Saturday, March 21, 2015

Random thoughts

- Maraming matatalino. Kaso kulang sa basa.
- Hitik nga sa basa. Kaso hilig naman ay basura.
- Ang tunay na aktibista ay mapanghamig.
- Ang tunay na aktibista ay matiyaga, masinsin at maagap.
- Dalawang malakas na puwersa sa mundo - gravity at katamaran.
- When in doubt, think. / When in doubt, research. / When in doubt, ask the opinion of a reliable person.
- Self-awareness is very crucial in the process of skills development.
- Use time to your advantage.
- Always use sociological imagination.
- Learn and use the "science of sleeping" to your advantage.
- Dignify UP, not the other way around.
- Dignify your UP slot by taking your studies seriously.
- Pursue holistic development (intelligence quotient, emotional quotient and practical quotient)
- Develop your social forecasting skill using various social theories.
- Maximize the potential of your course in contributing to your personal development, your discipline's level of scholarship and your community's wellbeing.