Monday, December 10, 2007

Glossary from Contemporary Management (Jones, George & Hill)

  • career plateau: a position from which the chances of being
    promoted or obtaining a more responsible job are slight.
  • benchmarking: comparing performance on specific dimensions
    with the performance of high-performing organizations.
  • satisficing: searching for and choosing an acceptable, or
    satisfactory response to problems and opportunities,
    rather than trying to make the best decision.
  • social audit: a tool that allows managers to analyze the profitability
    and social returns of socially responsible actions.
  • self-efficacy: a person's belief about his or her ability
    to perform a behavior or a task successfully.
  • whistle-blower: a person who reports illegal or unethical behavior.
  • problem-focused coping: the actions people take
    to deal directly with the source of their stress.
  • organizational politics: activities that managers engage in to
    increase their power and to use power effectively to achieve their
    goals and overcome resistance or opposition.
  • management: the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of
    resources to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently.
  • grapevine: an informal communication network along
    which unofficial information flows
  • filtering: withholding part of a message out of the mistaken belief
    that the receiver does not need or will not want the information.