Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Agenda Feb 13-14

  • DS 100 A = submission of the DSS week documentation; long test (coverage: DSS week events & exhibits, 2nd half of the Meanings of Development material)
  • DS 100 B = -do-
  • NSTP = speech (Filipino, 6-7 minutes per speaker, 5-6 references, submit a copy of the speech, semi-formal)
    opening remarks on disasters (Jayag)
    natural disasters and poverty (Francisco)
    human-induced disasters and poverty (Leron)
    global climate change and poverty (Mendoza)
    poverty and vulnerability (Festin)
    poverty and resiliency (Villanueva)
    closing remarks on disaster risk reduction (Franco)
    banner about disaster and poverty; stage design (Magsino and friends)
    intermission (Ang Ngo Ching)
    emcees (Naco and Avenido)
  • DS 112 A = discussion about global health
  • DA 112 B = quiz bee on global health