Friday, August 22, 2014


Econ 115 - AVP screening
DS 121 - long test and graded recitation about "poverty, profit and the political economy of violent conflict" from the book "Conflict and Development" by Roger Mac Ginty and Andrew Williams; optional submission of letter to the editor (English, Philippine setting) about any of the following topics:
- poverty and insurgency
- poverty and militarization
- poverty and development aggression
- poverty and low intensity conflict
Note: I encourage you to research online for tips on writing effective letter to the editor.
DS 126 - continuation of the social elite's political psychology individual reporting
DS 199.1 - continuation of the "Document and Critical Research" discussion; consultation about the proposed thesis topics

NSTP - DevStat infographics, memorize and practice singing progressive UP Naming Mahal for a sabayang-awit presentation on Wednesday, wear green or white