Friday, December 28, 2007

Development Studies 101

  • Public policy determines largely the success
    or failure of a country's economic development.
  • Gender and ecology should be integral
    to any development undertaking.
  • Development administration should aim for
    efficiency, effectiveness, economy and equity.
  • Modern governance necessitates the coordination between
    the public sector, business enterprise and civil society.
  • Development and policy research should also be
    accessible and intelligible to non-specialists.
  • Access to quality education and health develops human capital.
  • There is a diversity of experience in every
    development process undergone by each country
    but a common denominator may also be evident.
  • Non-economic variables (culture, politics, values) are essential
    considerations in pursuing and evaluating development.
  • Human development is the process
    of expanding the set of human choices.
  • Development and justice are not mutually exclusive.

Creative Abrasion (Leonardo and Straus)

Creative abrasion is defined by Leonardo and Straus as getting
different approaches grate against one another in a productive process.

For them, innovation takes place when different ideas,
perceptions, and ways of processing and judging information collide.

Source: Putting Your Company's Whole Brain to Work in
Harvard Business Review on Breakthrough Thinking (1999)

3 policies of globalization

  1. liberalization
    (opens up the economy to foreign business interest by
    removing economic restrictions such as trade barriers)
  2. deregulation
    (lessens, simplifies or removes government
    restrictions on local or foreign businesses)
  3. privatization or denationalization
    (transfers government control of a corporation to the private sector)


Exhibit is intended for viewing.
But very few exhibits in CAS serve their purpose.
The presentation itself is too text heavy,
not to mention the blurred photos
and the very small font size for the captions.
No one even notices the exhibit.
The substance is there but it doesn't draw attention.
Therefore, it defeats its entire purpose.
So what's the point of having one.
In the end, no one appreciates their effort.
Not even the very people who mounted it.
Sayang ang glue.
Sayang ang espasyo.
Sayang ang oras.
Sayang ang preparasyon.
Sayang ang press release.
An exhibit doesn't have to be expensive and exaggerated.
But it has to have an impact in terms of substance
and presentation to merit public viewing and appreciation.


  • metamorphosis = banyuhay (bagong anyo ng buhay)
  • Che Guevara calls for the creation of a "New Man" who*:
    -must not be enslaved/alienated by the machine
    -must have an education related with production
    -must possess collective consciousness
    -must pursue and promote liberating arts and culture
    -must be selflessly dedicated to act for the betterment of the society


*based on Che Guevara and the New Socialist Man by Dr. Ed Villegas

Commendations for doing well in class

DS 128 (HRD): Guevarra, Bongolan
DS 126 (Politics & Governance): Gomez, Rivera, Labayen, Villegas
DS 112 (Third World): Rodriguez, Torres, Balanag
DS 100 (Development Models): Lara, Advani, Eguico


Thursday, December 27, 2007


Malapit na ang eleksyon sa UP Manila.
Para sa mga interesado (o mapipilitang) kumandidato,
tiyaking alamin ang mga isyu sa loob at labas ng pamantasan.
Magbasa. Magsuri. Gawing "aklat" at "pamantasan" ang lipunan.

Kulturang Middle-Class!

  • Huwag gawing hanap-buhay ang binyag ng iyong anak.
    (12 ninong at 12 ninang)
  • Huwag masamain kung puro baso ang regalo sa iyong kasal.
    (P50 isang set)
  • Huwag pilitin ang mga kakilala na bumili ng kung anumang
    ibinebenta mo kung 'di naman talaga sila interesado.
    (Vita-Plus, Avon, Forever Living Products, etc.)


  • ayuda = aid
  • kangkong = water spinach
  • isang kahig, isang tuka = hand-to-mouth existence
  • kalakalang pakyaw(an) = wholesale trade
  • kalakalang (pagti)tingi = retail trade

3 ismong laganap sa mga peti-burgis

  1. Karerismo
    (career bilang sentro ng kanilang pag-iral)
  2. Barkadismo
    (pagsasayang ng oras ng bawat araw kasama
    ang barkadang lutang at walang kabuluhan)
  3. Indibidwalismo
    (siya bilang "sentro ng mundo";
    katunggali ng kolektibong kamalayan)


Isang makabuluhan at mapagpalayang bagong taon sa lahat!
(maliban ulit sa mga kasangkot sa katiwalian sa Olympus)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kulturang Brat at Buhay Kikay!

Most students in many exclusive schools
are apathetic about socio-political issues because
of their (1) family's culture of affluence,
(2) school's conservative curricula,
and (3) peer's culture of decadence.*
These three insulate them from the the harsh
social realities that afflict the marginalized.
Let us not allow UP to experience the same fate.

*Merriam-Webster defines decadent as
a : marked by decay or decline
b : characterized by or appealing to self-indulgence

Wikipedia defines decadent as someone lacking moral and intellectual discipline.

Random Points

  • Anger is just a letter away from danger.
  • The film Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo has a strong
    ethnic bias against Visayans (structural violence).
  • In the earlier days of the Internet, www used
    to stood for world wide wait.
  • Activists do not conform to the idea that art should
    be pursued for its own sake. Art, for them, should serve
    as an instrument to advance meaningful social change.
  • It is part of the Global North's policy to export its pollution
    by transfering its pollution-laden manufacturing plants
    & dumping its e-wastes to the Global South.
  • UP is a contradiction. It claims to be an advocate of social
    justice but most of its course curricula prove otherwise.
    Very little emphasis, if not none at all, is accorded to the
    discussion and application of accountability, ethics and justice.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Recommended blogsites

  • (Raymond Palatino)
  • (Teo Marasigan)
  • (Rolando Tolentino)


  • katiwaldas (tumutukoy sa inaakalang katiwala
    pero bantay-salakay pala)
  • "medyas" (tumutukoy sa 'di masarap na sabaw)
  • pakbet (tumutukoy sa popular na ulam ng mga Ilokano)
  • pinakbet (tumutukoy sa ibang klase ng luto na
    halaw sa Ilokano pakbet, halimbawa: Tagalog pinakbet,
    Kapampangan pinakbet, Bikolano pinakbet, etc.)

Relevance of the Old General Education Program

  • provides holistic education, i.e. natural sciences,
    social sciences, communication, and humanities, etc.
    (so that students will not only be technical experts)
  • inculcates the value of social justice
    (so that the students will become socially aware and accountable)
  • standardizes UP students' general education
    regardless of one's degree program or campus
    (but the RGEP changed that since students can
    more or less choose their preferred subjects already,
    which sometimes leads to unnecessary duplications)


Required reading for all my students:

Facts and figures posted at
World Health Organization (WHO) website

8 S of Medical Tourism

swedish & siatzu massage
social inequity/social divide
(between paying foreign tourists and poor Filipinos
with respect to access to quality health care)


  1. improves one's writing and thinking skills
  2. forces one to read and learn more
  3. contributes to the literature
  4. defines one's ideological perspective
  5. promotes counter-establishment ideas
  6. gives one a sense of accomplishment
  7. provides one a venue to raise his/her personal or social concerns
  8. robs one of the chance to do other things
  9. allows one to show-off
  10. creates an illusion that one is the center of the universe

Intellectual pastime?

  • Instead of contributing to
    solve social problems, many social
    scientists are guilty of mystifying them (waste of brain cells?).
    It only worsens the society's
    already deplorable situation.
    Deliberately or otherwise, they are making
    the lives of the afflicted people more difficult by
    preventing them from arriving at the right solution.

  • Professors shouldn't reduce the social sciences
    to mere intellectual pastime.
    By doing so, they are rendering the
    potentially useful set of disciplines useless.


"The philosophers have only interpreted the world,
in various ways. The point however is to change it."

"Without revolutionary theory,
there can be no revolutionary movement."

"Everything new comes from the
forge of hard and bitter struggle."

Social Technologies

According to Prof. Erle Frayne Argonza*, social technologies include:
  • project evaluation tools
  • community organizing tools
  • rapid appraisal tools
  • enterprise development tools
  • institution-building tools
  • social marketing tools
  • gender empowerment tools

*Prof. Argonza is a graduate of AB Sociology (UP) and MA Development
Studies (DLSU), and a former professor of Development Studies in UP Manila.
His blog address is

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


  • net export (export > import)
  • budget (concrete manifestation of priority)
  • net satisfaction (satisfaction minus dissatisfaction)
  • biography/autobiography/oral history (creative non-fiction)
  • praxis (theory + practice)
  • oil ("black gold")
  • lazy (motivationally deficient)
  • astropolitics (study of space politics and policy)
  • social technology (social network, social capital)


Hindi hiwalay ang pakikibaka ng mga mag-aaral sa pakikibaka
ng mga katutubo, magsasaka, namamalakaya at manggagawa.
Gawin nating aklat ang lipunan sapagkat
ito ang tunay na paaralan ng karanasan.

Deals made in hell.

Without a firm conviction grounded on nationalism,
Filipinos will continue to be subjected to unequal & onerous
terms in its bilateral & multilateral deals with other countries.
By and large, it is the marginalized who experience the adverse impact
considering their already vulnerable political and economic situation.

Monday, December 17, 2007

No assignments

No assignments over the Christmas break
But continue learning new things every day


  • GMA's 4th quarter net satisfaction rating
    dropped to -16% from -11% in the previous round.
  • It seems that her 2008 plan is to resort to more populist
    actions to redeem her record low approval rating.
    Take note of the Estrada pardon, sympathy to the Sumilao farmers,
    rescinded release of Jalosjos, X'mas bonus to gov't workers, etc.
  • In her 2001 SONA, Gloria said that she cannot grow taller
    but claimed she can always get better. Talaga lang ha?

Land Reform vs. Agrarian Reform

  • Land reform (land redistribution only)
  • Agrarian reform (land redistribution + access to credit +
    infrastructural support + training + empowering framework, etc.)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Economics of Information and Attention

Napakarami pa nating dapat matutunan.
Marami ay hindi mahalaga sa ngayon
pero magagamit sa hinaharap.
Ang iba naman ay hindi talaga mahalaga. Basura, kumbaga.

Napakaraming dapat malaman.
Pero limitado lamang ang ating oras at atensyon.

Due to the explosion of information,
human attention has become a scarce commodity.
Professors should be conscious of this fact.

Attention Economics: Human attention is a scarce commodity

"In an information-rich world, the wealth of information
means a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes.

What information consumes is rather obvious:
it consumes the attention of its recipients.

Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention
and a need to allocate that attention efficiently
among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it."

-Herbert Simon

Learning Process

  1. Infoload (in light of the information explosion)
  2. Integrate, do not compartmentalize
    (considering the interconnectedness of disciplines)
  3. Analyze (either to affirm or debunk ideas)
  4. Actualize (in order to reinforce learning and
    maximize the usefulness of information)


The human rights of the indigenous people rest on the following:
  • right to their ancestral land (lupang ninuno)
  • right to self-determination (karapatan sa sariling pagpapasya)
    which includes the right to cultural freedom,
    right to practice their indigenous economic,
    political and knowledge systems, etc.


  • parasitic singles (people who live with their parents
    or "family of orientation" until their late 20's to early 30's
    or even beyond to enjoy ease and live worry-free)
  • parasitic couples + their children (same goal as
    the parasitic singles but are more burdensome to parents)

Alienation in a capitalist system

  • Alienation from oneself (over-specialization
    alienates the workers from developing their full human potential)
  • Alienation from fellow workers (the system alienates the
    workers from their fellow workers to suppress unionism)
  • Alienation from the product (due to the division of labor,
    the worker can't claim to have produced the goods in its entirety;
    because of low salary, the workers cannot buy
    the product which they themselves produced

mode of production

mode of production =
forces of production
social relations of production

  • forces of production (labor, technology, building, land, etc.)
  • social relations of production (relations between social classes,
    e.g. capitalists and workers; landowner and landtillers)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sectors of the Economy

  1. Primary (agriculture sector)
    crop, fishery, poultry, livestock
  2. Secondary (industry sector)
    mining, manufacturing, construction, electricity, water
  3. Tertiary (service sector)
    transport, communication, storage, trade (retail & wholesale)
    finance, real estate, private services, government services

Suggested websites (DS 100, DS 126, DS 112, NSTP)

Fourth branch of the government

  1. Executive (principally law implementation)
  2. Legislative (principally law making)
  3. Judiciary (principally law interpretation)
  4. may refer to any of the following:
  • Media (check & balance role)
  • Civil Service/Bureaucracy (the rank & file; independent
    or non-partisan administrative agencies)
  • Interest groups (may influence the 3 branches)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Maligaya at mapayapang Pasko sa lahat.
(maliban sa mga sangkot sa anumalya ng ghost employees sa "Olympus")

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sikaping tapusin ang thesis sa takdang oras.
Responsibilidad ninyo ito sa taong-bayan na
bumabalikat ng malaking bahagi ng inyong matrikula.
Karangalan din ng inyong mga magulang
na kayo ay makatapos sa kolehiyo.
Sa personal na antas, ito ay isang bagay na inyong maipagmamalaki.

Considerations in the recruitment of DSS faculty

  • UP graduate
  • post-graduate degree (M.A./Ph.D.)
  • publication (manuscript, peer-reviewed article, book)
  • conferences organized/attended (as participant/speaker)
  • score in the teaching demo (content, organization, delivery)
  • membership to professional/academic associations is an advantage
  • teaching experience in college is also an advantage

Functions of Human Resource Development Office (in coordination with the other offices)

  1. balance the interest of the employers & employees
  2. assure the match between worker's skills & company's needs
  3. undertake asset mapping to determine worker's key competencies
  4. create an enabling environment to ensure efficiency & effectiveness
  5. respond to the needs & concerns of the employees
  6. ensure the culture of professionalism in the organization
  7. prepare & assist the workforce manage change
  8. provide learning opportunities to the workers
  9. provide training interventions to boost worker's capabilities
  10. promote a humane & just organizational culture to retain workers

Economic Forecast of Prof. Benjamin Diokno

Economic Forecast of Prof. Benjamin Diokno

  • GDP growth in '08 will be lower than '07
  • peso will continue to appreciate
  • exports will be sluggish
  • local companies will be less competitive
  • economic growth will be driven by private consumption
    (attributed largely to OFW remittances)
  • inflation will be higher
  • oil prices will increase
  • OFW remittances will increase
    (but would be offset by peso appreciation and inflation)
  • government consumption will go down
    (due the policy to balance the budget, which is contractionary)
  • investment-to-GDP ratio will continue to be low
    (due to political uncertainty in the Philippines and
    the credit crisis in U.S.)
  • agriculture will continue to be dependent on the weather
  • manufacture will continue to be sluggish
  • foreclosures will increase (OFWs would have difficulty
    amortizing their housing loans due to peso appreciation)

(Source: Fearless forecast for 2008 by Benjamin Diokno,
Business World, 13 December 2007)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


  • Bakit masyadong mahal ang Vita-Plus?
  • Bakit walang libreng LCD na maaaring ipahiram
    sa mga mag-aaral tuwing may programa sila sa L.T.?
  • Bakit matagal matapos ang CAS entrance (brick wall)?
  • Bakit magkaiba ang ipinapatupad na patakaran
    sa pagliban
    sa klase ng propesor at mag-aaral?
    Kapag lumabis sa pagliban ang mag-aaral
    ay dropped ang hatol sa kanya.
    Samantalang marami sa mga propesor ang umaabuso sa
    tila maluwag na patakaran ng pamantasan ukol sa pagliban.

    Aba naman! 'Di makatarungan!

Not just armchair activists

True activists believe that
dissent without action
is consent

True activists contend that
consultation without consent
is tokenism.


The study of past events shouldn't be done for its own sake.
History should appropriately serve as a tool to solve present social
problems and contribute to prevent future untoward events to arise.
Professors should know this first and foremost.


3 D's that characterize some overseas jobs
  • dirty (literal)
  • dangerous
  • demoralizing

Orthodox (ultra-conservative) religions are against DEATH.
  • D-divorce
  • E-euthanasia
  • A-abortion
  • T-total fertility control
  • H-homosexuality

ABC of HIV-AIDS prevention
  • Abstinence
  • Be faithful
  • Condom use

Call for a heightened judicial activism

Out of the 15 Supreme Court justices, 12 are Gloria appointees.

By 2010, the illegal occupant in the Palace
would have appointed all the 15 justices already.

The High Court should continue to uphold judicial activism
considering the undue indiscretions of the
Palace, the Lower House and the state security forces.


Professors are people who earn money by complicating simple ideas.

They are also trained to talk or write lengthily about
something which can actually be discussed comprehensively
in less than 10 minutes or 5 short paragraphs.

There are also no boring subjects, only boring teachers. Period!

Human Development

The United Nations (UN) defines human development
as the process of expanding the set of human choices.
Poverty, therefore, is the lack of choice.

random points

  • Despite Lim's take-over in Manila,
    the city remains a crime haven.
  • Lito Atienza should be in the tourism department,
    not in the DENR portfolio.
  • Gloria's vow to achieve "zero political violence"
    for the remainder of her term is wishful thinking.
  • According to the grapevine, Binay is considering
    to run for the vice-presidency.
  • Revilla is a celebrity pretending to be senator
    while Escudero is a senator pretending to be a celebrity.


The disagreement of most nurses to JPEPA is based only on their
personal economic interest, not for a greater cause.
The resistance to JPEPA should be firmly anchored
on nationalism and aggressively pursued through collective struggle.


Hungry stomach knows no law.

Voltez V and Daimos promote Japanese militarism
among the youth.
-Renato Constantino

Dominance is the corollary of dependence.
-Michael Todaro

Most of us still live under a culture of fixed
salaries and regular employment.
Let us launch the entrepreneural revolution now!
-Manny Villar

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WOW (WOE!) Philippines

Corruption is rampant in the public works (DPWH)
and revenue agencies (BoC, BIR, LTO).
No doubt the Philippines lags behind in terms of
infrastructural development and fiscal independence.

Commercialization of Healthcare

"When capitalists start putting money ahead of humanity,
the noble profession of medicine loses its luster."
-Philippine Star columnist Boo Chanco

Monday, December 10, 2007

Glossary from Contemporary Management (Jones, George & Hill)

  • career plateau: a position from which the chances of being
    promoted or obtaining a more responsible job are slight.
  • benchmarking: comparing performance on specific dimensions
    with the performance of high-performing organizations.
  • satisficing: searching for and choosing an acceptable, or
    satisfactory response to problems and opportunities,
    rather than trying to make the best decision.
  • social audit: a tool that allows managers to analyze the profitability
    and social returns of socially responsible actions.
  • self-efficacy: a person's belief about his or her ability
    to perform a behavior or a task successfully.
  • whistle-blower: a person who reports illegal or unethical behavior.
  • problem-focused coping: the actions people take
    to deal directly with the source of their stress.
  • organizational politics: activities that managers engage in to
    increase their power and to use power effectively to achieve their
    goals and overcome resistance or opposition.
  • management: the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of
    resources to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently.
  • grapevine: an informal communication network along
    which unofficial information flows
  • filtering: withholding part of a message out of the mistaken belief
    that the receiver does not need or will not want the information.

Intergenerational Responsibility

Honest Filipinos pay their taxes to the government
to support the education of the younger generation.
When they were younger, their education was also subsidized
by the government through the taxes paid by their elderly.

The same is true for today's young activists.
They continue the struggle of the activists of long ago
to pursue genuine social change so that the future generation
will not inherit a decadent and an unjust society.

Pinakamataas na pagpupugay para sa inyo!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Press release lang!

UP Manila calls itself as the health science center
of the country. But is it really active in promoting
and ensuring the health of its own constituency?
Many UP Manilans (even doctors, health students
and physical fitness professors) are actually obese,
hypertensive and diabetic.
-a disaster in waiting, so to speak.

Walk the Talk!

Huwag tatakbo sa konseho kung
hindi rin lang mapapangatawanan
ang responsibilidad 'pag nanalo.
Huwag maging isang tuod.
Huwag maging isang singaw.
Huwag maging isang malaking press release.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


In a speech in London, Gloria said that she's
a good economist but a very bad politician.


She isn't a good economist. The economic divide
in the Philippines is too glaring to ignore.
Good economics gives heavy premium to equity.

She isn't a very bad politician either.
She is in fact a consumate trapo.
Her staying power thru the use
of money, machinery and mayhem
is a testament to this.

Pekeng ngiti.
Pekeng demokrasya.
Pekeng pangulo.

Her removal from office is not the
ultimate panacea to the problems
that beset the country and its people.

BUT it is certainly the right beginning.

(Post)Modern Organization

  • flexi-schedule
  • paperless/electronic/digital
  • informatics
  • ergonomic
  • flat organizational structure
  • decentralized
  • multi-tasking
  • labor flexibility
  • portfolio worker (possess a portfolio of skills that
    enables him/her to attract outsourced, consultancy work)
  • home office

Issues and problems confronting the Filipino peasants

  1. long history of landlessness
  2. rampant land-use conversion
    (from agricultural to residential, leisure or industrial complex)
  3. bogus land reform program of the government
  4. elitist justice system
  5. rampant landgrabbing
  6. high cost of farm inputs
  7. low technology
  8. poor infrastructure (farm-to-market road,
    irrigation system, post-harvest facilities)
  9. influx of GMOs
  10. influx of transnational corporate interest (pesticide, fertilizer)
  11. contract growing, monocropping imposed by TNCs
    (reducing the country to a 'banana republic')
  12. unfair trade regime
  13. subsidies accorded by the foreign
    governments to their local farmers
  14. rampant dumping (at a cheaper price due to #10)
  15. insufficient or lack of access to credit facilities
  16. usury (loansharks or 5/6)
  17. warlordism, militarization in the countryside
  18. depletion of soil nutrient (results in low productivity)
  19. climate change
  20. bureaucrat capitalism (deeply entrenched economic interest
    of the landowning elites in policymaking)
  21. impending passage of the farmland as loan collateral bill
  22. low budget allocation to agricultural development
  23. culture of defeat (hopelessness, disempowerment)
  24. feudal culture (relasyong amo-alalay)
  25. poverty and underdevelopment


  • symposium (sampaksaan)
  • political science (dalubbanwahan)
  • stability (katatagan)
  • telephone (hatinig)
  • synergy (sanib-lakas)
  • empowerment (pagsasakapangyarihan)
  • bill (panukalang batas)
  • concept (dalumat)
  • bureau (kawanihan)
  • storm (sigwa)

Paradigm Shift

  • retributive justice to restorative justice
  • gross national product to gross national happiness
  • eurocentric historiography to pantayong pananaw
  • giantism to "small is beautiful"
  • management by objectives to management by culture


si elena. si elena peminista. peminista sa teorya. 'di sa praktika.
si george. si geoge aktibista. aktibista sa teorya. 'di sa praktika.
si cindy. si cindy kristyano. kristyano sa teorya. 'di sa praktika.
si lee. si lee iskolar ng bayan. iskolar ng bayan sa teorya. 'di sa praktika.
si ely. si ely lingkod-bayan. lingkod-bayan sa teorya. 'di sa praktika.
sabi ni mao, baog ang teorya kung 'di nilakipan ng praktika.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Youth unemployment in the Philippines

32.2% and 18.4% of the unemployed in 2006 were
highschool and college graduates, respectively (ADB data).

It can be attributed to the following:
  • job-education mismatch
  • available jobs are project basis only
  • lack of job experience
  • declining quality of education
  • rampant contractualization and labor flexibility
  • low self-esteem, culture of defeat

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hunting Season

Ayon sa isang may kasanayan sa advertising,
magandang pagkakataon ang Enero upang agresibong
manghimok ng tao dahil bulnerable silang maakit agad.
Dahil simula ito ng taon, ang mga tao ay karaniwang naghahanap
ng pagbabago, pagkakaabalahan o sasalihan.
Maging kritikal.


Pagkilala kay Reginald Vallejos para sa kanyang
makabuluhang ambag sa pagbabagong panlipunan
sa pamantasan at mga komunidad
  • AB Development Studies, UP Manila
  • Best Thesis Award (2006), Development Studies Program
  • Advisory Council, Nat'l Network of Agrarian Reform Advocates
  • Instructor III, University of Makati
  • Volunteer facilitator, DevStud Practicum Program
  • Project & Events Officer, Center for People
    Empowerment in Governance

Famous tourism tagline/slogan

  • WOW Philippines
  • Amazing Thailand
  • Uniquely Singapore
  • Malaysia Truly Asia
  • Incredible India
  • Korea, Sparkling

Some acronyms

SSA (sub-Saharan Africa)
LUC (land use conversion)
WAD (women and development)
GAD (gender and development)
SD (sustainable development)
SHD (sustainable human development)
WOW Philippines (wealth of wonders)
POW (prisoners of war)
WMD (weapons of mass destruction)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Ang hanay ng oposisyon sa bansa ay tila mga kabayong humihila ng
isang karwahe pero tumatakbo patungo sa iba't ibang direksyon.
Kanya-kanyang plano. Kanya-kanyang diskarte.
Sa kanilang kawalan ng pagkakaisa humuhugot ng lakas si Gloria.
Ang hamon sa oposisyon ay bumuo ng isang malakas na daluyong.


  • According to cultural anthropologists, food is the only material
    culture that becomes part of our physiological composition.
  • According to my Anthropology 185 professor, kare-kare is the
    most "sinful food" for the health conscious.
    (maalat dahil sa bagoong, matamis dahil sa peanut butter
    at makolesterol dahil sa taba)
  • The slow food philosophy is an anti-thesis to the
    fast food culture that dominates the society.

College Education

The latent function of college education is to keep a large
volume of potential job seekers busy for 3-5 years
in order to avoid saturating the job market with applicants.


  • "I don't find the homilies of many priests
    substantial nor interesting."
    -an English professor
  • "Ang manok na nakatali ay madaling hulihin."
    -mang-aagaw ng may karelasyon
  • "Death qualifies as a natural purifier."
    -Condrado de Quiros
  • "The House of Representatives is not so representative."
    -Sheila Coronel
  • "Kung wala rin lang maitutulong,
    huwag na maging pabigat pa."
    -Home Economics teacher
  • "Criticism is an act of patriotism."
    -Nestor Mata

13 Key Elements of Development (Ponsaran)

  1. participatory democracy
  2. activist state
  3. economic justice
  4. genuine agrarian reform (not only land reform)
  5. sustainable environmental management
  6. appropriate technology
  7. liberal education
  8. gender sensitivity
  9. cultural freedom
  10. health expectancy (not only life expectancy)
  11. positive peace (not just the absence of war)
  12. balance between nationalism & internationalism
  13. self-esteem

5 Pillars of the Criminal Justice System (CJS)

  1. Law Enforcement
  2. Court
  3. Prosecution
  4. Penology
  5. Community

Arroyo's 4 P's to win political support

  1. Pork
  2. Perks
  3. Position
  4. Promotion

Some acronyms

  • QOL (quality of life)
  • CSC (criticism and self-criticism)
  • MLM (Marxism-Leninism-Maoism)
  • NIMBY (not in my backyard)
  • WIP (work in progress)
  • RRL (review of related literature)
  • SICA (social investigation & class analysis)
  • OPH (oil price hike)
  • IBP (imperialismo, burukrata kapitalismo & pyudalismo)
  • AOM (arouse, organize, mobilize)
  • IGP (income generating projects)
  • OTOP (one town, one product)
  • HIPC (highly indebted poor countries)
  • PO (people's organizations)
  • ICC (indigenous cultural communities)
  • SALNW (statement of assets, liabilities & net worth)
  • SSL (salary standardization law)
  • HYV (high yielding variety)
  • CBD (central business district)
  • KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • IRR (implementing rules and regulations)
  • MSME (medium, small and micro enterprises)

Counter-culture within the Roman Catholic faith

Feminist theology:

  • Gender sensitivity
  • Social justice
  • "Sa ngalan ng Ama, ng Ina, ng Anak at ng Espiritu Santo. Amen"

Liberation theology:

  • Jesus Christ as liberator of the oppressed
  • Social justice
  • Marxism

Black theology:

  • Black liberation
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Social justice

Monday, December 03, 2007


dalubhasaan (college)
dalub-guro (professor)
dalub-agham (scientist)
dalub-aral (scholar)
dalub-katha (obramaestra)

Relevant Sites

Sunday, December 02, 2007


  • "impeach me" (conspiracy in filing a weak impeachment
    complaint against GMA to shield her from a stronger complaint
    from the opposition)
  • "me-media" (myspace, blogspot, facebook, livejournal)
  • "me generation" (self-absorbed, career-oriented, values individuality)

Global South from the perspective of the Global North

  1. source of raw materials
  2. supplier of cheap and docile labor force
  3. dumping ground of its excess commodities
  4. repository of its toxic wastes
  5. launching pad/venue of its war of aggression
  6. extension of its Mcdonaldized culture

Cold War: It was a bipolar world

  • proxy war (SoKor vs. NoKor; South Vietnam vs. North Vietnam)
  • space war (Sputnik vs. Explorer)
  • propaganda war (Hulk Hogan vs. Nikolai Volkoff of WWF; James Bond)
  • arms race (leading to the balance of power/terror)
  • espionage (CIA vs. KGB)


  • Lalong lalaganap ang Filipina eurogamy sa bansa. Tumutukoy ito
    sa pag-aasawa ng mga Filipina ng mga taga-Kanluran upang
    makaahon sila at ang kanilang pamilya mula sa kahirapan.
  • Patuloy na dadami ang mga lactivists (lactation activists).
    Tumutukoy ito sa mga nagsusulong ng kultura ng pagpapasuso
    ng gatas ng ina sa mga sanggol sa halip na formula milk.
  • Higit na iigting ang image war sa pulitika, ekonomya at kultura.
    Dahil dito ay mas lalakas ang advertising industry sa hinaharap.