Sunday, October 02, 2011

Oct 6

  • Econ 115 = marketing concepts reporting by pair (continuation); face-off
    -PH as semi-feudal and semi-colonial state (Cuervo) vs. PH as a semi-capitalist state (Ciriaco)
    -Merits (More) vs Demerits (Estrella) of BPOs and KPOs
    -Merits (Gumabol) vs. Demerits (Arquiza) of Government Broadband Network
    -Merits (Arnanta) vs. Demerits (Garcia) of 12% VAT on tollways

  • DS 123 = The show and tell of medical-related artifact will not push through anymore
    8:30-9:00 - submission of the last health advisory (choose only one: dental care, sexual health, elderly care, palliative care); submission of the health AVP
    9:00 onward - forum on the political economy of the Philippine foreign policy featuring Prof. Roland Simbulan

  • DS 121 = lecture about the underdevelopment in the judicial system

  • DS 126 = poster advocacy about educational justice