Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aug 4-5

  • Econ 115 (Th) = quiz series (still on D-E); PISObilities presentation (30 minutes); approval of the armchair exhibit proposal by pair (oral presentation only)

  • DS 123 (Th) = reporting on lactivism (continuation) and tobacco control (new set); submission of the health advisory on diabetology/diabetes care

  • DS 121 (Th) = lecture on poverty theories

  • DS 126 (Th) = SONA exam; counter-SONAs
    Atienza (progressive labor perspective) - in Filipino (7 minutes)
    Garcia (progressive urban poor perspective) - in Filipino (7 minutes)
    Pascual (human rights perspective) - in Filipino (7 minutes)

  • NSTP (F) = merits vs demerits (flexi-style) - grading system: 50% content and 50% approach
    5 minutes per group
    -SK abolition (Acosta, Aljibe, Ang Ngo Ching)
    -age of majority - 18 vs 21 (Arras, Asprec, Avenido)
    -juvenile delinquency act (Baradillo, Bartolata, Basco)
    -sex education (Bata, Betito, Carpon)
    -vagrancy bill (Castillo, Cruz, Custodio)
    -ROTC abolition (Dalisay, De Jesus, Dumalaog)
    opening remarks: Festin (youth studies)
    closing remarks: Francisco (youth's role in national development)
    emcees: Gueco and Guiyab

  • DS 127a (F) = panel discussion about crop insurance (Acero, Agan, Carlos, De Leon)

  • DS 127b (F) = panel discussion about rice culture (Rojales, Mariano, Magtalas and Velicaria)

  • Econ 151 (F) = long exam (coverage: articles posted at Freedom from Debt Coalition website)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

August 2

  • NSTP = submission of the 6th haiku set; long exam about Constantino's essays on sovereignty
  • DS 127a = brief lecture about folk science; FAQs about sustainable agriculture by Manguera
  • DS 127b = panel discussion about the political economy of food/culinary tourism
  • Econ 151 = reporting about the Bureau of Customs and a panel discussion about the political economy of smuggling in the Philippines

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Agenda Aug. 1

  • Econ 115 = quiz series (The Economist glossary D-E); creative reporting on Colayco's "Pisobilities" (ABCs of personal financial literacy for Filipinos)
  • DS 123 = creative reporting on milk code, lactivism and milk wars; submission of the health advisory on happiness research/happiness studies
  • DS 121 = creative reporting about informality and poverty in the Philippines - 40 minutes (Agan, Baylon, Bumanglag, Castillo)
  • DS 126 = continuation of the discussion about political psychology

Monday, July 25, 2011

INVITATION: NSTP's 2nd ACLE on sociology of education

  • student activism in PUP (press conference simulation)
  • UP Oblation's history and symbolism (creative presentation)
  • credential society (puppet show)
  • hidden curriculum (panel discussion)
  • education from the functionalist perspective (storytelling)
  • education from the conflict perspective (news report)
  • return service obligation (merits vs. demerits)
  • gender discrimination in language and education (reporting with visual aids)

Agenda July 28-29

  • Econ 115 (Th) = long exam on the Economist glossary (A-C)
  • DS 123 (Th) = creative presentation on health revolution; submission of the health advisory on indigenous health system
  • DS 121 (Th) = reporting on food poverty and cluster presentation on the propagation of malunggay, white corn and kamote as anti-poverty strategies
  • DS 126 (Th) = mini-exhibit and short discussion on the political psychology of Imelda Marcos, Miriam Santiago, Jejomar Binay and Rodrigo Duterte
  • NSTP (F) = 2nd ACLE on sociology of education
  • DS 127a (F) = brief lecture on folk science; Q&A on IKSP in agriculture (Manguera + Reyes, Plares and the Lomocsos)
  • DS 127b (F) = panel discussion on the anthropology of food
  • Econ 151 (F) = brief lecture on public debt, face-off on merits vs. demerits of selected debt management strategies

Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 25-26

  • Econ 115 (M) = creative reporting on Grameen bank; quiz series
  • DS 123 (M) = creative reporting on positive psychology (in the Third World); quiz series
  • DS 121 (M) = no session; read articles posted at
  • DS 126 (M) = no session; read articles posted at
  • NSTP (T) = individual presentation of assigned haiku topics (research and deliver well)
  • DS 127-a (T) = panel discussion on sustainable and indigenous knowledge systems and practices and their application in agriculture (with visual aid)
  • DS 127b (T) = panel discussion on anthropology of food (with visual aid)
  • Econ 115 (T) = face off (merits and demerits) - 6-7 minutes per speaker, with hand-out
    total debt repudiation = Alavado (merits) vs. Amores (demerits)
    debt for equity swap = Arguelles (merits) vs. Bernabe (demerits)
    debt cap = Bilang (merits) vs. Claveria (demerits)



featuring the political psychology of
Imelda Marcos
Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Jejomar Binay
Rodrigo and Sarah Duterte

a mini-exhibit plus brief lecture organized by the
Political Science, Organization Communication,
Area Studies and Development Studies students in
DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior)

July 28, 2011
1:30 to 2:30 PM only

Monday, July 18, 2011

Optional output (July 21 and 22)

Submit a concept map about any article related to our subject matter posted at
Econ 115 (Economic History)
DS 123 (Health)
DS 121 (Poverty and Underdevelopment)
DS 126 (Politics and Governance)
NSTP (Education)
DS 127 (Environment)
Econ 151 (Public Finance)

NSTP ACLE on political economy of education

  • K-12 (merits vs. demerits)
  • S. Cadapan and K. Empeno cases (newscasting)
  • Kung Tuyo na Ang Luha Mo, Aking Bayan (sabayang pagbigkas)
  • Sipi mula kay R. Constantino (bookmarks)
  • Textbook scandal (reporting with visual aids)
  • Deschooling (skit)
  • Deconstructing UP Oblation (cosplay)
  • TESDA's supermaid (pantomime)

July 21-22

  • Econ 115 (Th) = creative presentation on the political economy of banking advertisements; 3-4 short quizzes
  • DS 123 (Th) = creative presentation on sociology of illnesses; submission of the sleep studies and sleep research advisory
  • DS 121 (Th) = group presentation on best practices in poverty reduction (upland poverty, lowland poverty, coastal poverty, income poverty, food poverty, HIV-AIDS and poverty, disability and poverty, etc.)
  • DS 126 (Th) = no session in order to prepare for an upcoming class exhibit on political psychology featuring Imelda Marcos, Miriam Santiago, Jejomar Binay and Rodrigo Duterte as cases
  • NSTP (F) = ACLE on the political economy of education
  • DS 127a (F) = panel discussion (simulation) on sustainable agriculture featuring the points of views of an ethnobotanist, an indigenous people, a DOST representative and a TNC biotechnologist
  • DS 127b (F) = panel discussion (simulation) on the political economy of nutrition featuring a mainstream food scientist, food activist, food anthropologist and Michael Pollan
  • Econ 151 (F) = long exam (coverage: assigned column articles pertinent to public finance issues and concerns)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Agenda July 18-19

  • Econ 115 (M) - 5-6 sets of quizzes on banking concepts (study well); discussion on the political economy of banking history

  • DS 123 (M) - reporting on Galvez Tan's 'portrait of a doctor as Filipino (Baltazar and Ingeniero); read Pedro Malan's 'Healthy People, Healthy Cities, Healthy Economies' (also available online); submission of the health advisory on foot care

  • DS 121 (M) - reporting on the psychological and cultural dimensions of poverty (Pallon and de Leon); submission of the poverty project deliverables

  • DS 126 (M) - long exam about the Senate of the Philippines

  • NSTP (T) Be ready to discuss individually in class all the 10 assigned haiku topics (2nd and 3rd sets). Research and deliver well.

  • DS 127 (T) - reporting on local tuna situationer (Acero) and the National Irrigation Administration (Carlos); submission of the water project deliverables

  • DS 127 (T) reporting on the cultural importance of water (Sapalo); graded recitation about Raul Segovia's ecology glossary (available in the CAS reference section); submission of the water project deliverables

  • Econ 151 (T) - long exam (coverage: assigned column article readings pertinent to public finance issues and concerns)


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DS 127b water project

  • Bumanglag and Duenas = water conservation program of PGH
  • Alindato and Lodripas = heavy metal contamination of Manila Bay
  • Dela Paz, Hizola and Salvadora = diarrhea prevention through community health initiative
  • Esmane, Flores and Dela Cruz = water conservation program at CAS
  • Castillo, Prudenciano, Baylon = quality of water supply at CAS
  • Arboleda, magtalas, Rojales = flooding and flood control along Taft Avenue in Manila City
  • Arceo, Palomares and Du = water consumption pattern of CAS students
  • Cana and Mariano = water consumption pattern of CAS

Monday, July 04, 2011

DS 127a water project (AVP interview)

  • Julao and Agan (local water district)
  • Joven and Medidas (fresh water pollution)
  • De Guzman ( water and public health)
  • Reyes (fish retail trade industry)
  • Lomocso and Lomocso (water, women and biodiversity)
  • Plares and Pojas (water refilling station)
  • Somera and Carlos (water pollution)

DS 121 poverty project

  • Arceo and Soriano (low saving rate of Filipinos = booklet)
  • Reyes and Agan (medical indebtedness of PGH's indigent patients = primer)
  • Baylon and Julao (poverty and pregnancy = AVP interview)
  • Lomocso and Lomocso (poverty and diabetes = class forum)
  • Guzman and Duenas (urban gardening = project implementation)
  • Castillo and Caballes (resiliency of women during economic crisis = class forum)
  • Somera and Bumanglag (maximizing one's baon = seminar-workshop)
  • Javier and Palomares (urban poverty in Malate = photo exhibit)
  • Gile and Ciriaco (paupers' burial = AVP)
  • Arboleda and Pojas (Manang Yosi's life and struggle = AVP interview)

July 7-8

  • Econ 115 (Th) = Praksis 2011 AVP screening; submission of the Praksis deliverables; continuation of the discussion on banking 101
  • DS 123 (Th) = Praksis 2011 AVP screening; continuation of the discussion on patient-provider relations
  • DS 121 (Th) = presentation of each pair's project proposal on poverty project
  • DS 126 (Th) = reporting on contemporary social legislations
  • NSTP (F) = submission and screening of critical MTVs
  • DS 127a (F) = 1st long exam (oral) and the continuation of Agan's reporting on the political economy of golf tourism
  • DS 127b (F) = presentation of each group's proposal on water project
  • Econ 151 (F) = discussion about Alex Lacson's Rules 2 and 3 from "12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country"; reporting on sin taxes by Bejasa