Friday, October 14, 2011

WB Development Indicators

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Course highlights (to be updated)

  • DS 100 (Development Theories) - 2 sections
    Development theories (mainstream vs. alternative)
    Development concepts
    Development ethics
    Development experience in representative countries in the Global North and Global South
    Globalization, Democracy and Development

  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)
    Philippine health situationer
    Philippine media situationer
    Philippine consumer movement situationer
    Philippine higher education situationer

  • DS 112 (Third World Studies) - 2 sections
    Political geography in the Third World
    Economic geography in the Third World
    Human geography in the Third Word
    Cultural geography in the Third World

  • Econ 116 (Economies of Asia)
    Asia: an economic overview
    TNCs in Asia
    Tourism in Asia
    Marketing in Asia
    Modern China
    Modern India

    National situationer
    Manila situationer
    Sectoral situationers
    Project management of social advocacies

Development Studies Program

  • Prof. Roland Simbulan, MPA (New York Univesity)*
  • Prof. Chester Arcilla, MDE (UP Diliman)*
  • Prof. Allan Joseph Mesina, MEMD (Australian National University)*
  • Prof. Ruth Shane Legaspi (UP Manila)*
  • Dr. Edberto Villegas (UP Diliman)
  • Dr. Leothiny Clavel (UP Diliman)
  • Prof. Silver Sevilla (UP Iloilo)
  • Atty. Karol Sarah Baguilat (UST)
  • Atty. Zorayda Mia Wacnang (Ateneo De Manila University)
  • Prof. John Ponsaran, MPM (UP Open University)*



Salamat sa lahat ng aking mga mag-aaral ngayong semestre na naging katuwang ko sa pag-aaral ng lipunang Pilipino. Salamat sa inyong pang-unawa at kooperasyon. Gamitin natin ang ating mga natutunan sa pamantasan para sa mas ikabubuti ng lahat, lalo na ng mga marhinalisado at bulnerableng sektor sa lipunan.

Inaalay ko ang semestreng ito sa aking namayapang lolo.
Pinakamataas na pagkilala at pagpupugay po para sa inyo.

Monday, October 10, 2011



Ponsaran's load next semester

  • DS 100 (Development Theories) - 2 sections
  • DS 112 (Third World Development) - 2 sections
  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture) - 1 section
  • Econ 116 (Economies of Asia) - 1 section
  • NSTP (Sectoral Studies) - 1 section

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Econ 151 online readings

  • WANTED: High Budget for Mindanao (Habito)
  • Dealing with the bad news (Habito)
  • Blessings in the details (Habito)
  • SMEs for inclusive growth (Habito)
  • Narrowing the gaps in ASEAN (Habito)
  • Assessing Aquinomics: The "Pitik" test (Habito)
  • Updated 'Pitik test" on Aquinomics (Habito)
  • Caught between plunderers and saboteurs (Monsod)
  • Misapprehensions (Monsod)
  • Things to ponder (Wallace)

Oct 10-11

  • Econ 115 = report on the intellectual property situationer in the Philippines (Reyes); AVP viewing about misemployment in the Philippines; continuation of the reporting by pair on marketing concepts
  • DS 123 = AVP viewing featuring Philippine health issues and concerns
  • DS 121 = exam by elimination (topic: MKLRP)
  • DS 126 = exam by elimination (topic: current events - local and global, political and economic)

  • NSTP = cultural presentation
  • DS 127A = graded recitation about sustainable architecture
  • DS 127B = graded recitation about sustainable architecture
  • Econ 151 = exam by elimination (coverage: Philippine economic situationer)

October 7

  • NSTP = economics of education ACLE
  • DS 127A = graded recitation about disaster
  • DS 127B = graded recitation about disaster
    (make-up class for DS 127A and B at the CAS lobby from 10-11:30 am)
  • Econ 151 = long exam (coverage: Habito, Monsod and Wallace articles)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Oct 6

  • Econ 115 = marketing concepts reporting by pair (continuation); face-off
    -PH as semi-feudal and semi-colonial state (Cuervo) vs. PH as a semi-capitalist state (Ciriaco)
    -Merits (More) vs Demerits (Estrella) of BPOs and KPOs
    -Merits (Gumabol) vs. Demerits (Arquiza) of Government Broadband Network
    -Merits (Arnanta) vs. Demerits (Garcia) of 12% VAT on tollways

  • DS 123 = The show and tell of medical-related artifact will not push through anymore
    8:30-9:00 - submission of the last health advisory (choose only one: dental care, sexual health, elderly care, palliative care); submission of the health AVP
    9:00 onward - forum on the political economy of the Philippine foreign policy featuring Prof. Roland Simbulan

  • DS 121 = lecture about the underdevelopment in the judicial system

  • DS 126 = poster advocacy about educational justice