Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - research agenda per discipline/field, printed copy of the interview request and questionnaire (last chance to comply)
DS 121 - teambuilding (Philippine elections, voters education), optional concept map (enabling/disabling conditions)
DS 126 - devcom strategies output, study task on Cagayan Vallley Situationer
DS 126 - devcom strategies output, LPS on local government

Please refer to the previous posts for instruction details.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tiyak na tiyak sa boto at pangangampanya ko

Neri Colmenares
Sulong Katribu Partylist

DS 126 task

Form a pair.
Choose a topic below.
Enumerate 15 specific development communication strategies that will promote among the public a particular social advocacy listed below.  No duplication per section.
List of topics:
Indigenous pest management
Indigenous vegetable
Indigenous rice
Malunggay propagation
Corn as alternative to rice
Anti-political dynasty
Anti-red tape
Safe and sustainable toys
Bioremediation (pollution control)
Biocontrol (pest control)
Slow food movement
Slow city movement
Food justice
Water justice
Tax justice
Debt justice
Savings consciousness
Gender mainstreaming in disaster risk reduction
Community medicine
Integrative medicine
Primary health care
Newborn screening
Reduction of sugar consumption
Reduction of salt consumption

This task requires you to be conscious/familiar with development communication as an approach, your chosen advocacy and target audience, and other important factors in the socio-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural contexts of the Philippine society.

Please research and conceptualize well.  This output is equivalent to a long exam.

Sugarcane ++

I chanced upon a beverage kiosk selling pure sugarcane juice and other variants such as:
tubo green apple
tubo buko
tubo carrot
tubo mango
tubo calamansi

#sanamaytubocranberry #okayatubokiwifruit #burgisburgisan

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Paalala (updated)

I will not hold classes tomorrow (October 30, Friday).  Some students requested for it to enable them to go to their respective provinces earlier in commemoration of the annual Undas. Please inform the rest.

P.S. Huwag makipag-agawan ng tunaw na kandila sa mga bata. Matatanda na kayo! Kbyetnx.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DS 126 likas-kaya LPS

Constitutional provisions on local government

DS 126 pananagutan class

Research and study contemporary social issues in Cagayan Valley.


Form a group with three responsible members (color coded, no duplication)
Choose a field from the list below.
Enumerate 10 trailblazing research works (complete title) about your chosen Philippine contemporary social science field.
Write the list in a manila paper (must be large enough to seen).
Study and analyze the list very well.
Prepare to report your analysis in front.
Integrate your lessons in DS 199.1 under Profs Vallejos, Pantig, Mesina and Linatoc.
Stern warning: Arrive on time.
Topic list:
Political Science
Political Economy
Development Studies
Social Work
Community Development
Gender Studies
Migration Studies
International Studies
Media Studies

DS 121 teambuilding

Red - Allerite, Virtucio, Munoz
Black - Andrade, Punzalan, Manio
White - Aquino, Villatuna, Majarreis
Green - Arada, Valdez, Mojica
Yellow - Besana, Pamoso, Reena Dela Cruz
Orange - Celestino, Olmo, Manahan
Brown - Cuya, Pineda, Marin
Gray - Daez, Tison, Fabella
Pink - Nalus, Murillo, Lim
Blue - Ocbina, Mendoza, Martinez
Maroon - Dayrit, Ferrancol, Feliciano
Stripes or Safari :) - Doropan, Guban, Charmaine Dela Cruz
Team Alumni - Gavino, Garvida, Bunao

Coverage: Philippine elections, voters education
Research and study well.  No to social loafers and free riders.
Present one cosplay per team.  No duplication of character.

Monday, October 26, 2015

SS 120

Submit a printed copy of your letter of interview request and questionnaire for your group's health and society AVP which we postponed in DS 112 last semester. Please refer to this throwback post to remind you:

For those who are done with the interview, start editing your videos and incorporate appropriate background music, photo insets, video footages, floaters and subtitles.

This project is part of our program's effort in advocating for health literacy and health justice through critical health social sciences.

#AVP2.0 #badcopmode:on #beastmode:on


Prepare well for the following:
Team building (research) - SS 120
LPS based on the speech subtopics (poverty) - DS 121
Modified LPS (devcom) - DS 126
Modified LPS (devcom) - DS 126

Please arrive on time.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

"Theory-practice gap" (updated)

Theory-practice gap manifests in three ways:
- failure of the theory to make sense of/reflect/understand/analyze the social reality
- practice failed to apply the lessons drawn from the theory
- theory failed to adapt based on the lessons derived from actual practice/experience.


theory + practice
reflection + action
paradigm + practice

Mema, ibasura!

To reiterate, Diwang Palaboy gives high rating to well-researched and well-conceptualized outputs.

Tuesday agenda (updated)

SS 120 - team building (research), 6-word stories (diploma mill, research ethics, disaster myth), editorial cartoon on cultural disaster, sociological cartoon (risk management), dagli (lokal na industriya)

DS 121 - poverty speech, 6-word stories (poor on trial, environmental ethics, disaster psychiatry), study tasks (poverty from the lens of sociology, NAPC website), editorial cartoon on cultural disaster, sociological cartoon (communication crisis management)

DS 126 pananagutan - modified LPS on development communication, 6-word stories (modern form of electoral cheating, judicial ethics), editorial cartoon on cultural disaster, sociological cartoon (change management)

DS 126 likas-kaya - modified LPS on development communication, 6-word stories (traditional form of electoral cheating, journalism ethics, disaster journalism), sociological cartoon (diversity management)

Refer to previous posts for instruction details.
Study and prepare well.

SS 120 team building

Team Mesina - black (Deanon*)
Team Vallejos - white (Julio*)
Team Linatoc - red (Nacpil*)
Team  Pantig - green (Tan*)

Coverage: Research culture, research gap, research dissemination, research utilization, SS research
Arrive on time.
Study and prepare well.
Wear your assigned color.
Plus 10 for the winning team.
*team coordinators

Tuesday DS 121 speech

Besana - poverty and poor vision
Celestino - poverty and solo parenting
Daez - poverty and old age
Feliciano - poverty and dengue
Lim - poverty and autism
Majarreis - poverty and criminality
Pamoso - poverty and anthropogenic disaster 
Valdez - poverty and newborn diseases

Research well.
Limit the speech to 6-7 minutes.
Rehearse well.
Assign a classmate-friend who will serve as your cosplayer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Write a six-word story about the following topics:
SS 120 - diploma mill
DS 121 - poor on trial in the Philippine CJS
DS 126 - modern forms of election cheating
DS 126 - traditional forms of election cheating

Research and conceptualize well.

Study task

SS 120 - research dissemination
DS 121 - poverty from the functionalist, conflict and symbolic interactionist perspectives
DS 126 - development communication
DS 126 - development communication

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


SS 120 - do's and don'ts of FGD, KII and participant observation
DS 121 - Natonal Anti-Poverty Commission website
DS 126 - UPLB's College of Development Communication website

Urgent po

DS Seniors, please email your Practicon photos and posters to this year's batch of esteemed jurors.  Kindly refer to my e-mail for details. Be  sure to accomplish this task on or before Wednesday night.

Ponsaran's tentative academic load next semester

Development Studies 100 - Introduction to Development Studies
Development Studies 112 - Third World Development and Underdevelopment
Development Studies 126 - Politico-administrative Institutions and Behavior
Economics 116 - Economies in Asia

Monday, October 19, 2015


"Buti naman may time ka pa rin sa akin!" - thesis


I will not hold classes this Tuesday (October 20).  I will join my fellow full-time faculty in attending  the U-wide GE Conference. Stay safe everyone.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Six-word stories about disaster capitalism and disaster journalism

Kumpanya't gobyerno - puhuna'y kalunos-lunos naming kalagayan. - Musa

For us, calamity. For capitalists, opportunity. - Garcia

But you did not die, right? - Rodriguez

One's misery had become another's profit. - Bartilad

Manhid! Kayo ang pangalawang delubyo namin. - Jacinto

"...burying us deeper than the deepest." - Quinones

Gusto mong tumulong?  Bilihin ka t-shirt. - Cabral

Binaha ng kamera ang binahang pangarap. - E. Medina

DS 126 six-word stories about Aeta and Igorot Sit*

Cameras never capture the bigger picture. - Paja

Pagkakakilanlang inagaw;  Kapalit: barya ng turista. - Musa

Libangan para sa'yo.  Kultura para sa'kin. - Rodriguez

Palaso'y pumupurol sa sikmurang nagmamaktol. - Laguardia

Black and white is for photos. - Cortez

They smiled but their hearts wept. - Mallari

Sa kultura na lang kami mayaman." - Eblacas

Bala ang pumapasok, hindi mga katutubong mag-aaral. - Villela

*Aeta and Igorot Situationer

SS 120*, DS 121* and DS 126 pananagutan class only

Draw an editorial cartoon featuring a cultural disaster in the Philippines using Antipas Delotavo's brand of social realism as frame of analysis.  Please research and conceptualize well.

*no duplication of subtopic

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tatak Devstud speech compilation

All 10 groups, please print three copies of your respective Tatak Devstud speeches on nationalization and national industrialization, and provide an individual copy for Ms Guerrero (sophie), Ms Mojica (junior) and Mr Deanon (senior) this Monday (TNR, font size 12, 1.5 spacing). Once they have returned the edited manuscripts, please assess and implement the necessary corrections as soon as possible. Print the pre-final version and submit a copy to me for final editing and evaluation.  We will compile your speeches and incorporate appropriate graphics/illustrations with the help of our resident artists (Guban, Allerite, Asuncion, Repollo, Bata, Mariano, Krizia Dela Cruz, and Ponsaran #harhar, among others).  Please do not forget to provide an appropriate title for each article.  This speech compilation will eventually form part of our student-generated learning materials for the course.
Topic list
- oil
- electricity
- water
- mining
- food production
- health
- education
- transportation
- housing
- banking

Editors: Pat Guererro, Nicole Mojica and Miguel Deanon
Introduction: Mark Lim
Layout artist: Charles Mariano
Coordinator: Mikey Fabella

Friday, October 16, 2015

Kuya Mark(s)

Tatak Devstud winners

2012 - Villarda, Betito, Reyes
2013 - No Devstud B U?/Tatak DevStud
2014 - David, Aquino, Deanon
2015 - Cortez, Medel, Murillo
2016 - ?

ARTernatibo themes

2012 - Kaunlaran para kanino?
2013 - kalupaan, kagubatan, katubigan
2014 - Asia, Latin America, Africa (under)development
2015 - Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao (under)development
2016 - ?

Please text your suggestions.

Komendasyon para sa ARTernatibo

Freshies (Mindanao)
- pagiging komportable sa entablado sa kabila na ito ang una nilang sabak
- makabuluhang balik-tanaw sa kasaysayan ng Mindanao sa pamamagitan ng voice over*
- dialektikal na pagsasalarawan ng mga isyu sa Timog Pilipinas at paggamit ng kritikal na simbolismo
- pagsasalarawan ng pampolitikang ekonomya ng imperialismo at burukrata kapitalismo na umiiral sa bansa

Sophies (Luzon)
- paggamit ng "footlights"  :)
- ang mga bayaning mag-aaral sa likod ng flashlight at smoke machine :)
- masikhay, makabuluhan at ensayadong sabayang pagbigkas at sayaw-indak interpretatibo
- biyaya ng magagandang boses sa himig ng mga angkop na progresibong awitin
- mahusay na rendisyon ng awiting Dapat Bawiin #tears
- mahusay na pagdadalumat ng mga karakter sa political cosplay (golden rice, buoy, barbed wire)*
- PPT na tatak Jian Santos

Juniors (Visayas)
- mahusay na awiting pambungad  tampok ang kasaysayan at pakikibaka ng mga katutubong babaylan*
- mahusay na pagtatahi-tahi ng istorya tampok ang mga diwata at personipikasyon nilang mga alagad ng pagbabago
- kritikal na pagsasalarawan sa substruktura at superistrukturang nanaig sa Kabisayaan
- masining na pagbuo ng costume at props #yahoo #pagodanasaankana?
- nakakapanindig balahibong isa-isang pagpapakilala sa sarili ng mga karakter hanggang sa humantong ito sa isang malaking daluyong ng taumbayan*

*mga paborito kong bahagi


Formulate a six-word story about the following topics:
SS 120 - research ethics *
DS 121 - environmental ethics*
DS 126 - judicial ethics
DS 126 - journalism ethics*

*No duplication of settings/scenarios

Research and conceptualize well.


Sociological cartoon
SS 120 - risk management (no duplication of settings/scenarios)
DS 121 - communication crisis management (no duplication of settings/scenarios)
DS 126 - change management
DS 126 - diversity management (no duplication of settings/scenarios)

Research and conceptualize well.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Six-word stories about coastal poverty

Namalakaya. Dinayo. Dinaya. Nalugi. Nagdinamita. Namatay. - Celestino

Larger boats came, our community died. - Aquino

No-build zone. No livelihood. Instant death. - Tison

Pumalaot para sa biyaheng walang katiyakan. - Marin

Pumalaot siya para mabuhay. Iniuwing bangkay. - Allerite

Fishing everyday. Still nothing to eat. - R. Dela Cruz

There was storm. They never returned. - Pamoso

Mangingisdang gipit. Pumalaot. Nakahuli. Nagbenta. Nalugi. - Cuya

Declining incomes and increasing financial insecurity. - Valdez

Fishing boats "capsized" by financial debt. - Olmo

Fisherfolks drowned by debt and waves. - Olmo

Poverty attracting poverty due to vulnerability. - Nalus

Six-word stories about corruption

He came. He saw. He stole. - Ponce

"Dito tayo, boss!," said the fixer. - Valle

Tuwid na daan. Puno ng lubak. - Reyes

Ako ang nagbayad (tax).  Iba ang nakinabang. - Abayon

For sale: Ang lawa ng Laguna. - Billones

Literally, every signature has a price. - Kaimoto

Sobre'y dumulas. Dinampot. Bumilis proseso ko. - Rebong

"Baboy" ang pagkain ng mga "buwaya" - Paja

Public office has become family business. - L. Dela Cruz

Tinulungan niya ako. Binoto ko siya. - Rodriguez

Politicians hoarded pork, leaving Filipinos starving. - Mallari

Prevalent political cycle: run then rob. - Espena

Flawed democracy. Failed state. Filled pockets. - Eblacas

Ang mga mamamayang lumalaban, isang-isang nawawala. #desap - Janer

Bury the corpse. Don't ask questions. - Catli

Tatak DevStud

Plus 10 credit points to the winning team

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Formulate a six-word story about the following settings/scenarios
SS 120 - photo voice (Dumagats)
DS 121 - photo voice (upland poverty)
DS 126 - photo voice (Aetas)
DS 126 - photo voice (Cordillerans)

Research and conceptualize well.
Substandard outputs will be penalized with deduction.


Pasasalamat sa mga naging hurado sa nakaraang ARTernatibo:
Prof Mudir Estrella
Mr John Paul Naco
Prof Nikki Gregorio
Ms Ienne Eguico
Prof Rommel Linatoc

Gawain sa AP 121 #DS121

Sumulat ng dagli tampok ang kalagayan ng isang partikular na lokal at tradisyunal  na industriya na sinalanta/pininsala ng pagdagsa ng mga inangkat na kalakal (abaca rope vs nylon, local patis vs Thai patis, Marikina shoes vs shoes made in China at iba pa). Bawal ang duplikasyon ng paksa. Magsaliksik mabuti ukol sa inyong napiling paksa at maging sa tamang paraan ng pagsusulat ng dagli.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Submit a six-word story about the following:
SS 120 - disaster myths
DS 121 - disaster psychiatry
DS 126 - disaster capitalism
DS 126 - disaster journalism

Research and conceptualize well.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

DS 121 and DS 126 (updated)

Prepare for LPS rounds about the Praxis Practicon Exhibit.
Take down notes.
Study and analyze the posters, photos, captions* and artifacts.

*already available

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Development Studies Week 2015 (updated)

Theme: People's Struggle for National Development

Oct 12 (Monday)
- Opening Ceremony (9 am, LT Walk)
- Alternative National Development Forum featuring Bayan Muna Partylist Rep Neri Colmenares
(1-4 pm, LT)

Oct 13 (Tuesday)
- Lumad Struggle for Land and Human Rights (9 am - 12 nn, GAB 301)
- Political Prisoners and Sharon Cabusao Forum organized by Gabriela Youth (9 am - 12 nn, GAB 308)
- ARTernatibo 2015 (Protest Theater)
featuring Luzon (Sophies) | Visayas (Juniors) | Mindanao (Freshies)
(1-4 pm, LT)

Oct 14 (Wednesday)
- Praxis Practicum Conference featuring 13 video documentaries about Philippine rural political economy (8 am - 5 pm, LT)

Oct 15 (Thursday)
- The North Remembers organized by Minggan-UPM (9 am - 12 nn, GAB 303)
- Feeding Lies: a film viewing and educational discussion about GMOs organized by NNARA-Youth (1-4 pm, GAB 301)

Oct 16 (Friday)
- Tatak DevStud (9 am - 12 nn, GAB 301)
- Palarong DevStud (1-4 pm, CAS Quad)

Oct 17 (Saturday)
- People's Culture Forum (9 am - 12 noon, GAB)
- The World is a Classroom Booklaunch by Prof Roland Simbulan (3:30 - 6:30 pm, UP Diliman)

Weeklong Exhibits and Booths:
Praxis Practicum Exhibit, IBON Booksale, Protest Banderistas, Abubooth, DevShot Photobooth

Coordinators: Development Studies Society headed by Ms Eiya Buan, Development Studies Program headed by Prof Reginald Vallejos and partner mass organizations

#magneto2.0 #strongerbraver&morevicious


Formulate a one-liner question about the following concepts:
DS 121 - visual sociology
DS 126 - visual ethnography
DS 126 (OC and PS only) - visual anthropology

Research and conceptualize well.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Poster designers

Mr Jomer Allerite - DS III
Mr Kenneth Murillo - DS III
Mr Charles Mariano - DS IV
Ms Trysh Olives - DS IV
Mr Carlo Tan - DS IV
Mr Jian Santos - DS II
Ms Krizia Dela Cruz - DS IV
Mr John Ponsaran - awkward

Task for Mr Josh Bata

Coffee painting
- Macliing Dulag
- Miguel Malvar
- Crispin Beltran

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tatak Devstud

All speeches must be accompanied by PowerPoint presentations.
Observe the do's and don'ts of PPT presentation.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Submit a six-word story about the following:
SS 120 - practicum experience
DS 121 - coastal poverty (research well)
DS 126 - political corruption (research well)
DS 126 - bureaucratic corruption (research well)

Conceptualize well. Write it in a 1/8 sheet of yellow pad.

DS seniors

Please resend your revised Praxis overall poster, AVP poster, synopsis, and exhibit photos along with their captions as soon as possible.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Friday agenda

SS 120 - Screening of finished AVPs and other deliverables
DS 121 - LPS, graded recitation and long quiz about Cavite (infoload as much as you can)
DS 126 - LPS, graded recitation and long quiz about medical tourism (infoload as much as you can)
DS 126 - LPS, graded recitation and long quiz about advocacy journalism (infoload as much as you can)


Dear Tatak DevStud Quiz Bee and Speech Competition contestants:

Please submit thru e-mail your prepared speech and group poster as soon as possible.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Dear everyone

Please arrive on time tomorrow.

CAS Dean contenders

Prof Ramota
Prof Boncan
Prof Estacio

Saturday, October 03, 2015



Task for SS 120, DS 121, DS 126, DS sophies, DS freshies and DS alumni

Research about the following:
6 F's of tuberculosis
6 S's of common summer diseases
4 S's against dengue
4 P's of birth/labor



Basco (SS 120) - Randy David
Babat (SS 120) - Conrado De Quiros
Dayandante (SS 120) - Peter Wallace
Duenas (SS 120) - Rolando Tolentino 
Leron (SS 120)  - Luis Teodoro
Santiago (SS 120) - Bernard Karganilla
Feliciano (DS 121) - John Nery
Majarreis (DS 121) - Danilo Arao
Daez (DS 121) - Arnold Alamon
Valdez (DS 121) - Walden Bello
Buenaoba (DS 126) - Harry Roque
Garcia (DS 126) - Alex Magno
Nolasco (DS 126) - Michael Tan
Reyes (DS 126) - Teo Marasigan
Liwanag (DS 126) - Lito Banayo
Cagande (DS 126) - Jojo Robles
Basco (DS 126) - Ramon Casiple
Isidoro (DS 126) - Raul Pangalangan
Lagrama (DS 126) - Artemio Panganiban
Reanne Medina (DS 126) - Rina Jimenez-David
Soneja (DS 126) - Solita Monsod
Valle (DS 126) - Mahar Mangahas

Compile and study 10 most recent opinion column articles of your assigned writer (font size 8, Arial Narrow, single spacing). Write an integration paper that focus on the analysis of the author's social philosophy, social advocacy and writing style.  Evaluate also his/her strengths and weaknesses as an opinion columnist  (font size 10, TNR, single spacing). Due this Tuesday.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Tuesday agenda

SS 120 - sociological cartoon (feminist ethnography), one-liner questions (Abueva, Tarog), AVP screening and related deliverables

DS 121 - sociological cartoon (gender-fair language), study tasks (rural sociology, toxic substances), one-liner questions (Roman, Mendoza), 20 enabling and 20 disabling conditions in Luzon and Mindanao development, Visayas map bookmark

DS 126 - sociological cartoon (gender mainstreaming), study task (rural management, ethics), one-liner questions (Nemenzo, Leonard)

DS 126 - sociological cartoon (PCW), study task (rural economics, ethics), one-liner questions (Javier, Moore)

Note: See previous posts for instruction details.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Task (updated)

Formulate a one-liner question addressed to the following:
SS 120 - Jerrold Tarog
DS 121 - Brillante Mendoza
DS 126 - Annie Leonard
DS 126 - Michael Moore


Warning to students who regularly fail to submit class outputs!
Better drop the course!


I will not hold classes today (Oct 2) in SS 120, DS 121 and DS126.


1st batch - Tarlac, Pampanga, Laguna
2nd batch - Talim Island, Bulacan, Negros
3rd batch - Nueva Ecija
4th batch - Ilocos, Pintong Bukawe, Mindoro
5th batch - Bataan, Cavite, Montalban



#liam's3rdmonth #oct4

ARTernatibo 2015

DS freshies - Mindanao (mentor: Prof Vallejos)
DS sophies - Luzon (mentor: Prof Legaspi)
DS juniors - Visayas (mentor: Prof Mesina)

Task for SS 120, DS 121, DS 126 and DS sophies