Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Agenda March 5-6

  • DS 100A = continuation of speeches - Rumbaoa (political capital), del Rosario (symbolic capital), Yu (cultural capital), Manalo (natural capital); long exam (Models/Theories of Development and the Concept of Social Development by Alfonzo Guzman, Historical Structuralism by Theodore Cohn)

  • DS 100B = long exam (Models/Theories of Development and the Concept of Social Development by Alfonzo Guzman, Historical Structuralism by Theodore Cohn, political cosplay hand-outs)
  • NSTP = career orientation (part 2); long test (Development Studies curriculum)

  • DS 112A = speeches (7 minutes, Filipino/English, research and deliver well)
    Merits and demerits of multiple intelligences (Somera)
    Geniocracy (Julienne Lomocso)
    Weightless economy (Miole)

  • DS 112B = speeches (7 minutes, Filipino/English, research and deliver well)
    Cultural bias of IQ tests (Gabawa)
    Gold-collar workers (Santos)
    Plight of the knowledge workers (Daquis)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Optional output (concept map)

  • Belleza (dependent development)
  • Claveria (borrowed growth)
  • Dela Rosa (highly indebted poor countries)
  • Lomuntad (debt crisis)
  • Pondoyo (bilateral aid)
  • Rumbaoa (multilateral aid)
  • Senson (benevolent hegemons)
  • Del Rosario (denationalization)
  • Yu (declinist)
  • Alejo (Asian financial crisis)
  • Babat (horizontal integration)
  • Balingit (vertical integration)
  • Buenaventura (Adjustment with a Human Face)
  • Esamane (cross conditionality)
  • Flores (embedded liberalism)
  • Jansalin (elite theory)
  • Javier (regime theory)
  • Macalalag (prisoners' dilemma)
  • Masesar (OECD)
  • Panagsagan (NIEO)
  • Pilarta (negative freedom)
  • Sese (marginalization)
  • Singuillo (status crystallization)
  • Biolena (Intraindustry trade)
  • Callanta (Intrafirm trade)
  • Del Rosario (Human Development Report)
  • Duenas (greenfield investment)
  • Fabito (reciprocity)
  • Joven (panda diplomacy)
  • Lomuntad (pingpong diplomacy)
  • Mariano (water diplomacy)
  • Medidas (food diplomacy)
  • Miole (portfolio investment)
  • Quiogue (backward linkage)
  • Ruiz (forward linkage)
  • Santos (orthodox liberalism)
  • Somera (The World is Flat)
  • Almirante (currency war)
  • Caballes (End of Poverty)
  • Dela Paz (Poor Economics)
  • Estole (planned poverty)
  • Factor (culture of poverty)
  • Gile (petrodollars)
  • Guzman (Alterglobalization)
  • Palomares (low politics)
  • Reyes (high politics)
  • Santos (American Dream)
  • Sapalo (polemics)
  • Daquis (Open World)
  • Cossid (No Logo)

    Submission: March 1(Thursday), DSS, 10-11:30 am only

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Agenda Feb 27-28, March 1-2

  • DS 100-A (M) = long exam (Chapter on Historical Structuralist Perspective from the Global Political Economy: Theory & Practice by Theodore Cohn) BABALA: mag-aral mabuti
  • DS 100-B (M) = -do- BABALA: mag-aral mabuti
  • NSTP (T) = career orientation (part 1)
  • DS 112-A (T) = graded recitation about tourism, tourism industry and tourism development (read & study well)
  • DS 112-B (T) = tourism cosplay (tasking TBA)
  • DS 100-A (Th) = speeches (6 minutes per speaker; Filipino; research, practice and deliver well)
    Belleza (human capital)
    Pondoyo (social capital)
    Rumbaoa (political capital)
    Del Rosario (symbolic capital)
    Yap (economic capital)
    Yu (cultural capital)
    Manalo (natural capital)
  • DS 100-B (Th) = political cosplay (tasking TBA)
  • NSTP (F) = ACLE on social movements in the Philippines (tasking TBA)
  • DS 112-A (F) = long exam (chapter on Economic Geography from Human Geography by Marsh and Alagona)
  • DS 112-B (F) = -do-

Sunday, February 19, 2012

For DS 100 A&B (Take the test online)

Feb 20-24

  • DS 100 A (M) = political cosplay
  • DS 100 B (M) = environmental cosplay
  • NSTP (T) = cultural cosplay - part 1 (Third World)
  • DS 112 A (T) = tourism cosplay
  • DS 112 B (T) = mini-reporting and short quizzes on tourism industry
  • DS 100 A (Th) = political cosplay (continuation)
  • DS 100 B (Th) = long test about political economy of the environment based on the cosplay presentation
  • NSTP (F) = cultural cosplay - part 2 (Philippines)
  • DS 112 A (F)= long test (2nd set of Third World Resurgence articles)
  • DS 112 B (F) = long test (2nd set of Third World Resurgence articles)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video library

Banking and Money
Current Economics
Credit Crisis

*recommended by Prof. Ruth Shane Erive-Legaspi

Feb 16-17

  • DS 100 A = long test (3 articles from Third World Resurgence)
  • DS 100 B = do
  • NSTP = ACLE on contemporary local socio-economic issues; submission of the flipchart output by pair
  • DS 112 A = long test (5 articles from Third World Resurgence)
  • DS 112 B = -do-


DS 100 A&B guide questions (based on the three Third World Resurgence articles)

  • What are the structural pitfalls of the government's poverty/food targeting system?
  • Discuss the adverse effects of vertical integration in the global food systems to marginalized communities?
  • What are the hazards of debt-financed consumption that predominates US economy?

Monday, February 13, 2012

DS 100-B magazine output

  • Pilarta, Flores, Villarin, Abrenica (development work)
  • Sigue, Orlanda, Velasco (development aid)
  • Dela Rosa, Yasay, Batu (development diplomacy)
  • Dabalos, Panagsagan, Renti Cruz (development ethics)
  • Gumabol, Perezes, Briones (development research)
  • Masesar, Arboneda, Alcaide, Reyes (development studies)
  • Gavino, Garvida, Macalalag (development administration)
  • Buenaventura, Alejo, Singuillo (development indicators)
  • Claveria, Carretero, et. al. (development assistance)
  • Babat, Sese, R. Reyes, (development planning)

    Deadline: February 23 (Thursday)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Development Studies Program

  • Prof. Roland Simbulan, MPA
  • Prof. Chester Arcilla, MDE (PhD in Sociology, on-going)
  • Prof. Allan Joseph Mesina, MEMD
  • Prof. Ruth Shane Legaspi* (MBA, on-going)
  • Dr. Edberto Villegas
  • Dr. Leothiny Clavel
  • Prof. Silver Sevilla
  • Atty. Mia Zorayda Wacnang*
  • Atty Karol Baguilat*
  • Prof. Jeremy De Jesus* (MS Statistics, on-going)
  • Prof. John Ponsaran*, MPM

    *UPM DevStud graduate

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Agenda Feb 13-14

  • DS 100 A = submission of the DSS week documentation; long test (coverage: DSS week events & exhibits, 2nd half of the Meanings of Development material)
  • DS 100 B = -do-
  • NSTP = speech (Filipino, 6-7 minutes per speaker, 5-6 references, submit a copy of the speech, semi-formal)
    opening remarks on disasters (Jayag)
    natural disasters and poverty (Francisco)
    human-induced disasters and poverty (Leron)
    global climate change and poverty (Mendoza)
    poverty and vulnerability (Festin)
    poverty and resiliency (Villanueva)
    closing remarks on disaster risk reduction (Franco)
    banner about disaster and poverty; stage design (Magsino and friends)
    intermission (Ang Ngo Ching)
    emcees (Naco and Avenido)
  • DS 112 A = discussion about global health
  • DA 112 B = quiz bee on global health

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ponsaran's tentative schedule next semester

  • Econ 115 (Philippine Economic History)

  • DS 112 (Human Ecology and Development)

  • DS 121 (Philippine Poverty and Underdevelopment)

  • DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)

  • DS 126 (Politico-Administrative Institutions and Behavior)


DS activities on DSS Week

  • Cuban social medicine exhibit by Baylon, Julao, Mariano & Prudenciano of DS 112 (Feb 6-10, PGH)

  • Body Politics exhibit by Elamparo, Palma & Tolentino (PolSci majors) of DS 112 (Feb 6-10, CAS LT walk)

  • Haiku at Dialektika ng NSTP DevStud (Feb 6-10, CAS LT walk)

  • Buhay at Pakikibaka ng mga Katutubo na binuo ng Katribu at NSTP DevStud (Feb 6-10, CAS LT walk)

  • Peasant Activism human board game by selected students of DS 152 (Feb 6, Monday, CAS Quad)

  • Destructive large-scale mining and the people's collective response c/o Prof. Mesina (Feb 7, Tuesday, 10am-12 noon, GAB 301-A&B)

  • Sovereign debt crisis lecture of Dr. Villegas (Feb 7, Tuesday, 1-2:30pm, LT)

  • National sovereignty and nationalist economics lecture of Prof. Simbulan (Feb 8, Wednesday, 2:30-4pm, LT)

  • Public finance forum c/o Prof. Legaspi (Feb 9, Thursday, 10am-12 noon, GAB 301-A&B)

  • "Paano Kita Iibigin? Sigaw ng Puso. Tawag ng Bayan", isang musical play tampok ang mga mag-aaral ni Dr. Villegas sa DS 122 (Feb 9, Thursday, 1-4pm, LT)

  • "It's more PAINFUL in the Philippines" cosplay featuring NSTP DevStud (Feb 10, Friday, 1-4pm, LT)

  • IBON Booksale (Feb 6-10, LT walk)

  • Bookay-bookay booksale by DevStud NSTP and DevSoc (Feb 6-10, LT walk)