Friday, October 31, 2014


Freshies -
Please prepare P40 for the group insurance required by the university. Mr. Jian Santos will facilitate the collection on Wednesday.
Organize your concept maps very well and consider this as part of our legal education.
Prepare well for our next LPS rounds covering the most recent list of Development Studies terms.
Wear blue or white.

Sophies -
In preparation for our Development Studies 100, start reading column articles at

Juniors -
Please e-mail your detailed newscasting project proposal on or before Monday, 7 pm sharp which should include the following: updated new topics, news program title and motto, overall theme, objectives, language, background music, news director, main news anchror, co-anchors, venue for the shoot, duration of the program, costume, resources needed, intermissions (not commercials) in the form of PSAs, tasking of responsibilities, sources of information, sequence of presentation, and other pertinent details you need to propose

Please submit your Praxis AVP CDs with cover titles using our approved posters.
"Magmahalan tayo!" - taghoy ng tesis sa kanyang tagabuo/may lalang/may likha/"panginoon"