Sunday, December 29, 2013

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January 7 agenda

DS 100 - long test about current events, individual reporting with 1/4 bond paper hand-outs
Cordero - tanaga 101
Dayandante - newscasting 101
Deanon - flipchart 101
Dela Cruz - editorial cartooning 101
Gray - interviewing 101
Gutierrez - concept mapping 101
Julio - speech writing 101
Leron - political blogging 101
Lim - ethnography 101
Lopez - integration paper 101
Note: Research well, Write in the Critical Development Studies and Critical Social Science contexts, Memorize your speech and practice its delivery, 
Wear black or white, Limit the speech to 6 minutes only.

DS 112 - long test about public health, population health and Third world health

EDM 211 - continuation of the long exam covering the rest of the Nemenzo readings
Redefining Education for the Electronic Age
The Liberal Arts in a Technocratic Society 
The Intellectual as Social Critic

Development Studies 100 and Development Studies 112

The bottom three groups with substandard magazine projects will be penalized by receiving a low grade and by submitting additional compensatory outputs (eg AVP) while the top three groups with commendable magazine projects will be rewarded with a high grade and an exemption from a long exam.


Umiikot taun-taon ang pagiging host family sa 10 magkakapatid ng nanay ko. Siya ang nakatoka ngayong taon. At (no choice) ako ang gumampan bilang game master kuno. Hinati ko sa apat na grupo ang angkan. Narito ang ilang palarong binuo ko ngayong reunion:
- Hari ng harina
- Mr/Mrs Waltermart (If the price is right)
- Picture picture (food and culture edition)
- Nuestro trivia
- Puzzle with a twist
- Katawan sa katawan relay
- Videoke challenge
- Santa Claus relay
- Jack 'n Poy (winner takes all edition)
- Raffle
- Buto buto pick (paramihan ng makakaing poncan at butong maiipon)
- Sino 'to (Body parts edition)
- Lola Ester trivia
- Pot money
- Text me the answer (Ponsaran trivia)


EDM Reading Task

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Maligayang pasko kina Ms Aquino, Mr Santiago, Ms Guiyab, Mr Rumbaoa at sa mga kamag-aral ninyo.  Ganoon din kina Ms Castillo, Mr Cruz, Ms Panagsagan at sa lahat ng dating mag-aaral ng DS1000.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Optional outputs for DS 100, DS 112, EDM 211 and NSTP

Submit original photos with original captions about pressing socio-economic, socio-environmental, socio-political and socio-cultural issues in the Philippines.
Captions may be written in Filipino or English, using concepts and theories related to our subject.
Secure free and prior informed consent (FPIC) if necessary.
E-mail your outputs to on or before January 2.


DS 100, DS 112 - work on your magazine outputs
DS 199.2 - start drafting your thesis
EDM 211 - study the content of the DepEd, TESDA and CHED websites
NSTP - make a cultural lexicon about your community/city/municipality
(A-Z, 1-2 entries per letter, with definition per concept entry, with a photo/drawing per concept entry, cite your sources, flexible format, you may skip letters without possible entry, deadline: January 10)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Writing names (updated)

-Some students even prepare computer print outs of their complete names and paste them on 1/8 sheets, possibly to save on time and give a little ease during short quizzes (e.g. Earle Ceo Abrenica)
-Some students just write their surnames, especially if no other person in class bears the same name (e.g. Ramirez)
- Some student only write their given names presumably for the same reason (e.g. Jomer)
- Some don't write or forget writing their names thereby forfeiting their grade in the process (asar-talo)


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Integration paper

Write a 3-page integration paper (single spacing, TNR) about 5 articles authored by Martin Khor/Sonny Africa/Vandana Shiva/Leonor Briones/James Petras/Amartya Sen/Noam Chomsky/Naomi Klein/Howard Zinn (choose one scholar) using critical international political economy as frame of analysis. Submit your output thru e-mail ( on or before Tuesday next week.
De Jesus
Del Rosario

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Friday agenda

DS 100 - read articles related to urban poverty posted at (refer to the "browse by section or subject" menu), submit an enumeration of 100 socio-economic and socio-political problems and issues that confront the ranks of the Filipino urban poor, also submit an editorial cartoon based on any article featured at
DS 112 A - health cosplay, team building, exchange gift (ROOM: GAB 107)
DS 112 B - health cosplay, team building, exchange gift (ROOM: GAB 105)

Padayon Project

Nakatipon ang Proyektong Padayon ng Development Studies NSTP ng kabuoang halaga na P12,000.
Ito ay ipinambili ng mga sumusunod para sa mga biktima ng bagyong Yolanda:
canned tuna*
chili con carne (pork and beef)*
cereal drinks*
nuts and raisins*
toys and board games*
sanitary kits**

Samantala ang mga binhi naman ng gulay ay ibinahagi sa mga katutubong Mangyan sa pamamagitan ng HAGIBBAT.

Salamat po sa lahat ng nag-ambag at nakiisa.
*ipapamahagi sa pamamagitan ng Tulong Kabataan
**ipapamahagi sa pamamagitan ng Gabriela Youth UPM
***ipapamahagi ng SHS Palo, Leyte sa pamamagitan ni Kamz Deligente

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

EDM 211 take home test

Write your own versions of contemplative essays about "UP in the 21st Century" and "What is Wrong with UP?" based on contemporary social realities in the local and global education arenas. In addition to your other sources, I also encourage you use the following references:
UP Centennial Lecture
Manila Collegian
Philippine Collegian
UP Forum website
UP System website
UPD, UPM, UPLB websites
UP College of Education website education section

This output is to be submitted on Saturday.  I encourage you to submit it via e-mail instead (

Monday, December 09, 2013

NSTP agenda

- Padayon donation drive (AM)
- PSA submission (AM)
- Pasko ng Mahirap, Pasko ng Mayaman rehearsal (AM)
- team building (color coded) - AM
- exchange gift (AM)

- Cinemaralita (PM)

Sunday, December 08, 2013


DS 100 at DS 112 - Husayan ang pagbuo ng proyektong magasin.
EDM 211 - Mag-aral mabuti para sa eksaminasyon.
DS 199.2 - Husayan ang pananaliksik at pagbuo ng tesis
NSTP 2 - Tipunin na ang koleksyon para sa Padayon Project, husayan ang PSA, ensayuhin ang takdang awitin (Pasko ng Mahirap, Pasko ng Mayaman) at ihanda ang pang-exchange gift (may kaugnayan dapat sa DS)

Saturday, December 07, 2013


I recently discovered a plagiarized submission from one of my students this semester.
If you think that you are guilty of this - intended or otherwise, then please consider emailing or texting me or reporting to me personally at the department to clarify and set it right.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Development Studies 100 and 112

Start working on your magazine projects now.
All articles should be originally written.
All segments should be consistent with the Third World/development and critical perspectives.
Articles may be written in Filipino and/or English.
Observe proper syntax in writing.
Research well and use triangulation technique.
Use available materials in the libraries of the UP white colleges (DS 112)
Incorporate new concepts and insights in your magazine.
Include local, regional and global dimensions in various segments of the magazine.
Use original photos and add captions. Use downloaded photos sparingly.
Avoid unnecessary jump pages.
Editorial cartoons, comic strips and illustrations should also be original.
Incorporate a magazine mascot to add interest in your magazine.
Maximize the learning experience which you can draw from this activity.
Use appropriate color schemes, font sizes and font styles.
Games and brain teasers should be both enjoyable and relevant to the magazine's theme.
Authors' profile section should include your individual and group photos.
The deadline of submission is on December 13 during class hour.


Tuesday agenda

DS 100 - individual speeches (see previous post, quizzes will follow after each speaker); submit a progress report about your magazine output
DS 112 A - lecture and test about environmental health aspects of disaster
DS 112 B - lecture and test about environmental health aspects of disaster
EDM 211 - 2nd long test (previous lectures in class and the Nemenzo materials)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

DS 100 speeches for Dec. 10

Cordero - tanaga 101
Dayandante - newscasting 101
Deanon - flipchart 101
Dela Cruz - editorial cartooning 101
Gray - interviewing 101
Gutierrez - concept mapping 101
Julio - speech writing 101
Leron - political blogging 101
Lim - ethnography 101

- Research well.
- Write in the Critical Development Studies and Critical Social Science contexts.
- Memorize your speech and practice its delivery.
- Wear black or white.
- Limit the speech to 6 minutes only.

Disaster tanaga III

Psycho-social trauma
MHP Bobadilla

Sakunang naranasan
Hindi makalimutan
Maghilom man ang sugat
Bangungot habang dilat.

Disaster preparedness
CDM Francisco

Wild as a beast, the storms rage
Free as the wind, the floods sweep
Dangers, hazards straight ahead
But are the people ready?


Technological disaster
M Celestino

Gustong gusto ang hi-tech
Tinamaan ng lintik
Ignored possible effects
Walang paki sa "what's next?"


Weather warfare
JNA Mojica

Riple at kanyon noon
Ulan at hangin ngayon
Madugo't mabalasik
Malagim kung maghasik


Disaster tourism
JPC Naco

Gusali na gumuho
Tumumbang mga puno
Turing ay "paraiso"
Ng mga manggagantso.


Disaster politics
PSC Janer

Kunwari ay tutulong
Nagdala pa ng relief
Yun pala naghahanda
Sa halalang palapit.


Media ethics
P Basco

Ang media at gobyerno
Ginamit ang Yolanda
Malayo lang ang isyu
Sa bagyo ng korapsyon.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

EDM 211 exam coverage

Educational Management 211
Management, Organization and Development of Educational Institutions

UP Into the 21st Century
What's Wrong with UP?
Redefining Education for the Electronic Age
The Liberal Arts in a Technocratic Society 
The Intellectual as Social Critic

All five articles are authored by Dr Francisco Nemenzo.
Bring one blue book and arrive on time for the examination.
Test types: definition of terms, concept mapping and critical essay

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

DS 112 B (updated)

Gender violence monologues

Should be:
in Filipino
based on research

Attach the proposed costume illustration/sketch.

Only students with assigned topics are required to submit.

Development Studies 100

Write a reaction paper about any article posted at, or using rights-based development as frame of analysis.  Avoid duplication of topic. Submit your output on Friday.
Dela Cruz

Agenda for Friday

Development Studies 100 - long exam (coverage: last three articles and the previous set of speeches)
Development Studies 112 - lecture discussion and group activity
Development Studies 112 - DRRM efforts speeches; submission of the gender violence monologues