Friday, July 31, 2009

Agenda (Aug 4, 5)

random points

  • Development administration = means how we manage the process of development, including mobilizing internal, indigenous and external resources for uplifting the lives of the largest number (Prof. Roland Simbulan)
  • Development diplomacy = begins with the people and it should therefore be able the protection and promotion of people's welfare all over the world. It should consider their political orientation, level of economic development, ethnic and religious diversity (Amb. Lauro Baja).
  • Cultural heritage management = managing arts and cultural heritage for human development (Prof. Grace Odal)
  • Economic development = economic growth + economic justice + social transformation

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tunay na SONA ng maralita

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

random points

  • Anakpawis = toiling masses
  • Bayan Muna = People First
  • Suara Bangsa Moro = Voice of the Moroland
  • GWaPa = Gabriela Women's Party
  • Kilusang Mayo Uno = May First Movement
  • Bagong Alyansang Makabayan =
    New Patriotic Movement
  • “Where is the food? Where are the tables?” =
    Teofisto Guingona's tirade against GMA
    about her promised food for every table

Development Studies Program (UP Manila)

  • Prof. Roland Simbulan (Program Head)
    Masters in Public Administration
    with specialization in Development Administration
    New York University
    Subjects taught: Development Research, History of Economic Thought, Politico-administrative Institutions and Behavior, Policy Studies, etc.
    Research interest: Phil-US military and security relations, social movements, political economy

  • Dr. Edberto Villegas (Academic Coordinator)
    Doctor in Public Administration
    UP Diliman
    Subjects taught: Development Research, Study of Philippine Underdevelopment, Alternative Development Strategies, Marxism, Political Economy, etc.
    Research interest: political economy of labor, global financial system, national democratic struggle

  • Prof. Chester Arcilla
    Masters in Development Economic
    Doctoral in Sociology (on-going)
    UP Diliman
    Subjects taught: Development Economics, International Trade, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Markets and the State
    Research interest: poverty, social movements

  • Prof. Mariam Tuvera
    Masters in Economic History
    London School of Economics
    Masters in French (on-going)
    UP Diliman
    Subjects taught: History of Economic Thought, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Markets and the State
    Research interest: economic history, translation

  • Dr. Leothiny Clavel
    Doctor in Philippine Studies
    with specialization in Philippine Bureaucracy
    UP Diliman
    Subjects taught: Program Planning, Policy Implementation, Human Resource Development
    Research interest: government information system, media, culture

  • Prof. Silver Sevilla
    With academic units in Economics
    UP Diliman
    Subjects taught: Markets and the State, Microeconomics, Banking and Finance
    Research interest: financial systems

  • Atty. Karol Baguilat*
    Bachelor of Laws
    University of Sto. Tomas
    Subjects taught: Human Resource Development, International Aspects of Philippine and Third World Development, etc.
    Research interest: labor law, human rights, indigenous people

  • Atty. Mia Wacnang*
    Ateneo de Manila University
    Subjects taught: Human Resource Development
    Research interest: electoral law, agrarian reform, labor law

  • Prof. John Ponsaran*
    Masters in Public Management
    with specialization in local and regional administration
    UP Open University
    Subjects taught: Development Theories, Human Ecology, Filipino Identity and Culture, Third World Studies, etc.
    Research interest: medical tourism, indigenous people

    *graduates of the Development Studies Program

Prevailing trends during Arroyo's 9 years in office (Prof. Simbulan)

  1. The military has become an institution for the preservation of personal power by the president.
  2. Corruption at the highest levels of power has even become more entrenched, with the head of state and political allies governing by negative example.
  3. Manipulation and undermining of Philippine political and economic institutions in the quest for maintaining power.
  4. Extrajudicial killings, disappearances, abductions and other crimes against the people have been perpetrated by minions of the state against critics and the democratic opposition, and sadly, it continues with impunity.
  5. Foreign policy has been plunged into the abyss for getting international support to an unpopular regime.

    (Lifted from Prof. Roland G. Simbulan's presentation entitled
    GOLLUM IS HERE! Keeping Power at the Expense of the People and our Institutions)

Agenda July 31, Aug. 1

  • NSTP - visit
  • DS 123 - long test on Philippine health laws (blue book)
  • DS 127 - long test on CEC's Philippine eco-situationer
    and Habito's Cursed with Wealth
  • Econ 151 - PolSci Practicum Conference
  • DS 126 - outlining activity (details TBA)

Econ 115 dagli options (part II) submission: August 5

  • Pedagogy of the oppressed
  • Postdoctoral studies
  • Special education
  • Self-directed learning
  • Deschooling
  • Over-education
  • Madrasah
  • Internationalization of education

random points

  • 8 = cases of death related to A(H1N1) in the Philippines
  • "Arroyonomics" = economics which is
    out of touch with reality says Erap
  • people with new mind, new heart, new spirit =
    qualities badly needed next election says Lagdameo
  • 3,600 = number of Filipinos who are forced to
    leave the country to seek job abroad say Balladares
    of United Filipinos in Hong Kong
  • Home Development and Mutual Fund = Pag-IBIG =
    Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan: Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno

Monday, July 27, 2009

random thoughts

  • "Hustong sukat, siksik, liglig at umaapaw." Ito ang kakatwang anunsyo ng isang sand and gravel supplier sa Cavite.
  • Nauuso ang isang sapin sa paa na ang disenyo ay ang bandila ng Pilipinas. Malinaw na ito ay paglabag ito sa Flag and Heraldic Code ng bansa.
  • Ang pinakamasahol na pagturing sa watawat ng Pilipinas ay nakita ko sa syudad ng Pasay kung saan ang gulagulanit na simbolo ay ginamit panaklob sa umaalingasaw na basura sa bangketa.
  • "Moreboro" ang sagot ng isang mamimili sa tanong ng tindera kung anong sigarilyo ang bibilhin niya. Ang ibig daw sabihin nito ay pwedeng anuman sa More o Marlboro ang ibigay sa kanya.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

random points

  • GMA's term (2001-2010) = another lost decade
  • economism = overestimation of the importance
    of economic condition to explain social phenomena
    at the expense of the other social dimensions
    (e.g. cultural, political, moral, etc.)
  • People's SONA = counter-SONA
  • street protests during GMA's term = becoming
    a routine and growing in size (Washington Times)
  • imperialism = highest stage of capitalism
  • DDS = Davao Death Squad
  • A(H1N1) = sensationalized trangkaso (Janno Onanad)
  • John Quincy Adams = former US president
    who ran for a lower post (senator)
  • 5 pillars of the criminal justice system
    -law enforcement

UP grading system

  • 1 (excellent)
  • 1.25 to 1.5 (very good)
  • 1.75 to 2.0 (good)
  • 2.25 to 2.5 (satisfactory)
  • 2.75 to 3.0 (pass)
  • 4.0 (conditional failure)
  • 5.0 (fail)

DS 126 Alert!


random points

  • environment = source of life (Nicanor Perlas)
  • "Kahit magdildil ng asin basta may sariling bahay." =
    shelter security at the expense of food security (?)
  • 5 ways to get rich (Colayco Foundation)
    -winning the lottery
    -stealing (totally unacceptable)
  • to see GMA go = one of the country's dearest wishes
    (Manuel Quezon III)
  • complex emergency = an emergency that has several
    components, causes, factors. Examples include
    militarization , ethnic strife, etc. (Zosimo Lee)
  • healing arts = are the fields pertaining to the art, life and the way of being, knowing, becoming, transforming, intending and acting towards self-integration and self-realization. They work toward cosmic harmony. They are transdisciplinary, pluralist and multidimensional. Healing is a state of mind and being manifested thru levels of inner and outer integration. (Prof. Grace Odal-Devora)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

DS seniors

Maglaan bawat araw ng sapat na panahon para sa inyong tesis.
Huwag magpatumpik-tumpik.
Planuhin ito mabuti.
Pero hindi ito nangangahulugan na magpapabaya kayo
sa mga kapwa mahahalagang gawain.

Econ 115 (Philippine economic history)

Gamit ang critical political economy, magsulat ng isang
dagli (Filipino) ukol sa isa sa mga paksa sa ibaba.
Gawing halimbawa ang mga dagli ni Dr. R. Tolentino.
Isulat ito sa yellow pad at isumite sa Hulyo 29.

  • Education for All (EFA)
  • TechVoc
  • Mother-tongue based multilingual education
  • National Career Assessment Examination
  • Palarong Pambansa
  • Graft and corruption prevention education
  • Manila International Book Fair
  • Alliance of Concerned Teachers
  • Congress of Teachers and Educators
    for Nationalism and Development
  • Magna Carta for Public School Teachers
  • UP Mindanao

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ugaliing magbasa ng mga artikulo sa mga sumusunod na websites:


random points

  • net worth = total assets minus total liabilities;
    determinant of a person's/company's creditworthiness
  • 104 = cases of death in the Philippines due to
    dengue during the 1st half of 2009 (DOH)
  • 3 = cases of A(H1N1)- related
    deaths in the Philippines (DOH)
  • NCR = region with the highest
    number of dengue cases (DOH)
  • P8 million = estimated loss incurred by a big company
    every time non-working holiday is declared by the
    national government (DOLE)

health + tourism

  • cosmetic tourism (dental tourism, plastic
    surgery, skin whitening plus tourism)

  • dental tourism (dental check-up, cleaning,
    dental care, dental surgery, teeth whitening
    cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, etc. plus tourism)

  • reproductive tourism (fertility treatment, fertility
    counseling, in vitro fertilization, egg donation,
    "baby-making" services, "G-shot"
    or G-spot amplification, etc. plus tourism)

  • transplant tourism (kidney transplant, cornea transplant,
    heart transplant, etc. plus tourism)

  • wellness tourism (massage, breath therapy, yoga,
    diet therapy, alternative medicine, integrative medicine
    spa and sauna, fitness centers, etc. plus tourism)

DS and Econ cognates/electives

  • Econ 116 (Economies in Asia)
  • Econ 121 (Banking and Finance)
  • Econ 141 (International Trade)
  • Econ 151 (Public Finance)
  • Econ 191 (Development Economics)
  • DS 125 (International Aspect of Philippine
    and Third World Development)
  • DS 126 (Politico-administrative Institutions and Behavior)
  • DS 128 (Human Resource Development)

DS 126 political satire project

  • Isumite ang project proposal ng inyong grupo sa darating na Sabado (July 31).
    Nakasaad dapat dito ang mga sumusunod:
    -paksa ng political satire
    -paliwanag kung bakit ito ang napili ng grupo
    -teoryang pampulitika na gagabay sa bubuuing political satire
    -paliwanang ukol sa teorya at bakit ito ang gagamitin
    -tampok na karakter at ano/sino ang kinakatawan nito
    -mga tokang gampanin (tasking) ng bawat myembro ng grupo
    -mga batis (sources) na gagamitin sa pagbuo ng skript
    -iskedyul ng mga gawain
    -tala ng mga kagamitan at inaasahang kagastusan
  • Kailangang aprubahan muna ng guro bago simulan ang
    pagbuo ng skript at pagkuha ng eksena.
  • Maaaring may ibang tauhan sa political satire pero tiyaking
    mahalaga ito sa istorya/diskurso.
  • Iwasang maging masyadong magastos ang proyektong ito.
  • Maaaring paghalawan ng ideya si Juana Change at
    ang iba pang political satire sa Pilipinas o ibang bansa.
  • Agosto 29 ang pasahan ng proyekto. Pagbutihin.

Agenda July 24, 25

  • NSTP = show and tell (poverty artifact);
    poverty tourism poetry readers
  • DS 123 = SO's health crisis speech (continuation)
  • DS 127 = CEC's Philippine ecological situationer
  • Econ 151 = exam (coverage: political economy of
    economic decision-making and fiscal policy)
  • DS 126 = cases of policy reform (continuation)

random points

  • Mae Paner = Juana Change
  • overseas Filipinos = OFWs + permanent immigrants*
  • migration mentality = culture of migration*
  • Surian sa Pag-aaral Pangkaunlaran sa Pilipinas =
    Philippine Institute for Development Studies
  • TLEKS = trabaho, lupa, edukasyon, karapatang sibil
    at pulitikal at serbisyong panlipunan
  • debt trap = debt cycle = umuutang pambayad utang
  • Ceylon spinach = alugbati
  • chicharon = pork cracklings

    *source: PIDS

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


May mga tinipon akong libro sa silid-aklatan ng CAS para sa inyong susunod na rekisito sa NSTP. Pumili ng isang aklat at hiramin ito kay Ms. Janyn (library staff). Mula sa napiling aklat ay pumili naman ng isang kabatana na inyong gagawan ng multi-level sentence outline. Isulat ito sa isang bluebook at ipasa sa Martes sa susunod na linggo. Ipagbigay-alam ito sa iba. Salamat.

Friday, July 17, 2009

random points and links

  • 7 out of 10 adult Filipinos = opposed to Cha-Cha
    that will allow GMA stay in office beyond 2010
  • General feature of the Philipine economy
    -foreign investment led
    -in constant trade and budget deficit
    -starved for dollars
    -unable to create enough wealth
    for the country and its people
    (Source: Teddy Casiño)
  • Parents at Facebook =

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


NSTP (Social Change and Development)

Bumuo ng isang haiku at isang tanaga
batay sa isang paksa na mapipili ninyo sa ibaba:

  • Internet addiction in China
  • Poverty tourism in South Asia
  • Poverty tourism in Africa
  • Golf tourism in the Global South
  • Bakwet in the Philippines
  • Grief tourism in the Global North
  • Corporate welfarism in the US
  • Baby stealing and selling in Cambodia
  • Commodification of body parts in the Philippines
  • Time poverty in Africa

Magsaliksik mabuti.
Isulat sa 1/4 na piraso ng papel.
Isulat sa wikang Filipino/Tagalog
Ipasa sa Biyernes (Hulyo 17).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The following OFW issues and concerns need urgent attention:

  • pre-deployment orientation (geography, law,
    worker's rights, language, cultural sensitivity, etc.)
  • exorbitant placement and processing fees
  • bureaucratic red tape
  • protection vs. illegal recruitment
  • human trafficking
  • culture shock
  • proliferation of psycho-social illnesses
  • occupational health and safety
  • alienation/self-estrangement
  • human rights violations in the workplace
  • feminization of migration
  • gender-based abuse, violence against women (VAW)
  • unreasonable work load and wage rate
  • labor contractualization
  • ethnic discrimination
  • undocumented migrant workers
  • moral hazard (the government and
    their family's financial dependence)
  • social costs of forced migration
    (broken marriages, depression, etc.)
  • onsite protection and assistance
    (legal, health and social services)
  • rest and recreation (R&R)
  • financial literacy of OFWs and their dependents
  • financial security due to the vagaries of the world
    market (implications of fluctuating inflation and exchange rates)
  • social safety net for displaced migrant workers
  • comprehensive reintegration program
    (economic, social, psycho-emotional, etc.)
  • braindrain (Philippines) vs. braingain (destination)
  • legislative reform pertaining to overseas worker's welfare
  • sensationalized handling of abused OFWs
    by media and politicos to generate
    readership/viewership and votes, respectively
  • migrant workers in the deathrow
  • pursue national industrialization
    and agrarian reform in order to generate
    sustainable and sufficient domestic employment

    Contributed by the students of Econ 115
    (Philippine economic history)

Agenda July 17, 18

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Agenda July 14, 15


"Sa isang programang panggabi, ipinakita ang
karaniwang pag-aakala ng ilang kabataan na
ang pagiging "in", "cool" at "independent" ay
maipamamalas sa pamamagitan ng paglalasing,
paninigarilyo at pag-uwi ng alanganing
oras mula sa gimik kasama ang barkada.
Makitid at maling konsepto ito ng tapang, tibay at pagsasarili.
Sa katunayan, dito nagsisimula ang pagkasira ng
kanilang kinabukasan. Ang mas kalunos-lunos ay may
maiimpluwensyahan pa silang iba."

-Poldo Pasangkrus

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sa ngalan ng katwiran, pagbigyan...*

Let's allow GMA to serve 2 successive terms:

1 in office
1 in jail

*a forwarded text joke

Paanyaya mula sa Ibon

Ibon Foundation, Inc. invites you to the Midyear BIRDTALK,
a semi-annual forum on socio-economic and
political assessments and trends on July 16 (Thursday),
1-5 PM at the CAS UP Manila Little Theater.

random points

  • fascism = (extreme) love of one's own
    country that requires hatred of others
    (Source: Comparative Politics by Michael J. Sodaro)

  • bureaucrat capitalists = elite capitalists who are
    occupying high positions in the government (Fred Riggs)
    or who use their connections in the public sector

    to pursue their economic interests

  • Main issues confronting the
    international shipping industry

    - environment (oil spill, dumping, etc.)
    - manpower - lack of supply of quality seafarers
    - occupational safety
    - economic crisis combined with sudden
    drop in demand (after Beijing olympics)
    - terrorism and piracy

    (Source: Mariel David, BS Shipping and Logistics
    Management, Kainan University, Taiwan)

July 10 Agenda

  • NSTP - discussion about medical tourism
  • DS 123 - discussion about Philippine health laws (5 pages)
  • DS 127 - individual sharing of information and insight
    about animal rights (Research well)
  • Econ 151 - Casiño material on fiscal crisis

random links

ramdom points

  • judicial activism = an example of which is when
    the court reverses former decisions that they think
    is not in consonance with the time.
    In extreme cases, it also pertains to judicial legislation
    wherein the court creates law (Atty. Neri Colmenares)*

  • judicial activism = when court engages in matters that
    properly pertain to the political branches, i.e. congress
    or the executive department (Atty. Ismael Khan)

  • pop culture = isang maramihang anyo (multimedia)
    ng isinapaketeng mga produktong pang-aliwan
    (komersyo) ng kontemporaryong panahon na ang
    orihen ay sa labas ng bansa at dinodomina
    kasalukuyan ng Amerika (Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera)**

  • philosophical inquiry = probing into contested
    concepts and assumptions (Dr. Zosimo Lee)

    *sa kagandahang loob ni LC Angeles
    **sa kagandahang loob ni Prop. A. del Mundo

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Akalain mo...

Ayon sa isang website, may kahulugan daw ang bilang
ng bulaklak na ibinibigay ng lalake sa babae. Narito ang ilan:

  • 1 stem: You’re my only one.
  • 2 stems: You and I are perfect together.
  • 3 stems: I love you.
  • 5 stems: I love you very much.
  • 10 stems: You’re perfect!
  • 13 stems: From your secret admirer.
  • 99 stems: I’m yours 'til death.
  • 100 stems: I want to grow old with you.
  • 365 stems: I love you everyday.
  • 999 stems: I love you ’til the end of time.

Haiku on animal rights activism

Animal Rights I
by Bernadette Villaceran

We all have our rights
People, animals alike
So, then, why kill them?

* * *

Animal Rights II
by Irene Patrice Cortey

Saan hahantong?
Kalupitang dinanas
Kundi sa tiyan

* * *

Animal Rights III
Mayzelle Nadine Conferido

Look out and nurture
Save animals from danger
Beating and torture.

* * *

Animal Rights IV
by Jigz Tenorio

Leash of man's bestfriend
and chains of proletariats
Both must be destroyed.

Haiku on political economy

Conspicuous Spending
by Karen Honrade

Today I will save
Tomorrow I will purchase
Later I will flaunt

* * *

Yuppies I
by Yaj Yasay

Young professionals
Have superficial lifestyles
Yet corporate slaves

* * *

Yuppies II
by Yaj Yasay

In high-rise buildings
Are city powerdressers
Confused change with growth

* * *

Active Income
by Morelos

People earn money
By wage, salary, and such
But is it enough?

* * *

Bank Assurance
by Kat Mayoca

Insurance products
By banking institutions
Double the profit

* * *

Economism I
by Gen Concepcion

How come you don’t see
To just focus on profit
It’s one big folly

* * *

Economism II
by Gen Concepcion

Money dynamics
Gross national happiness?
Never heard of it.

* * *

Stock Market
by Maane Cauton

Money to gamble
In speculative market
You are the loser.

* * *

Credit Card
by Janno Onanad

Modern usury
Scheme behind plastic money
Don't be a victim!

* * *

Hand-to-mouth existence
by Leanne Angeles

We toil to survive
Even if just for today
Will life ever change?

* * *

by Nika Caranto

They’re get-rich-quick deals
Too good to be true, it is
Sooner slays the prey.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Firefly Brigade by Rochelle Anne Torres


by Rochelle Anne Torres

Due to dirty air
Fireflies have fled the city
Yet, we still don't care.

* * *

by RA Torres

Save time and money
Stop stress, cause less pollution
Bike to school, today

* * *

by RA Torres

Promote bicycling
Jumpstart our flight for clean air
Bring back the fireflies.

More info about Firefly Brigade

Sunday, July 05, 2009

DevStud NSTP Alert

Sa lahat ng mga kumukuha ng NSTP maging ang mga
shiftee at transferee na pumapasok sa ibang klase ko
pero kasalukuyang enrolled sa aking DevStud NSTP:

Makipag-ugnayan kayo kay Mr. Soriano (0916-712-6938),
ang tumatayong 1st year DevStud blockhead, upang mapagbayad
ng P30 para sa insurance fee sa taong (2009) ito. Isulat ang
inyong pangalan sa kanyang talaan para matiyak na maisama
kayo sa group insurance. Kanya namang ibibigay ang talaan
at ang kabayaraan kapag nakumpleto sa DSS para maibayad
sa insurance company.

Haiku on ecosophy (DS 127)

by Kristine Angeli Caraan

Obsolete gizmos
Now toxic and hazardous
Dumped by North to South

* * *

ni Erica Chester Bucog

Sa tao't kalikasan
Patriyarkal ba?

* * *

ni Caral Maria Issa Cesar

False sense of progress
Development aggression
Dam to damnation!

* * *

by Michelle Francoise Rendon

Too human-centered
Never grateful to the Earth
In time, we will pay

* * *

by Mayzelle Nadine Conferido

Nutrient-rich soil
As product of worm castings
Help farmers in toil.

* * *

ni Dani Precious Cruz

Luyang 'di pansin
Pampalasa, panggamot
Tunay ang galing

* * *

by Bernadette Villaceran

Achieve a future
With sustainability
Through alternatives.

* * *

by Marie Algely Comia

The land battles greed
The land and people are one
Truce? There shall be none.

* * *

by Cesarie Ann Santos

People’s oppression
Environment destruction
Ignite our struggle!

* * *

by Franklin Abris

Cities turned filthy,
Discouraging businesses
Killing urban life.

* * *
by Faye Agatha Mendoza

Querying something?
Conserving light energy
Black is the new green!

* * *

by Ramona Karla Santuele

Than capital-intensive
Apt technology

* * *

by Maria Cecilia Cabiao

Its mantra is go
Science has only one goal
Advancement for all

* * *

by Kimberly Mae Jalina

Hingalong buhay
Masaganang luntian
Muling ibalik

* * *

by Camilo Franco Roa III

It’s older than drugs
It’s effective and much more
It’s easy to get

* * *

by Irene Patrice Cortey

Power plants, mining
Pumping tons of toxic wastes
Destroying lifeforms.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Haiku on health and society (DS 123)

ni Chaz Gamao

Walang agahan
Hinating tanghalian
Ano'ng hapunan?

* * *

ni Louie Dela Cruz

Bawat segundo
Baga'y naghihikahos
Hininga'y kapos

* * *

by Michelle Francoise Rendon

Philippine health care
Considered one of the best
But never for us.

* * *

by Maria Veronica Bejasa

Cancer spares no one
It gives pain, takes away lives
Even of a child’s

* * *

by Ienne Eguico

Suicidal youth
Plus chemical genocide
Depressant or not?

* * *

by Penny Belgira

From pigs to humans
Mexico to Philippines
It is everywhere.

* * *

by Gen Concepcion

Saving lives has risks
You may end up a hero
Otherwise, a foe.

* * *

by Leanne Angeles

Ended thousand lives
Left millions with fear and pain
Am I the next one?

* * *

by Joey dela Cruz

Nahilo ako
Uminom Biogesic
Gutom lang pala

* * *

by Jeric Mina

Cleanse thy mind, eat well.
Move, rest, heal thy person. Seek!
Know thyself better.

Agenda July 7, 8, 11

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thesis topics

  • A Critical Assessment of the Government's
    Reintegration Program for former Inmates
  • A Critical Assessment of the Government's Reintegration
    Program for Returning Overseas Filipino Workers
  • Braindrain of Aviation Human Resources in the Philippines
  • Chronic, Severe and Multidimensional Poverty in the Philippines
  • Development Research in the Philippine Institute
    for Development Studies: An Assessment
  • The Political Economy of Knowledge Process Outsourcing
    in the Philippines

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


"Kung sasabhn ko s 'yo na ok lng ako, mniniwala k b?
Kung sasabhn kong hndi, may mgagawa
k b pra gumaan ang pkramdam ko?
Kya khit tnungin mo ako, mas mbuti na hndi na ako sumagot
kaysa mpagod ka pa dhil hndi mo rn mbabago ang nraramdamn ko."

-reply ng EMO s txt na "kmst k?"

Electives and cognates I took during my undergrad

-DS 125 (Internat'l Aspect of 3rd World & Phil Dev't) - Dr. E. Villegas

-DS 126 (Politico-administrative Insti & Behavior) Prof. R. Simbulan
-DS 128 (Human Resource Dev't) - Dr. J. Lu

-PS 180 (Philippine Foreign Policy) - Prof. Tuazon
-Philo 171 (Ethics) - Prof. Jimenez
-Anthro 185 (Philippine society and culture) - Prof. Perez

random points

  • polypharmacy = administration/use of many
    drugs at the same time
  • alienation = estrangement of human from himself,
    from his product, from his class
  • systemic corruption = corruption that has spread
    to all branches and levels of the government or
    most sectors in the society
  • fast-food diet = high in sugar, sodium, fat
    but low in nutrients and fiber
  • kapagurang walang saysay =
    overinvolvement in irrelevant activities
  • wage rate = price for an hour of a worker's time (P. Krugman)
  • contradiction = the root of all movement and vitality (Hegel)
  • Cha-chanak = a pejorative to underscore that GMA is
    the brainchild and beneficiary of the Cha-Cha bid
  • caciquismo = rule of the local despots/bosses/elites


"Yesism is the inability to tell anyone no.
Extremely nice people often suffer from this condition
because they don't like to disappoint others for
they fear being rejected even if saying yes ends up costing them."

-D. Anspaugh
author, Wellness: Concepts and Application

"Sale sa X, punta tayo."

"Aminin mo man o hindi, marami kang binibiling
basura sa literal o piguratibo mang pagpapakahulugan.
Hindi pa naluluma ay basura nang maituturing
dahil wala naman talagang pakinabang.
Ebidensya: tingnan mo ang tambak nito sa kwarto/bahay mo.
Bukod sa kumakain ito ng limitado na ngang espasyo,
minsa'y mapanganib pa - nakalalason,
takaw-sunog (fire hazard) , at nakasasakit.
Lahat ng ito sa kabila ng kakarampot namang kinikita."

- Poldo Pasangkrus

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July 3 agenda


Ang Aming Bisita
ni KBM Atienza

Mayroon kaming isang bisita
Mr. Smith ang tawag naming lahat sa kanya
Isang sundalo sa aming bayan
Pamilya nami'y tinuturing n'yang 'kaibigan'.

Alala ko pa no'ng una s'yang nakilala
Siguro'y mayroon nang isang dekada
Nagtanong kung p'wedeng makituloy sa 'ming bahay
Pumayag si ama kahit ayaw ni nanay.

Ayos na ang kontrata, kulang na lang ay pirma
Hindi nagustuhan ni nanay ang mga nabasa
Ngunit sabi ni itay, makatutulong ito
Sundalo s'ya, mababantayan n'ya tayo

Paglubog ng araw, kami'y naghapunan
No'n lang namin ginamit, mga bagong pinggan
Saka ko pinaliwanag sa kanya, mga patakaran
Sa ilalim ng namana naming tahanan"

Pag pasok at paglabas ng bahay,
Kailangan lagi'y alam 'yon ni nanay
At ang mga alagang pusa at halaman,
Huwag na huwag nating pababayaan.

"Matapos noo'y tinawanan n'ya ako
Binulungan s'ya ni itay, pero narinig ko
"Balewalain mo na lang ang mga nabanggit
Para lang 'yon sa mga batang maliliit."

Sampung taon na ang nakaraan
Ang dami nang nangyari sa aming tahanan
Sampung taon na ang nakaraan
Nawala na sa tahanan namin ang kapayapaan

Sampung taon na ang nakaraan
Namatay nang lahat ang aming halaman
Wala na rin alaga kong si Muning
Aksidenteng nabaril ni Mr. Smith noong treyning

Sampung taon na ang nakaraan
Ate ko'y hindi na makalabas ng tahanan
Nagtatago s'ya dahil sa hiya
Nawala ang puri dahil ng bisitang walang-awa

Sampung taon na ang nakaraan
Sinasabi niyang kami pa rin daw ay magkaibigan
Kami ay kanyang inabuso
Kaibigan pa ba ang tawag mo dito?

Sampung taon na ang nakaraan
Sa tingin ko'y sapat na ang panahong iyan
Itama ang maling napagkasunduan
Pagkat wala 'tong ibang dulot sa 'tin kundi kahirapan