Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aug 4-5

  • Econ 115 (Th) = quiz series (still on D-E); PISObilities presentation (30 minutes); approval of the armchair exhibit proposal by pair (oral presentation only)

  • DS 123 (Th) = reporting on lactivism (continuation) and tobacco control (new set); submission of the health advisory on diabetology/diabetes care

  • DS 121 (Th) = lecture on poverty theories

  • DS 126 (Th) = SONA exam; counter-SONAs
    Atienza (progressive labor perspective) - in Filipino (7 minutes)
    Garcia (progressive urban poor perspective) - in Filipino (7 minutes)
    Pascual (human rights perspective) - in Filipino (7 minutes)

  • NSTP (F) = merits vs demerits (flexi-style) - grading system: 50% content and 50% approach
    5 minutes per group
    -SK abolition (Acosta, Aljibe, Ang Ngo Ching)
    -age of majority - 18 vs 21 (Arras, Asprec, Avenido)
    -juvenile delinquency act (Baradillo, Bartolata, Basco)
    -sex education (Bata, Betito, Carpon)
    -vagrancy bill (Castillo, Cruz, Custodio)
    -ROTC abolition (Dalisay, De Jesus, Dumalaog)
    opening remarks: Festin (youth studies)
    closing remarks: Francisco (youth's role in national development)
    emcees: Gueco and Guiyab

  • DS 127a (F) = panel discussion about crop insurance (Acero, Agan, Carlos, De Leon)

  • DS 127b (F) = panel discussion about rice culture (Rojales, Mariano, Magtalas and Velicaria)

  • Econ 151 (F) = long exam (coverage: articles posted at Freedom from Debt Coalition website)