI
Patricia Stella Reyes

Philippine IPs
Yearn for representation
Treat them as equals


Financial Capitalism
Erika Elaine Duhaylungsod
DS 100

Laborers produce
Why still subordinate to
Profits from finance

* * *

Critical Development Studies
Ariza Maila Rojales

Para saan ba
Iyong pinag-aralan
Kundi sa masa

* * *

Macliing Dulag
Heila Prudenciano

Para lang sa dam,
Lupa nami'y inangkin
Buhay kapalit

* * *

Dirt Cookies

An empty stomach
Remedy for hunger pangs
Mud for survival

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sana naging estudyante n'ya rin ako.

Isang propesora sa ibang pamantasan ang may di-tradisyunal na paraan ng pagtuturo ng Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Pagpapabasa ng dyaryo (Inquirer partikular) sa mga mag-aaral ang kanyang naiibang paraan ng pagtuturo. Ipinauunawa niya ang mga napapanahong isyung panlipunan at kanila namang iniuugnay at sinusuri ang mga ito sa konteksto ng nakaraan. Sa pananaw ko'y mas epektibo at praktikal ito lalo na kung hindi naman BA History ang kurso ng kanyang mga mag-aaral. Parang kumuha sila ng History I at PolSci 14 ng sabay. Lupeeeeet!

NSTP Face-Off (Peb 16)

  • Yecla (merits of air liberalization/open skies policy)
  • Veridiano (demerits of air liberalization/open skies policy)
  • Soriano (merits of IPRA of 1997)
  • Sapalo (demerits of IPRA of 1997)
  • Rojales (merits of Laiban dam)
  • Reyes (demerits of Laiban dam)

Feb 16-17 agenda

  • NSTP - Face-Off
  • DS 100 - Postmodernism in development studies (De Guzman, Del Rosario, Detros, Domagsang, Domingo)
    Outline: major assumptions, application, criticisms, reaction to criticisms, group's viewpoint - 40 mins
  • Econ 116 - Megatrends in Asia (Alfonso, Rodriguez, Canamo) - 40 mins
  • DS 123 - Philippine mental health situationer (Cruz, Dela Pena, Garino, Javillana) - 40 mins
  • DS 112 - 10-minute panel discussion about each group's assigned topic/advocacy (includes the song presentation)


  • DS 100 - Please don't forget to e-mail the soft copy of your HAIKU at DIALEKTIKA exhibit entries to and for publication purposes.
  • DS 112 - Update me regularly e-mail about your group's portfolio output thru e-mail.
  • NSTP - Submit the silent film script on Friday.
    How to make a silent film:

Haiku (3-4 entries)

  • NSTP - Salinlahi (Alliance of Children's Concerns) - Feb. 19
  • DS 100 - eradicating poverty with property law (Hernando de Soto) - Feb 19
  • Econ 116 -white pollution - Feb 19
  • DS 123 -lactivism - Feb 19
  • DS 112 - Nazi eugenics - Feb 17

    Research well.

Development Studies Program

Program Head

Prof. Chester Antonio Arcilla, MDE

Full-time faculty
Prof. Roland Simbulan, MPA
Prof. Chester Antonio Arcilla, MDE
Prof. Mariam Soraya Tuvera, MA
Prof. John Ponsaran, MPM

Part-time faculty
Dr. Edberto Villegas
Dr. Leothiny Clavel
Prof. Silver Sevilla
Atty. Mia Zorayda Wacnang
Atty. Karol Sarah Baguilat

DS 112 portfolio I groupings

  • Migrant rights and welfare (Albacea, Armendez, Aguado)
  • Just wage (Santos, Galang, Alfonso)
  • Cooperative development (Caraan, Conferido, Roa)
  • Nationalist historiography (Abris, Cortes, Jalina, Cesar)
  • Cultural integrity (Bejasa, Rendon, Caspe, Cabiao)
  • Liberation Theology (Tayag, Torres, Villaceran, Soliza)
  • Academic freedom (De Grano, Espina, Del Carmen)

    Context: Third world setting
    Deadline: Feb 17 (W) 7 AM

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BASAHIN: 10 bisyong tiyak sisira sa utak

random thoughts

  • Mahusay at epektibo ang community safety audit na isinagawa ni Prop. Castillo at ng kanyang klase sa Agham Pampulitika 11. Makabubuting magkaroon din nito sa CAS mismo.
  • Bibisita ang mga Dumagat sa CAS ngayong Biyernes upang magbahagi ng mga kasalukuyang problema na banta sa kanilang karapatan sa lupaing ninuno (ancestral domain) at saliring pagpapasya (self-determination). Ibibigay natin ang mga binhing gulay na nabili mula sa pondong nalikom mula sa Bookay Bookay book drive sa araw ng kanilang pagbisita. Kasama kong bumili ng binhi sina Mr. Padilla, Ms. Nartea at Mr. Yu noong Martes (Peb 9).
  • Ang pamamahagi ko ng binhi ng saluyot ay bahagi ng aking kampanyang palaganapin ang tamang nutrisyon, pagtatanim sa bakuran, pagbabawas ng pagkaing isinaproseso at artipisyal.

Econ 116 haiku (Feb 16)

  • "green shoots" theory
  • decoupling theory
  • 2010 GAA*
  • gift economy
  • social economy
  • attention economy
  • emotion economy


Feb 12 agenda

  • NSTP - long exam on selected Mangahas materials (blue book)
  • DS 100 - discussion on poverty studies
  • Econ 116 - reporting on the "tigers", the "elephant" and the "dragon" in Asia
  • DS 123 - discussion on Tan's "Cut the salt"


Critical Development Studies
Beverly Ocampo

Serving the people
By practicing theories
More critically

* * *

Mark Timothy Rodriguez

To work and stay long
Is just a dream for me here
Six months is goodbye

* * *

Community Development I
Ivory Myka Galang

Masa sa kanayunan
Hanggang tagumpay

* * *

Community Development II
Alfred Miguel Aguado

On grassroots level
We will see hidden questions
And see the answers

* * *

Community Development III
Nadine Conferido

Knitting society
Deepening democracy
Ending poverty

* * *

Mariane Aquino

Close family ties
Up to business enterprise
Keeps wealth and power

* * *

Financial Capitalism I
Amorn Dianne Arnanta

Invest, take a rest
Put your trust, you'll earn a lot
Beware, it's a trap

* * *

Financial Capitalism II
Gerald Christopher Padilla

Pursuit of profit
Not from hardwork or labor
But from bonds and stocks

* * *

Financial Capitalism III
Jona Marie Bautista

What an irony
Non-laborers get income
Those who work hard don't

* * *

Financial Capitalism IV
Mary Grace Fabros

Tunay na pera
Ipinalit sa papel
Asang tutubo

* * *

Slow food philosophy
Leo Cruz

Bringing back the old
When food is seen as it is
Part and way of life

* * *

Slow food philosophy
Angelo Murillo

Fast foods give you food
Slow food movements give you feast
Preserve your cuisine

* * *

Halal food
Abegail Tan

Islamic guidelines
Foods permitted by Allah
For faith and for health

* * *

Health Expectancy
Angelo Murillo

90 years of life
Half of it lived on death bed
Is it worth living?

* * *

Health in Prisons
Angelo Murillo

Strip his liberty
Strip not his right to good health
Promote healthy "cells"

DS 112 portfolio project

20% - relevance and accuracy of information
20% - critical analysis
20% - effectiveness of advocacy
20% - originality and creativity
20% - comprehensiveness of updated references

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Huling babala ito sa mga malimit lumiban sa klase.

Optional haiku output (grade booster)

  • NSTP (power elite, iron triangle, booty capitalism) - Feb 16
  • DS 100 (balanced development, unbalanced development, dual economy) - Feb 16
  • Econ 116 (new protectionism, deglobalization, guided democracy) - Feb 16
  • DS 123 (saluyot, malunggay, ampalaya) - Feb 16
  • DS 112 (The End of Poverty, The Clash of Civilizations, Small is Beautiful) - Feb 17


Read "The guns of Gibo" by Inquirer's Patricia Evangelista.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Topic bank

Inaanyayahan ko ang mga dati at kasalukuyan kong mag-aaral sa DevStud na magmungkahi ng mga karagdagang paksa para sa mga susunod na isusulat na haiku ng aking mga klase. Ang mga paksang ito ay dapat may kaugnayan sa politika, ekonomya, kultura, kaunlaran, kalikasan at lipunan. Isulat ang mga ito sa 1/8 piraso ng papel at isumite sa Martes (Peb 9) o Miyerkules (Peb 10) sa susunod na linggo. Maaari ring magmungkahi ang mga nagtapos na sa kurso sa pamamagitan ng text o e-mail. Salamat.


Ngayong darating na Biyernes ay may mga papakiusapan ako sa mga kasalukuyan at dati kong mag-aaral na maging hurado sa Haiku at Dialektika exhibit. Mamamahagi ako ng papel na pagsusulatan ninyo ng hatol. Mensahe (50%) at istilo (50%) ang magiging batayan ng pagpili ng pinakamahusay na haiku. Ang mga papel na ito ay maaari ninyong ibalik sa akin ng personal, ilagay sa aking pigeon hole sa loob ng DSS, o iabot sa sinumang tumatao sa Bookay-Bookay booth. Maraming salamat sa inyong kooperasyon.

DS 100 Alert

Please e-mail the soft copy of your HAIKU at DIALEKTIKA exhibit entries to and on or before Monday noon (Feb. 8) for purposes of online and printed publication.
Kindly inform the rest.

NSTP Alert

Kung sinuman ang mayroon, magdala ngayong Biyernes ng gunting.
Pakisabi sa ibang kamag-aral. Salamat.

Prof. Doti Abaya on hegemony

Prof. Abaya defines hegemony as domination with victim's consent. The victimizer (ruling class) aside from using force may also utilize culture as a tool where there is no force or coercion involved. The victim (ruled class), on the other hand, thinks s/he is not oppressed and exploited.

Ponsaran's tentative load next school year, 1st semester

  • NSTP (Political Economy of Development)
  • Econ 115 (Philippine Economic History)
  • DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions & Behavior)
  • DS 123 (Filipino Health and Society)
  • DS 127 (Human Ecology and Development)

Feb 9 agenda

  • NSTP - bookmark with a quote from any Rolando Tolentino material
  • DS 100 - reporting on the role of the judicial system in promoting national development (Denise Cruz, Neil Ivan Cruz, Ciara Daquis, Eunice Daradal)
  • Econ 116 - reporting on 'social business' in Asia (Aquino, Bersamina, De Ramos)
  • DS 123 - reporting on oral health in the developing region (Aquino, Arcellana, Baldres, Cainap)

Haiku (Feb 12) - 3 entries per topic

  • NSTP - Katribu party list
  • DS 100 - Womenomics
  • Econ116 - The "Dragon" and the "Elephant" in Asia
  • DS 123 - Women's community safety audit
  • DS 112* - BRIC

    *Submission is set also on the 12th, Ms. Torres is tasked to collect the outputs


  • Haiku at Diyalektika (isang exhibit tampok ang mga orihinal na haiku ng mga mag-aaral ng DevStud na tatagal mula Feb 1-6 sa LT Walk)
  • Bookay-Bookay (isang book sale na tatagal mula Feb 1-5 sa LT Walk kung saan ang pondong makakalap ay gagamitin ng DevSoc sa mga proyetong sosyo-sibiko nito tulad ng binhing handog para sa mga katutubo at maralitang tagalungsod)
  • Book Launch featuring Prof. Roland Simbulan's "Forging a Nationalist Foreign Policy"
    (LT, Feb 3, 9-11 am)
  • DSS Variety Show featuring DSS majors from various year levels (LT, Feb 5, 1-4 pm)
  • Political satire entitled "Ang Bobo, Ang Trapo at Ang Bagong Tao" featuring Doc Ed's DS 122 (DevStud Juniors) class (LT, Feb 5, 4-7 pm)

Haiku output (3 entries per topic)

  • NSTP (Feb 5) - critical development studies
  • DS 100 (Feb 9) - finance capitalism
  • Econ 116 (Feb 9) - chaebol
  • DS 123 (Feb 9) - slow food movement/philosophy
  • DS 112 (Feb 10) - community development in the Third World context


Feb 5 agenda

  • NSTP - submission of matrix (PDI, Malaya and CenPEG opinion columns/issue analysis)
  • DS 100 - rehearsal
  • Econ 116 - submission of group assignment (marketing strategies during period of recession)
  • DS 123 - Attend DSS variety show (1-4 pm)

Haiku on healtth

by Bryan Baldres

Meet liberation
From the torments of living
With quick, easy death

* * *

by Bryan Baldres

I smoke, I decay
I infest, I die, I kill
No one's stopping me

* * *

by Allana Ruth Dela Pena

A puff of dark smoke
Inhaled from a deadly stick
Murderous inside

* * *

by Allana Ruth Dela Pena

Suffocating smoke
Strangles an innocent world
From cigarette's end

* * *

by Allana Ruth dele Pena

Blinding bright lights and
Loud tunes fake reality
That we are alone



Patricia Kamil Rosales

Our customs, your trade
Our tradition, your business
Our culture, your gain

* * *

Jebbick Jed O. de Guzman

The thunder has struck
Scorching earth and burning men
Blessings for a few

* * *

Joana Marie Azarraga

Feeds off people's misery
For profit and rent

* * *

Michael Adrian Padilla

Prey fell into trap
Predators gather around
The slaughter begins

* * *

Heilia L. Prudenciano

I am at the top
I made the rules of the game
That benefits me

* * *

Abigael Jamille P. Julao

They conquered the throne
Conspired with other nations
At our own expense

* * *

Akiko Sunga

This lethal mix of
People running your country
Will kill everyone

* * *

Lenerwin Onanad

Lend me your support
Then I'll give you the best part
Mutual investment

* * *

Lesly Pilarta

Armed civilian troops
Power elite in command
Rights violators

* * *

Patricia Ann Ingeniero

All aim for the profit
No care on how they got it
An endless cycle

* * *

Claudine M. Palattao

Is it genuine help,
Or disguised philanthropy?
A way to earn more?

* * *

Kenneth Nicholson More

Limited choices
Hungry stomachs and poor souls
Eat dirt or just die

* * *

Claudine Palattao

We've nothing to eat
But there's so much wasted food
On the rich's table

* * *

Karen Mae Honrade

Where poverty reigns,
What dirts the soles of your shoes
Feed their hungry mouths

* * *

Lesly Pilarta

Saw dirt, closed my eyes
Munched to pieces, swallowed fast
Then, still felt hungry

* * *

JoanA Marie Azarraga

This is the male gaze
The "I" becomes what "he" sees
"Size matters", he said

* * *


Chris Osmond Samson

To keep tracks of land
We dominate politics
A marriage of two

* * *

Jigz Tenorio

Pagkaing tulong
Soberanya'y kapalit
Tayo ang talo

* * *

Michelle Morelos

Hukbo ng bayan
Naging hukbo ng ilan
Malaking gulo

* * *

(On symbolic violence)
Sarah Angela Ortiz

Hair should be straighter
Skin preferably whiter
Ideal woman?