Thursday, September 27, 2007


kalahating araw na nagbakasakali (walang kasiguraduhan)
tatlo't kalahating taong namulot at nag-imbak
tatlong taong (higit na) namulot at nag-imbak
dalawa at kalahating taong kumumpas (sa limitadong kapasidad)
tatlong taong kumumpas (sa limitado pero mas malawak na sakop)
salamat sa lampas sampung taong buhay at makabuluhang karanasan.
-poldo pasangkrus (+)

ang chant (ng natdem) at ang kumakalat na text joke

  • imperialismo, ibagsak!
  • burukrata kapitalismo, ibagsak!
  • pyudalismo, ibagsak!
  • si gloria mismo, babagsak!

  • nagpasikat kay erap: wristband
  • higit na magpapayaman kay abalos: broadband
  • kasabay na babagsak ni gloria: husband

SS 120 (Final Project)

  • to be presented via PPT (3 members per group)
  • topics to choose from (to be assigned on Sept. 28 by the professor)
  • date of submission: October 12
  1. polygraph test (NBI)
  2. dactyloscopy (finger printing)-NBI
  3. authentication of antiques (Nat'l Museum)
  4. bank frauds (any financial institution)
  5. forensic anthropology (UP Dep't of Anthropology)
  6. scene of the crime operatives (SOCO)
  7. forensic medicine (Dr. Fortun of UP-PGH)
  8. direct and cross-examination (trial)
  9. pseudosciences (Bato Balani)
  10. informal fallacies in local commercial advertisements

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


  • interesante ang kumakalat na e-mail na may pamagat na "kung pinoy si noah."
  • sexual partialism=pagkahumaling sa partikular na bahagi ng katawan (binti, cleavage, leeg)
  • mahina pa rin ang pilipinisasyon at pagsasakatutubo (indigenization) ng agham panlipunan sa bansa, lalo sa ibang pamantasan
  • kinukondisyon na ng mga malls at media ang mga konsumer na papalapit na ang disyembre sa pamamagitan ng pagpapatugtog ng mga awiting pampasko (frequency, intensity & consistency).
  • 3 yugto sa pagsisinungaling: (1) totoong si sta. claus ang nagbibigay ng regalo sa mga bata, (2) paglaya mula sa kasinungalingang ito, (3) pagpapaniwala sa mga magiging anak na dapat itong paniwalaan
  • sa altar ng karapatang pantao, walang atheist o agnostic (wika ng punong mahistradong si puno)
  • mas interesante pa rin para sa akin si miriam kaysa imelda
  • powder blue (paboritong kulay n'ya?), powder gun (utak-pulbura), hindi matinag sa puder (kapit-tuko, Ate Glue): Gng. Gloria Macapacal-Arroyo
  • halos 50,000 na ang abugado sa bansa (taas-kamao para sa isang abogadong kakilala ko na sadyang ipinatalo ang kaso ng kanyang negosyanteng kliyente na lumabag sa karapatang pantao ng kanyang pobreng manggagawa)

DS 123 Agenda

October 3
  • last set of poetry reading (Kalusugan, Krisis at Kultura)
  • recitation about Filipino folk healing tradition (based on the student's KII)
  • Bagumbayan X-files (urban legends) reporting
  • listening session (Gary Granada materials)

October 10

  • FINAL PROJECT: PPT presentation (banyuhay, pananaw, galaw, oras,
    dilim, tubig, babala, espasyo, palabas, puna)
  • submission of the self-assessment

Ang Pambansang Kahihiyan

  • Weeks before Erap's ouster, anti-Gloria forces sarcastically pointed out that GMA actually stood for Gahamang Maupo Agad -very true, ask Mike A.
  • -11% is Gloria's current net approval rating (SWS).
  • Since '01, Gloria has already appointed 9 AFP chiefs of staff (where they stayed for only an average of 11 months) and positioned 30+ (I lost count already) ex-AFP and PNP generals in the government departments, state firms and ambassadorial posts. READ: politicizing the state's security forces
  • Gloria knows very well who and how to pamper with pork, perks and positions.
  • Gloria's mantra is to crush foes and protect friends (in turn, they are also expected to be protective of her)=transactional politics
  • PhilStar columnist Boo Chanco aptly calls her Ate Glue (glued to her position).

Sunday, September 23, 2007





  • Erap had a fall-out with his buddy Chavit Singson, who then testified against him in his plunder trial.
  • He inaugurated the Sandiganbayan court house in '99-just to be convicted in the same building.
  • He voted for the passage of the plunder bill in '94 when he was still a senator-just to be charged of the same crime 13 years later.

Some coincidence:

  • He is the 13th president.
  • JOSEPH ESTRADA (13 letters)
  • PERFECTO YASAY (1st public official who stood vs. Erap-BW scam, remember?)-13 letters
  • CHAVIT SINGSON (13 letters)
  • SANDIGANBAYAN (13 letters)

Dialectical (The Erap-Gloria Storyline)

Erap left the Palace after the military-backed popular revolt in 2001.
The SC ruled that it was a "constructive resignation."
Gloria (once his VP) took over as his constitutional successor
Erap supporters launched a siege (EDSA III)
but Gloria's security forces prevailed
3 proxy polls have already passed since then:
2001: Gloria's Senate slate got the majority (8-4)
2004: Gloria cheated Ronnie; her slate also dominated (7-5)
2007: Erap slate got the majority this time (7-2-3)
2010: will be a continuation of this saga
Indeed, their political fate have crossed and overlapped since 2001.
It's also very adversarial.
Time will tell who between the two is in the right side of history.
Or maybe none of them.

Ruling Elite (quotes from Elmer Ordonez)

"The ruling elites may seem fighting each other
to the finish but the bottom line is that
they don't ultimately annihilate each other (eg. Gloria vs. Erap).
Accomodation of each other's interest,
despite the bruises, is the general idea."
* * *
"The ruling elite have a natural capacity for survival through the logic of reproduction.
The methods include, lying, cheating and stealing
with the use of their political, ideological and represive machinery."

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ipinapaabot ko sa NNARA-Youth ang pasasalamat para sa porum na inyong inilunsad para sa aking mga mag-aaral sa NSTP DevStud Program noong Sabado (Setyembre 22)
Taas kamao para sa pakikiisa ninyo sa mga magsasaka sa kanilang lehitimong laban para sa lupa, buhay at karapatan. Taas kamao rin para sa inyong patuloy na pagmumulat sa kapwa n'yo mag-aaral ng lipunan at kasaysayang Pilipino sa loob at labas ng pamantasan.
Hindi naging limitasyon ang inyong uring pinanggalingan (petty bourgeois) at ang distansya ng kanayunan mula kalunsuran para maging katuwang nila sa pagsusulong ng repormang agraryo.
Totoo, hindi hiwalay ang laban ng mga mag-aaral sa laban ng mga magsasaka.
Salamat po ulit.

SS 120 Reporting* (Sociology & Economics of Work) Sept. 25)

Pantig (Sociology of work)
Bangit (online job application)
Barrera (social loafing)
Buenaventura (International Labor Organization)
Casimiro (group think)
Corpuz (paternity leave)
De Guzman, MK (just and living wage)
De Guzman, Ems (human capital)
De Jesus (labor market informalization)
dela Cruz (Rerum Novarum)
dela Paz (jobless growth)
del Rosario (Luddites and Neo-Luddites)
Desales (maternity leave)
Dino (academic proletariat, lumpen academic, public intellectual)

*1/4 sheet of 8X11 bond paper

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Econ 101 (individual reporting, Sept. 28)

Quilicot: European Chamber of Commerce 0f the Philippines
Lopez: American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
del Rosario: Australian-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
Cervantes: Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
Macapagal: Japanese Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
Sangalang: Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines
Dabbay: Makati Business Club
Viscarra: Philippine Business Leader's Forum

Monday, September 17, 2007

DS 127 (Oct. 3, OPTIONAL, 3-4 members per group)

Submit a 8-10 minute video documentary (flexi-format) about any of the following topics. No duplication please. Secure a topic by posting your group's choice. Please ensure the group's safety in the conduct of this activity.
  • Urban Pests
  • Political Economy of Water
  • Pulis OYSTER
  • E-waste
  • Metro Gwapo
  • Urban Decay
  • Social Ecology: Palengke In Focus

SS 120 (Sept. 21)

Submit a content analysis of any Dilbert comic strip that depicts the sociology of work. Please attach the strip to the write-up. Use yellow pad.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

quote from the sandiganbayan decision

“…the case at bar appears similar to a “wheel” conspiracy. The hub is former President Estrada while the spokes are all the accused, and the rim that encloses the spokes is the common goal in the overall conspiracy, i.e., the amassing, accumulation and acquisition of ill-gotten wealth."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

DS 123 (Filipino Identity & Culture) PPT Presentation (OCT. 3)

  • Post a message here to secure your group (3 members) a topic.
  • The presentation should only revolve around your chosen theme. Interpret & illustrate the topic in the context of the Filipino identity & culture. (Example: lakas = palakasan system, Lakas-CMD, sanib-lakas, people power, empowerment, etc.)
  • Limit the presentation to 18 slides (1st slide-title, 2nd-17th slides-body, 18th slide-sources). Bring the necessary equipment.
  • Each slide (2nd-14th) should contain an image and a corresponding text.
  • Please limit the presentation to 10 minutes.

Topics to choose from:

  • banyuhay
  • pananaw
  • galaw
  • oras
  • dilim
  • tubig
  • babala
  • espasyo
  • palabas
  • puna

nangunguna sa eksaherasyon (commercial advertisements)

  • listerine (nagkumahog at nagmadaling umuwi para lang makapagmumog na sa una ay aakalaing rollers ang tatanggalin)
  • coca-cola (coca-cola brings societal order)
  • the philippine star (nakakahiya na ang isang disenteng pahayagan ay nag-anunsyo na may kasama pang alien invasion)

Notes for SS 120 (Topic: Sociology of Work)

A private consultancy firm has been experiencing a high turn-over rate among its research staff eversince. The pattern is observable among the new recruits and pioneers alike. The following are seen to be the reasons behind this:
  • obsolete technology (considering the dependence of the research staff on online sources)
  • low salary (especially for full-time, non-MA degree holders)
  • high expectation from the superiors (which intimidates new comers)
  • overworked (throughout)
  • demoralization when admonished by the company president
  • poor physical arrangement of the office (which exposes the researchers to unnecessary noise thereby disrupting concentration)
  • lack of incentives (psychic reward and/or job promotion)
  • lack of a separate HR Dep't (the HR function is fused with the Accounting Dep't)
  • entropy (personal attitude-usually dysfunctional-defines individual work ethic)

DS 127 (Interview, 4-5 members/group, Submission: Oct. 3)

Post here your chosen interviewee. Undertake a preliminary research before doing the interview. Expected output: transcription (edited), photo documentation and analysis
  • Dr. Romeo Quijano (topic: U.S. Toxic Legacy)
  • Sen. Pia Cayetano or her Chief of Staff (topic: e-wastes)
  • Prof. Natividad Lacdan (topic: Field Biology)
  • Dr. Jinky Leilanie del Prado-Lu (topic: Gender, Information Technology & Health)
  • Dr. Giovanni Tapang (topic: Alternative Environmental Governance)
  • Mr. Carlos Miguel Perez (topic: Occupational Hazards in UP Manila)
  • Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan (topic: Mainstreaming Traditional & Integrative Medicine)
  • Dr. Edberto Villegas (topic: Capitalism and Ecological Plunder)

DS 126 (Interview Project)

May I reiterate that your task for the interview project should strictly follow the 1-1 correspondence rule. Meaning, 1 interviewee per position; 1 policy debate/social issue per interviewee.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SS 120 Reporting (Sociology of Work; Sept. 18)

hand-out: 1/4 sheet of 8x11 bond paper
time limit: 5-6 minutes

Viterbo (home office)
Roque (cyberslacking)
Ortiz (Dept. of Occupational Health of the UP-CPH)
Abrigo (job-related stress among librarians/library staff)
Flores (job-related stress among tutors)
De Castro (job-related stress among jeepney drivers)
Dimaano (sexual harassment in the workplace)
Macapagal (civil service exam in the Philippines)
Lindo (ergonomics)
Garcia (5 S)
Esteban (on working freelance)
Arreza (academic union in UPM)
Buenafe ("humanizing" the call center station)

Sunday, September 09, 2007


  • Bona fide (in good faith)
  • Dura lex sed lex (the law is harsh but it is the law)
  • Dei gratia (by the grace of God)
  • Deo gratias (thanks to God)
  • Curriculum vitae (the course of one's life)
  • Cum laude (with honor)
  • Corpus christi (body of Christ)
  • Ab initio (from the beginning)
  • Magna cum laude (with great honor)
  • Magnum opus (great work)
  • Mens rea (guilty mind)
  • Modus operandi (ways of operating)
  • Ora pro nobis (pray for us)
  • Quid pro quo (a favor for a favor)
  • Regina (queen)
  • Rex (king)
  • Stet (let it stand)
  • Summa cum laude (with highest honor)

politics (manner of organizing power to pursue a particular objective or set of objectives)

Heightened political divisiveness
Political divisiveness is expected to further heighten as the nation awaits the verdict of the Sandiganbayan, the country’s anti-graft court, to the 6-year old plunder case of Joseph “Erap” Estrada on September 12. The much-awaited promulgation over the charges of alleged jueteng payola and tobacco tax kickback against the deposed president will determine his fate as a freeman or a felon, thereby bringing the Erap vs. Gloria storyline to a greater level of apprehension until 2010 and even beyond.

Resurrection of the Hello Garci controversy
The round of Senate inquiries over the Hello Garci controversy called by the opposition bloc has brought again to the fore the issue of illegitimacy surrounding the Arroyo presidency, rendering it an intense battleground between pro- and anti-Arroyo forces. Administration senators criticized the opposition for exploiting it as a venue to launch their bid to the presidency in 2010 at the expense of the taxpayers’ money. Oppositionists, on the other hand, accused the Arroyo loyalists of stonewalling and cover-up. Meanwhile, Senate President Manny Villar assured that his leadership will not lose its focus to the legislative function of the Upper Chamber considering the urgency to pass priority socio-economic bills.

Econ 101 Reporting (Sept. 14)

del Rosario (Palengkenomics)
Rosales (Freakonomics)
Hizon (EkonoKomiks)
Macapagal (Sidewalk Economics)
Mayoca (Community Trade)
Perez (Gandhian Economics)
Tibon (Normative Economics)

DS 126 (Final Project: Interview)

composition: 5-6 members/group
submission: September 29 (Saturday)
output: magazine format (interview transcription* & photo documentation**)
content: set of interviews (topic: issue-specific***; 1 specific policy/social issue per interviewee); minimum of 15 interviewees (combination of any of the following)

  • senator (1 interviewee)
  • district representative (1)
  • party-list representative (1)
  • governor (1)
  • vice-governor (1)
  • provincial board member (1)
  • city/municipal mayor (1)
  • city/municipal vice-mayor (1)
  • city/municipal councilor (1)
  • barangay captain (1)
  • barangay kagawad (1)
  • government lawyer (1)
  • government accountant (1)
  • government auditor (1)
  • government doctor (1)
  • public school teacher (1)
  • GOCC official (1)
  • official of any government department e.g. DOH, DBM (1)
  • Filipino diplomat (1)
  • foreign diplomat (1)
  • MMDA official (1)
  • AFP official (1)
  • PNP official (1)
  • Constitutional Commission official e.g. COMELEC, CSC (1)
  • officer of any non-governmental organization-local (1)
  • officer of any non-governmental organization-international (1)
  • officer of any people's organization (1)
  • professional media practitioner (1)
  • officer of any foreign chamber of commerce (1)
  • national artist (1)
  • jail warden (1)
  • officer of a government union (1)

*text needs editing for brevity & clarity
**both interviewer(s) & interviewee(s)
***should center on a specific policy/social issue so this requires a preliminary research on the part of the interviewers


Communicate your concerns regarding other possible categories of interviewees which are not in the list. E-mail your preliminary list of interviewees (name, position, organization, interview topic) before September 15. Don't forget to indicate your group members.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

sa maraming pagkakataon, ganito ang kinakahinatnan

press release = "praise" release
full-time = fool time
telebisyon = telebisyo
pangulo = pang(g)ulo

Translate in English

  1. Abu
  2. himaton
  3. rasul
  4. jaya
  5. grameen

DS 126

Read the news articles posted at,
including those in the archives section.

DS 123 Infoload (Health)

articles/journals/columns/books/book chapters
about health and illness by the following authors:
  • Michael Tan
  • Jaime Galvez-Tan
  • Fatima Alvarez-Castillo
  • Margarita Holmes
  • Jaime Licauco
  • Prospero Covar
  • F. Landa Jocano
  • Reynaldo Imperial
  • Juan Flavier

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

some translations (wala lang)

  • kauswagan (development)
  • pagsasakapangyarihan (empowerment)
  • kapwa (loosely translated as "extended self")
  • borador (draft)
  • metamorphosis (banyuhay o pinaikling bagong anyo ng buhay)
  • Sigwa ng Unang Kwarto (First Quarter Storm)

Refresher in Economics

Economics A-Z


  • pagnanakaw (manwal o elektroniko; maliitan o malakihan)
  • pagkakasakit (dinaramdam man o hindi)
  • peke (dimples, software, pangulo, atbp.)
  • pagbibitiw (ugnayan ng salik na makro at maykro )
  • "press release" (institusyunal o personal man)

some translations (wala lang)

  • bon vivant (good life)
  • Abdul (servant)
  • Abdullah (servant of Allah)
  • protest art (aklas-sining)
  • bureau (kawanihan)
  • telephone (hatinig o pinaikling hatid-tinig)
  • Pahinungod (offering of oneself to a higher cause)
  • Pahinungod (oblation)
  • caveat emptor (let the buyer beware)
  • Hiraya manawari (so let your dreams come true)
  • good bye (God be with you)
  • nuestro/nuestra (our)
  • pacto de sangre (blood compact)
  • manananggal (self-segmenting viscera sucker)

DS 127 (Physical and Natural Environment and Development)

Maghanda mabuti para sa mahabang pagsusulit sa DS 127 sa ika-12 ng buwang ito.
Magdala ng 3 bluebooks. Maglaan ng sapat na oras para sa pag-aaral nang hindi
maisasakripisyo ang iba pang asignatura.



Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Inaanyayahan ang mga interesadong mag-aaral na dumalo sa
ACLE ng D.S. 126
(Politico-Administrative Institutions & Behavior)
ukol sa temang
Pampulitikang Ekonomiya ng Ugnayang Panlabas

sa darating na Sabado (Setyembre 8)
sa ganap na 1:00 n.h.
sa GAB 107.


Monday, September 03, 2007

poverty tourism

  • mga palaboy na inabutan na ng liwanag ni haring araw
  • mga tinakasan na ng bait
  • mga tumatakas sa gutom (mga sumisisid ng tahong anuman liit pa nito)
  • mga magulang na ibinababad ang anak sa sangkutsadong dumi, heavy metals at alat ng manila bay (libre galis, libre sakit)
  • mga may karamdaman na nagkokondisyon ng katawan pero huli na para sa anumang lifestyle-modification
  • mga ka-berks ni manang yosi
  • mga under-paid na trahabador ng programang Linisin at Ikarangal ang Maynila
  • mga namimingwit ng mga isdang buwan-buwan at banak (at mga miron na animo'y isang tournament ang sinasaksihan)
  • mga masisikhay na ipis-dagat
  • mga basag-basag na brick inlays (sino kaya ang nakaisip na ito ang ilatag sa mga bangketa ng maynila?)

college teaching

  • dodong nemenzo onced jokingly remarked that college teachers are stupid people who still chose to stay in the university even after graduation.
  • i agree with ivan that as a student assistant (just like being a college teacher), one earns little while getting more. very true!
  • studying (also teaching) social sciences allows you to be a part of and apart from your subject of study.
  • social scientists in general express a simple idea in 20 pages (or 3 sessions) when it could have been conveniently said in 5 sentences (or 2 minutes) only.
  • intellectual prostitution is rampant among college teachers.


(Kung angkop sa 'yo ang tanong na ito),
bakit mo pipiliing manaliti pa rin sa Pilipinas?


Sa kabila ng lahat, ano sa tingin mo ang
maipagmamalaki pa rin nating mga Pilipino?


Nakangiti ba o hindi ang taong nasa loob ng makapal
na mascot costume tuwing kinukuhanan siya ng litrato?

DS 123 Poetry Reading

Theme: Kalusugan, Krisis at Kasaysayan
September 12
Opening Remark: Iscala
Closing Remarks: Almarines
Listening Session: Garcia, Flores and Lindo

Almarines (Ascof and Re-leaf)
Arreza (Patient Rights)
Bangit (Babaylanismo)
Barrera (Community Nursing)
Bermejo (Health-seeking Behavior of Filipinos)
Buenafe (Mental Health in the Philippines)
Buenaventura (Human Development Report 2006)
Contreras (Maternal Health)
Corpuz (Psychic Surgery)
Cruz (Dr. Bobby dela Paz and Dr. Johnny Escandor)
De Castro (Local Health Board)
De Guzman (Health Expectancy)
De Jesus (Medical Waste)
Dela Cruz (Biosafety)
Dimaano (Blindness in the 3rd World)
Escanillas (Toxic Debt)
Esteban (e-Health)
Flores (Community Pharmacy)
Garcia (Community Dentistry)
Hizon (Health Social Science)
Iscala (International Travel and Health)
Lindo (Social Epidemiology)
Macapagal (Ethnicity, Health and Healthcare)
Moncada (Drug Security)
Ortiz (World Rabies Day)
Pantig (Community Medicine)
Papa (Globalization of Disease)
Roque (Epidemiology of Disaster)
Sarino (Milk Code)
Viterbo (Sociology of Care Work)

Magazine Deadlines

DS 123: SEPTEMBER 12 (S)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dam ni Gary Granada

Gary Granada

Sa ngalan ng huwad na kaunlaran
Ang bayan ko'y sa utang nadiin
At ito na ang kabayaran
Ang kanunu-nunuang lupain
Ang mga eksperto'y nagsasaya
At nagpupuri at sumasamba
Sa wangis ng diyus-diyosan nila
Ang dambuhalang dam
Damdam damdam damda dadam
Damdam damdam damda dadam
Damdam damdam damda dadam
Ang dambuhalang dam
Ang mga tribu'y nagtatatangis
Nananaghoy at nababaliw
Habang ang mga turistang mababangis
Nalilibang at naaaliw
Sa mga pulubing nagsasayaw
Mga katutubo ng Apayao
Na napaalis kahit umayaw
Alang-alang sa dam
Damdam damdam...
Titigan ninyo ang gahiganteng bato
Nagsasalarawan ng lipunang ito
Tulad ng mga gumawa rin nito
Walang pakiramdam

limang maryang nakarelasyon ni t(oble)rone

si pura walang kasiguraduhan, lumarga tungong aprika
philam life insurance plan naman ang kalakal ni lutgarda
tulad ng nauna, si irma sa tate sasadya magmamaestra
si conching, (para makatakas?) nag-pi-ph.d. sa europa
pinakamasaksap ang kinahinatnan ni mutya, nasagasaan ng trak

DS 127 reporting w/ hand-outs (Sept. 12)

Bacon (toxic debt)
Balbido (NDF's alternative program for the environment)
del Rosario (Green Party)
Faustino (free and prior informed consent of the IP communities)
Sarino (issues and concerns surrounding the appoinment of Atienza as DENR chief)
Go (Defend Patrimony)
Navarro (plant, human and society)


  • "As far as Juan dela Cruz is concerned, GDP growth means nothing, if it does not directly relate to his own wallet."-Mar Roxas
  • "JPEPA would generate jobs."-Arturo Brion
  • "Hindi binoboto pero nananalo."-Yano
  • "The local band and the Ati-atihan should alternately perform while we are having lunch."-pinuno ng UP-Em
  • "Not even 1% of all the Filipinos are into stocks trading."-Francis Lim





Pamilyang Pilipino

Maliban sa iba pang mga salik, malaki ang impluwensya ng pamilya sa pagkatao ninuman. Maaari ring ito ang maging batayan ng ibang tao sa kanilang pagkakakilala (positibo man o hindi) sa atin. Halimbawa ang mga sumusunod:
  • pamilya ng mga diabetic
  • pamilya ng mga abogado
  • pamilya ng mga duktor
  • pamilya ng mga pulis/sundalo
  • pamilya ng mga sintu-sinto
  • pamilya ng mga pulitiko
  • pamilya ng mga artista
  • pamilya ng mga relihiyoso
  • pamilya ng mga baog
  • pamilya ng mga kalbuhin
  • pamilya ng mga may kapansanan
  • pamilya ng mga matatalino
  • pamilya ng mga estapador
  • pamilya ng mga aktibista
  • pamilya ng mga titser
  • pamilya ng mga OFWs
  • pamilya ng mga hikain
  • pamilya ng mga matataba/malulusog
  • pamilya ng mga aswang