Friday, October 31, 2014


Freshies -
Please prepare P40 for the group insurance required by the university. Mr. Jian Santos will facilitate the collection on Wednesday.
Organize your concept maps very well and consider this as part of our legal education.
Prepare well for our next LPS rounds covering the most recent list of Development Studies terms.
Wear blue or white.

Sophies -
In preparation for our Development Studies 100, start reading column articles at

Juniors -
Please e-mail your detailed newscasting project proposal on or before Monday, 7 pm sharp which should include the following: updated new topics, news program title and motto, overall theme, objectives, language, background music, news director, main news anchror, co-anchors, venue for the shoot, duration of the program, costume, resources needed, intermissions (not commercials) in the form of PSAs, tasking of responsibilities, sources of information, sequence of presentation, and other pertinent details you need to propose

Please submit your Praxis AVP CDs with cover titles using our approved posters.
"Magmahalan tayo!" - taghoy ng tesis sa kanyang tagabuo/may lalang/may likha/"panginoon"


#11:11 math11

Nov 4 (Tuesday) agenda

Econ 115 - test and graded recitation (History of Teachers' Movement, Condition of UP Faculty Today, Titser by Inang Laya and ACT Partylist social media)
DS 121 - test and graded recitation about the women and society hand-outs, UP CSWCD's Women and Development Studies website and Philippine Government's PCW website
DS 126 - test and graded recitation about the Article 6 of the 1987 Constitution
DS 199.1 - submission of the thesis review matrix and RRL, test and graded recitation about the significance of your research study

NSTP deliverables on human rights and social justice (UPDATED)

- concept map based on an article by Atty Remigio Saladero (no duplication of articles)
- concept map based on an article by Atty Persida Acosta (same policy)
- concept map based on an article by Atty Jose C. Sison (same policy)
- concept map based on an article by Atty Harry Roque (same policy)

Mr Jian Santos will coordinate online to avoid topic duplications.
Due date: November 5 (Wednesday)

Be ready for a graded recitation covering the recent set of Development Studies terms enumerated in the previous blog post.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Guro: Kamusta po ang exam sa xxxxx?
Estudyante 1: Change topic po please.
Guro: Ok, ano po favorite color mo?
Estudyante 2: Thank you po for understanding my predicament. Black po.
Guro: Kailan ang babang luksa ng pagbagsak mo?

Guro: Kamusta po ang exam sa xxxxx?
Estudyante 2: Ang mahalaga po ay kumpleto at ligtas tayong lahat.
Guro: Kalamidad ba ito?


I will not hold classes tomorrow.
All deliverables will be collected on the resumption of classes next week.


Listen and contemplate on the song Lalawigan by Gary Granada


Nang namatay si Kristel, bahagi rin ng ating pagkatao ang namatay kasama niya.
Walang kapatawaran ang kasalanang ito ng sistema at ng mga taong kumakatawan dito.
Walang kahit anong "press release", "official history" o "museo" ang makakapagkubli sa masama ninyong tala sa kasaysayan ng pamantasan at bayan!

Grade booster

Send an original photo with an original caption featuring the recently concluded Development Studies Week. E-mail it to

Dear blog

- Attended a SAIS training #technostressgrrrrrrrrrrrr
- Loaded with papers to check and evaluate #ginustomoiyanjonjon
- Relieved with the new set of administration #3taongwalangdiyosnomore
- Done with the faculty loading for next semester #juicecolorde
- Credited two students with plus 10 in their class outputs #academicelitelegit
- Resolved that the no assignment policy is not possible #bigoakobigo!
- Prepared to give my all to our thesis team #pananaliksikparasabayan
- Honored by the high accreditation status of DevSoc #11:11 bestorgnextyear
- Overwhelmed by the ARTernatibo and Praxis success #harthart
- Dismayed by the continuing bureaucratic and political corruption in the public sector #shet
- Excited for my next cosplay character in ARTernatibo 2015 #humandakayonglahat

Friday agenda

Econ 115 - test and graded recitation (History of Teachers' Movement, Condition of UP Faculty Today, Titser by Inang Laya and ACT Partylist social media)
DS 121 - test and graded recitation about the women and society hand-outs, UP CSWCD's Women and Development Studies website and Philippine Government's PCW website
DS 126 - no session but read three articles about necropolitics
DS 199.1 - no session but I need to collect your thesis review matrix and RRL during our Econ 115 class

Monday, October 27, 2014

Development Studies 121 recorded newscasting (2nd major project)

Antonio, Asuncion, Ventura, Rosales, Marcelo - Anthropology of poverty
Basco, Billones, Tan, Tolentino, Mariano - Sociology of poverty
Bruel, Buan, Umengan, Serrano, Mendoza - Psychology of poverty
Buhat, Caranay, Santiago, Villarda, Montoya - Politics of poverty
Cobol, Dayandante, Ricaforte, Repollo, Mungcal - Economics of poverty
Deanon, EJ Dela Cruz, Ponciano, Olives, Novilla - Geography of poverty
Krizzia De la Cruz,  Gray, Malto, Mansal, Nacpil - Human ecology of poverty
Julio, Lomibao, Lopez, Gutierrez - Political economy of poverty

Submission of the proposed newscasting topics: Oct 29 (Wednesday)
Submission of the final recorded newscasting: Nov 7 (Friday)

Philippine setting
Rural setting (in preparation for the practicum)
Critical perspective
Sectoral in approach

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Compile 10 column articles (single spacing, font size 8) written by the assigned author and based on careful reading of these materials, write an integration paper (single spacing, font size 10) using the structuration theory of Anthony Giddens as frame of analysis.
Acosta - Sarah Raymundo
Asprec - Randy David
Baco - Persida Acosta
Bartolata - Harry Roque
Francisco - Peter Wallace
Franco - Joaquin Bernas
Ignacio - Danilo Arao
Jayag - Alejandro Lichauco
Manalo - Antonio Contreras
Perez - Carol Araullo
Pinoy - Cleve Arguelles
Ramirez - Bernard Karganilla
Sapalo - Remigio Saladero
Serrano - Rolando Tolentino
Rumbaoa - Bobby Tuazon
Hermogenes - Michael Tan
Ramos - Antonio La Vina
Aljibe - Leonor Briones
Altura - Cielito Habito
Avenido - Mahar Mangahas
Naco - Luis Teodoro
Pajinag - Satur Ocampo
Saqueton - Teo Marasigan

Due date: Tuesday next week

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ponsaran's tentative teaching load next semester

Development Studies 100 (Development Theories and Models)
Development Studies 112 (Third World Studies)
Development Studies 199.1 (Development Research Writing)
Economics 116 (Asian Economies)
NSTP CWTS 2 (Development and Social Change)

NSTP deliverables

- tanaga featuring the advocacies of Dr Edberto Villegas
- autobiography
- sociogram
- editorial cartoon based on a feature article at
- leaf bookmark featuring a quote from Prof Roland Simbulan
- Titser, Pinggan and Bahay songs

This set of outputs aims to:
- familiarize and introduce the students to critical and nationalist development scholarship
- reflect about their socialization process and circle of influence, and relate these to their potential as change agents
- develop the use of popular art forms in sharpening their socio-political consciousness
- foster self-awareness and introspect about their personal socio-political standpoints
- improve their researching and writing skills for development work

Graded and evaluated Econ 115 panel discussion AVPs

- Putting out system
- Booty capitalism
- National Economic Protectionism Association (NEPA)
- Philippine debt situationer
- Profit sharing
- Freedom from debt coalition (FDC)
- Technopreneur
- Storage and warehousing

Note: I cannot open the files of the two remaining groups (Manalo and Karamihan)

Walang itulak kabigin

Sana lahat ay maging kapwa guro ko sa DSS:
Walang itulak kabigin sa husay at komitment
Hangad ko po ang tagumpay ninyo sa proseso ng aplikasyon.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 28 agenda (updated)

Econ 115 - listen online to the song Titser by Inang Laya, read the history of the teacher's movement article, submit an editorial cartoon based on Prof Simbulan's "The Condition of UP Faculty Today"

DS 121 - study the women and society hand-outs and visit the Philippine Commission on Women website, submit an original counterpart poem based on the poem Gahasa by Joi Barrios (optional)

DS 126 (individual output) - write an open letter to President Aquino about any of the following issues but observe the three students per topic policy to ensure a wider coverage of issue analysis
Energy issue
Port congestion
Declogging of court dockets
ASEAN integration
Investment priority plan
Budget reform
Political party reform
Performance-based bonus
Local govertment reform
Development diplomacy
Cultural heritage management
2015 national budget
Research extensively about your chosen topic and the rudiments of open letter writing.

DS 199.1 - thesis review submission

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Napakataas ng ekspektasyon sa mga nagsipagtapos sa UP.
Samantalahin ang edukasyong hatid ng UP habang may pagkakataon para hindi mapahiya ang sarili at ang pamantasang kinakatawan.

NSTP - Development Studies terms

New set of terms to study for the next NSTP LPS
- lock out
- union busting
- wage slavery
- surplus value
- right to self-determination
- ancestral land
- ancestral domain
- indigenous knowledge systems and practices
- biocentrism
- ecocentrism
- anthropocentrism
- deep ecology
- shallow ecology
- satisficing
- incrementalism
- good governance
- military industrial complex
- jingoism
- development anthropology
- visual ethnography
- food integrity
- hyperreality
- statistical genocide
- femicide
- disappearing daughters
- dialectics
- American dream
- research fatigue
- development aid effectiveness
- aid fatigue
- political economy
- social investigation and class analysis
- Cuban social medicine
- sustainable development
- conspicuous consumption
- incomplete bilingualism
- constitutional crisis
- body politics
- ultrapoverty
- complex emergencies
- disaster capitalism
- knowledge process outsourcing
- technological determinism
- economic dualism
- deviance
- conformism
- new media
- liberation theology
- banking theory of education

AVPs in CDs

Please submit 3 copies of your Praxis AVPs in CD format next Friday.  Use your poster layout as CD cover.  These copies will be turned over to the DSS/Devstud Program, CAS library and our partner institutions.



DS126 reading material

On CSW (completed staff work)

DS 121 women and society political cosplay

- Female criminality
- Female headed households (FHH)
- Food-for-work for women
- Kababaihang mandirigma sa BHB
- Women barangay health workers
- Grameen bank members
- Womenomics
- Women activists in the Church movement
- First ladies: Viewed from the critical lens

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Econ 115 - panel discussion AVP submission, test and graded recitation (devaluation, steel industry, TNCs), DS Week and Practicon tasking and accomplishment list
DS 121 - women and society political cosplay (cosplayer, discussant, concept map visual aid, booklet)
DS 126 - test and graded recitation (Article 7, Philippine presidency, Aquino administration), Aquino watch matrix submission (policies which are correct and popular, correct but unpopular, incorrect but popular, and incorrect and unpopular)
Thesis - research variables, conceptual framework, related literature compilation (printed or e-copy), other deliverables

Babala sa mga palaliban at iresponsable sa klase.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chossudovsky forum

Hi John,

It was a fabulous event, I wish to thank you and your colleagues at the Development Studies Program as well as the student organizers of the forum.

The level of academic debate and discussion was outstanding, with the expression of a real concern and commitment by the student body, with pointed comments on key economic and political issues. This is in contrast with the tendency in western universities, where the students are forced into accepting the neoliberal agenda.

With best wishes and greetings, 

Saturday, October 18, 2014



NSTP deliverables this Wednesday

- Write a DevStud Week reflection paper (handwritten or computer encoded, English or Filipino)
- Prepare well for a graded recitation (
- Listen to the following songs online: Bahay by Gary Granada, Pinggan by Pol Galang and Titser by Inang Laya
- Draw an editorial cartoon about any article posted at
- Wear red or white this Wednesday

Econ 115 graded recitation and test coverage

Trade and Philippine History
A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing: Anti-Industrialization Fallacies
An Alternative to Debt Mismanagement
A Layman's Guide to the Debt Swap Menagerie


Econ 115 - Cesar Adib Majul
DS 121 - Felipe Landa Jocano
DS 126 - Dante Simbulan
DS 199.1 - William Henry Scott
NSTP - Edberto Villegas








Econ 115 - graded recitation (Trade and Philippine History by Ernesto Valencia, pp. 1-39)
DS 121 -  graded recitation  (Introduction of Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order by Michel Chossudovsky, pp. 1-13)
DS 126 - graded recitation (Article 7 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution)
DS 199.1 - graded recitation (selected modules of Research and Public Management by Dr Victoria Bautista)




Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Saturday, October 11, 2014

Radical international publishing


Best AVP
Best AVP Poster
Best Panel Exhibit
Best Photo
Best Diorama
Best Tanaga


Friday, October 10, 2014

Third World Diorama

- Water plunder by Coca-cola in India
- Killer highways in Africa
- E-waste capital in China
- Coal mining in the Philippines
- Water poverty in Africa
- Poverty tourism in Brazil
- "Sahod-lampin" in the Philippines
- Toy factory in China
- Charity wards in the Philippines
- TNC agro-food complex in Asia
- Sakadas in the Philippines
- Latifundios in Latin America
- Pesticide aerial spraying in Mindanao
- Diabesity epidemic in Asia
- "Chemicalization of agriculture"
- Peasant landmine victims in Cambodia
- Formula milk's adverse impact on African infants' health
- Bakwet IPs in the Philippines


Thursday, October 09, 2014


Please refer to the updated Development Studies Week schedule below.

DevShot Photo Booth

Bawat mag-aaral ng DS mula una hanggang ika-apat na taon ay kailangang may tig-apat na taga-UP o DS Week guest  na mahihikayat magpartisipa sa DevShot Photo Booth bilang "model-advocate".  Ang ikalima ay kayo mismo. Bawal ang duplikasyon ng model-advocate. Papiliin sila ng adbokasiyang gusto nila isulong mula sa ating advocacy statement compilation. Kuhanan ng larawan sa tulong ng mga nakatokang litratista sa pangunguna ni G. Carlo Tan. Ilista sa 1/4 sheet ang kanilang mga pangalan at kurso para maipasa sa akin kinalaunan. Samantala, ang grupo naman ni G. Tan ang titipon ng lahat ng mga larawan. Salamat sa kooperasyon ng lahat.


Abangan sa Development Studies Week 2014

Praxis Practicum Exhibit ng DS Seniors at Econ 115
Third World Diorama ng DS Juniors at DS121
DevShot Photo Booth ng DS I-IV
Jhaypee Naco's ProgresiBOOKS
Ibon Bookshop
DevSoc Booth
Abu-Booth ni Jorell

Monday, October 06, 2014



Sunday, October 05, 2014

Development Studies Week 2014 (UPDATED)

Theme: People's Struggle Against Neoliberal Globalization
October 13 - 18 (Monday to Saturday)

October 13 (Monday)

Opening Ceremony and Ribboncutting (9-11 am, CAS LT Walk)
      Praxis Photo Exhibit  |  Third World Diorama. |  DevShot Photo Booth

Kababaihan, Militarisasyon at Globalisasyon: Kritikal na Talakayan at Pagsusuri sa EDCA
(1-4 nh, GAB 301)

October 14 (Tuesday)

TATAK DEVSTUD Quiz Bee and Speech Competition (9 am - 12 noon, CAS LT)

Globalization Debate (1-4 pm, CAS LT)
Motion: Resolved that globalization's neoliberal policies of economic liberalization, privatization and deregulation will liberate Asia's poor from poverty

October 15 (Wednesday)

bioethaNOl: The Plight of Farmers in Crop Conversion for Biofuel Production
(9 am - 12 noon, CAS LT)

A Lecture on America's Long War Against Humanity by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
(2-4 pm, CAS LT)

October 16 (Thursday)

Globalization of Mining Forum (10-11:30 am, GAB 301)

ARTernatibo laban sa Globalisasyon ng Kahirapan (1-4 nh, CAS LT)
    DS Freshies (Africa)  |  DS Sophies (Asia)  |  DS Juniors (Latin America)

October 17 (Friday)

Praxis Practicum Conference featuring the 13 video documentaries about rural Luzon's political economy (8 am - 5 pm, CAS LT)

October 18 (Saturday)

People's Culture Forum featuring the Concerned Artists of the Philippines
(9 am to 12 noon,  CAS)

Weeklong Booths: DevSoc Booth | IBON Bookshop | Jhaypee Naco's ProgresiBOOKS | NNARA Booth  |  Jorell's Abu-Booth

Praxis AVP criteria

Critical analysis and call to action - 40%
Clarity of presentation and logical flow - 30%
Originality and creativity - 10%
Video and photo quality - 10%
Audience impact - 10%


Development Studies Week color coding

Monday - red
Tuesday - white
Wednesday - green
Thursday - purple
Friday - black


Bianca Luna - revised national anthem AVP
Econ 115 - praxis practicon exhibit materials
Econ 115 - memorized and rehearsed protest songs 
Jen Serrano - reproduction of consolidated lyrics
All emcees - revised and rehearsed scripts
Chair Perry Festin - DevSoc booth proposal
Jhaypee Naco - ProgresiBooks poster print out
Patty Basco and Jhaypee Naco - ribbon and scissors 
Ren Ramirez and Mona Carpon - venue reservation and coordination
Diane Lopez and Jen Serrano - memorized and rehearsed protest songs
Team Mungcal, Team Julio, and Team Marcelo - Tatak DevStud group photo with statement
All point persons - ensure the success of your assigned events #maychecklistpotayo
Bea Karamihan - revised and completed Tatak DevStud powerpoint
Carlo Tan - coordinate and consolidate the DS photographers
Bea Karamihan and Jude Saqueton - Tatak DevStud paraphernalia
Camille Dumalaog - letter to the ADPD to allow the entry of our DS Week guests (all speakers, all judges, all MOs, etc.)
Paupau Guiyab - invitations and programs, revised certificates
Jhaypee Naco - alumni solicitation
Student reactors - research well
Tatak DevStud teams - submit your globalization speeches this Tuesday for validation and approval
Magneto - token of appreciation
DS 121 - email your revised poster and diorama concept proposal for approval
DS 121 - bookmarks due this Tuesday
Camille Dumalaog and friends - batch AVP
AJ Jose - palaro proposal
AJ Jose - ARTernatibo judging criteria matrix
Daniel Asprec and friends - dance intermissions
Monmon Carpon - People's Culture speaker, People's Culture venue coordination
Bianca Aljibe - revised Praxis, bioethanol and mining posters
Jessica Julio - revised EDCA and globalization debate posters
Charles Marcelo - People's Culture and revised Michel Chossudovsky posters

Please email your deliverables before 5pm today.

Econ 115 ngayong Martes

Ihanda ang mga AVP para sa pinal na pagpapaapruba (dokumentaryo + panawagan ng pagkilos + credits)
Iprint na ang mga AVP poster (isa o dalawang kopya)
Ensayuhin ang mga protest song para sa pagbubukas ng eksibit.
Dalhin na lahat ang mga kakailanganing materyales para sa eksibit.
Ensayuhin ang pagbabasa ng synopsis.
Tiyaking may back-up file ang lahat ng e-file.
Magsimula na dapat mag-RTR bitbit ang ilang poster.
Ensayuhin ang RTR.
Ipadala na kay G. Dalisay ang inyong aprubadong poster para kanya na itong makonsolida.
Dapat ma-flash ang poster habang binabasa ang synopsis sa araw ng practicon.
Ipasa ang iba pang mga deliverable.
Ibabalik ko ang mga naiwastong deliverable na ipinasa ninyo noong Biyernes.
HULING BABALA sa mga hindi pumapasok sa klase!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Tatak Devstud

1st round - concept and theory identification (development studies, political economy, economics)
2nd round - photo identification (personalities, events)
3rd round - prepared speech about globalization
4th round - Q&A about the assigned topic in the prepared speech


Past winner - Mr Richard Reyes, Ms Sheena Betito, Ms Jacel Villarda

Development Studies Week photographers

Steven Besana
Carlo Tan
Trysh Olives
The Beatrice Alexa Karamihan
Jian Santos
Yana Calpatura
Monmon Carpon
John Ponsaran #awkward



Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Tatak DEVSTUD group photos

Montoya's blue team - approved #profound
Deanon's red team - approved #mapanghamon
Ventura's red team - approved #intense
Tan's orange team - change the quotation
Villarda's violet team - change the quotation
Mungcal's white team - no quotation
Marcelo's black team - no submission yet
Julio's green team - no submission yet

Our deadline is this Friday.


Kindly refer to the updated programs below.

Deliverables this Friday

Luna - revised Lupang Hinirang AVP
Guiyab and Magsino - revised letters
Luna and Magsino - updated calendar of activities
Aljibe - revised Praxis poster
Tatak DevStud teams - group photo and quote (please e-mail)
Basco - Friday AVP screening
Julio - EDCA forum and Globalization debate posters (please e-mail)
Serrano, Jayag and Lopez - memorized and rehearsed song intermissions
Festin - revised Tatak DevStud opening remarks
Karamihan - Globalization debate panel of jurors
Saqueton - reprinting of submitted documents
Econ 115 - Praxis exhibit deliverables
Besana, Deanon, Kuya Emjay Raymundo and Saqueton - rehearsed tanghal-tula and corresponding PowerPoint presentation (pls e-mail)
AJ Jose - palaro sa practicon (umaga't hapon) #ocbinacorpsponsor
Francisco, Magsino, Avenido - updated Praxis script
Dumalaog - EDCA opening remarks
Deanon - Praxis mensahe ng pakikiisa
Dalisay and Aljibe - compilation of AVP posters
Baco - People's Culture pambungad na pananalita
Serrano - People's Culture forum intermission
Serrano - People's Culture student reaction #culturethesis
Festin - People's Culture panawagan ng pagkilos
Carpon - People's Culture script
AJ Jose - ARTernatibo criteria script and criteria matrix
Basco - ARTernatibo judges introduction
Asprec - Indayog intermissions (ARTernatibo and Praxis)
Arras - Globalization of mining introduction of guest speaker
Montoya - Globalization of mining student reaction
Mungcal - Globalization of mining panawagan ng pagkilos
DEANON AND VENTURA - Globalization of mining script
Calpatura - Chossudovsky forum student reaction
Marcelo and Julio - Chossudovsky forum script (Pls refer to the program below)
TAN - Bioethanol forum pambungad na pananalita
TOLENTINO - Bioethanol forum introduction of guest speaker
BILLONES and VILLARDA - Bioethanol emcee script
DS 111 - Bioethanol forum intermission
Ventura - Bioethanol forum panawagan ng pagkilos
Karamihan - Chossudovsky forum introduction of guest speaker


Dear students and alumni,

Kindly send me thru text your contact detail. I lost all the information in my phone directory.
Salamat po at paumanhin sa abala.


Consolidate your group.
Start reviewing and studying.
Send your team photo to my e-mail.
Submit your speech this Friday.

Praxis status

Isabela's "Abasto" - done
Cordillera's "Sulsullinek" - done


Econ 115 - AVP screening, Praxis exhibit deliverables, revised DS week deliverables
DS 121 - tanaga, revised diorama concept proposal and poster, test on Mahar Mangahas' "Third poorest in Southeast Asia" and "ADB on Asian poverty" in his Inquirer Social Climate opinion column
DS 126 - Checkered history and politics articles (pp. 87-117), AVP screening
DS 199.1 - AVP screening, distribution of thesis guide hand-outs