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Optional output for DS 100 and DS 112

Submit an original photo with an original caption about contemporary religion using any of the following frames of analysis:
Liberation theology
Feminist theology
Third world theology
Marxism on religion
Feuerbach on religion
Pope Francis on social injustices

E-mail it to jnponsaran@yahoo.com.


Agenda for Tuesday next week

DS 100 - 3rd political cosplay (see previous post), tanaga submission
DS 112 - Third world health tableau (see previous post), tanaga submission
Econ 116 - long test (www.pgh.gov.ph), tanaga submission
DS 199.2 - thesis deliverables, tanaga submission

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Talent Tips mula sa mga piling mag-aaral ng Araling Pangkaunlaran

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tanaga unlimited

DS 100 - strand of feminism, definition and original tanaga
DS 112 - global health terminology, definition and original tanaga
Econ 116 - community health terminology, definition and original tanaga
DS 199.1 - your original contribution to your research topic's list of terminologies, original definition and original tanaga
NSTP - disaster studies terminology, definition and original tanaga

Instruction: 1/4 sheet, terminology, definition and source (front page), original tanaga (back page), no duplication as usual

Pananampalataya, Kaunlaran at Katarungan

Kilalanin ang ambag ng mga sumusunod na mga progresibong madre at pari sa panlipunang katarungan at pambansang kalayaan:
Sister Caridad Guidote
Fr. Joe Dizon
Sister Mary John Mananzan


I will not hold classes on Tuesday and Wednesday next week to accommodate the request of students who will be spending the Holy Week in their respective provinces.

As a trade-off, I am assigning you to accomplish the following tasks:
DS 100 - Read Einstein's Why Socialism? and Rhode's Interpretive Theory
DS 112 - Submit a three-page multi-level, single-spaced sentence outline about your assigned AVP interview topic. For this individual output, you may use materials authored by your chosen interviewee or other available related literature. No duplication of materials within the group. Due date is on Tuesday (April 7) via e-mail (jnponsaran@yahoo.com).
Econ 116 - Submit a health situationer of any Asian country (no duplication, accordion format, minimum of 8 references, write it in Filipino, due date: resumption of classes)
DS 199.1 - Submit new set of write ups on Tuesday, and consolidate, sequence and polish your corrected outputs
NSTP - personal inforgraphics about your stay in UP, mining inforgraphics, journal entries, project deliverables based on the previous tasking


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Thursday, March 26, 2015

DS 100

Assigned reading material about Interpretive Theory over the vacation:

My writing tasks (updated)

- Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences (book co-author)
- Strategic Management Ideas: The Challenges of an Integrated ASEAN Community (book co-author)
- Political Economy of Price Monitoring (article, sole authorship)
- Political Economy of Peace Talks (article, sole authorship)
- Political Economy of Solar Panels (article, sole authorship)
- Three teachers' guides (for a book and 2 magazines)
- U-wide NSTP module (co-author)


Installation art

DS 100, DS 112 and NSTP:
Read, study and reflect about Oca Villamiel and his artistic approach.
Google: Oca Villamiel (both web and images)
Based on it as inspiration/motivation, think over the vacation about a related art project which we can present in the upcoming DSS Week.

Tadhana, likha at iba pa...


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DS 112 for Tuesday next week

- Form a group with 4-5 responsible members.
- Present a critical tableau based on your group's chosen topic (see list below, no duplication).
- Assign a representative who will discuss your group's chosen poverty-related disease using the socio-environmental or eco-health approach as frame of analysis.
- Research, conceptualize and rehearse very well.
- Complement the discussion with a 6-slide PPT presentation.
- Limit the presentation to 5-6 minutes only.
- Provide a detailed hand-out (12 copies only).

Hepatitis in the Third World
Influenza in the Third World
Malaria in the Third World
Typhoid fever in the Third World
Rabies in the Third World
Leprosy in the Third World
TB in the Third World
Hookworm in the Third World
Cholera in the Third World
Ebola in the Third World

Tanghal tula

Leron and Umengan
EJ dela Cruz and Gray
Tolentino and Villarda
Bruel and Tan
Mariano and Santiago
Buan and Ventura
Billones and Nacpil
Cobol and K. Dela Cruz
Basco and Julio
Deanon and Mungcal

Please e-mail me a copy of your poem in MS Word format.



DS 112 AVP project

- Editors, please finish your assigned tasks and return the manuscripts to the respective groups this Wednesday.
- All groups, please study the corrected manuscripts and implement the necessary corrections.  Then, submit to me the revised version along with the interviewee's profile this Friday.
- All groups, please refer to the revised letter of interview request and print two copies for signing.

Agenda this upcoming Friday

DS 100 -  study Albert Einsten's "Why Socialism?" (take down notes but no need to submit)
DS 112 -  study five Michael Tan's health-related articles featured at the PDI (take down notes but no need to submit)
Econ 116 - newscasting about health economics in China (no duplication, bring artifacts, wear red, research and rehearse well)
DS 199.1 - warning

DS 100 3rd political cosplay for Tuesday next week

Wangari Maathai
Sister Mary John Mananzan
Juana Change
Bono-isation of protest
NGO-ization of social movement
TANGOs, MUNGOs and other NGO classifications
Pedagogy of the oppressed
Indigenous knowledge systems and practices (IKSP)
Ecological Marxism
New Socialist Man (taken)

- detailed hand-out
- well-organized concept map (visual aid)
- cosplayer and skit
- discussant (5 minutes)
- color-coordinated

Monday, March 23, 2015

DS 112 letter of request - UPDATED


UP Manila

Dear _____:

Greetings of peace and justice!

We are junior students of the Development Studies Program of UP Manila. As a major course requirement in Development Studies 112 (Third World Studies), we are tasked to conduct a video-recorded key informant interview (KII)  about comtemporary health issues in relation to development and social change.  Our group's chosen interview topic is __________. 

The purpose of this interview project is to gather critical and up-to-date insights about the topic from a specialist in the field and consolidate these group outputs as part of our learning resources in the course. In connection with this, we are requesting you to be our resource person for this worthwhile audio-visual production.  We believe that your vast experience and knowledge on the subject matter will significantly contribute in the broadening and deepening of public discourse which this class project aims to achieve.

For clarification, you may contact us through the numbers provided below. Attached also is our interview questionnaire.

Thank you very much and may this request merit your kind consideration.

In solidarity,

Names of students and contact numbers

Endorsed by:

Prof John N. Ponsaran
Development Studies Program
College of Arts and Sciences

NOTE: Please supply the needed information. Add the DSS and CAS logos. Please print and submit a copy for signing.  Please do NOT send to your interviewees yet.  Wait for your approved questionnaire.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Thesis teams

Health studies cluster - Arras, Asprec, Francisco
Women's health subcluster - Dumalaog, Luna
Local livelihood and poverty studies cluster - Hermogenes, Jose
Disaster and environmental studies - Betito, Karamihan, Naco
Astropolitics - Macaspac



Manila Today


Failure analysis

The 5-why's technique


Isang talakayan ukol sa Demokratikong Edukasyon
Ika-25 ng Marso, Miyerkules, 9 n.u - 12 n.t., GAB 303

Pambansang awit sa pangunguna ni Mica Ravago
Pambungad na pananalita ni Prop Doroteo Abaya
Pagpapalabas ng maikling bidyo ukol kay Kristel Tejada sa pangunguna ni Charles Mariano
Tagapagpakilala ng tagapagsalita sa pangunguna ni Jian Santos
Panauhing tagapagsalita - Dr Edberto Malvar Villegas
Intermisyon - Diane Lopez (Rage against the dying of the light)
Reaktor - Walter Villegas
Bukas na talakayan
Pangwakas na pananalita  - Prop Reginald Vallejos
Sabayang awit (Awit ng Pag-asa) sa pangunguna ng DS NSTP
Tagapagpadaloy - Prop John Ponsaran

LCD, cord and loud speaker reservation - Jian Santos
10 malong - to be coordinated by  Viel Discaya
Call time - 8 am


DS 100 - human rights term, definition and tanaga
DS 112 - community development term, definition and tanaga
Econ 116 - macroeconomic and health term, definition and tanaga




Saturday, March 21, 2015

Random thoughts

- Maraming matatalino. Kaso kulang sa basa.
- Hitik nga sa basa. Kaso hilig naman ay basura.
- Ang tunay na aktibista ay mapanghamig.
- Ang tunay na aktibista ay matiyaga, masinsin at maagap.
- Dalawang malakas na puwersa sa mundo - gravity at katamaran.
- When in doubt, think. / When in doubt, research. / When in doubt, ask the opinion of a reliable person.
- Self-awareness is very crucial in the process of skills development.
- Use time to your advantage.
- Always use sociological imagination.
- Learn and use the "science of sleeping" to your advantage.
- Dignify UP, not the other way around.
- Dignify your UP slot by taking your studies seriously.
- Pursue holistic development (intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and practical quotient)
- Develop your social forecasting skill using various social theories.
- Maximize the potential of your course in contributing to your personal development, your discipline's level of scholarship and your community's wellbeing.

Social determinants of health

"The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels. The social determinants of health are mostly responsible for health inequities - the unfair and avoidable differences in health status seen within and between countries." - World Health Organization

For further reading


- Kristel Tejada poster and slogan (e-mail your outputs at jnponsaran@yahoo.com on or before Sunday noon)
- Book donations for our book drive
- Project deliverables (as assigned during the previous meeting)
- Wear red.
- Memorize and rehearse the "Awit ng Pag-asa".
- We will start at 8:00 am this Wednesday to set up the room for the program and the mini-exhibit.


DS 100
- quote from Noam Chomsky
- quote from Naomi Klein

DS 112
- quote from Journal of Contemporary Asia
- quote from Kasarinlan (Third World Studies Journal)

No duplication.



Friday, March 20, 2015

Tuesday agenda

DS 100 - long test and graded recitation (class and conflict in the city, what can we know in development studies, 2nd cosplay hand-outs)
DS 112 - poetry reading about global health (consolidate all files in at least two laptops)
Econ 116 - long test on macroeconomics and health
DS 199.2 - thesis consultation and deliverables


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BAHAGINAN: Development Studies Career Orientation

Abangan ang BAHAGINAN 2015 na oorganisahin sa pangunguna ni Prop Ruth Shane Erive-Legaspi.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Friday agenda

DS 100 - 2nd political cosplay
DS 112 - lecture about development-oriented video documentation featuring Ms Rayla Castillo
Econ 116 - newscasting featuring local news pertinent to health economics (observe the no duplication policy, wear your assigned color and prepare also for the group battle)
DS 199.2 - thesis consultation and deliverables


Please be ready to discuss and defend your project proposals tomorrow.  Please inform the rest.

Monday, March 16, 2015

DS 112 lecture series - Friday

National anthem - Joan Asuncion
Opening remarks - Trysh Olives
Introduction of the guest lecturer - Dani Nacpil
Lecture on Development-Oriented Video Documentation featuring Ms Rayla G. Castillo
Former Program Researcher, GMA News TV's Balitanghali and GMA-7's Saksi
Intermission - Ian Bruel and Vince Leron
Student reactor - EJ dela Cruz
Closing remarks - Nina Dayandante
Emcees - Diane Lopez and Charles Mariano

Saturday, March 14, 2015


DS 100 - study well for the exam, submit the deliverables, and arrive on time
DS 112 - set up the LCD and loud speaker for the tanghal-tula, rehearse well, and arrive on time
Econ 116 - set up the exhibit (all chairs against the wall, all personal belongings in front), warning to students without approved topic, write up and artifact yet, arrive on time
DS 199.1 - thesis deliverables and consultation
NSTP - book donation drive, journal entries and project proposals

Refer also to my previous blogposts for other related announcements.

Critical theory

Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School presents three criteria of a critical theory:

Explanatory - capacity to explain the inherent problem with the present social structure (expose)

Normative - capacity to provide a normative lens from which the current social structure may be criticized and challenged (oppose)

Practical - capacity to formulate an alternative, progressive and emancipatory social order (propose)




#akalakosicovar #angtaongbangapala

NSTP readings


Apply these concepts in youth studies.
Operationalize these concepts in your actual learning experience.
Explore the application of these concepts in critical pedagogy.
Realize how these concepts can be useful in assessing yourself as a learner.
Realize that "learning how to learn" is as important as "learning the course content".

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tanghal-tula topics (Global Health) - UPDATED

1. Water, sanitation, and hygiene (Antonio & Rosales)
2. Water wastage and health (Deanon & Mungcal)
3. Health in conflict ridden areas (Basco & Julio)
4. Neglected tropical diseases (Dayandante & Montoya)
5. Dental caries in Africa (Lopez & Novilla)
6. Cuban doctors (Asuncion & Ponciano)
7. Worldwide depression (Cobol & K. Dela Cruz)
8. Women's mental health (Mendoza & Repollo)
9. Depression and suicide among women (Lomibao & Olives)
10. Health risks of prostituted women (Billones & Nacpil)
11. Female genital mutilation (Mariano & Santiago)
12. Double burden of HIV (Gutierrez & Mansal)
13. Stroke belt (Buan & Ventura)
14. Diabesity (Bruel & Tan)
15. Medicalization of weight (Tolentino & Villarda)
16. Disabilities treaty (Caranay & Malto)
17. Health informatics (E. Dela Cruz & Gray) 
18. Mediatization of disease (Leron & Umengan)

Consolidated and sequenced by Mr Carlo Tan

DS 100 next set of cosplay (Friday next week)

Zeus Salazar's Pantayong Pananaw
Macliing Dulag
Rigoberta Menchu
Virgilio Enriquez's Sikolohiyang Pilipino
MASIPAG farmers
Ka Mameng
New socialist man
Sister Stella L.
Wu wei

Form a group with 4 responsible members.
Observe the no duplication of topic policy.
Follow the same set of instructions as the previous cosplay.

DS 100 deliverables

- editorial cartoon featuring any Axel Pinpin poem (preferably no duplication)
- term, definition and tanaga about social research (absolutely no duplication)
- bookmark featuring a quote from Howard Zinn (absolutely no duplication)
- 5 LPS questions about yourself (I want to know you better)



Thursday, March 12, 2015

Agenda on Tuesday next week - UPDATED

DS 100 - long exam and graded recitation (remaining chapters + cosplay hand-outs)
DS 112 - tanghal-tula (global health)
Econ 116 - armchair exhibit (health economics)
DS 199.2 - deliverables and consultation

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DS 112 tanghal tula (global health issues)

- Form a pair (color coordinated)
- Propose a topic.
- Use relevant and up-to-date research materials that will serve as factual bases of your composition.
- Write a poem composed of 5 stanzas, with the first three as issue situationer and analysis, and the remaining two as call to action.
- Write creatively and edit thoroughly.
- Prepare a corresponding PPT presentation of your original poem (one slide per stanza, black background, white font color, Arial). You may add photos sparingly.
- Innovate in the manner of presentation (alternating, singing, etc.).  Both members should recite/perform. Arrive on time.
- Use an appropriate instrumental background music.
- Simulate the presentation to avoid unnecessary hassle during the actual tanghal-tula.
- Save your PPT and music files in a USB and assign two students to bring laptops (Charles and Ijy?).
- Assign Ms Umengan, Ms Buan and Ms Novilla to reserve the LCD.
- Print 2 copies of the poem (MS Word).
- Assign Mr Carlo Tan to coordinate the logical sequence of the presentation.
- Expect guest jurors to help us assess your presentation.



Econ 116 exhibit on health economics and political economy of health

Text me your proposed topic, artifact, and bullet entries on or before Thursday noon for my final approval.  Limit only your write-up to the front page of 8x11 bond paper.

I strongly encourage my DS 112 students to also view the exhibit.


Thank you my freshie friends for these infos:
brb - be right back
jk - just kidding
atm - at the moment
slr - sorry late reply
rofl - rolling on the floor laughing
idgi - i didn't get it
syl - see you later
ttyl - talk to you later
jsyk - just so you know


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DS 112 AVP interview project (updated)

List of topics and interviewees
Pharmacy for the masses featuring Dr Isidro Sia, CM
Double burden of diseases in the Third World featuring Prof Buenalyn Ramos-Mortel, CPH
Health social sciences featuring Dr Reynado Imperial, CAS
Indigenizing health education featuring Dr Erlyn Sana, NTTC-HP
Women's health and technology featuring Dr Jinky Leilani del Prado-Lu, NIH
Climate change and community medicine featuring Dr Anthony Cordero, CM
Sociology of health featuring Prof Dindo Cafe, CAS
Ethnobotany and people's health featuring Prof Elena Ragrario, CAS
Physical therapy for the masses featuring Prof Ma Lucia Magallona, CAMP
Mosquito ecology and dengue prevention featuring Prof Anna Santiago, CAS
Health of health workers featuring Mr Jossel Ebesate, PGH
Biochemistry and people's health featuring Dr Marita Reyes, CM
Water justice and people's health featuring Dr Rommel Linatoc, CAS

Form a group with 3 responsible members.
Choose a topic according to your group's interest and competence.
Observe the no duplication policy.
Conduct an online research about the profile of your interviewee.*
Formulate 30 questions about your chosen topic.  Observe logical sequence.
Conduct library and/or online research about helpful tips in formulating interview questionnaire.
Conduct literature review in order to come up with relevant interview questions.*
Assign Ms Julio to draft and layout a letter for the interview request.*


*For submission next session



DS 100 political cosplay (alternative perspectives)

- Vandana Shiva
- Small is beautiful
- Juche ideology
- Ubuntu
- Gandhian economics
- Sikolohiyang Pilipino
- Labas, loob at lalim ng pagkataong Pilipino
- Barefoot doctors in China
- Ujamaa

Presentation starts at 8:30 am.

Friday agenda - UPDATED

DS 100 - political cosplay (cosplayer, 20-second skit, discussant - 5 minutes only, visual aid - manila paper, color coding, hand-outs, research and rehearse well)
DS 112 - global health poetry reading (color coded, both must recite the material, use an accompanying instrumental music, research and rehearse well); submission of interview questionnaire, interviewee's profile and Ms Julio's letter of request for the interview 
Econ 116 - armchair exhibit about critical health economics (Text me your proposed topics and artifacts.  Once approved, text me also your write up in bullet form for approval.)
DS 199.2 - Submit a new write up, including the revised output based on the most recent corrections

Sunday, March 08, 2015

NSTP Wednesday agenda

- Book collection for the book sale/book drive project
- Local museum proposal
- Journal entries
- Show and tell of youth artifacts (continuation)
- Wear white, purple or violet

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Updated Tuesday agenda

DS 100 - Youth Leadership Forum at Class '72 Theater, College of Medicine; Marxism term, definition and tanaga (no duplication as usual)
DS 112 - Youth Leadership Forum at Class '72 Theater, College of Medicine; Sociology of health term, definition and tanaga (no duplication as usual)
Econ 116 - long test and lecture-discussion about health economics
Thesis - thesis deliverables and consultation


Tuesday, March 03, 2015


#frontstagevsbackstage #ervinggoffman
#happybirthdaymsfortin #celebrationatthenationalmuseum

Friday agenda

DS 100 - long exam (three chapters about the theories and debates in the political economy of development), one tanaga about an unfamiliar concept from this set of readings (Identify the term, research for its definition, write a tanaga, and observe the no duplication policy), reviewer/note taking based on these three reading materials (blue book)
DS 112 - armchair exhibit about the political economy of health and diseases; 2nd triangulation matrix about health and society
Econ 116 - first dagli submission under health economics segment about the political economy of women's health, watch Polsciyahan 2015 with the theme "women empowerment"
My thesis, my life : ) - drafts with corrections, revised drafts based on these corrections, and new drafts


Monday, March 02, 2015


#listahanan=maralistahan #jude

Sunday, March 01, 2015

DS 112 bases of comparison and contrast

publisher's profile
author's profile
thesis statement
major premises
definition of terms
frame of analysis
timeliness and relevance
review of related literature
content highlights
level of analysis (individual, organizational, community, national, global)
writing style
research methodology
data source
facts established
issue analysis
rooms for improvement
call to action and policy recommendation