Friday, December 06, 2013

Development Studies 100 and 112

Start working on your magazine projects now.
All articles should be originally written.
All segments should be consistent with the Third World/development and critical perspectives.
Articles may be written in Filipino and/or English.
Observe proper syntax in writing.
Research well and use triangulation technique.
Use available materials in the libraries of the UP white colleges (DS 112)
Incorporate new concepts and insights in your magazine.
Include local, regional and global dimensions in various segments of the magazine.
Use original photos and add captions. Use downloaded photos sparingly.
Avoid unnecessary jump pages.
Editorial cartoons, comic strips and illustrations should also be original.
Incorporate a magazine mascot to add interest in your magazine.
Maximize the learning experience which you can draw from this activity.
Use appropriate color schemes, font sizes and font styles.
Games and brain teasers should be both enjoyable and relevant to the magazine's theme.
Authors' profile section should include your individual and group photos.
The deadline of submission is on December 13 during class hour.