Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bakit ka absent? Asan ang output mo? Ok ka lang ba? May pinagdaanan ka ba?

I hope that OCS will release the final class list soon so that I will be able to transfer and account my students' record of accumulated points.  When that time comes, expect regular personal reminders from me regarding your overall class standing, especially those with academic deficiencies. #teacherproblems

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sa kabila ng hagupit ni Glenda... (updated)

Hindi natinag ang mga tanim ko:
dragon fruit
passion fruit
aloe vera
Chinese amaranth
neem tree
luyang dilaw
ampalayang gubat
upland kangkong

Bentaheng 5Ks


#dev5tudchoir #block5

Intersectionality of social exclusion (being poor, being sick and being vulnerable children)
Authored by Amihan Euza Mabalay (Development Studies alumna)


Number 4 - blog included :)

Development Studies 121

Alamin ang mga kwentong-buhay nina:
Mang Pandoy
Mariannet Amper
Alfredo Manuel
Carmen Deunida
Nicanor delos Santos

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ponsaran's final academic load this sem

Econ 115 - Philippine development and economic history
DS 121 - Philippine poverty and underdevelopment
DS 126 - Governance and development
DS 199.1 - Critical development research
NSTP CWTS 1 -  UP and the development sector

#iheartDS :)



Development Studies 121 output by pair

This Tueday, submit a concept map about any poverty and underdevelopment related article featured in Third World Resurgence.  Based on it, derive the following:
- 3 definition of terms
- 3 compelling quotes
- 3 guide questions
- 3 annotated bibliography of related literature

No duplication of titles. #hungergames
#thesistraining #belatedhappybirthdaykuyajorell


Econ 115 - AVP screening
DS 121 - research about visual sociology, visual anthropology and visual ethnography 
DS 126 - research about visual sociology, visual anthropology and visual ethnography 
DS 199.1 - lecture on guidelines in literature review
NSTP - 2nd inforgraphics (Constantino's development agenda), SONA critique presentation, long test about "Rethinking development" (Prof Simbulan) and "Filipino working class" (Dr Villegas), penalty output submission for previous absences, memorize and practice singing the three progressive songs; wear blue or white; arrive on time

NSTP Collaborative socio-political MTV

Based on the national and youth situationer forum held last Wednesday and additional research on your part, develop a socio-politcal MTV featuring the development problems and issues in the Philippine society and the collective action we can pursue to successfully address them.  This collaborative output of 6-7 students should be well conceptualized and executed in terms of form and substance. Video and photo shoots should be limited only within the CAS campus. You are encouraged to use appropriate costumes and background music to make your MTV an effective resource material for consciousness raising. Groupings will be provided by the professor on Tuesday.
#showcasethosetalents #artistaparasabayan #ARTernatibotraining

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Alumni: Financial literacy mode: ON
Seniors: AVP mode: ON
Juniors: Read the "poverty, profit, conflict" article for the 2nd/3rd time.
Sophies: Improve your study habit this semester in preparation for DS 100.
Freshies: Memorize and rehearse the following songs on Friday
Progressive UP Naming Mahal (trainor: Ms Serrano)
Awit ng Pag-asa (trainor: Ms Jayag)
Buhay at Bukid (trainor: Ms Lopez)



Optional penalty output

Kung lumiban na sa klase, magpasa sa Biyernes ng concept map ukol sa alinman sa mga sumusunod na paksang may kaugnayan sa development/inequality studies:
workfare program
wage price spiral
urban bias
transition economies
transfer payments
replacement fertility rate
Todaro migration model
staple food
synthetic substitutes
economic self-reliance
object gap
golden arches theory
political will
loan pushing
ingenuity gap
white revolution (dairy)
idea gap
currency war
incomplete bilingualism
national bourgeois
agricultural extension services
buffer stocks

Toxic day today

long travel
dss concerns I
debate tournament judging
informal talk about serious issues over lunch
forum speaker
dss concerns I&II
administrative duties
long travel

New room assignment

Econ 115 - GAB 208
DS 121 - GAB 308
DS 126 - GAB 303
DS 199. 1 - RH 220

Salamat, OCS!
Salamat, Ate Jo!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Development Studies 199.1

Salamat sa inyong kooperasyon upang mabuo natin ang ating development research agenda para sa semestreng ito.
- media and disaster
- women, children and health justice
- communication and public health
- political economy of local livelihood
- subaltern studies
- disaster management and good governance
- sustainable international aid
- healthcare economics
Isang karangalan ang maging kabahagi  kayo sa mapagpalayang pananaliksik. #walangbibitaw

Proposed thesis topics (batch 3)

Kritikal na Pagsusuri sa Representasyon ng Tradisyunal at Alternatibong Midya
sa mga Nasalanta at Implikasyon nito sa Kanilang Reintegrasyon at Pagsasakapangyarihan
ni Jhaypee Naco

Pampolitikang Ekonomya ng Mataas na Maternal Mortality Rate
at ang Implikasyon nito sa Pamilya at Pamayanan
ni Bianca Luna

Discourse Analysis of the Philippine Health Department's
Public Service Announcements on Disease Control
by Daniel Asprec


- Prudent use of time, please.
- Never give others a reason to doubt your CS/US standing.
- By extension, never give others a reason to doubt too that you are a UP student.
- The semester has just begun. Laziness can still be reversed.
- Resist the culture of mediocrity. It's infectious.
- Submit outputs that qualify in both substance and syntax.
- Maximize and make a mark in your university experience.
- Don't cheat and shortchange yourself by submitting substandard outputs (mema culture).
- Remember that "a critical mind is a questioning mind."
- Discover alternative ideas. We tend to forget this very crucial role of being in UP.

NSTP (2nd infographic output, new groupings naman)

Read and study various works of the late Renato Constantino in the CAS library.   Based on these materials, quote 10 alternative development agenda that aim to lead and usher us to a just, pro-people, and sustainable Philippines.  Develop this into an infographic material entitled "DevPlan". Observe parallelism by starting each sentence with a verb.

Color scheme: Black and white
Submission:  Next Wednesday

Development Studies 126

Bakit kapuna-puna ang risk management program sa 2015 proposed national budget?  Ano ang kaugnayan nito sa deficit payment scheme at regulatory risk guarantee? Bakit hindi alinsunod ang mga patakarang ito sa prinsipyo ng pro-people governance?

Patunayan kung bakit maituturing na exclusionary ang patakaran at pagpapatupad ng pagbubuwis sa administrasyong P- Noy?

Masasabi bang inclusive ang pamamahala sa ekonomya ng bansa kung pagbabatayan ang kasalukuyang datos sa disempleyo.  Patunayan ang sagot.

Sumangguni sa

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Proposed thesis topics (batch 2)

Kritikal na Pagsusuri sa Kasapatan ng PhilHealth Maternity Care Package
Para sa mga Masang Ina
ni Camille Dumalaog

BUHAY-DAGAT, BUHAY-SALAT: Pampolitikang Ekonomya
ng Industriya ng Tahong at Talaba sa Bacoor, Cavite
ni AJ Jose

Development Studies 199.1

As a preliminary submission, develop an expanded concept map about your approved thesis topic this Tuesday. (Take note, Sheena, Bea, Arianne, Chris, Pau and Cheska)

NSTP infographics

Your inforgraphics should be:
Note: Text me today or tomorrow about your group's chosen subtopic for my approval.

Class directory

The students below are assigned to produce a class directory which should include the following information: your classmates' name, cellphone number, and e-mail address. I hope to have the directories on Friday.
Econ 115 - Ms. Hermogenes
DS 121 - Ms. Villarda
DS 126 - Ms. Basco
DS 199.1 - Mr. Francisco
NSTP - Mr. Santos

Praxis 2014 (October 17)

Best AVP
Best Panel Exhibit
Best Photo


#ARTernatibo #achievementunlocked

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Proposed thesis topics (preliminary list) - 1st batch

A Critical Assessment of the Full Disclosure Policy and
Its Implication on Disaster Management in the City of Naga
by Sheena Betito

Political Economy of the Environmental Overseas Development Assistance in the Philippines
by Bea Karamihan

Life Stories of Five Families Depending on Stone Quarrying
in Tibagan, Cay Pombo, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
by Pau Hermogenes

Child Patients in Selected NCR Public Hospitals
by Arianne Arras

INDIGENT HEALTH:  Critical Political Economy of Cardiovascular Healthcare
for the Masses in the Philippine General Hospital
by Chris Francisco

ARTernatibo 2014

Theme: Globalization of poverty
Subtheme per year level: Asia, Latin America, Africa (draw lots this Tuesday)
Faculty mentors:
Prof Ponsaran (Freshies) #revenge
Prof Legaspi (Sophies)
Prof Mesina (Juniors)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Praxis AVP tips

- Lagyan ng separator o transition bilang pagitan sa bawat seksyon/bahagi ng inyong AVP.
- Linawan, lakasan at sikhayan ang voice over.
- Gumamit ng mga angkop na footage at photo.
- I-float ang mga mahahalagang parirala, termino, datos at panawagan sa tamang lugar.
- Gumamit ng angkop na background instrumental music.
- Kung gagamit ng protest song sa dulo, dapat itong hinaan kung kasabay ng voice over upang hindi magkontrahan sa pandinig.
- Iwasang paulit-ulit na gamitin ang larawan sa buong AVP.
- Lagyan ng natatanging karakter ang inyong AVP upang maging kawili-wili itong panoorin.
- Tandaan ang layunin nating makapukaw at makapagmulat sa pagbuo ng AVP.
- Tiyaking may back-up copy ng file sa lahat ng oras.
- Kung masyadong mahaba ang script, sikaping magbawas ng ilang bahagi.
- Magtulungan ang magkakagrupo at umalalaylay rin sa ibang grupo.
- Huwag mag-away at magsakitan #kalma

Development Studies Week 2014

Duration: October 13-17 (Monday to Friday)
Theme: Globalization and (Under)development


Econ 115 - AVP screening
DS 121 - long test and graded recitation about "poverty, profit and the political economy of violent conflict" from the book "Conflict and Development" by Roger Mac Ginty and Andrew Williams; optional submission of letter to the editor (English, Philippine setting) about any of the following topics:
- poverty and insurgency
- poverty and militarization
- poverty and development aggression
- poverty and low intensity conflict
Note: I encourage you to research online for tips on writing effective letter to the editor.
DS 126 - continuation of the social elite's political psychology individual reporting
DS 199.1 - continuation of the "Document and Critical Research" discussion; consultation about the proposed thesis topics

NSTP - DevStat infographics, memorize and practice singing progressive UP Naming Mahal for a sabayang-awit presentation on Wednesday, wear green or white

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fields where most of our recent graduates are employed

Health research
Cultural work
Financial services
Human resources
National agencies


Econ 115 - AVP poster approval, final print-out of approved exhibit photos, committee head deliverables, AVP production update, other deliverables #kalma
DS 121 - follow up poverty concept map submission, graded recitation and long test about "poverty, conflict and profit" article #quizhighestscorerachievementunlocked
DS 126 - political psychology reporting #husayan
DS 199.1 - test and discussion about "documents and critical research", thesis topic consultation, concept map about "triangulation" #ginustomoiyan
NSTP - DevStat Infographics, memorize and practice singing progressive UP Naming Mahal for a sabayang-awit presentation on Wednesday, wear green or white #ARTernatiboTHEREVENGE!

Development Studies 126

1. Definition of political psychology
2. Influence of X's biography on his/her political psychology
3. Influence of X's political psychology on his/her political life/career/decision-making and policy direction
4. Analysis and commentary

Political psychology of C. Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo and B. Aquino

Please inform your fellow reporters.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Development Studies 199.1

- Lecture-discussion and test about dialogic research (Garavan, 2013) and development research as committed research (Villegas, 1999)
- Submission of your updated list of proposed thesis topics
- Tasking of new reading material (Documents and Critical Research by Victor Jupp)

Development Studies freshies and sophies (updated)

Take all your GE and foundation courses very seriously.  It will provide you with a holistic appreciation and understanding of society and its complex process of change. With or without the conscious effort of your professors to establish the vital link of their subject matter to your course, still bear in mind that specialization/expertise in the study of development or underdevelopment (or any subfield for that matter) emerges only from a general knowledge about our natural, physical and social world as a foundation. Moreover, a general comprehension of social and physical environments allows us to see and evaluate the interconnectedness of development issues, and the patterns of change and continuities in our economic and political world.  This dialectics of specialized and general knowledge enables us to become effective and responsible development scholars and practitioners. #devtalk #devwork #alammoyan

NSTP for Wednesday

- Submit the contemplative essay about education issues.
- Prepare for the SONA critique individual presentation.
- Submit the R. David penalty output (only for students who were absent during the previous session).
- Visit the DevSoc FB page and read articles about "agrarian reform" posted at (refer to its section/subject menu) in preparation for a series of mini-orientation, -teambuilding and -situationer this upcoming meeting.
- Wear red or white.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

NSTP (updated)

For this Wednesday, submit an original contemplative essay about any of the following topics:
- militarization in the campuses
- marketization of education
- publish or perish policy
- corruption in the public sector education
- irregularities in national achievement tests
- K-12 irregularities
- irrationality of accreditation
- neocolonial education
- issues about oversubscribed courses
- flipped classroom
- hidden curriculum
- gender-fair language in education
- textbook scandal


Econ 115 - faculty feedback on previous output submission; continuation of photo and caption screening; update about each group's AVP especially those who are already done with the final level of editing #majorinDSminorinAVP
DS 121 - long test about Philippine poverty Situationer and our previous lessons #aralmuch
DS 126 - optional concept map about any topic related to "leadership" (avoid topic duplication); lecture-discussion continuation about functions of and perspectives about government #paksamo,ipaglabanmo
DS 199.1 - lecture-discussion continuation about dialogic research approach; updated list of proposed thesis topics #tatlongponsaranhuhu

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Early warning

Every session, I will strive to pay very careful attention to the individual and group performance of students with previous not-so-good academic record. I will particularly monitor and evaluate their attendance, output submission, and exam/quiz turn-out.  This way, they will be constantly reminded of their priorities and obligations.  I am optimistic that with their renewed commitment and with the help of their well-meaning blockmates, this process of "reintegration" will be successfully sustained. #selfhelp #mutualhelp #hakbangsatagumpay #maybukaspa

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Econ 115 - Always arrive on time, reserve the necessary equipment for the photo and caption screening, observe the "no free-rider" policy, start working on your praxis AVPs
DS 121 - I commend the high turn-out of optional concept map submission of your class; regularly read poverty-related news, feature, and journal articles
DS 126 - Submit a concept map featuring a column article authored by any political columnist of any Philippine broadsheet.
DS 199.1 - Read the undergraduate thesis of Ms My Buenaventura entitled "Makina at Pakikibaka".
NSTP - - Prepare for an individual oral presentation about a critique of a specific portion of P-Noy's recent SONA. Avoid duplication of subtopic as much as possible.  Research and rehearse well. Limit the speech to 3 minutes.


Econ 115 - practicon deliberables; discussion and test about "trade and Philippine history" article by political economist E. Valencia; quiz
DS 121 - lecture-discussion about the previously submitted poverty concept maps; quiz
DS 126 - lecture-discussion about functions of and perspectives about the government; quiz
DS 199.1 - lecture-discussion and graded recitation about "Local lives and conflict: Towards a methodology of dialogic research" by Mark Garavan from the book "Methods of Sustainability Research in the Social Sciences" by Frances Fahy and Henrike Rau (2013); quiz; 5 thesis titles


Monday, August 11, 2014


- Study the Development Studies brochure and curriculum.
- Submit a handwritten reflection paper about the Development Studies orientation held last August 11.
- Submit a concept map about a specific subtopic related to Development Studies as a field of study.
- Bring a notebook and an ID photo.
- Prepare for an individual oral presentation about a critique of a specific portion of P-Noy's recent SONA. Avoid duplication of subtopic as much as possible.  Research and rehearse well. Limit the speech to 3 minutes only.
- Wear black or white shirt.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Optional output by pair

Develop and submit a concept map about a specific and relevant concept related to the assigned general concept.
Research and organize the ideas very well.
Refer to online sources about concept mapping tips.
Study and understand the ideas in the concept map.
Prepare to discuss the concept map in class.
Observe proper citation of sources.
You may have the output handwritten or computer encoded.
Econ 115 - economic history
DS 121 - poverty
DS 126 - State
DS 199.1 - social research
NSTP CWTS - Development Studies



Econ 115 - orientation, practicon tasking, AVP script (late) submission
DS 121 - orientation, poverty studies overview, quiz about poverty concepts
DS 126 - orientation, functions of government overview, quiz about local current events
DS 199.1 - orientation, social research overview, quiz about social research concepts
NSTP CWTS 1 - orientation, NSTP tatak DevStud overview, quiz about current events

Friday, August 01, 2014

Development Studies 199.1 (Development Research)

Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Development Research
DR and Historical Materialism
Read and study: